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AMC Recap Written by Fran

Kendall and Ryan continue their vigil at Spike’s bedside, trying to make the best of a bad situation.  Locked in a room at the Yacht Club with Aidan, Greenlee rails at her kidnapper who thinks she should be more appreciative.  Aidan suggests that Greenlee come to grips with the truth that she is never going to receive forgiveness from Spike’s family and that she should leave town.  When questioned about Spike’s condition, Aidan tells her that he is deaf.  This information shocks Greenlee into realizing that her actions have resulted in terrible consequences for the little boy that she claims to love.  Aidan tells her that "his client" might not allow her to remain in Pine Valley long enough to try to make amends. 

Activity at the beach shack heightens as more press arrives as well as the clan from Tad and Krystal’s house.  Adam hears the news bulletin on the TV at the Yacht Club and, while inebriated, also joins the crowd.  J.R. and Ava try to determine a plan to ensure their release and the capture of Lenny.  They continue to bicker between themselves and note that this eats away at Lenny’s calm demeanor.  As the bickering continues, Lenny turns on Ava allowing J.R. to jump him from behind.  In the scuffle, a gunshot is heard and the crowd outside the shack goes silent.  Suddenly, the door bursts open and Ava exits followed by J.R. who has Lenny at gunpoint.  As Jonathan grabs Ava in a fierce hug, J.R. is similarly greeted by Adam, Krystal, Tad, Amanda, and Babe.  Lily approaches Ava and opens her arms to embrace her, shocking Jack and Jonathan at her actions. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen shows Will their first ultrasound. Noah tells Luke that he and Maddie are going away. Allison and Susan bond over their addictions. Lucinda tries to rattle Meg, who walks out of the Boardroom because she won’t deal with Craig and Lucinda games anymore, as Lucinda thinks she may have won. Paul sits vigil at Rosanna’s bedside. Susan asks Allison to move home, but she doesn’t think she should; she wants to start acting like an adult. At Sage’s insistence, Will and Gwen decide to throw a party and tell people that she is having a baby. Craig convinces Meg to walk back into the Boardroom and continue her pitch, much to Lucinda’s surprise. Noah still can’t figure Luke out. Gwen invites Maddie, Noah and Luke to their party. Maddie and Gwen discuss Maddie’s new relationship; she admits that when she was with Casey, things came naturally, but with Noah, they seem forced. Allison changes her mind and decides to move back home. Will and Allison talk about Paul’s ‘death.’ Will invites her to their party. Meg’s spiel seems to sway the Board members, much to Lucinda’s chagrin. Meg is voted in as CEO. Rosanna touches Paul’s arm, smiles and then closes her eyes again. Paul is thrilled and thinks she is waking up, but the doctor’s are cautiously optimistic. They advise him against thinking that this must mean Rosanna will make a full recovery. Allison’s arrival to their party surprises Gwen, but she takes it in stride. A tickled pink Maddie figures out that Gwen is pregnant, but then is confused as to why Allison is there. Lucinda predicts that Meg will lose her soul thanks to Craig. Bob informs Susan that she is going to be suspended due to her drinking. Susan welcomes the time off to get herself together and thanks Bob for his support. An irate Allison overhears Maddie tell Gwen about her doing porn movies in Las Vegas. Craig tells Meg to sign the annulment papers, but Meg stuns him when she rips them up. Paul promises Rosanna that he is not going anywhere this time; she is going to wake up and together they are going to make Craig pay.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie continues to befriend Andy Johnson and fills his head that he’s just what the doctor ordered for Brooke. No, she’s no matchmaker, but it’s fate, the right place at the right time. Brooke needs a little warmth in her life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, she talks him into doing some apologizing to Brooke in person. When she leaves, Andy finds out just WHO Mrs. Forrester really is, with Forrester Originals. Clumsy Carl is hanging around while Bridget is talking to both Nick and Taylor about the baby and any amino tests. She chastises him not to bring this up ever again. She is assured that it is the donor egg and not her mother’s that was used. Donna checks in with Brooke about her trip with Thorne and promises Stephanie will regret all of this. She worries to Thorne that she’s just a Logan slut and he’s a Forrester. Her mother will never take any relationship between the two of them seriously. Brooke tells Nick her life seems so empty here without the kids and he emphasizes.

Thorne thinks he and Donna are good together and yes it is happening fast, but they both deserve happiness and he’s not going to let his mother stop that. He won’t let Donna walk out of his life. Stephanie shows up at Taylor’s office and wants to talk about Thorne. He’s with some girl that she doesn’t know. Taylor blames her for stirring up a rattlesnake with Brooke on the Ginger Show, couldn’t she just have left well enough alone? Stephanie is sure Brooke can’t leave her libido alone even for a little bit to get her kids back. Children or no children, therapist or no therapist, some guy will show up on the scene and she will fall madly in love and the kids will take back seat again! Andy shows up rather late, dressed differently, with delivery package for Brooke, and she lets him in. The package turns out to be a small birdcage with a singing bird…..from her secret admirer. It amuses her and Andy notices this from the window. Thorne tells Donna that he is starting to heal, but she thinks they are only kidding themselves that this can happen. She can’t share his bed with him anymore. He thinks there is another way. Marry him, be his wife!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip receives a picture of a baby boy with a note demanding child support. Billie notices a prescription bottle in the background of the picture and enlarges the photo to show the bottle belongs to Tyler Kiriakis. Belle decides to pursue a nursing degree but Shawn tries to talk her out of it. Belle gets Shawn to admit that he doesn’t want her to take a job because Philip will see it as Shawn being unable to provide for his family. Shawn gives in and agrees with Belle’s desire to go back to school. Belle notices Shawn’s nervous reaction to hearing that Billie has uncovered the woman’s address and phone number and correctly guesses that Shawn went to Indianapolis instead of Chicago.

Chelsea turns down Nick’s advances at first in favor of starting off their renewed relationship on the basis of complete honesty. Chelsea admits to having been attracted to Jett but Nick claims he has no secrets. China follows them to the beach and produces a marriage certificate and wedding DVD to back up her claim that she and Nick are really married. Lexie turns away from Abe insisting that she isn’t worthy of him since she is a DiMera. Abe insists that he is to blame for turning Lexie away and not protecting her. Lexie allows Abe to hold her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

On the morning of Lulu's birthday, the Quartermaines are overly nice to her, then hit her with a question; is Jason Jake's father. She denies it, then goes to see Tracy, who is pacing and irate at being locked up when she knows Lulu needs her and Edward is running ELQ into the ground. Ghost Alan tries to offer good advice, but she's in no mood to listen. Then, Logan pays a call, to ask her permission to date Lulu, right before the girl in question arrives. Tracy claims he was asking for a bribe to stay away from Lulu, which he denies, and Lulu believes him. Jason is unhappy that Diane plans to call Liz to the stand. Once there, the two women make it clear that Ric has a grudge against Jason. Sam admits to Lucky that Liz was the cause of her breaking up with Jason. Lucky tells her that if Jake were not his, he is not sure his marriage would survive. Noah explodes at Robin for trying to keep him and Anna apart. Later, Bobbi tells him that perhaps the fun Noah can be a sober Noah also. Noah defers to Patrick on who should perform an operation. Logan gives Lulu a charm bracelet for her birthday. Skye's testimony is fairly neutral, until Ric asks if Lorenzo would leave his daughter, and she has to admit he would not. Jerry tries to access one of Lorenzo's accounts, the manager catches him, prompting Jerry to call "Alcazar." Ric introduces the recording found in Alcazar's office into evidence.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“Ain’t seen nothing yet”

Billy appears to be enthusiastic and full of energy and drive to start his busy work day but the pressures of business and life begin to wear him down after signing a major deal over breakfast. Billy goes to the same bar Lizzie offered to buy yesterday. The bartender knows him by name and what he drinks. As Billy and the bartender talk he remembers what led him back to drinking. It began, his first drink when Josh was going to prison and met with Billy to tell him everything that needed to be done with the business for the family. Billy had an opportunity to sneak a drink from a confiscated flask at the police station. Then three months ago Josh had been released. Josh was so proud of Billy for not screwing up the business that he decided not to come back to Lewis Construction. Billy began to feel enormous pressure to succeed and was sneaking drinks once in a while. Then two weeks ago he found out what was a casual thing between Reva and Jeffery was turning out to be more. Billy began drinking and hiding it on a regular basis.

Billy goes back to work but has the urge to drink and feels guilty for his earlier indulgence so he takes the afternoon off returning to the bar.

This time he is in for a shock. Lizzie announces that she is the new owner. When she sees Billy sitting at the end of the bar she gives him a hard time calling him a drunk and believing the worse. Billy watches as Lizzie begins to flirt too much with the boy Jake that looks a little like Jonathan. Billy screams for Lizzie who becomes annoyed and takes Jake back to her room at the beacon.

Later after talking to Cassie Billy becomes worried for Lizzie and goes to her room. He throws the guys out and follows her to CO2. They talk and even bond. When the evening comes to an end neither want to be alone so they go to Lizzie’s bar and talk about what is bothering them. Billy decides he will mentor Lizzie in the business and bar world just like she had wanted Alan to do. They both agree and lay ground rules. Lizzie pours them a shot of bourbon and the drink “to being fine.”

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie is holding firm on being Miles' loyal friend no matter what anybody says or thinks. At Capricorn, Cristian risks his life to save Sara and it looks like he might have killed Hunter. She is in awe about Cristian risking his life to save hers. Todd is ready to stop at nothing to get into the hospital to see Evangeline. John tells Michael he's found out that Tommy is Todd Manning's child. He tells Michael he is committing a serious crime and regardless of everything, Todd is his real father and Michael is just as bad as Spencer is for taking Todd's son from him. Michael tells his brother that he cannot take Tommy from the only parents he's ever known nor ruin Michael's marriage. John reluctantly agrees to keep his mouth shut.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Endora manages to turn back time only in the execution chamber and bring Luis back to life.   For everyone else, time has gone on as usual.  Ethan is very confused as he watches the execution start for the second time.  Theresa asks Sam to arrest Sheridan for attempting to murder her by strapping her to the electric chair.  She was saved by Gwen who grabbed Theresa's arm, was jolted by the electricity and flipped the switch off.  Father Lonigan asks Pretty to forgive Fancy and not let evil take over her heart, but she is determined to make Fancy miserable, especially now that Luis has come back to life.  Tabitha finds the bomb that Spike planted in the house and Endora stops it from exploding. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

William’s look-alike is actually his estranged twin brother Jeffrey. He tells Gloria a bit about his relationship with William. Gloria tells Michael that she doesn’t trust Jeffrey and thinks he is after her money. Daniel and Amber go to Indigo to get their minds off of their problems. Meanwhile, Colleen has taken Lily out too. They see Cane who asks them to join him. Daniel and Amber think that Cane and Lily are dating and they are both upset about it. Lily and Cane decide to pretend they are flirting to make Amber and Daniel jealous. Daniel goes to Lily and gives back his house keys and apologizes for everything. Amber asks Cane if he likes Lily, he tells her it isn’t any of her business and warns her that she doesn’t want him for an enemy. Neil has a good time with Karen, but later feels guilty. Karen tells him that Dru would want him to be happy. Jill and Ji Min decide to go into business together. Later she tells Katherine she is moving out, starting her own business and doesn’t care if she is out of her will. Katherine approaches Ji Min and offers him 2.5 million dollars to stay away from Jill – he takes the check but tears it up. Katherine fires him. Jill tells Katherine she is going to find Philip’s birth mother.

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