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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Torn between her two sick children, Kendall cries in her husband's arms, unable to accept Spike's deafness.  After trying to comfort her distraught daughter, Erica goes to the hospital chapel, where she sends up a prayer for Kendall and her children.  When Annie recalls a deaf family friend, Ryan realizes how little he knows about her past, which she feels is unimportant.  Once alone, Annie makes a mysterious phone call.  Kendall smiles as she and Zach feed their tiny baby with a syringe.  Holding Ava hostage, Lenny demands a get-away plane from the police.  Jonathan and Jack make J.R. feel so guilty for Ava's predicament that he tries to help Lenny get away but only manages to become his hostage himself.  With Stuart's help, Krystal, Colby, Babe, and Little Adam move into Tad's new house.  Feeling paternal toward Colby, Tad advises Sean to stop fooling around and treat her with respect.  While setting up the TV, everyone is shocked to hear about the hostage crisis.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad is able to take Katie's mind off her problems for one minute by making a fool of himself on their show. Jack and Carly discover that J.J. is alive and still with Silas and Ava. Carly persuades Kit to give her a job as a bartender and Jack a job as a busboy and handyman so they can stay longer to find their son. Lucinda sets out to prove that Meg isn't qualified to run Worldwide. Paul pretends to be Craig and gives consent for Rosanna's doctor to give her an experimental drug that might awaken her from the coma.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie has second thoughts and tries to make amends with Thorne for what she said or how she stormed out of the office yesterday. She invites him over for supper, but he declines saying he already had plans….and no not alone. Donna shares her plans with Jackie about Thorne. You never know what’s going to happen in Vegas, and she’d love to wake up every day to see the look on Stephanie’s face. Nick wants to get right with it counterbalancing what Stephanie said on the Ginger Rich Show. He fills in the press on Brooke now working back with him. He tells Brooke just to keep on doing what she is doing, she will have her kids back before long. Ridge makes ready for the kid’s playdate with their mother. Stephanie wants them safe and secure living with him, and if that means marrying Ashley, well……….she’s afraid if history repeats itself with Brooke, she’s alone again and the most dangerous. Donna tells Logan that one day Stephanie will regret messing with the Logan sisters, she can bet on that.

Nick and Taylor discuss Brooke getting her life back together if Stephanie will only allow that to happen. Thorne has more than Vegas brochures on his mind. While at Café Russe, Stephanie hears the name of Andy Johnson and recalls that he is the guy who ran into Brooke a while back. She introduces himself and makes a big deal that Brooke kept his name on a cocktail napkin, phone number too. She’s her ex-mother-in-law and Brooke has just gone through a very rough patch and she just wants to see her get her life back together, and she’d like to see the two of them get to know each other better. She thinks he is just her type! Brooke pleads with Ridge to please not let Stephanie destroy her again.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jett admits to Abe about blowing his cover to Chelsea for his attraction to her and advises Abe to pursue Lexie again. Celeste lectures Lexie about hiding from Abe still. Abe runs into Lexie outside the Pub. Nick calls Stephanie down to the pier to test her involvement by claiming that cops were questioning him about Jeremy. Stephanie reports right back to Jeremy and he forcibly holds her there until she admits that it was Nick who told her about the investigation. Kate gives Chelsea a check for the $50,000 and after some convincing Chelsea agrees to take it. Kate asks Chelsea to pay her back by forgiving Billie. China eavesdrops as Nick reports back to Chelsea. Kate tells Roman, whom she still believes to be comatose, about sleeping with Stefano. Roman wakes up and lectures Kate about demeaning herself.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After getting caught with Noah in a possibly compromising position, Anna tries to reassure Robin that she is not interested in falling in love with Noah or anyone. Patrick is mostly worried that his dad might start drinking, if he hasn't already. A thug bursts in on Jerry and Carly, but Jerry, even injured, handles it. When the police arrive, Carly tells them she saw Lorenzo and suspects he ordered a hit on her. Jerry is cleared as acting in self defense. Sam apologizes to Lucky for keeping the secret about Liz and Jason sleeping together and makes all kinds of insinuations about what might have been going on between them during the last year, fueling Lucky's ire so that he storms away from Liz when she comes home from visiting Jason. The hospital staff discovers that Kate was bitten by a snake and is able to treat her. She and Sonny share fond memories when she rouses. Diane tells Jason things look very bad for him and for Elizabeth. Anna stops short of sleeping with Noah, haunted by Robin's censure.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cyrus thinks it’s funny that Dinah has come to him for money so quickly but he turns serious when he learns why she needs the money and sees she isn’t as well as she appears to be. Cyrus wants to ask Alex for the money but Dinah would prefer to keep it between them. Alex is insulting and treating Dinah like she is common trash. Dinah gets upset and leaves stealing a vase. Dinah admits to mallet who makes her return the vase. Alex has the same attitude until she sees helping Dinah could help her get rid of or keep an eye on Cyrus and Marina. Alex offers her help. Cyrus fills Marina’s room with luxurious gifts to help spread his wealth around but she gets upset because it was paid for with Alex’s money.

Gus comes back to town looking for Harley. Billy tells him she is in Chicago with Dylan when they are really in New York. Gus checks up on Natalia and learns she told Harley. He is upset but not angry. Alan offers to take Natalia under his wing at Spaulding and show her the ropes that Lizzie is too unpredictable and unstable to learn. After learning Gus is back in town Alan tries to persuade him to leave Harley in the past and embrace Natalia and the happiness they could have together. Gus wants Alan to move past the notion that he would leave Harley, but Alan points out how does Gus know Harley doesn’t dream of a life with Dylan and Daisy.

Lizzie finally decides to get up and do something productive with her life and decides it is time she learn how to run Spaulding but Alan will not even give the possibility any thought because she has been so disloyal to him. Lizzie storms off to a shady bar and drinks and plays pool with a guy that looks like Jonathan. After a few drinks she offers to buy the place from the owner/bartender. She makes him a valid offer.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie persuades Viki to let Miles live in the carriage house. Viki reluctantly agrees but tells her daughter that she has a pattern of having soft spots for sick men when her heart has been broken by the end of a relationship. Hunter finds Sara and demands that she finds him money for drugs. Cristian helps her disarm him. John grills Rex about Todd's supposedly deceased son. He knows that both Ric and Michael are hiding something. Eventually he puts two and two together and realizes that their secret is the fact that Todd's child is Michael and Marcie's Tommy.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber asks Kevin for a job. He tells Amber and Daniel that he is selling the coffee house to pay for Jana’s surgery. He already has a prospective buyer, someone who showed interest in the past. He isn’t happy with the offer that the man makes. Michael goes to see Jana. She is sitting talking to an empty chair, as if Kevin was sitting in it. Michael still isn’t convinced that she is being completely truthful. Kevin is upset when he finds out Michael is working with Heather on Jana’s case. Amber asks Neil for a job, he refuses. She decides to go speak to Cane. She goes to the Chancellor Estate and talks to him about her life. She begs him for another chance and they end up sleeping together. Afterwards, he tells her that he was faking and that now she knows how it feels to be hurt by someone you love. He tells her he has a date and throws her out.

Neil tells Jack that he had a talk with Nick and he thinks that he has backed off. Meanwhile Sharon tells Nick that she can’t go on the photo shoot with him, it wouldn’t be fair to Jack. Later she and Jack argue about her even agreeing to go in the first place. Daniel talks to Nick about his problems. Nick is sympathetic and offers to help him. He does agree with Neil’s decision after he finds out what exactly happened. Before William’s party, Gloria has a run-in with Jack. Later she faints when a man walks in who looks exactly like William!

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