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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

When Zach alerts Kendall that Spike is not responding to loud noises, Ryan and Joe run into his hospital room.  While doctors examine Spike, Annie comforts Kendall while Ryan is shocked to see Greenlee hanging around his son and orders her to stay away from him, calling her his nightmare.  Once Spike's testing is done, Joe assures everyone that his condition is not life-threatening nor does it indicate brain damage.  Although he cannot say if it's permanent, Joe announces that Spike is deaf.  Trying to find out about Spike, Greenlee listens from around the corner until someone grabs her from behind with a hand over her mouth and drags her away.  After Erica shares her pain over her grandchildren's trials, she pleads with Adam not to take advantage of Zach's situation, he assures her he won't, but as soon as she leaves, he phones in his order to regain control of his empire.

Concerned about her missing sister, Lily suggests that Jonathan look for Ava at the last place he saw her, so he goes to the beach where Lenny is about to fall for the trap that Ava helped Jack and the police set up.  Meanwhile, J.R. meets Amanda at the Yacht Club and asks her to join him for a sail, but when he spots Lenny and Ava on the beach, J.R. accuses them of setting up Sean.  Realizing he's in trouble, Lenny exposes Ava's wire and takes her hostage at gunpoint as the cops show up with guns drawn.  Just then, Jonathan arrives and has to be restrained by Jack.  Afraid that he'll be sent to prison for life, Lenny refuses to discuss a deal with Derek and drags Ava to a shack where he orders her to give the police her cell number through her wire.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Silas gives JJ a new name that he is going to go by from now on. Jack is an unwelcome visitor at the local bar until Carly saves him with a cover story. Silas, Ava and JJ are waiting in the bar’s back room. Will and Gwen find out Paul is alive and that they are the only ones that know this. Barbara tells them that she told Paul that Meg is still married to Craig. They learn Paul has flown to see Rosanna because he thinks he can help her. Paul sits by Rosanna’s bedside willing her to wake up. Kit and ‘Lee’ bond, which helps Jack. Jack tries to make Carly go home, but she won’t leave him and Kit won’t rent Jack a room unless he stays with Carly/Lee. Paul recalls the story to an unconscious Rosanna of how she ended up there. Craig shows up with pies for Meg even though she is still frustrated with him. Craig sees a gift from Paul to Meg, which hits Meg hard. They end up talking about her as a person because she is down on herself. Craig signs for a delivery when a messenger shows up at the farm with annulment papers for Meg, which upsets Craig. Silas knows Kit and asks to rent a house from her. She looks suspiciously at JJ, who tries to give her a clue. Ava rips up JJ’s school ID and drops it in the trashcan. Rosanna squeezes Paul’s hand, but the nurse thinks it was an involuntary movement. Gwen is upset that Barbara is not telling Meg that Paul is alive, but Barbara is angry that she is still with Craig and that she had the audacity to bring him to the Memorial. Will and Gwen promise not to say anything to anyone. Carly and Jack’s room that Kit rents them only has one bed. Carly offers to sleep on the floor, but Jack tells them that they can share the bed. Carly sneers and asks if Katie minds? She trusts him more then ever now. Before he left, he officially proposed. Carly is stunned. Meg finds the annulment papers Craig put in his pocket. Paul leaves the hospital where Rosanna is to head home, but soon after he leaves, Rosanna opens her eyes and murmurs Paul’s name. Meg casually tells Craig that she is not worried about dealing with the annulment papers now. Carly is affected by Jack’s news; he apologizes for blurting it out. Carly leaves to take out the trash trying to keep herself busy, but rushes back in and drops the contents of the trashcan on the bed. JJ has been there, she exclaims as she holds up JJ’s ripped up ID.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ashley and Ridge are slowly finding their way back to each other. Felicia reminds them that Phoebe and Stephanie are appearing on the Rich Ginger Show, but just remember what happened the last time she had a microphone shoved in her face, something about letting the whole world know that Jackie was a prostitute. Stephanie with an oh sweet face, misses nary a beat to bash the competition. Donna watches on TV with Thorne and feigns it to the hilt how the Logans are once again being maligned. He agrees that his mother’s behavior is insufferable, and he’ll talk to her about it. Donna laments that if Stephanie can come between Brooke and her kids, then what chance do they have at all? With a devilish grin on her face, she’d delighted when he charges out and says he will take care of this once and for all. Brooke also hollers to Jackie and Clarke that Stephanie made them look like pandering to trollops. Donna tells Brooke that if she can’t fight Stephanie anymore, she is there and she will. Stephanie tells her group now is not the time to be polite and pull punches. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind which company they own now.

Thorne charges in railing at Stephanie, who reminds him they are all sitting over there trading on the old Forrester name. He claims it was malicious and low and it’s going to stop right now! Leave the Logan’s alone. She assures him the sisters will do just fine, they always do, and really they do not care about fig about him. He bellows that who he has respect for or cares for is not any of her business. And this has nothing to do with Darla. She reiterates again that she is glad those two girls are out of their lives. He calls Donna and wants to sneak away somewhere, perhaps up the coast to a B&B for a few days. She agrees, and immediately goes to find some Vegas casinos, hotels, wedding chapels online. “You think your nightmare is over, Stephanie, it hasn’t even begun!”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate asks Stefano to help refinance Mythic but Stefano gets angry because Kate hasn’t been by to see him before now. Kate turns on the charm and sleeps with Stefano to get the money despite Stefano admitting that he knew her plan from the beginning. Tony reports to the Bradys about Bart swallowing the key and Bo orders Bart to be opened up to retrieve it. Kate hints to John that Stefano isn’t as close to death as he claims.

Colleen resists Santo’s offer to let her leave and they end up kissing. Colleen wants to stop before they go any further. Santo persists with an invitation to see each other again but Colleen makes him wait and see. Stephanie tells Kayla and Steve about moving in with Adrienne and flaunts plans to marry Jeremy with or without their approval.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric offers to lessen the charges against Jason if Sonny will confess to ordering the hit on Lorenzo. Sam vents her ire against Jason, Liz, and the whole baby situation when she visits Jason. Lucky is angry and hurt by the fact that Liz cheated on him and never said a word. Carly does her best to try and doctor Jerry's stab wound that has gotten infected. Robin is more than a little weirded out at Noah's continuing evolution into Eli bleeding into his regular life, and the attraction that seems to be arising between him and her mother. Patrick's attitude is more phlegmatic, as he's glad that his father is not bent on slowly killing himself at the moment. Kate saves Morgan from drowning. Emily finally visits Jason in jail. While Liz is visiting Jason again, Sam comes to see Lucky. After Sonny gets his kids settled, he comes back to thank Kate again, and she has a fainting spell.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Harley is still and shock with instant tears coming to her eyes as she listens to Natalia tells how she and Gus never intended or meant to sleep together. Harley attacks Natalia slamming her into the wall when she lays part blame back on Harley and her involvement with Dylan. Natalia tries to convince Harley Gus is sorry and loves her but Harley can’t take anymore and runs out. Harley locks herself in her house not letting anyone in. Daisy climbs up to the second floor and breaks in. Daisy is mature using many of Harley’s heartfelt words of advise to try and get Harley to up and confide in her. Harley will not tell anyone what has her so upset. She and Daisy go to the hospital for Dylan’s release. Harley announces out of the blue that she is going with Dylan to rehab because she needs to get away and he is the only one ho has been honest with her. Billy and Buzz don’t believe it is a good idea that it could ruin her marriage but Harley believes her marriage is already over.

Dinah struggles to cope with her job. Unable to focus and get through one shoot, Vanessa has a hard decision to make. She must let Dinah go. Mallet begs her not to but she says she must or the network will. Dinah discovers mounting medical bills that Mallet has been hiding from her. When Matt can’t help her figure out to pay them she goes to Cyrus for help to get the money.  Cyrus and Alex enjoy an evening out until he cuts it short for other plans. Cyrus goes to the station to see Marina but she gets a call about a robbery at towers. Cyrus tags along. When Marina tries to make the arrest the robber hits and runs into the elevator. Cyrus is in the elevator and knocks the guy out. Marina makes the arrest after all.  Later Alex comes to the station looking for Cyrus but he isn’t there and Marina can honestly say she has no idea where he is.

Rafe is enjoying getting to know and hanging out with Alan. Daisy advises against it telling Rafe how bad Alan is. Rafe makes it clear he likes having family especially family as powerful as the Spauldings. When Rafe returns home to find Natalia upset because Harley had just been there, he tells Natalia that he wouldn’t mind it if she and Gus hooked up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John and Talia bust into Rex's home when they discover that he must know something about Spencer's death. They take his computer down to the station for evidence, knowing that Rex knows something he is not admitting. And John is able to discover that Rex has a copy of Todd Manning's deceased kid's death certificate. He wonders why that would be. Sara is scrounging for money and is hoping that Asa or Clint will override her father's decision to cut her off. The only job she wants to do is book bands at Capricorn and that job is not available to her. Cristian and Antonio take the day off and leave the bar empty. And when Sara arrives, Hunter finds her. Dorian tells Viki she better find a way for David to get his money back. And she believes that Viki wants to keep her away from Clint. Natalie is acting very friendly and supportive to Miles, defending him to everybody who speaks and thinks ill of him. And it seems she has some "issue" of her own in regard to his unrequited feelings for Marty.

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Colleen goes to Jana and asks her to leave Kevin alone – she refuses. Brad is scared that Colleen and Kevin seem to be getting close. Kevin realizes that the hospital will not perform Jana’s operation unless she can pay for it because they don’t think it’s necessary. He ends up telling Jana that he will get the money somehow, and asks Gloria, who refuses to give him the money for Jana. Meanwhile Gloria is on edge as she prepares for William’s memorial ceremony. Amber learns that Cane has cut her off financially and tries to find a job, with no luck. She goes to see Daniel who says she should apply at Newman; he could put in a good word for her. However, it turns out that back when Daniel was looking at that porn video on a company computer, he clicked on a web link and ended up allowing hackers into the Newman network. Daniel gets fired! Lily meanwhile tells Colleen she is glad to be rid of Daniel. Katherine tells Jill that if she marries Ji Min, she is out of her will. She thinks Jill should tell Ji Min since she thinks he is only after Katherine’s money anyway.

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