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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Joe advises Ryan that Spike may be in the hospital for another week before he can go home.  Joe worries about Ryan’s own health.  Annie and Emma surprise Ryan with a special picnic.  Kendall complains to Zach that she cannot help her two sons and she must be an unfit mother.  Greenlee starts to write a letter to Kendall, apologizing for what she did, but she knows that Kendall would never read it.  Greenlee slips into the hospital to visit Spike.  Kendall catches her there and attempts to attack her.  Zach fears something is amiss with Spike because he hadn’t even wake up during the fight.  Lenny changes the location of the drug deal.  Derek asks Ava to wear a wire but she needs to keep the drug dealer’s hands off her.  Lenny knows something is wrong and asks Ava to remove her shirt.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Bob hears Susan arguing with Dusty and Allison and asks her if she needs some time. Susan lies saying she doesn't feel well and leaves with Dusty and Allison. Allison talks Susan into going to an AA meeting because she needs her mother to stay sober to help her stay sober. Allison is really loving and caring with Susan and shows her mother in an odd way how much she loves and needs her. Susan returns to the hospital and admits to Bob she has been drinking and needs to go to a meeting. Bob admires her for being truthful and strong. He is proud to be her friend.

Allison thanks Dusty later for his support and help, Aaron is closing out and sees them together, he gets an attitude. Allison realizes she has got to grow up and realize people aren't always going to see the good in her especially Aaron. Aaron has already had a rough night. He and the new waitress Sophie are getting along great until her boyfriend shows up angry that she is working although he told her not to. Aaron tries to make an excuse for her but Cole gets angry. Aaron see right away Sophie is in an abusive relationship.

Gwen tells sage that miracles always happen when Sage worries JJ may never come back. Gwen tells Sage she is pregnant.  Jack tells Carly he needs to go himself to Idaho to get JJ. Carly wants to come but Jack refuses. Carly goes to see Sage and asks Gwen to look after Sage and Parker because she has got to go to Idaho also. Gwen tries to talk Carly out of going but sees her sister's mind is made up. Brad comforts Katie as a real friend with no misgivings until jack shows up. Jack finally purposes formally before leaving for Idaho. Katie says yes. She is scared but happy all at the same time. 

JJ begs the kidnappers to let him go. They snap at him that he is going to learn some manners and be raised just like Les wanted him to be. The female wants to dump JJ but the male wants to keep him because he promised Les he would care for JJ as if her were his own.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ashley explains more and they could still be good together if Ridge would get past this. Stephanie brings a gaggle of kids home, they’re having a barbeque. Ridge cajoles her that she has to go to her room and write 'I will not interfere' one hundred times. He knows she is trying to pair him with Ashley. She reminds him that you can’t bring pride home at night, crawl in bed and snuggle up to it. Donna has a date with Thorne only a mix-up where to go or where to meet. So she sets him straight that she is not a hooker and he doesn’t have to play her with fancy foods and liquor. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve that. She apologizes, it’s just his family. He invites her to stay at the beach house and they will throw something together and have a beer. He shows her his Darla shrine, this one year anniversary. She fantasizes her life in that life.

Thorne confides that his family doesn’t value his opinion much, so he no longer looks for them too. One thing leads to another and Donna brings up them going to the bed the other night. He says he is not perfect. He searches and searches for his pills and she finally holds them up, demanding to know why he’s taking them and it says just one a night at bedtime. Is it bedtime now? He theorizes they are very mild, but she reminds him he is taking more than one and that is not good. She blindfolds him and says she can be anybody he wants her to be. He doesn’t need the pills for pain, he has her and she can take away his pain. She starts to button his shirt. Ridge explains to Ashley that he really hates what she did, but he loves her and he would be a fool to let her walk away. She wants to deserve his trust but she warns him if they make up, she plays for keeps. They seal it with a kiss. The light goes off in Ridge’s bedroom, not to be unnoticed by Stephanie. She thinks it is safe to tell Abby that she will be staying over after all. Brooke sits crying with her memories and home movies of Nick and the kids playing Pirates. Thorne asks if Donna is trying to drive him crazy? Glancing at Darla’s wedding rings, she vows yes she knows what she is doing and has her eye on the prize.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Doug and Julie bring the Bradys the next translated letters between Santo and Colleen. In the story, Santo ignores Colleen’s refusal and kisses her one last time for her to determine her true desires. Colleen claims the kiss meant nothing but accidentally knocks Santo over the edge of the cliff in her attempt to leave. Colleen pulls Santo back up on the cliff but Santo has decided to stop trying to change Colleen’s mind.

EJ drowns his sorrows at the pier while fantasizing about killing Lucas and living romantically with Sami. Kate taunts him about not being a man and EJ threatens to throw Kate into the river until she apologizes. EJ lets it slip that Lucas will soon be dead but claims it was merely a drunken slip when Kate questions his words. Tony sneaks into the DiMera mansion and injects Stefano with morphine so Stefano won’t fight back in his attempt to retrieve the key. Bart momentarily distracts Tony so Stefano is able to grab back the key and pass it to Bart. Bart swallows the key when Tony threatens him with a sword. Andre arrives and he and Tony have a swordfight. Bart gets in the way and is stabbed by Andre. Bart dies in Stefano’s arms leaving Stefano and Andre to believe the key is simply hidden somewhere in the room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax tries to convince Irena to let him go for the right price, but revenge is more valuable to her. When he refuses to be seduced, she threatens to torture him. Logan takes Lulu on a picnic. Sonny enjoys seeing Kate laugh and display some of her old nature. Elizabeth lies on the stand and says Jake is Lucky's, but the damage is done to her husband. He is angry and devastated, especially when he finds out Nikolas already knew. Elizabeth can't forgive Ric's treatment of her on the stand. Carly and Jerry keep on getting on each other's nerves, but she is concerned when he displays signs of pain and she discovers his stab wound. Her one time nurse's training comes in handy at last. When Jerry gets delirious, he kisses her. Both Sam and Liz visit Jason. Liz admits that she is sorry for what she did by lying, and Sam berates Jason for letting Elizabeth get away with her lies. When Liz gets home, Lucky demands to know who the father really is.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Jeffery begs Reva to reconsider, he cancels the trip he planned for them believing he was moving too fast. Reva and Jeffery admits that they were involved and cared about each other but Reva just has to end the relationship and can’t tell him why. Reva goes to Olivia and tells her that it’s over and she hates her. Olivia after confessing to Frank that she paid for Ava to be mugged goes to Jeffery expecting instant forgiveness but receives the cold shoulder and indifference. She asks him to a family dinner but he refuses to eat dinner with her. Reva comes to Jeffery with nowhere else to go after seeing Dylan and imagining Jonathan in the hospital. She knows it’s not fair to him but he is grateful to be there to comfort her. As he puts the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door Olivia watches from down the hall and can hear Reva’s voice.

Gus shops with daisy for a present for Dylan. Daisy picks out a watch that is too expensive so she shoplifts it. They get caught and Alan bails them out without incident. Dylan recognizes that the watch is too expensive for daisy but she lies claiming to have hit up Reva, Billy, and Buzz for the money.  Harley is glad to see Dylan awake but Dylan doesn’t have good news. He tells her he saw Gus come into his room when they were asleep on the bed beside each other. Harley panics and tries to find Gus to explain. Alan just walks into her house and begins to gloat and insinuate that Gus and Natalia slept together. Harley goes to the mansion to warn Natalia what Alan is trying to do but instead learns Alan knew what he was talking about. Natalia tears up and feels guilty but admits to sleeping with Gus.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nora arranges a party for Talia at Capricorn.  The party is attended by Adriana, Vincent, and Layla.  They want to thank Talia for saving their lives from Tate Harmon.  The bartender flirts with Talia as he pours their drinks.  After the bartender leaves, the others point out that he was flirting with Talia.  Talia doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested.  The others begin to wonder if there is another man in her life.  Todd agrees that Blair can spend the night, but he says that he only did it for the children’s sake.  John questions Michael about the night that Spencer Truman was murdered.  Michael insists that he told him everything that he knows.  John vows not to stop investigating until he finds out the truth and can clear Marty of all charges.  After Michael leaves the office, he calls Rex to warn him that John may approach him next with questions.  Marcie opens up to Lindsay about her concerns about Michael.  Lindsay assures her that all adoptive parents have concerns about their children.  Rex admits to Michael that he confessed to John about Tommy being Todd’s son.  Miles goes to see Marty in jail.  Marty lets him know that she wants him to stay away from her.  Bo lets Antonio know that he not only knows about Jessica and Nash’s marriage, but he attended the ceremony.  Rex and Vincent join Bo and Antonio for drinks.  John begins to put the clues together in the investigation and everything leads to Tommy.  John gets on the phone and orders a search warrant.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Luis' execution is getting closer. Everyone sees the blackmailer. They chase after him and knock him down. Luis unmasks the blackmailer and its Rebecca. Sam tells everyone she is innocent. Rebecca said someone gave her the clothes. Vincent locks Eve up because she wants to turn him in. Everyone says bye to Luis. Pretty wants to tell Luis everything. Sheridan attacks Theresa and hooks her up to the electrocution chair. She begs and Sheridan says to bad she needs to save Luis. Ethan goes to see an inmate because he thinks he might have info about Luis. The inmate admits he knows nothing but he knows a secret about him. Ethan doesn't really want to hear it at first. The inmates says he has a son. Spike is being attacked by Fluffy. The bomb will be going off soon. Tabby, Endora, Nora, and Edna are watching Fluffy attack Spike.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis asks Nick to get away for the night at a hotel with her and Summer. He agrees but is afraid that Phyllis is planning on taking off with Summer so he calls a lawyer to see what his rights are. Nick and Phyllis argue. He thinks she is basically a good person but her actions say different. Lauren manages to make Phyllis feel better but she is upset again when she realizes Nick thinks she is going to leave the country with Summer.

Michael meets with Kevin, Amber and Daniel to go over their case. Cane refuses to see or talk to Amber. Amber comes to the office anyway and asks Jill if she was the one who took the money. Jill is furious with her. Cane is even more furious when he overhears her and tells her she that Jill is the one who paid her bail. Lily tells Daniel that she wants a divorce. He goes to see Michael for advice. Michael tells him that he doesn’t blame Lily for this and forces Daniel to finally admit out loud that he is an addict and that he needs help. Daniel goes to the coffeehouse and sees Cassie’s photo. He tells her that she will be his motivation to live a better life. Amber overhears him and says that she wants to do the same. After talking to Cane, Kevin goes to see Jana at the hospital.

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