Thursday 8/2/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/2/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee can’t believe that Jack is urging her to leave Pine Valley.  Jack assures her that he only wants her happiness.  Josh visits Kendall at the hospital and she lets him know how much Ian has improved.  Kendall questions Josh about Greenlee.  Josh lets her know that he took Greenlee home from the hospital and yes, he did have a desire to sleep with Greenlee.  Josh also lets Kendall know that he would never forgive Greenlee for what she did to Kendall and her family.  Jonathan tries his best to convince Ava that he only wants her.  They kiss, but Ava pulls away.  Ava gets a call from the drug dealer.  Erica visits the women at Fusion and tells them that she is their new boss.  Erica took it upon herself to have baby furniture and other baby items the Kendall and Zach purchased delivered to Fusion.  Adam comes to see Zach at the hospital and inquires as to how Spike and Ian are.  Adam lets Zach know that J.R. gave all of the Chandler stock to him.  Zach sees through Adam’s ploy and assures him that he will sell bits and pieces of Chandler Enterprises until there was nothing left. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke admits his feelings to Noah and Noah tells Luke he isn't gay but he still wants to be friends with him.  Maddie talks to Vienna about her relationship with Noah and Vienna thinks that Noah is Maddie's rebound guy.  Katie gets a lead on Silas from a fan of Oakdale Now and rushes to the police station to tell Jack.  When she arrives, she interrupts a moment between Jack and Carly.  Katie tells Jack he needs to look for Silas at a biker bar in Idaho and Carly insists on going to Idaho with Jack to find J.J.  Allison thinks Susan is drinking again and calls Dusty to ask him for help.

B&B Recap Written by Dani

Phoebe and Constantine are promoting the Boldface Challenge and campaigning for people to vote for her duet with him. They are passing out autographed flyers. Everyone is having a good time. Rick shows up with t-shirts, male models, and a sky-flyer to encourage patrons to vote for he and Phoebe. Constantine and Rick exchange trash talk every chance they get. Rick promises he won’t stop trying to win the challenge and Phoebe at the same time.

Phoebe tells Ridge she is doing fine with the break up and keeping herself busy with a new project. Phoebe asks Ridge not to break up with Ashley just as a show of support for her. Stephanie tells Ashley to try and make up with Ridge. Ashley agrees to try one more time. Stephanie gets to ridge first and tells him how happy he has seemed since being with Ashley and if he doesn’t move past this than he will regret it for the rest of his life. Ashley arrives shortly after Stephanie leaves. Ridge gives her a severance package. Ashley is irritated and decides to fight for her job and her relationship with Ridge. Ridge listens as she apologizes and tells him how much she values him and what they shared. Ashley can see, Ridge misses her too.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie suggests moving in with Jeremy but Jeremy talks her out of it. Stephanie asks Adrienne for permission to move in with her and Adrienne only agrees once Stephanie admits why she doesn’t want to live with her parents anymore. Chelsea tells Nick about Jett’s true identity and what she’s been asked to do about Stephanie. Nick offers to help investigate Stephanie. Jeremy warns Chelsea about passing on ‘rumors’ about him to Stephanie. China, the girl who had flirted with Nick in Vegas, eavesdrops on Chelsea and Nick.

Stefano slaps EJ for lamenting over the loss of Sami and advises EJ to get rid of Lucas. Sami rushes off while Lucas and Marlena are talking and, with Roman’s gun in hand, heads to the DiMera mansion intent on killing Stefano. Sami shoots Bart in the foot when he tries to intervene but Stefano calls Sami’s bluff. Marlena and Lucas arrive just in time to keep Sami from shooting Stefano. Stefano orders EJ to shoot Sami, Lucas, and Marlena for intruding but instead EJ orders them to leave. Roman makes it through the surgery.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tries to bring "Connie" a thanks for not giving testimony that put him in a bad light pizza, but "Kate" refuses to damage her figure with it. Ric's attacks on Elizabeth as he questions her makes Jason lose his cool. Irena is the person holding Jax captive. Spinelli warns Logan not to hurt Lulu, and Georgie tells Lulu she ought to fall for Spinelli, not Logan. However, she will not get involved with Spinelli because he is too much into Lulu. On the plane to Caracas, Jerry has nightmares of Irena's death. Elizabeth is forced to admit that last August, she and Jason made love. He then asks her if Jason is Jake's father, just after Sam and Nikolas arrive to provide Lucky with moral support. Lulu loses a bet and has to go on a date with Logan. Irena holds a gun on Jax and forces him to call Jerry.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Olivia is still running frantic through Springfield reminding Reva of the horror she can cause by telling Alan and Lizzie about Jonathan and Sarah being alive. Reva is still trying to reason to her sense of decency but Olivia is desperate to have a man that cannot stand her. Ava is still milking her mugging injuries to get attention from Coop who is to preoccupied with Ashlee to really care. Coop tries to be there for both friends but when he is forced to choose after finding Ashlee crying Coop kisses her. Ava thinks she has Coop eating out of her hand when he agrees to come keep her company but she has no idea that he is kissing Ashlee. Olivia is right there pushing and advising Ava to lie and scheme to get what she wants. Jonathan goes to his old place and has a hard time letting go of Tammy. Reva comes in to comfort him but his pain turns to fury when he learns Olivia is tormenting Reva with coming forward with the truth. Jonathan knows he and Reva can protect and take care of themselves but he is ready to act in a way that will lead to criminal charges to ensure the safety of Sarah. Reva begs him to trust her to take care of Olivia.

When Jeffrey will have nothing to do with Olivia she decides to change the deal. Reva must break up Jeffrey and do it in a way that will hurt him so she can be their to pick up the pieces. Reva doesn’t want to because she has feelings for Jeffrey but she does end it feeling she has no choice in the matter, Jonathan and Sarah are more important.

Marina and Cyrus try to sneak around and be alone but every time they get a moment someone that knows them or Alexandra pops up out of nowhere, foiling their plans.

Lillian and Buzz continue to get close and share a passionate kiss on the roof top.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cole speaks out at Miles’ bail hearing as to what Miles did to his Mother.  Miles’ bail is set at five hundred thousand dollars.  Natalie stands beside Miles through the whole hearing.  After the hearing, John wants to speak to Natalie.  John inquires of Natalie if she is only doing this to get back at him.  Blair and Dorian bring Todd home from the hospital.  Jack is overjoyed that his father is home.  They have only been home a little while when the arguments between Dorian and Todd and Todd and Starr begin.  Blair has to be the mediator between them.  Cole comes to visit Todd.  They agree to try to get along with each other for Starr’s sake.  Todd insists that Starr and Jack move back in with him.  Jack insists that Todd convince Blair to come home, too.  Rex and Adriana have a meeting with Michael over Tommy.  Michael is worried that Marcie will find out that Tommy is Todd’s son.  Talking with Nora in the courtroom, Nora gives him a clue that will clear Marty of the charges against her in the murder of Spencer Truman.  John calls Michael and asks to speak with him.  Sarah finds out that all her credit has been cut off.  She has to wash dishes at Capricorn in order to pay for her drinks.  Marty meets with her psychiatrist.  Nora visits Marty in jail and lets her know that Miles was released on bail.  Marty worries about Cole’s safety.  Nora leaves her alone.  Miles comes to visit Marty.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Double wedding began again. Fancy walks down the aisle. Father Lonigan starts the ceremony and Fancy says she cant go through it. Ivy goes to Fancy's room and Pretty is there. Ivy is happy to see her but Pretty is angry at her. Vincent is with Sheridan watching the almost wedding. Than Vincent dresses like the blackmailer at the end of the ceremony. The warden comes in and wants to take Luis back to his cell. Gwen and Rebecca are in the coffee house. Rebecca wants to know who the mystery man is. Fox sends Spike to kill Miguel. Spike goes to Tabby's house and wants to plant dynamite in the bedroom. Fox has drinks with Esmé. She is in town to see Fancy. Fox tells her about the wedding.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Lily spend some time together and talk about their spouses and everything that has happened. Neither one of them are taking calls from Amber or Daniel. Jana tries to call Kevin but he won’t talk to her. She calls Amber and begs her to get Kevin to talk to her. Kevin gets a call from the hospital saying Jana had a severe convulsion and has a fractured skull. Kevin and Amber go to see Jana. Victor is upset with Brad and takes him off of a project, replacing him with Devon. Nikki and Victor argue about David. Later, David accuses Victor of trying to run him off the road. Victor tells him if he wanted him dead, he would be.

Michael tells Phyllis that the new evidence is from a company recording. It is footage of a conversation she had with Brad after a Granville Global meeting and was brought forward by David. Phyllis tells him that is when she threatened to tell Victoria about Brad’s affair. The judge allows it into evidence. Nick is extremely upset when he sees the tape. She tells him that he has already forgiven her for this but he says he doesn’t remember. Michael decides Phyllis should take the stand. Heather is prepared for this though, and it doesn’t go well for Phyllis.

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