Wednesday 8/1/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/1/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall wakes up to see Spike looking at her.  Kendall, quickly, rouses Ryan to let him know that Spike is awake.  Both are overjoyed.  Annie and Zach stand vigil at Baby Ian’s bedside.  Greenlee is alone on the beach when Aidan walks up.  He begins to make slurs against Greenlee and what she did.  Jack and Derek try to go over with Ava, the details as to what she is supposed to do while she makes jokes.  Greenlee goes over the details with Aidan as to what happened when she was returning Spike to Kendall.  After hearing all the details, Aidan calls Jack and lets him know that Greenlee needs him.  Ava comes into the Yacht Club and is immediately denied service by the manager.  An argument between the two arises.  Jonathan arrives and lets the manager know that he is a member of the Yacht Club and Ava is with him.  Ava denies everything that he is saying and runs off.  Jonathan follows her.  He lets Ava know that when he made love to her, he was making love to Ava and not Lilly.  Annie lets Zach know about a book that she is writing about Ian, the hero.  They hug.  Kendall watches them from outside the window.  She gets up and goes in, thinking that something happened to Baby Ian.  Kendall lets Zach know that Spike is awake.  Kendall and Zach come back into Spike’s room and let Ryan and Annie know that Ian gained half a pound and was breathing better.  Once at the Yacht Club, Jack urges Greenlee in a roundabout way to leave Pine Valley.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly watches Katie with Jack in the hospital. Dallas tells them they found an eyewitness. Jack wants to get out of the hospital to continue to help, but Dallas and Katie are unsure. Noah asks Luke what is wrong because he seems quiet, but Luke blows him off. Aaron comes to Sophie’s rescue when she gets stiffed. Later, they talk about their lives, Aaron learns Sophie has a boyfriend that she is living with, and they are having a tough time making ends meet. Holden asks Lily is she gave Carly the money, as Lily hesitates. Jack asks Carly to help him leave the hospital after she admits that she thinks he is the one to bring JJ home. Katie finds Carly helping Jack get dressed. Luke finds out that Noah maybe staying in town because of his dad. Maddie thinks Noah should talk to his dad again, but he doesn’t see the point. Lily tries to explain why she gave Carly the money, but Holden has had it and feels she is acting the same as before she went to Rehab. She put Carly before her marriage, lied and kept secrets. Lily is worried that Holden is having trouble knowing if he can forgive her. Aaron witnesses Sophie’s boyfriend angry with her and trying to tell her what to do. Jack gets another lead. Holden walks out on Lily. Lily is worried when she sees Carly continue to obsess over Katie. Carly realizes Lily is suffering because Holden is mad, but she is sure he will get past it. Jack puts a name to JJ’s kidnapper and learns he was Les’ pal in jail. Jack calls Carly, as Katie tries not to let it bother her since she has to go do a PSA with Brad. Maddie ‘entices’ Noah to call his dad, who doesn’t budge; he wants him going into the military and he won’t be paying for Northwestern. Maddie is a little flustered when out of nowhere Noah mentions to his dad that she is his girlfriend. Aaron and Holden talk about relationships; Aaron looks up to Holden’s with Lily, but Holden alludes to the fact that everything isn’t coming up roses. Holden ignores Lily’s call, tells Aaron he is not ready to work things out, and doesn’t know when he will be. Lily worries when Holden doesn’t answer and pleads with him to call her so they can talk. Noah asks Luke why he acts like he doesn’t like him? Luke admits the problem is he does like him – in that way, as a shocked Noah stares at him. Carly hears the lead they have from Jack. Carly worries that they may be too late, but Jack reassures her that JJ is strong when he dealt with Les, so he has faith. Jack and Carly hug. Katie is nervous when she feels that someone is watching or following her.

B&B Recap Written by Dani

Donna hints to Jackie that she has a plan that will finally bring Stephanie down off of her pedestal. Stephanie brings the kids to the bikini bar for lunch, Donna sees them and stops by to see the kids. The kids run off to look at something and Donna and Stephanie exchange unpleasantries. Stephanie finds Donna threats amusing and lifeless. Thorne calls and begs Donna to give him a chance to make it up to her for the night before. Donna agrees to meet him at the bar. Donna tries to slap Stephanie when she refers to Brooke as a whore. Stephanie is quick, and catches Donna’s wrist slamming in to the table warning “don’t you ever try that again.” Donna tells her she will be sorry because she could end up with a daughter -in-law a lot worse than Brooke. Stephanie doubts it and shrugs off any threats Donna has. When Thorne arrives, Donna acts as if she is wounded emotionally. Thorne invites her to dinner and a real date. She agrees and he kisses her.

Rick tries to confide and find understanding in Brooke but she tells him she thinks it is best he and Phoebe aren’t together anymore. Rick doesn’t care he promises to do what ever it takes to show Phoebe how much he loves her. Constantine comforts Phoebe and manages to talk her into participating in the contest, even if it means that she may have to sing with Rick. Phoebe is focused on her career and agrees no matter what. Constantine is a true friend to her. Rick tries to talk to Phoebe at Forrester and is surprised when she doesn’t put up a fight. But rather than discuss their relationship she tells him and really doesn’t give him a choice about the Challenge. Rick is excited and ready to get to work right away promising he will win her love back and the contest. Rick tells her he will spend the rest of his life loving her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie claims that she knew about Jeremy’s record already but still believes him to be a changed man. Stephanie refuses to take Steve’s advice about dumping Jeremy. Jett guilts Chelsea into helping him investigate Stephanie. Chelsea asks to be able to quit Touch the Sky in exchange for helping but Jett claims it would compromise the mission. Jett hopes he and Chelsea can pursue a romantic relationship after working together but Chelsea declares that she wants nothing to do with Jett after the investigation is over. Stephanie calls Chelsea for comfort and Chelsea calls Nick for help once Stephanie leaves. Nick loses his job at the hospital after reporting his part in the lab test mix-up to his boss. Nick gives Kate his Vegas winnings and insists that she give Chelsea the money for college and claim it came only from her in exchange for him not telling Lucas that Kate was the one to make him change the test.

Sami is now more determined to go after Stefano despite attempts to be talked out of it by Lucas, Marlena, and Belle. Marlena gets Belle to admit that she and Shawn are having issues but advises Belle to help out by getting herself a job. Roman develops fluid around his heart and is rushed into surgery.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam tells Spinelli to wake up and realize that Lulu will never be in love with him. Lulu admits that he is the best friend she has ever had, but in all fairness, can't foresee romance. He is able to accept this. Carly is irate when Diane refuses to add her to the witness list. Ric calls Sonny to the stand where he asks if Sonny ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo. He says he did not. Sam asks Maxie to help her ruin Elizabeth's life. Jax's captivity continues. When Jerry learns that he no longer has access to the Cassadine accounts, he and Nikolas have a confrontation that turns ugly. Jerry fires at Nikolas, but almost hits Carly. Carly gives Spinelli an assignment to find out all she can about Lorenzo's South American business so she and Jerry can use it when they go to Venezuela. Amelia is sequestered in a witness room with a man who claims he saw Jason carry Alcazar's body out of his house and dump it in a truck. While she is under oath, Ric asks Liz if she and Jason have ever had sex.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“The Line”

Reva and Olivia alternate narrating. The topic is the lines we will and will not cross for the sake of our children. Olivia’s point is there isn’t a line she won’t cross but Reva holds out faith that there is limits to what you can do to protect your children. That is until the end of her day. Reva sits with Dylan and finds a bouquet of flowers with a card from Jonathan. She goes into the stairwell where Jonathan is waiting. Reva feels joy and terror to see Jonathan. She catches him up on what has been happening with everybody but after a near miss with Lizzie they both agree he needs to leave.

Olivia is at the base of the stairs listening and goes to confront Reva. Jonathan stops her and threatens to kill her if she tells. Olivia cries and lies telling him that she understands what he has to do and will not tell anyone. Jonathan believes her and they embrace.

Olivia expresses her sympathies for Dylan to Reva and seems genuine until she drops the bomb flashing the DVD of Sarah around. Reva and Olivia argue over everything but most of all their hatred for each other. Reva tries to reason with Olivia who wants no part of keeping Jonathan’s secret if it means she could bring Reva down.

The hospital call and Reva must go Dylan’s condition has worsened. Olivia follows and offers her blood for a transfusion when she hears that Dylan is in desperate need of a rare blood type, her blood type. There is a monetary truce but Olivia’s claws come out again when she later sees Jeffrey and Reva too cozy and close.

Olivia tells Reva she has one day to decide if it will be Jeffrey or Jonathan. Reva is just finding happiness again with Jeffrey and doesn’t want to give him up but can’t risk losing Jonathan or something happening to him and Sarah.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair, Sarah, and Jessica visit Todd.  Todd fights with them over him going to Miles’ hearing.  Rex and Adriana make love.  Starr and Cole visit Marty in jail.  Sarah is relieved when Todd lets her off the hook for her involvement in Hunter holding him hostage.  Natalie is with Miles when John and another cop walk in.  John is more than a little upset when he finds out that Miles tore up his confession.  Jessica lets Todd know all about David giving her part of his liver.  Antonio lets Talia know that Jessica married Nash.  She encourages him to move on to someone else.  Antonio tells her that there is no one like Jessica used to be.  Sarah walks in on Rex and Adriana making love.  She makes her apologies and quickly makes her exit.  Natalie assures Miles that she will be right by his side in the courtroom.  Natalie’s actions and supposed closeness to Miles infuriates John.  Miles’ bail hearing begins.  Todd makes his way into the courtroom in a wheelchair.  He lets Miles know that if the court doesn’t get him then he will.  The judge asks Miles how he pleads.  Miles first looks at John, then at Todd and Blair and then at Natalie.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Pretty and Fancy tell each other how they remember things happening when Pretty was hurt.  Pretty remembers that Fancy couldn't stand it that a man didn't show interest in her so she threw pool chemicals at her.  Fancy remembers that Pretty was choking her and she grabbed the first thing she could to get her off.  Pretty is going to make Fancy's life miserable the way she did to hers.  She says if Fancy goes on with the wedding, she will tell Luis the whole story.  Everyone wonders what is taking Fancy so long.  Luis tries to get her to come out but she tells him she'll be right there.  Edna and Norma are recognized by some guards who used to work at the insane asylum.  Endora comes to their rescue by wrapping the guards in cotton candy.  Tabitha asks Julian which of his children he is going to protect, Fancy or Vincent.  Julian tells her it is an excruciating decision.  Eve feels guilty that she could save Luis but feels like she needs to protect her son.  Sheridan is thrilled when things go badly between Pretty and Fancy.  She knows this means that Luis will die loving her, the way it was meant to be.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Amber pretends to know where the cash is so Bonacheck won’t shoot Cane. Daniel calls him to tell him that he is the one who actually has the cash, and convinces him to meet him at Kevin’s apartment to get it. Amber tells Cane that she lied so to help him. When Bonacheck leaves, Cane gets loose and unties Amber. They leave Carson behind. Meanwhile Daniel tries to stall Bonacheck while Kevin calls the police. Bonacheck is about to shoot Daniel when the police show up. Jill tells Amber she is trash and not good enough for her son. Amber, Kevin and Daniel are arrested and released on bail. Gloria and Phyllis are furious with Kevin and Daniel while Cane tells Amber that even though he bailed her out he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Meanwhile Carson is questioned by the police.

Michael tells Phyllis that he has heard there is new evidence being submitted and asks if she knows what it is but her mind is on Daniel. Nick is angry when he learns Phyllis has been keeping things from him again (regarding Daniel) and she and Michael tell him everything.

Neil, Devon and Lily invite Sharon and Jack over for dinner, because Neil says this is what Dru would have done for her friend after she had such a hard day. Neil can’t get his mind off of Dru after having to talk about her accident in the court room and then trying to make her specialties and failing. Sharon comforts him.

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