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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The women of Fusion celebrate a victory for the company, but their happiness is short-lived when Greenlee shows up for work.  She questions them as to their happiness, but no one wants to tell her.  Babe gives Ava advice as she leaves Fusion.  After she leaves, Babe, Amanda and Di fill Greenlee in as to their previous dayís accomplishments.  Babe and Di let Greenlee know that she is not needed and she needs to go home to recuperate from her injuries.  Babe questions Greenlee as to why she wasnít behind them when they reached the hospital.  Greenlee lies and tells her that she had missed a turn.  Amanda remains in the office after all the others leave and she helps Greenlee with some copies.  When Greenlee asks why she is being nice to her, she tells her that she cannot judge anyone after growing up in a house with Janet.  Jack asks Ava to help him trap the drug dealer so he can get Sean off the hook.  Ava refuses.  Lily mentions that she, also, is trying to help clear Seanís name.  When Ava finds out that Lily is helping, she agrees to help as long as Lily doesnít find out that she was the one who planted the drugs on Sean.  Annie brings Emma to the hospital to help cheer Zach up.  Ryan fills Kendall in that he had thought that Greenlee was hooking up with Sean.  Kendall begins to wonder if Greenlee had planned all of this from the beginning.  Ryan tries to help Kendall to believe that it was not her doing that she went into labor prematurely.  Zach interrupts them and tells them that the baby survived the procedure.  Zach suggests that they name the baby Ian.  Adam accuses Tad of trying to turn Colby against him.  Tad informs him that that isnít possible because Adam is his own worst enemy. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly finds herself with no other choice but to tell Jack she paid the ransom and Jack is very angry with her.  Holden figures out Lily gave Carly the ransom money and he is very upset with her.  Craig and Meg shares some kisses and since Meg feels guilty about kissing Craig when Paul has been dead for a short time, she tells him to leave the farm.  Craig encourages Meg to face the fact that Paul is dead and it is okay for her to have feelings for him (Craig).  Barbara tells Paul that Craig has weaseled his way into Meg's life by playing the hero and now she is living and sleeping with him at Fairwinds.  Paul refuses to think for one second that Meg loves Craig but when he finds out Craig spent the night with Meg at the farm he knows what he must do.  Paul asks Barbara not to tell anyone he is alive just yet.  Katie tells Jack that the only thing he said to her when he was put in the ambulance was I love you she leaves out the part about Carly.  Carly watches Jack and Katie kissing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick keeps hounding Phoebe with phone calls wanting to see her. She maintains she is at her father’s and he would kill Rick if he came over. She reminds him that he slept with another woman less than 48 hours after they broke up and she’s not going to forget that. She doesn’t even want to talk about it. Ashley drops in on Stephanie and warns her she has had a terrible day; things she didn’t handle well. She tells her it is about her and Ridge. Stephanie thinks they just need some more quality time, worked too hard. Ashley confides they broke up, over another man that is still a part of her life. Stephanie is even more shocked when she finds out it is Rick. Taylor and Brooke hear from Ridge also about it. He doesn’t think Ashley deserves another second chance, and it’s up to them to make sure Rick doesn’t get that chance with Phoebe either. Rick confides in Bridget and vows that he has to get Phoebe back. She has to forgive him, he can’t lose her. She agrees there is something about telling the truth, but there is also a thing of sparing one’s feelings. He knows he messed up, but he can’t help but believe he can fix this. He can’t quite explain it, he loves Phoebe, but he has this chemical thing with Ashley.

He makes his way to Ridge’s house, Ridge will have to stop him. Ashley lays it out for Stephanie, how she met Rick in Paris, it was over and then she came to L.A. and re-acquainted with him in work and she slept with him one night when he wasn’t with Phoebe. And now even if Ridge could forgive her, he can’t forgive her for hurting his baby girl. Ridge says he is sorry that it turned out this way, but he’s glad Phoebe is through with Rick. Brooke wonders if he really wants to take that hard a stand? Ridge reminds her the last time Brooke asked him to let them be, they ended up in the Honeymoon Suite. She defends by saying if he really did what they say he did, it was a mistake, one she is sure he regrets. Rick walks in and says it is not over with him and Phoebe, he needs to see her. Ridge vows that is not going to happen. Brooke asks if it is true about him and Ashley? He admits it was, but it is over and Phoebe needs to understand that. Ridge still stands in the way. Rick snarls that Ridge is not going to keep him from Phoebe. Ridge says it is not just him, it’s all of them!

Ashley tells Stephanie she does believe that Rick and Phoebe have something very special, she is sorry she ruined that. She’s going to pack up and not fight the termination of her contract. Stephanie suggests she stop babbling, it is not over. Rick keeps telling Ridge this is not between all of them, but just him and Phoebe. He knows he made a mistake, but who in this room can say they haven’t? In the heat of the moment, hurt somebody you love? With Phoebe listening on the balcony above, he says when you find what you truly want, you have to do everything in your power to make sure you make it work. And you can’t give up until you have done everything you can, and he’s not to that point yet. Phoebe surfaces and Rick continues his case. She just needs to look at him and listen. He caused this pain, he can make it go away. He laments that he needs her more than anybody he ever has in his life. Ashley knows that Ridge wants nothing to do with her. Stephanie sloughs that off as men being little boys….they get hurt, they get disappointed….and believe her, he has been disappointed before, but he’ll get over it. She wonders who else knows about this. Ashley says Felicia and Bridget. Good, they aren’t big talkers, they won’t be seeing this in the newspaper. As far as Ridge’s disasters before, this one doesn’t rate right up there. Ashley is surprised that she is not more angry with Ashley. Stephanie surmises what right would she have? She’d be angry if Ashley didn’t fight for him. He does mean something to her, doesn’t he? Ashley says yes, but she doesn’t think Ridge will forgive her. They hug and Stephanie says he will, because she is going to support her. She hasn’t seen Ridge this happy in years and she is not going to let Ashley walk away without a fight. He needs her in his life. He might not know that now, but he will. Phoebe tells Rick they shared some amazing times, and she doesn’t regret them. He was her first love and they committed to each other, brought them closer. He believed in her and made her so proud. She felt like the only woman in the world, only she wasn’t. There was someone else…they had their chance….and it was beautiful while it lasted, but it is over.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo rushes to be by Roman’s side as he is taken to the hospital, taking only a brief moment to bring Steve Jeremy’s rap sheet. Kayla and Steve meet Jeremy and Stephanie at the Pub. Kayla is angry that Steve had Bo run a background check on Jeremy but the check reveals Jeremy’s criminal history. Jeremy and Steve fake kindness to each other throughout dinner. After receiving the rap sheet, Steve confronts Jeremy in front of Stephanie. Jett follows Chelsea to the pier to explain. Jett admits that the whole fiancé claim was a setup and that Danielle was in on it. Jett reveals that Jeremy is a criminal and he’s the undercover ISA agent assigned to the case. Danielle also reveals that she’s a fellow ISA agent. Jett refuses to let Chelsea tell Stephanie the truth asking instead for Chelsea to help them determine how much Stephanie knows about the smuggling.

EJ, Lucas, and Sami wonder why Stefano returned Sami without taking the stem cells. Nick starts to tell Sami, Lucas, and EJ the truth but Kate tries to keep Nick from talking. Lucas and Sami insist on hearing what Nick has to say and he reveals that Lucas is the twins’ real father. When questioned, Nick claims he was merely careless during the first test but Sami suspects that Kate and EJ were behind the first test results. Sami and Lucas declare EJ to be gone from their lives for good.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly, Kate, and Elizabeth all wind up in the witness waiting room together until the guard asks to see Carly's subpoena, which she does not have because it does not exist, and then tells them that the judge has dismissed the witnesses for the day. After playing the damaging video of Jason firing in self defense, very professionally, twice, Ric wants to show it a third time, prompting strenuous objections from Diane. Logan tries to get back into Lulu's good graces and tells her that Cooper has a thing for her, which Coop denies. In Russia, a woman questions a chained Jax and reveals she plans to kill him in front of Jerry. Jerry's mood turns ugly when he discovers that Jax has vanished. Spinelli panics when he overhears Ric threatening to grill Elizabeth on the witness stand if Jason does not cooperate. The deal Ric offers is second degree murder, for which Jason will serve twenty years without parole. Otherwise, the truth about Jake will come out on the stand.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cassie and Josh have set a date to get married. Billy comes by to tell Reva so we won’t hear it somewhere else first. Reva pretends to be okay luckily Jeffrey is there to pick up the pieces after Billy leaves. Jeffrey does a good job taking Reva’s mind off Josh marrying her sister but the good mood doesn’t last long.

Harley and Dylan rush to get her home and argue when they call Daisy on her cell phone, Daisy hears the argument then Harley scream “Dylan!” and the car screeches off the road. Dylan is in critical condition as everyone begins to gather at the hospital. After having sex with Natalia Gus feels guilty and tells her it will never happen again and he is going to tell Harley. Natalia is still holding out hope for them to get back together. She puts an end to Remy pursuing her once and for all when he drops by after Gus leaves. Gus arrives at the hospital, still believing Harley and Dylan slept together. Harley is preoccupied with Dylan’s status and Gus slips out undetected.

Olivia goes to Jeffrey’s room and is snooping around trying to find evidence that Jonathan and Sarah are still alive. Jeffrey catches her and she makes a fast excuse. Jeffrey kicks her out but she manages to take Reva’s day planner with her.

Jonathan gets a breaking news alert about Dylan’s car accident and decides he has got to come home to check on Reva.

Dinah overhears the guys at the bar joking about giving her the number to the dog pound instead of their real cell numbers because she was dumb. Dinah’s feelings are hurt but Cassie steps in to make things right. Cassie claims they were playing one of the hidden camera jokes on the guys and offers to buy them drinks. After Cassie gets the guys drunk she and Dinah steal their wallets and car keys but they realize it and call the cops. Mallet catches Dinah and Cassie and returns the stuff to the men. Dinah cries that she hates the person she has become and wants her old self back. Mallet tries to comfort and reassure his wife.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex tries to convince Adriana that she is not responsible for what Tate did.  Rex assures her that he still has feelings for her and then he kisses her.  When Antonio comes by the diner, Roxy mentions, in front of Jamie, that Antonio and Jessica are divorced.  Roxy makes things even worse when she lets it slip that Nash and Jessica are married.  Jessica calls Antonio to come to the hospital.  Antonio lets Jessica know that he is not happy that she hadnít told him about her and Nash getting married.  Jessica tries to apologize, but Antonio refuses to listen to her.  He lets her know that he is tired of her lies and he wants her to stay out of his life.  Cole questions Starr as to whether she loves him or hates him.  Cole confesses to Starr that he knows that he did wrong in keeping the secret from her about Miles holding Todd hostage.  Starr admits that she will forgive Cole for what he did to her and her father.  Cole and Starr are happily reunited.  They, then, find out that Paige was arrested.  Todd suffers a terrible dream about Evangeline.  Blair reveals to Todd that Evangeline is in a coma and that he canít see her anyway.  Blair is stunned when Todd tells her that he has feelings for Evangeline.  Blair presses Todd to discuss their relationship, but when she sees how painful it is for him, Blair backs off.  As John questions Miles about his actions, Miles defends his actions because he loves Marty so much.  John leaves Miles alone to write his interrogation, but Natalie manages to maneuver her way past John and stops him from writing his confession.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Daniel and Kevin tell Maggie about the note they got. Meanwhile, Cane leaves to deliver the ransom. Amber manages to escape but comes face to face with Carson. Carson ties her up and calls Cane and warns him to bring the money but leave the police behind. When Cane arrives, he finds both Amber and Carson tied up, and Bonacheck (the federal agent) holding a gun on them. He wants to know where the money is and tells Amber if she doesn’t tell him, he will kill Cane. Meanwhile, Daniel and Kevin watch the security footage and see that it was Bonacheck, who left the note.

Sharon testifies at Phyllis’ trial. Nick takes the blame for the troubles in his marriage to Sharon and everything that happened as a result. Sharon tries to tell him that it isn’t anyone’s fault and they can’t change the past. Sharon blames Nikki for her having to testify. Neil testifies about how Phyllis’ blackmail affected him (getting the seat on the board and Dru’s accident). Nikki testifies and is furious when her past as a stripper is brought up by Michael as being a possible reason why she was not elected to the board. After she is finished testifying, David tells her that he has a way to insure Phyllis goes to jail.

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