Monday 7/30/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/30/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee visits Spike and she apologizes to him for what she let happen to him.  Ryan and Annie come in and order her out.  Kendall and Zach arrive in the doorway.  Kendall also orders her out and away from her children.  Erica meets up with Jack in the corridor of the hospital and they argue over Greenlee and her involvement in all of this mess.  Meanwhile, at Fusion, the women are beating their heads against the wall to come up to an answer to their problem of meeting with all the top cosmetics execs.  Greenlee meets up with Josh in the hospital corridor and he offers to drive her home.  Jack and Erica visit the pediatric ward where Ian is barely hanging on to life.  Kendall, through tears, wants to know what is wrong with Spike because he is not awake.  Ryan tries to comfort her and tells her that he will be all right, but Kendall insists that he is not.  Josh arrives back at Greenlee’s apartment with Greenlee.  Greenlee begs Josh to keep her informed about Spike’s condition and reluctantly, he agrees.  Kendall and Zach visit Ian and find out that he has to have emergency heart surgery to repair a hole in his heart.  Knowing they have no other choice, Zach and Kendall agree to the surgery.  The women of Fusion, successfully, find a way to save their company.  Ava dyes her hair back blonde.  Jack visits Greenlee at home.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Allison is leaving the money Dusty left for her in an envelope at the Lakeview. Aaron has to take a new waitress under his wing, but he is side tracked when he sees Allison leaving a note for Dusty, as they have another fight. Holden finds Craig making breakfast for Meg and Parker. Barbara arrives to find Paul unconscious; she pleads with him to come back to the people that love him. She tells Paul that she has good news; Will and Gwen are having a baby. Paul starts to dream of Meg locked in a room he can’t get into, and then Craig being there. Paul has a slight reaction, which thrills Barbara because she is sure he will regain consciousness. Craig takes a reluctant Parker fishing. Meg and Holden talk about Craig’s motives for being there. Allison tells Aaron to avoid her from now on. An angry Aaron shatters a glass, but when the manager of the bar sees the broken glass, the waitress takes the blame. The doctor doesn’t want Barbara to get her hopes up, but she won’t give up. Rosanna shows up in Paul’s dream and she tells him it is too late for her to go home. Paul promises to take her with him because he is getting out of this. Parker tells Craig he is not falling for his act; he is only trying to be his friend to impress Meg and he compares him to Paul in a not so flattering light, which seems to affect Craig. Craig reminisces with Meg of his past with his kids; Meg is moved, but then she wants to talk about his motives. Dusty doesn’t get why Allison isn’t taking his help? Allison explains that she has to do it on her own. Aaron already thinks she is his kept woman. She needs to stand on her own feet. Dusty offers to talk with Aaron, but Allison convinces him to let her handle things on her own from now on. Dusty decides to back off and says goodbye. Paul gets through the door in his dream, turns around to find Rosanna, but she is gone and then he wakes up; Barbara is elated. Aaron admits to having family and relationship problems, but he thinks it is time to let go. Meg and Craig get emotional when she wants him to stop acting like he thinks she wants him to act. She wants him to stop doing all the right things and saying all the right things. When she starts to break down, Craig comforts her and pulls her into a kiss. Paul wakes up and Barbara tells him where he is. He asks about Rosanna, but Barbara thinks he is just confused over a dream and tells him so. She wants him to save his strength and get healthier so she can take him home. Paul smiles; he is going home to Meg. Barbara frowns.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ashley realizes that Phoebe told Ridge about her and Rick. She admits she wanted to tell him herself. In the beginning she didn’t know what was happening between her and Ridge, if it was that important. And it was over with Rick. She doesn’t feel like she has betrayed him, but she is sorry, and wishes she had told him sooner. She is sorry she hurt Phoebe. She never meant to although she did think she was too young for Rick and she would get hurt. Then it happened that she did break up with Rick and he turned to Ashley for one night. Brooke and Stephanie share heated words as Stephanie wants to call the kid’s visit since she is now in supervision. Just do as she says and there will be no problem; tell that to her sister too! Stay away from her and her family. Thorne wakes up in bed with Donna, but doesn’t remember a thing except being with her at the Bikini Bar. But if they ended up in bed, they must have ‘connected'. She claims he was so sweet and said all the right things.

Constantine introduces Phoebe to Lil Keesha who he predicts will be his first Top 10 hit. And he has another great worldwide contest with Boldface, bigger than Insomnia. Stephanie calls Thorne to check up on him as she didn’t like the way they ended the last time she left him. He admits he was going through some bad times, but he’s better now. Donna mouths to the side that don’t worry, Stephanie, she’s going to take care of her baby boy. Thorne points out that he does not think of her as a slut. She begs him not to tell anyone about tonight, just pretend it never happened. Rick keeps trying to reach Phoebe who won’t take his calls. Ashley concedes that Phoebe should have heard the truth from Rick, and Ridge should have heard it from her. Disgusted, Ridge says he has heard enough. It’s clear she doesn’t give a damn about the consequences to anybody. She says a lot has happened since then. She is in love with him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea runs into Jett at the Pub but Jett tries to blow her off when she starts talking about her real feelings because Danielle is just across the room. Danielle joins them and Jett tries to tell Chelsea the truth but she won’t hear it. Max returns to the hotel room beaten and bruised but finds only Nick there. Max fills Nick in on Jeremy’s side business. Their conversation helps Nick remember that he had been heading to Sami’s to tell her that EJ was not the twins’ father.

Roman is able to call Stefano’s plane but Stefano denies having Sami on board. Bart figures out that EJ is not the real father based on Sami’s medical records so Stefano leaves Sami in a motel room. Sami calls Lucas to come get her. Tony, having been forwarded the text message by Andre, comes to meet Lexie instead and is arrested because Bo doesn’t believe he’s really Tony. Andre is let into Roman’s office by pretending to be Tony and when confronted, stabs Roman.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Noah continues his charade as Eli, but confides in Bobbi. After she leaves, a fan sends him a drink, and he takes a sip. After Ric leads Sam through some potentially damaging testimony against Jason, Diane demolishes her credibility. Sonny tells Kate she was right; they can't go back to the days of Connie and Sonny. Amelia wants to do a segment on Ric's unjust vendetta against Jason. Lulu tells Logan she doesn't think she should see him any longer, per Coop's advice. Carly wants Diane to call her as a character witness so she can be moral support for Jason. Elizabeth shares a quiet moment with Jason during a recess, then she and Kate talk in the witness waiting room. Sonny worries about the effect the tape of Jason killing, albeit in self defense, outside the PCPD will have on the jury.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Dinah struggles with being unable to regain all of her former motor skills. Her doctor tells her and mallet that it could be a permanent loss but as long as they have expectations that is just an unnecessary stress that could delay the return of certain communications in Dinah’s brain. Mallet is not worried for himself but sees how it is hurting Dinah and stressing her out, although she insists she is completely better. So much so she asks him to go to work so she can be alone.

Dinah dresses up and goes to Towers where she intends on making herself feel better by picking up some guys, or at least getting their numbers. Cassie tries to intervene as a caring friend but signs of the old Dinah begin to flicker when Dinah coldly tells Cassie to leave her alone. Cassie understands Dinah is still recovering even though she is confused by her actions.

Mallet knows Dinah is putting on a brave face for him in fear that she will lose him so he goes to Matt for help. Matt isn’t in the best mood because he just received divorce papers from Vanessa.

Gus is disappointed in the way his evening turned out. Natalia talks to him as a friend not an old lover. Alan finds a drugged Harley too cozy with Dylan at Towers after she has drank a lot of alcohol on top of the drugs Alan put in her drink earlier. Harley is flirty and wanting Dylan to tell her about his feelings for her and how he felt when they were together as teenagers. Alan picks up Harley’s phone and dials Gus then leaves the phone on the bar for Gus to overhear. Dylan tells Harley he is taking her back to his place. He does and tries to sober her up but ends up spilling coffee on them both. Harley passes out and Dylan exhausted himself lies down beside her. Gus swipes a maid’s key and lets himself in. When he sees Harley and Dylan asleep together and Harley wearing a t-shirt of Dylan’s he goes to Natalia’s old apartment.

Natalia just happens to be there. Gus kisses her and she kisses back, after Alan had planted some unsavory information about Harley in Natalie’s mind.

Harley and Dylan wake up to find how bad the situation must look but thank goodness they tell each other no one walked in and found them in the state they were in. Little do they know.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex arrives at Cristian and Sarah’s loft.  Rex lets them know that Tate tried to kill Adriana and Layla last night.  Vincent paces back and forth on the roof.  Vincent kneels down and remembers saving Tate the night before.  Matthew tears up a picture of Tate Harmon.  Cole comes into the room.  Starr and Viki arrive at the hospital.  Viki lets Starr know that she heard about Cole.  Marty and John let Bo know that she is sure that she killed Spencer Truman.  Dorian visits Adriana and asks if she is all right.  Adriana remembers all the times that Tate brought them breakfast when he was planning to hurt them all along.  Matthew wonders if Marty is going to be in jail for a long time.  Bo tells Marty to tell him everything that she remembers about the night that Spencer was killed.  Jessica asks Nash if Antonio knows that they are married.  Sarah asks Rex if he and Adriana are back together.  Sean visits Layla to tell her about Vincent being alone on the roof of the Palace Hotel.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Tabitha agrees to let Norma and Edna stay with her temporarily, but they must pull their weight by cleaning and cooking.  Tabitha finally sees in her bowl the cause of all of the evil around Harmony.  Eve calls Julian a racist because he feels that there are two Cranes who don't deserve the title.  Julian tells her how much he loves her and that he would give up everything if he knew she was waiting for him back at home.  Eve tells him to quit talking and they kiss.  Everyone finds out about Vincent and who he is related to.  Chad attacks Vincent and threatens to kill him while they are at the prison right before Luis' execution.  Luis asks Fancy to tell him what happened between her and Pretty.  She manages to evade his question, but Pretty shows up.  Sheridan is thrilled and is sure that Luis won't want to marry Fancy after he finds out what happened.  Paloma is so glad that her brother will be at her wedding since they're having a double ceremony.  Ethan and Theresa want to get married, too, since Theresa was just handed her divorce papers from Jared.  Father Lonigan refuses to marry them until Theresa tells Ethan the truth about his being Little Ethan's father.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Michael tells Phyllis about what is going on with Daniel. He tries to get the trial postponed but is unable to do so. Nick is there to support Phyllis. Heather and Michael make their opening statements. During a recess Nick gets angry with Brad for turning Phyllis in. Jill and Katherine are told what happened to Amber. Cane asks them for the money to help her, which they agree to give him. Kevin and Daniel are fitted with GPS devices. Neil tells Lily she needs to divorce Daniel. Paul tells Neil about Carson having files on Daniel, Amber and Kevin. Later Neil accuses Carson of being the one who broke into the apartment and assaulting Devon. Daniel cuts the GPS device off. Neil sees him at the coffee house, they argue and he calls Maggie to tell her that Daniel is there. She shows up and warns him that this is his last chance and to let the police handle this. Later when he is talking to Kevin at the coffeehouse he finds a note in the tip jar from the kidnappers, saying to get rid of the feds and the cops and to deliver the money.

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