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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan sits beside Spike’s bed.  Annie comes in and has brought Spike some of his favorite things from home.  Zach sits by Baby Ian’s incubator.  Kendall wakes up just as Zach comes into her room.  He asks her how she is and she tells him that she is scared.  Jack comes into Greenlee’s room.  Greenlee tries to explain to him what happened, but Jack doesn’t want to know.  Erica and Jack argue over Greenlee and her involvement in taking Spike away from Kendall.  Derek tries to explain to Erica about Greenlee and what really happened, but Erica refuses to believe that Greenlee is the innocent party.  Greenlee comes to visit Spike, but Ryan walks in.  He orders Greenlee away from his family.  Zach and Kendall appear in the doorway.  Babe forces Ava into helping them with the Fusion Green campaign.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Will and Gwen try to comfort Sage the best they can. Barbara drops by with some good news. She is setting up a trust fund for the expected baby and a monthly allowance to cover their expenses. Will doesn’t want to take it but Gwen is grateful. After leaving Will’s Barbara gets a call from a Dr. Voss. The worst has come true she believes as the doctor tells her they have found Paul. But Barbara is soon set straight, Paul is alive. He is in critical condition and probably won’t make it but she needs to get there as soon as she can. Barbara rushes to the farm to give Meg the news but leaves when she finds meg in Craig’s arms.

Meg and Craig are staying with Parker who is still morning the loss of Paul so Craig is not who he wants to see as he awaits news on his brother. Craig makes nice with Parker over a heartfelt conversation but Parker’s mood is darkened again when he finds a Ouija board that belongs to Paul. Parker just wants to be alone. Meg and Craig speak calmly and honestly about their feeling for each other and Meg’s feelings for Paul. Craig tells her of his hopes he had that they would have children together. Meg feels guilty for not realizing she was messing with his dreams.

Katie lectures Carly for paying the ransom after Jack told her not to. Carly doesn’t care and tells Katie to get out. Katie still argues with Carly that now Jack could be in danger because he had a lead. Carly rushes out to find Jack and tracks him down in the empty building JJ was being held in. The female kidnapper gets JJ out of the building when they hear Jack. The male stays behind and lights a bomb. They keep JJ rather than give him back and are fleeing town. Carly yells for Jack who jumps to protect her just as the bomb goes off. Carly is protected but Jack is buried under a lot of debris Carly begs Jack to come to and pressures him to tell her if he saw JJ. All Jack can say is “card” Katie appears and is jealous when she sees Carly crying over Jack’s body. When the police and ambulance arrive Carly goes with Dallas to find JJ, Katie kneels beside Jack and tells him she will marry him. Jack whispers “Carly?”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe and Rick continue filling in the gaps about his relationship with Ashley. Slowly she realizes Ashley goes back farther and means more to him than just a recent one night fling. Ridge and Ashley interrupt their smooching for him to take a business call. Taylor stops by Stephanie’s and informs her that she is worried about Thorne, he’s not doing so well. He’s not the same. Drunken Thorne is still packing the drinks away. Donna sticks around to watch and listens to him whine about Darla and that friends don’t want to help. They just want him to move on. He knows he sounds pathetic. Between her and the bartender, Donna manages to get Thorne out to her car to take him home. Phoebe cries out for Rick to stop. Despite his explanations, she flies off. She doesn’t want to hear any more of disgusting details. Stephanie asks Taylor’s advice. What should she do? Donna dumps Thorne in his bed. All it takes is to see a picture of Stephanie and Donna concocts this brilliant plan which includes Thorne to get even with “the witch”.

Phoebe goes straight to her dad and bemoans to him about Rick and the other woman. Ridge is flabbergasted that it is his Ashley. Donna peels her clothes off and gets in bed with Thorne who is talking to his Darla and begging her to come back to him. That’s all Donna needs to hear. While looking the entire time at Stephanie’s picture, she gloats at how she will fix her. Ashley tells Rick she hopes she can get to Ridge before Phoebe does. But one look at his face, she knows he knows.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jett watches Chelsea shoot down Nick’s persistent proposal. Jeremy tries to take advantage of Nick’s winnings by offering to let him invest in the side business but Nick refuses. Jett urges Chelsea to give Nick another chance while Nick uses a random woman who happened to flirt with him to make Chelsea jealous. Stephanie confronts Jeremy about cheating on her but Jeremy denies it at first. Jeremy then claims Ilsa is a friend of business partner Kay Rawlings and he never slept with her. Max pays for Ilsa’s time and threatens to call immigration in order to force her to answer his questions about Jeremy. Before she can give any real answers, Jeremy walks in and Max lets her leave. Kai has two armed men drag Max away.

John has Lexie help him set a trap for Andre. Stefano has Sami on his private jet intent on performing the stem cell harvest while in air. Tony alerts Roman to Stefano’s plan and Roman is able to pinpoint the plane’s location.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Shots ring out as Jason is transferred into the PCPD, but it may be someone trying to break him out, not kill him. One of the guards is killed, and Jason kills three of the assassins. Carly orders Lucky, who owes Jason, to protect him, and the events playing out on TV curtails the spat Liz and Sam are having as they turn to watch. Kate downplays what happened between her and Sonny. In response to Robin and Patrick's nosy questions and statement that Noah and Anna should not see each other, Noah tells them it's none of their business. Jerry denies that he was involved in the shooting. Realizing that Jason saved her life, Amelia vows to save him from going to jail. Alexis wants to save Sam from having to testify, but she does not want to be saved. Lucky is upset and perplexed that Elizabeth visited Sam to try and prevent her from taking revenge via her testimony. The judge refuses to give Diane a continuance or change venue, so the trial begins.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Cyrus is upset with Alex feeling she broke their deal and waited until it was too late. Alex covers herself saying his feelings for Marina are too apparent and anyone could see it. Cyrus goes to tell Marina what Alex said. He promises he isn’t going to stop seeing her they will just have to be more careful. Alex has legal papers delivered that will give Cyrus great monetary incentive to stay married to her. Marina accepts being the other woman for now. Cyrus returns to Alex’s room and is presented with the papers. He is impressed. They settle in to play cards and eat gourmet snacks but to Alex’s surprise marina arrives supposedly on official business. She has been assigned as a guard by the Beacon’s insurance company due to the large amount of jewels that Alex is reported to have.

Gus is planning to attend a family dinner at Alan’s at the same time Harley is suppose to be having her first official family dinner with Dylan and Daisy. She goes with Gus because she hasn’t told him yet of the deal. Dylan barges in upset she skipped out on their plans. Gus and Harley begin to argue over who should be where and with who. Harley demands Gus come with her now. Gus refuses demanding she stay with him. Harley leaves with Dylan and Gus stays to later be comforted by Natalia. Before Harley leaves she guzzles down her glass of wine that Alan had drugged. Later she is feeling sorry for herself and drinking a lot. She tells Dylan that she is glad he is there.

Daisy didn’t go to dinner because she and Rafe argued over whose mother was right, and he stormed off.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash comes into Jessica’s room and lies to her that she is going home.  She calls him a “liar.”  Blair helps Todd back into bed.  Cole moves into Asa’s mansion with Nora and Matthew.  Marty remembers what she had been covering up.  Talia forces Adriana to say that she wasn’t worthy to live.  Talia comes in and shoots Tate.  Paige tells Bo that she is leaving town for Bo’s and Matthew’s own good.  Tate is rushed to the hospital.  Layla, Adriana, Rex, and Vincent are brought into the police station to give their statements.  Nash surprises Jessica with a pretend honeymoon to Niagara Falls in the hospital.  Nash informs Jessica that her Uncle Todd is back.  Starr tells Todd that she and Cole were in a musical together in school.  With her mother's encouragement, Starr admits to her dad that she and Cole are back together.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Luis accepts Fancy's proposal. Sheridan tells him that its a bad idea because Fancy will be a widow. Whitney and Chad confront Eve and Julian. They demand answers and Vincent isn't there. He goes to the prison to see Sheridan. He tells her that Pretty is on her way home. Endora defeats the demon and saves everyone including herself. She defeats him with love and kindness. Eve and Julian sit and drink together.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Colleen and Adrian reconcile. Lily comes to see them and tells them about what is going on with Daniel. A treasury agent comes to Kevin’s house to question him about the money, because they have been tracking it. They try to deny knowing anything but Neil shows up. He is angry at Daniel and tells the agent what is really going on. Cane decides to tell the agent everything he knows. Meanwhile Michael, Lauren, Gloria and Phyllis are having dinner together. Michael isn’t happy to hear that Phyllis told Nick not to come to her trial. Michael gets a call from Kevin letting him know what is going on and asking for his help. He makes an excuse and leaves. Michael and Maggie arrive at Kevin’s. Michael is furious with Kevin. Meanwhile Colleen calls Kevin to see if he is okay and Adrian overhears her. Maggie tells Cane they will do their best to find Amber. She tells him that if Amber is involved in any way, she will be prosecuted. Cane says that is fine with him. Amber is shown locked in a room, screaming and crying to be let out.

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