Thursday 7/26/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall begs Zach not to let them take her baby because it is too soon.  The paramedics work on Spike and Greenlee.  Spike is airlifted to Pine Valley Hospital first.  Just as they are taking Kendall into surgery, she spies Spike being wheeled down the hall on a gurney and cries out for her son.  They do emergency surgery on Spike to repair his spleen.  Jack is nervous as to where Greenlee is, then she is brought in within minutes.  Kendall gives birth by Caesarean section, but the baby is so fragile at a mere 1-1/2 pounds that he has to be put in an incubator.  Zach doesn’t want to leave the window of the NICU where the baby is.  Krystal visits Adam and tries to encourage him to go to the hospital, but he will not listen to her. Later, however, he orders a flower arrangement to be sent to Kendall and Zach at the hospital.  Erica joins Zach at the nursery window.  A clergyman arrives in Kendall’s room to christen the baby.  Kendall goes all to pieces, accusing her mother of believing her child will die before she has a chance to hold him and orders Erica out.  Spike and the new baby fight for their lives. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Carly's friends and family come together to help find J.J. and Jack gets an important clue from Henry that leads him straight to where the kidnappers are holding J.J. hostage.  A desperate Carly borrows money from Lily to pay the ransom against Jack's wishes, and without letting Jack know, she makes the drop.  The kidnappers pick up the money and Silas wants to keep J.J. and raise him but Ava talks him out of it.  Jack arrives at the construction site and hides from the kidnappers but they hear footsteps.  Carly arrives home and is surprised J.J. hasn't been returned and Katie tells her paying the ransom may have put Jack and J.J. in serious danger.  Aaron and Alison are driven farther apart when Aaron sees Alison talking to Dusty and misunderstands things.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge checks with Constantine hoping he has more information on this French lady sexy voice so they can find out who Rick’s other woman is. Rick grills Ashley about her night with Ridge and guesses they slept together. She wonders why he would care? Is it because he’s jealous, or that she is having sex and he’s not? When Ashley demands that she tell Ridge, Rick wants one more day to soften it for Phoebe too. Donna laments about Stephanie pouncing on Brooke and taking her kids away when it was her fault, not Brooke’s. Alone, Thorne has a liquid lunch plus some pills when Stephanie tracks him down, worried about him. She does manage to take his keys so he can’t drive and tells him she loves him then leaves. Donna marches over to Stephanie’s and tells her off. She informs her Stephanie will not break up her family again.

Rick apologizes to Phoebe for pushing her for sex the other night. She’s okay with it, but in the back of her mind she has figured out that Ashley is that other woman. He can promise her that he is happy and is in love with her and if that is the way he can prove it is by not having sex, then he is alright with that. Donna runs into the last person she wants to see, another Forrester - Thorne at the bar until she sees his condition and realizes he probably needs a ride. Ashley models her new earrings for Ridge, now they need to go show them off. But, she has something to tell him first. Phoebe quizzes Rick about the other woman in his life, she’s ready to hear it. If he can accept her, then she can accept his past. He squirms when she says she knows is it Ashley and he admits it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max follows Jeremy as he meets up with Ilsa to yell at her for not doing her job. Max confronts Jeremy while he’s talking with Ilsa but Jeremy claims it was merely a coincidence that they are at the same hotel. Max demands more answers so Jeremy calls off the partnership. Max has no objections to walking away but promises not to report Jeremy unless he learns Jeremy is transporting something other than clothes. Max confronts the man staying with Ilsa and he admits that Ilsa is a prostitute. Nick refuses Chelsea’s advice about stopping the gambling. Pete, a more successful gambler at the same table, helps Nick win big by funding a partnership with the dealer. Fueled by his win, Nick proposes to Chelsea. Chelsea badmouths Jeremy but Stephanie gets defensive by accusing Chelsea of being jealous. Chelsea finally tells Stephanie that Jeremy has been cheating on her but Stephanie claims that Max and Chelsea are lying but obviously has her doubts since she later turns down Jeremy’s advances.

Kayla suggests that she and Steve have another baby or adopt. Kayla refuses to accept Steve’s refusal and convinces him to consider it. Belle hesitates to answer Shawn’s proposal and confronts him about lying about the job interview. Shawn claims he merely drove around instead that day. Satisfied by his explanation, Belle proposes and Shawn readily accepts.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny points out to Jason that if he reveals Sam's complicity in Jake's kidnapping, which will necessitate revealing who his real father is, Sam's probably damaging testimony will be cast into doubt. Carly pushes Jerry to help her exonerate Jason. In a complete about face, Noah begins to enjoy his role as Eli's double, to Robin and Patrick's chagrin. They also worry that he and Anna might begin a romance. Ric pushes Amelia into filming a segment on Jason's trial. When she shows up to film his arrival at PCPD, Carly and Diane intercede, Diane with protecting Jason's rights under the law and Carly with the threat of revealing on camera how Ric imprisoned her, to stop it. Liz pleads with Sam not to ruin Jason on the stand. Kate comes back to Port Charles.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Alexandra and Lizzie prepare for a lavish impromptu ceremony at Towers. Marina is aware that Towers is reserved for a Spaulding wedding and is worried Alex is after more than not losing her driver. Cyrus thinks Marina is over reacting until he arrives and Towers to see the grandeur. Alex denies having any feelings vested in Cyrus or the wedding when friends and Cyrus asks. After the wedding Alex tells Cyrus he is still free to discreetly se other women as long as those women are not Marina Cooper. Josh, Cassie, Beth and Rick are planning to have dinner together at towers but when they arrive they are roped into staying for the wedding because no one has showed up. After the ceremony Cassie asks Josh if they can go ahead and get married because she thinks it is time. Beth and Rick are hounded by a reporter that pushes Rick’s buttons and ends up being physically thrown out of the wedding.

Olivia meets with Doris and agrees to testify that she saw Reva dragging Lizzie into her car the night Lizzie supposedly disappeared. Jeffery stops by to check on Reva who is crying after watching a home video of Sarah that Jonathan had sent her. After Jeffery leaves “to deal with Olivia” Doris arrives to gloat about a witness coming forward. At Company Jeffery tells Olivia he has struggled with the decision he has made but he has got to go to the police over what she did. Olivia blows up blaming Reva and they argue. Things go from bad to worse when Reva arrives to confront Olivia about lying just to get back at her. Reva tells Olivia she is going to call Social Services and tell them Olivia is a threat to Emma. Olivia physically attacks Reva who is more than willing to fight but Jeffery drags her away. Later Reva tells Jeffery she isn’t worried about Olivia because there is nothing she can do to her now. Olivia breaks into Cross Creek and ransacks the place looking for some kind of dirt on Reva, she finds the DVD labeled with a “J”. Olivia assumes it is “Jeffery” and watches it. Olivia immediately recognizes baby Sarah.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and Starr visit Todd in the hospital.  Dorian takes Jack to visit his father.  David shows Viki a document in which he transferred all the money back into Clint’s account.  Dorian visits David and he lets her know that he is leaving town.  Tate holds Adriana, Layla, Rex, and Vincent hostage up on the roof.  John continues to grill Marty as to what happened the night that Spencer was murdered.  Bo visits Miles in his cell to try to obtain info about his contacts, but Miles refuses to tell him anything.  Blair fills Todd in on what happened including Sarah’s part in the kidnapping.  Todd visits Miles and tries to beat him up, but Bo stops him.  Miles threatens to press charges against Todd.  Miles calls out for Spencer, but finds that he is all alone.  Tate threatens Adriana by telling her to say that she isn’t worthy to live.  Adriana refuses to do his bidding.  Asa’s butler comes to visit David.  Dorian tells David that she will miss him when he leaves town.  Paige visits Bo and lets him know that she is leaving town.  Marty finally remembers what she had been trying to repress all these months.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

The devil came up for Endora because she helped save Norma and Edna. He doesn't like her to do "good" things. Julian learns about Vincent. He is shocked to know that he is the blackmailer. Luis spends time with his love ones. He finds out about Little Ethan's paternity and insists that Theresa tell Ethan. Fancy proposes to him at the end of the show. Whitney tells Chad about Vincent and they both go look for him.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nick tells Phyllis that he will support her at the trial. Phyllis warns Sharon to stay away from Nick. Sharon isn’t worried about what Phyllis says. Later she sees Nick and Phyllis at the coffeehouse and they flirt right in front of Phyllis. Later she daydreams about kissing Jack to make Nick jealous. She ends up telling Nick that she wishes that he remembered their life together and says if he is just going to be at her trial because he feels obligated, then she doesn’t want him there. Cane tells everyone about problems at Clear Springs with Methane gas that puts the project in jeopardy. Daniel and Kevin drop Lily off with Neil and tell Cane about Amber being kidnapped. He doesn’t believe them until they tell him everything that happened. They go to get the money that they buried but it isn’t there.

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