Wednesday 7/25/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/25/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall cries out for Spike and her contractions begin again.  The doctor tells her there is nothing that he can do to stop them.  He recommends that the baby to be delivered, but Kendall refuses.  Krystal, Jamie, and others rally around to find Greenlee and Spike.  Greenlee spies the cell phone on top of the cliff.  When she tries to reach the phone, she grabs one of the rocks, and it slips out.  Greenlee falls back down to the ground, unconscious.  Spike drifts in and out of consciousness.  Kendall goes into labor.  Ava is in the boathouse, high on drugs when Adam stops by to try to talk to her, and she doesn’t understand a word that he is saying.  She falls backwards into the water and starts screaming that she cannot swim.  Adam, reluctantly, goes in after her.  Jonathan and Di arrive just in time to help drag Ava and Adam out of the water.  Di calls for an ambulance and Ava is taken to the hospital.  Lily, who is at the hospital already, doesn’t believe Jonathan when he tells her that Ava is on drugs.  Greenlee calls Ryan, but faints before she can tell Ryan where they are.  Aidan puts a trace on the call, and finds out where Greenlee and Spike are.  Ryan can’t believe his eyes when he arrives at the scene and sees Spike and Greenlee.  Ryan, upon seeing Spike, begs him not to leave him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lucinda interrupts Craig schooling Meg on how to run Montgomery Enterprises. A storeowner tells Lily and Holden that he saw J.J. talking with a red haired woman. Ava writes a ransom note for $100,000. Silas wonders if they can and will pay, as J.J. reminds him that his family isn’t rich. Ava thinks they will do whatever they can in order to get their son back. A shocked Brad is silenced when he realizes Carly is not crying because of Jack and Katie’s engagement, but rather because J.J. has been kidnapped. Jack is called to the station and Carly unleashes her wrath on Katie. She blames her for causing J.J. to be vulnerable to these kidnappers because of her own agenda to get Jack to propose. Jack’s family will always come first and Katie won’t be able to live with not being the center of Jack’s attention. Ava goes to deliver the note. Lucinda wonders what Meg is doing? She wonders if Meg really blames her for Paul’s death and that is why she is keeping the Company? Meg defends her actions, as Lucinda gets nasty causing Meg to slap her. J.J. sees a hammer and tries to get to it. The storeowner isn’t able to make any type of ID. Jack receives the ransom note at work and calls Carly to the station. Carly races out without a word to Katie. Brad surprisingly comforts Katie and tries to get her to relax and not worry about Carly’s outburst. She needs to think about how Jack needs her. Ava returns and tells them she slipped a kid $20 to deliver the note. An anxious Carly arrives hoping there is news about J.J.. Holden offers to pay the ransom, but Jack doesn’t want to. He feels they need to stall in order to track the kidnappers down; Carly disagrees. Jack thinks if they get what they want, there is nothing stopping them from hurting J.J.. Carly seems to have a plan. Lucinda promises Meg that Craig will take her down and within two months, the Company will go under. Meg confronts Craig on his motives. The two finally come to an agreement and strike a deal when they realize they need each other. Holden calls Meg with news on J.J., as she races off to help. J.J. hides the hammer under him, but it makes a noise. Brad has an idea on how he and Katie can help Jack and Carly. Silas finds the hammer that J.J. is hiding. Jack finds a white substance in the envelope the ransom note came in and has it analyzed. Jack wonders where Carly has gone? Carly secretly meets with Lily; Carly doesn’t want anyone to know about this. Lily is worried about how Carly is acting and what is going on? Carly explains that she needs a lot of money now!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester’s entertain the little ones; the sound is chaotic but exhilarating. Stephanie wants all her children and grandchildren around. She is worried about Thorne, but delighted Ridge is spending so much time with Ashley. Thorne is having a high old time at The Beach Club with the champagne flowing like water. As other models do their thing, he enjoys but sees Darla’s face. How about popping a few more pills? Then he spies Taylor and Nick and is rude to Taylor who only said she was glad to see him having a good time. Not a good time, he muses, no one can do that but Darla! And he accuses Taylor of never loving him and now he is with this joker. Nick is surprised to find out from Taylor that Brooke already told her about her working with Nick. Ashley is relieved that the box contained exquisite diamond earrings and not a ring. She kisses him and allows him to guide her into the bedroom. Rick warns his mom about working along Nick. She explains about the almost kiss, but she and Nick agreed it will never happen again.

Brooke calls Ridge, interrupting him and Ashley in bed, and Brooke is none too pleased to learn the kids are over at Stephanie’s. She would have preferred he call her and let her take the kids if he had plans……with Ashley. And too bad for Stephanie, she intends to go see the kids over there. He calls and warns his mother, and then is afraid he may have made things worse. Indeed, Brooke shows up and Stephanie has to block the door to keep her from barging in. Stephanie reminds her that she is not in charge now, Stephanie is in the absence of Ridge, and henceforth if she wants to see the kids she will need to call and make an appointment. When Brooke still won’t accept that or back off, Stephanie calls in the troops and two security people take Brooke to get her off the property. Again with fingers and tongues wagging, Stephanie repeats again to make an appointment otherwise she will get a restraining order against her to ever set foot on the property again. She can be taken to jail and really lose her kids for good.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip plays the tape of the mysterious calls for Billie and she tracks the source as someone calling from Indianapolis. Shawn talks over his plans to propose to Belle with Bo and Bo helps him talk through his inadequacies with money. Philip surprises Belle with a shopping spree of clothes for her and Claire and Belle can’t help but accept it. Shawn catches her admiring the clothes but she lies about Marlena being the one to foot the bill. Shawn uses a nighttime picnic on the beach to propose to Belle.

EJ opens his briefcase and it triggers a container of ether to fill the air knocking EJ, Lucas, and Sami unconscious. When Lucas and EJ come to, they realize Sami has been kidnapped. Lucas abides by Roman and Bo’s request to stay put but EJ wants him and Lucas to form a team to find Sami. Nick questions Chelsea about being found in Jett’s arms but Chelsea declares that they are over. Nick decides to try out the casino. Max runs into Ilsa in the casino but Ilsa does her best to avoid him. Stephanie teases Jeremy about buying gifts out of guilt but Jeremy warns her against believing any bad things she might hear about him.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu is thoroughly irritated by Scott's refusal to acknowledge his son. Carly and Sam's catfight is interrupted by the police and Scott arriving to search Jason's apartment for evidence linking him to Alcazar's murder. Ric serves Elizabeth with a subpoena to testify for the prosecution at Jason's trial. Cody pressures Maxie for drugs, then gets violent when she won't give them to him, necessitating a rescue by Coop. Sonny is not pleased to find out that Kate has checked out of the hotel and apparently left town. He is even less pleased with Logan, whom he summons to his office to deal with following Logan's losing a shipment to the police. Logan is able to convince him to give him a second chance. Jason refuses to harm Sam or let Amelia do so. Maxie decides to cancel the deal with Logan, but he wants to keep seeing her. Cooper warns Lulu off Logan, but she doesn't want to listen. Sam is also subpoenaed and promises to cooperate. Diane tells Jason he's being moved back to Port Charles, and the trial will begin immediately.

GL Recap Written by Dani


Coop reads excerpts from the latest book he has written about memory loss. Alan has agreed to publish it. Instead Alan has taken the research and content of the book and hired a lab to create a serum that will cause people to forget all of their bad memories. The doctor is close but there are a few kinks, he tells Alan. Lizzie overhears and is interested. Lizzie approaches Cassie with the possibility of being able to forget her pain. Cassie and Lizzie sneak into the lab to steal some of the potion. Alan grabs Beth and makes Cyrus drive them to the lab. Ava and Coop rush to the same lab to confront Alan about using the book for evil. Remy is working at the facility as a security guard. Cassie finds the potion which is actually in gas form and drops it when Cyrus startles her. Ava walks in just as the gas begins to leak. They all pass out. Lizzie and Remy are arguing in the men’s room when the gas makes its way to them. Finally Alan, Beth, and Coop are in an elevator when they are exposed to the gas and pass out. Everyone wakes up with no memory of who they are or who anyone else is. Cassie and Ava begin to fight over Cyrus. Lizzie and Remy assume they are in love. Alan believes himself to be Beth’s father and Coop to be the father of Beth’s expected baby.

Finally after a few hours, everyone begins to regain their memory while still remembering what happened while they were under the influence of the potion. Most everyone is ashamed of the way they acted and embarrassed they drew the wrong conclusions about themselves and those they were with. Each person gets back to his or her regular life but not without holding the experience close in their minds and hearts. Coop decides it would be best if the book is not published by Alan. No matter how great the pain these characters are feeling or have felt or will feel, we have to take the good memories with the bad, our memories are our life.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Viki and Blair want to visit Todd, but Michael refuses to let them.  Paige walks up and looks at Todd’s chart.  She sees no reason why Viki and Blair couldn’t visit Todd.  Paige asks Michael if he has a hidden agenda and why he didn’t want Viki and Blair to visit Todd.  Layla comes up on the roof of the Palace Hotel and finds Vincent, tied up and unconscious in a chair.  Tate steps out of the shadows and holds a knife on Layla.  Adriana looks through the garbage can in her apartment and finds that the medallion is missing while Talia and Rex are with her.  Langston and Markko visit Starr.  Starr fills them in that Cole knew where Todd was and wouldn’t tell her.  Cole visits Marty in jail.  Marty arranges for Cole to stay with Nora.  John visits David in jail and brings him clothes to put on for him when he is released from the hospital.  David puts up some resistance.  Todd comes to and talks to Viki and Blair.  Blair calls Starr and tells her that Todd had been found and he was in the hospital.  Tate calls Adriana and demands that she come to him on the roof of the Palace Hotel or else it might cost Layla her life.  He also demands that she come alone.  When Adriana arrives, Rex is right behind her.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Edna and Norma are terrified of going back down to the basement.  They try to make another deal, but the boys in the basement won't accept a deal.  Norma tries to nail the basement door shut, but the boys just laugh and blast it open with a fireball.  Norma and Edna start getting sucked back down.  Eve and Julian are torn between saving Luis from execution and sacrificing their own son.  Julian learns that Vincent is his son.  Whitney comes to the rescue of Valerie who is being attacked by Vincent because she told Eve and Julian the truth about being his parents.  Valerie tells Whitney that Vincent is her brother.  Whitney can't believe it.  Theresa, Ethan, Fancy, Sheridan, Noah, Paloma and Pilar all work together to make Luis' last meal.  They hear on the radio that the governor has denied Luis' appeal for a stay of execution.  The execution will go on as planned.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Carson tells Kevin that someone broke into his hotel room. While they are talking, he gets a phone call from Daniel telling him about the break-in at his house. While they are waiting for someone from the police department to show up, Daniel starts to lose it and ends up telling Lily everything. Amber begs Cane to give her another chance and even offers to sign a pre-nup. She gets a call and Cane is furious when he sees it is Daniel. He accuses her of having an affair with him. He tells her as much as he loves her, he despises her even more. Amber goes to Kevin’s house and he tells her she can stay with him for now. Kevin goes out and when he comes back, he finds that his house has been broken into. There is a note, saying that they have Amber and they want the money. Michael advises Phyllis that her family should be present at the trial. Sharon and Nick plan a trip to Clear Springs together so she can finally shoot her photos. She sees Brad who is in an extremely good mood because of his divorce and being free from the Newmans. Phyllis isn’t happy to hear about the trip. Michael tells Nick he should be there for Phyllis, but he tells him that Phyllis is guilty and that she didn’t think about the consequences before she did what she did.

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