Tuesday 7/24/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Kendall sleeps with Zach sitting by her side, Joe comes in with another doctor.  Greenlee’s car has gone down over an embankment and has turned up on its top.  Greenlee comes to and begins to look around.  Kendall wakes up and wonders about the baby.  Joe assures her that the baby is fine, but she has to stay in bed and get lots of rest.  Greenlee calls out for Spike.  Greenlee looks for Spike and can’t find him.  Josh and Pam let Erica and Jack know that Kendall has gone into premature labor.  Di and Annie join Babe at the hospital.  Babe fills them in on Kendall’s situation.  Jonathan and others rally around Ryan to help him find Spike.  Ryan reprimands Babe for leaving Greenlee alone with Spike.  Jamie tries his best to comfort Babe.  Zach assures Ryan and Annie that when Greenlee and Spike return to Pine Valley, he is going to make sure that Greenlee leaves Pine Valley for good so that she will never be near his wife or son again.  Zach questions Jack if he has any idea where Greenlee could have taken Spike. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig persuades Meg to keep the company because she can do good things with it.  Craig is happy that Meg asks his help to teach her about the company.  Cary and Jack and their family and friends search for J.J. but during the search for clues, the tug of war continues between Katie and Carly as they both struggle to keep Jack.  J.J.’s kidnappers hide him in an abandoned building that Vienna and Henry consider buying for their new spa.  Vienna hears J.J. scream, but then she and Henry leave the building when they don't hear the noise again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Brooke put their heads together and he states that’s the challenge, they simply must re-create this company. And Clarke won’t cut it, they need a brand new designer. Brooke volunteers. Eric and Stephanie squabble over his being afraid they have run Brooke right into Nick’s company. Thorne makes an appearance, the first in many days, and is all wild for the night on the town. Mother seems to approve and even volunteers to take Aly who has been staying with Felicia. Ridge entertains Ashley and they play card games with the kids. He appreciates her “maternal” help…plus being beautiful and incredibly sexy. She feels like their being together is sort of meant to be, fate. L.A. is now her home and the Forrester’s her second family. As they kiss, she says she likes where they are heading. For a while she thought he might be pulled in two directions. Thorne is rather cynical about Taylor; she has moved on and he thinks she and Nick deserve each other.

Despite some reservations but nothing else to depend on, Nick accepts Brooke as his new designer. He leaves to speak with Taylor and inform her, but instead she drops in the office and finds Brooke making herself at home. She’s also very surprised after what happened in court that Brooke is so nice to her. She drops the bomb that she is working for Nick now, but quickly follows through that her relationship with Nick is strictly professional. Taylor is just not sure things can be as simple as that. Things seem to be pretty volatile right now. Of all the places she could go to work, why back at Forrester’s and run into her ex-husband every day? That would be like an alcoholic working at a bar. Brooke begs her to keep an open mind. She needs this job, she can keep it just professional business. And the more responsibilities she can take on, will free Nick so he can spend more time with Taylor and the baby, a win/win situation. Stephanie volunteers to take all the kids, including Abbey, to her house for a sleep-over, leaving Ridge and Ashley alone for a romantic evening. Thorne takes his model date, Alana, to The Beach Club and he begins downing the drinks and slyly taking a pill or two. Taylor still has doubts, but she tells Brooke she believes in fresh starts, so she approves. Brooke also vows she will not do anything stupid to jeopardize getting her kids back. Enjoying their wine and kisses, Ridge pops a ring-size little black jeweler's box on Ashley’s knee. As she looks at it askance and wonders what it is, he implores her to open it and find out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea tries to bring up the topic of Jeremy cheating with Stephanie but instead Stephanie badmouths Nick. Nick boards Touch the Sky’s plane once arriving in Vegas and passes out in a seat. Bo learns that Nick went to Vegas from his credit card usage and calls Jeremy to keep an eye on Nick. Jett insists that he and Chelsea talk about their almost kiss but they mutually decide to forget it happened. Jett catches Chelsea as she slips getting out of the hot tub moments before Jeremy walks in with Nick.

Roman wants to move Sami and Lucas to a safe house or even his own house but they refuse. EJ visits Andre and learns that Stefano knew about the switch all along. Stefano distracts EJ while Andre slips something into EJ’s briefcase. The cops find a note at the scene claiming the bomb came from EJ. Tony confronts Stefano and agrees to help the Bradys so Roman gives him the task of getting Stefano’s key. Hope and Bo disagree on how much seeing Anna and Tony together will hurt Roman that they form a new bet. Bo loses the bet when they see how Roman can’t stand to even be in the same room as Anna and Tony and is forced to streak around the parking lot. Andre and Stefano manage to tie up the guard and disappear. While still talking with Sami and Lucas, EJ realizes that his briefcase is beeping.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam gives Nikolas the heads up that Elizabeth might possibly leave Lucky for Jason. He then goes to see Liz and make sure her marriage is safe. Carly visits Jason and gives Jason a lecture on staying away from Elizabeth. When Scott visits Tracy, she asks him to keep his son, Logan, away from Lulu. Again, he denies paternity, and she realizes that he might want them to stay together to bait Luke into returning. The Quartermaines decide to restrict Lulu to the manor. However, she gets two hours free after blackmailing Alice. Logan makes Cooper promise to not tell Lulu about his history with Cody while Maxie gives Cody her take on all the local gossip related to Lulu. Amelia wonders how long it'll take Sam to try and steal Lucky. Tracy's unselfishness in trying to help Lulu makes Alan, aka, her conscience, able to fade and take a break. As a result, Nikolas answers her summons for a visit in time to hear her begging Alan to return. She warns him that Lulu is in trouble. Carly stands over Sam while she packs. When Sam gets enough of her catty, but true, remarks, she slaps Carly. Amelia visits Jason to urge him to claim his son and reveal Sam's role in the kidnapping.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh, Cassie, Rick, and Beth have lunch together at company. The men go their separate ways as does the women who are off to Towers to plan Beth’s baby shower. Beth and Rick meet a new doctor that is filling in for Dr. Sedgwick. The new doctor wants to run some extra tests on Beth, Rick, and the fetus. Rick forbids it after Beth has left. The doctor and Rick argue over who’s opinion is correct. Rick pulls his rank and status at the hospital to have the young doctor removed from the OB/GYN rotation. Josh over hears and Rick realizes that he had done the wrong thing. Josh doesn’t pass judgment just tries to stay neutral and advise Rick.  Beth marvels at how supportive Cassie suddenly is. Beth admits she really did and does care for Alan and if the baby weren’t Rick’s she could not have made the decision she did. Beth feels things have turned out for the best, all in all.

Josh warns Cassie of the dangers that could be ahead for Beth’s baby , telling her of Phillip when he turned 18 and learned Alan was not his father. Marina runs into Alex and learns that what she believed to be a rumor about Cyrus’ upcoming nuptials is not only true but he is going to marry Her. Marina is crushed. Cyrus simply sees the marriage as a business deal and isn’t concerned. He promises that everything will remain the same between them. Marina blames Frank since he was the one who called immigration. Frank doesn’t apologize and even tells Marina he is glad that Cyrus is marrying Alex, it’s better than him being deported. Marina is furious with Frank and broken-hearted with Cyrus. Alex wants to sit and talk, get to know each other for the immigration agents but Cyrus wants no part of it and leaves telling her he would rather “wing it”

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

David, still in the hospital, is on the phone with a car dealer.  David orders a custom-made car with all the little extras.  Viki comes to visit him, bearing gifts.  Rex and Adriana come into the police station and immediately head toward Bo’s office.  They meet up with Talia, who blocks their way.  Rex lets her know that they need to see Bo.  Talia refuses to let them see Bo until Rex lets her know that they have new evidence in the racist investigation.  Talia shows them into Bo’s office.  Rex tells Bo that he could have been right about Tate Harmon all along.  Layla turns around and sees Tate, standing right behind her.  She questions him as to how he got in.  John and Blair bust into a hotel room and find a woman in bed with Todd.  Blair orders the woman away from Todd.  The woman, in turn, orders Blair away from Todd.  Vincent and Renee arrange a special dinner for Layla.  Rex tells Bo about the medallion that Adriana found in Tate’s backpack.  Adriana realizes that Rex was right about Tate all along.  Layla wonders where Adriana is when he is here alone.  Blair tries to waken Todd.  John feels for a pulse and discovers that Todd is only unconscious.  John questions the woman if she is a “working girl.”  Blair begins to believe that Todd had been drugged.  Todd wakes up enough to ask Blair how she is doing.  Blair hugs him.  Michael meets up with Paige in the hospital corridor and he questions her about Jessica.  Viki lets David know that she will never forget what he did for Jessica.  Clint comes to visit David.  He sees the package that David holds on his lap and he pushes it off into the floor.  John asks Todd if he remembers what happened.  Blair calls Starr on the cell phone.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Today is Luis' execution day. Pilar and Paloma are making Luis' favorite food. Noah is there helping too. Fancy and Sheridan fight about being with Luis on his final day. Theresa is upset about not being able to help save her brother. Julian makes a tape to Alistair even though he is dead. He says he can finally have a relationship with the son Alistair took.  Whitney wakes up to find Eve in the kitchen. She discusses how Vincent was there yesterday. Eve is on edge and takes some medication. Whitney leaves to see Theresa.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Brad and Victoria sign their divorce papers. Brad and Logan meet at the AC. She tells him she applied for a job at the hospital and the interview went well. Amber, Kevin and Daniel find out that Carson has a criminal record and wonder exactly what he is doing in Genoa City. Cane gets a hold of a surveillance tape from the night he and Amber were supposed to have been married and sees that it was her friend Ally dressed up. He is upset that she lied and confronts her, saying he knows everything. She begs him for forgiveness. Devon is disappointed to hear Lily is giving Daniel another chance. Lily agrees to go to a seminar with Daniel to help with his addiction. When they go home to pack, they find their house trashed and Devon unconscious on the floor. Kevin gets Michael and Paul involved in his investigation of Jana. He finds out that she did exhibit odd behavior in the past.

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