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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is brought into the hospital with contractions.  Joe orders antibiotics to be given to her.  Zach arrives at the hospital and he rushes into the emergency room where Kendall is.  Kendall lets Zach know that she is losing their baby.  Babe lets Ryan know that Spike is in the car with Greenlee.  Babe realizes that they should have been here by now.  Spike is crying and Greenlee begins to talk to him to soothe him.  She lets him know that they are going on a little trip.  J.R. lets Krystal know that he quit Chandler Enterprises.  Ava is at the boathouse when she is confronted by a drug dealer, who demands his money.  Joe lets Kendall know that her baby has a strong heartbeat.  Ryan notifies Derek about the make and license plate of the car that Greenlee is driving and that Spike is with her.  Krystal questions J.R. if he knows what he is getting himself into.  Del and Aidan come into the Comeback Bar for a drink.  Del tries to give Amanda pointers on her pool game.  Amanda assures him if he touches her, he will be leaving in a body bag.  Jonathan arrives and demands to know what Ava is doing here.  Ava walks over and begins to kiss the drug dealer.  Jonathan pulls Ava away from the drug dealer.  Jonathan orders the drug dealer to stay away from her.  Ryan is on the phone with Derek and he wants to know how he can issue an “Amber Alert.”  Del challenges Amanda and J.R. to a game of pool and if he wins, he gets Amanda’s bed.  They perform an ultrasound on Kendall and they find out that the baby is fine and that it is a boy.  Kendall has another severe contraction.  Spike will not stop crying.  Greenlee begins to cry and resolves to take Spike back to Kendall.  Greenlee reaches down to get her cell phone which results in them going over a high embankment.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Aaron sees Allison flirt with a drug dealer and his friends, but he leaves before she kicks him. Gwen tells a shocked and unsure Will that she is pregnant. Will calls Bob to examine Gwen because he is worried since they couldn’t get pregnant. Noah and Maddie admire Luke’s writing, as Luke is secretly thrilled with the admiration Noah is showing him. Ava and Silas want the music box from J.J.. He is forced to give it to them, but they become upset when they can’t find the key they are looking for inside. They are taking J.J. with them until someone gives them what they came for. Carly nervously waits for J.J., who is now late. Jack sets up a romantic dinner for Katie and him. Allison buys a new outfit after beer is spilled on her. She bumps into Aaron who makes a snide comment about her change of clothes and then outright insults her after he admits to seeing her with three guys. Katie and Jack reminisce, and then Jack pops the question. Katie doesn’t answer him. Aaron and Allison have a fight over what she feels he thinks about her. He explains he is worried she will screw up her sobriety. Luke spies Noah and Maddie kissing, but handles it. Carly calls the Farm and finds out from Luke that J.J. isn’t there but his bike is, which worries Carly more. Bob agrees to exam Gwen so they can find out tonight what is going on. Gwen is convinced she is pregnant though. Katie loves being with Jack but she is worried about complications in their lives and how everything always seems to go wrong. She is even more worried because she screwed things up with Mike when things couldn’t have been more simple. Jack is upset, but thinks Katie is reading into things too much, and should go with the flow a little more because life isn’t always going to be easy. Katie sees how Jack is and decides she wants to start over the evening and wants him to ask again. Carly receives a call from Silas telling her that they have J.J. and they want to talk with Jack. Carly rushes to find Jack. Will and Gwen are thrilled when they receive confirmation that she is indeed pregnant. Barbara shows up to give Will a watch of Paul’s, and they share their news with an ecstatic Barbara. Allison is about to take a hit of Meth but changes her mind. Susan sees this though and is upset. She thinks Allison can’t do this alone, and strongly suggests rehab. Allison tries to explain it is not like it seems, and that she needs one person to believe in her. Allison decides she is going to do it on her own because she is moving out. Jack is about to pop the question again when Carly races in; Jack is furious, but Carly pleads with him that it isn’t a game; J.J. has been kidnapped. They have to get home for the call. Noah is Luke’s writing inspiration. Carly, Jack and Katie rush home. Silas calls and tells Jack that he wants the key in the music box. He wants it as much as Jack wants his son back. A distraught Jack stares at Carly speechless.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke surprises Bridget and Rick by snapping out of her mood and comes down and says if she has a chance of getting her kids back, she needs to get a job. At Forrester’s, Eric, Stephanie and Felicia discuss the alternatives. It’s better to have Brooke as a friend than an enemy. Taylor checks with Nick to see if they are okay? Nick remembers the recent almost kiss with Brooke. She shows up in his office and declares she wants something from him. He brings up last night, but since nothing happened really, Brooke says he does not need to confess to Taylor. And she needs something, she needs to work at Forrester Creations again with him. Eric is afraid this will give Nick just what he needs to get ahead. Taylor apologizes to Bridget for what she said against her mother.

Eric rails against Stephanie for her constant morals stand against Brooke. It may just prove to be the downfall of their business. Nick warns Brooke that last night changed things. It will not fit into a friendly or working relationship. She vows she can help make the company more profitable and last night changed nothing. It’s not going to happen again and if he tells Taylor it would only make her want to go to court and keep Brooke’s kids away from her for good. She’s elated, Forrester Creations is going to be their baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Hope go through the next batch of letters. As the story of Santo and Colleen continues, Santo convinces Colleen to meet him dressed in plainclothes where they end up kissing. Neither notices young Shawn Sr. watching them. Max asks Jeremy to see the trunks again but Jeremy refuses. Max asks Chelsea to tell Stephanie about Jeremy being with Ilsa. Upon realizing that the flowers contain a bomb, Nick pushes Sami back into the apartment and suffers the bomb’s effects alone in the hallway. Sami and Lucas tend to Nick but he can’t remember anything that happened between leaving Chelsea and waking up on the floor. Nick frantically tries to get in touch with Chelsea and slips out of Sami’s apartment unnoticed. Nick calls Hope and upon learning that Chelsea went to Vegas, books the next flight there.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate denies that she's drunk as Sonny tries to get her sober. Carly pushes Alexis to admit she's in love with Jerry, though Alexis insists that she's just trying to get Jax home. Patrick exists in a state of panic as he watches his father play rock star and drink. He's reassured when he learns Noah is just drinking water disguised as vodka. In response to Lucky's point blank question about did Jason betray her with Liz, she says yes, every time he rode to Liz's rescue. Jason and Liz's visit ends on a bittersweet note, then Lulu visits and asks him to continue to keep the truth from Lucky. Kate winds up in bed with Sonny, then learns she did not take ibuprofen but an aphrodisiac. Ric interrupts Alexis' "date" with Jerry and informs her Molly will not visit as long as Jerry is hanging around. After he leaves, Jerry calls Carly to come out of hiding, he was onto the plan they had hatched all along. Liz has to tell Lucky again that she chose him, not Jason.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Reva has figured out Olivia’s secret and goes to her suite to confront her with the truth. Before Reva arrived Olivia asked Jeffery to stay with her and made arrangements with a babysitter for Emma. Jeffery makes excuse until Reva arrives who tells him everything. Olivia tries to deny setting Ava up to be mugged but after a quick check with the police and putting together the facts Jeffery comes to the same conclusion Reva had. Olivia hired someone to mug Ava.

After lying and faking to get rid of Ashlee so she could be alone with Coop, Ava lies comfortably in Coop’s arms until Jeffery and Olivia barge in. Jeffery tells Ava the truth , who already knew but she can’t reveal that in front of Coop. Olivia claims she did it just so she could get closer to Jeffery. Ava smacks Olivia. When mother and daughter are alone Ava tells Olivia she is still angry that Olivia went to such an extreme. All is forgiving when Olivia points out her plan worked. Coop is there rescuing and comforting Ava just like the old days.

Back in Olivia’s room Jeffery is disgusted at Olivia’s scheme and tells her she crossed a line and they are through. He walks out on her.

Ashlee sulks about Coop being with Ava until Doris arrives to tell her hat she isn’t good enough for Coop and will never measure up to the women he has dated in the past. Reva is listening and intervenes telling Doris she should concentrate more on what a wonderful daughter she has rather than trumping up bogus kidnapping charges. Doris feels she is backed into a corner on that until Olivia calls with a proposition. Olivia promises to testify to whatever Doris wants her to say if Doris will ensure Reva is sent away for a long time. The deal is made and Doris has new found self-confidence.

Harley offers to sleep with Dylan if that is what it takes for him to drop the charges against Gus. Dylan tells her that he just wants him, Harley and Daisy to spend time together as a family. Harley agrees to commit to one family night a week in exchange for Dylan to dispute his earlier statement. Dylan agrees but later tells Billy that he loves Harley and intends on winning her back. Billy doubts it can happen but Dylan is forming a plan when he sees Natalia walk by.

Rafe learns from Remy that Natalia was fired from Company because of something Daisy said to Buzz. Rafe is furious and disapproves of Daisy’s scheming. Rafe breaks up with her and tells her to never call him again. Daisy is crushed and cries on the couch at home. Harley tries to be the friend and mother until she sees maybe daisy brought this upon herself. Daisy tries to play with Harley’s mind so she will side with her accusing Natalia of trying to go after Gus. The seed has been planted but Harley also knows the truth. Gus returns home. He and Harley kiss and make up but the tensions are raised again when Harley finds out Gus went to Alan’s house after their fight and talked to Natalia about their problems. Harley pulls away in hurt. Gus tells her they are only friends and he is glad that he had Natalia to talk to.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana comes to visit Rex and lets him know that he could have been right about Tate all along.  Tate holds up the “OPP” medallion.  He hears a noise outside and quickly hides.  Vincent and Layla come into the apartment, and immediately Layla senses that someone is in the apartment.  Tate pulls out his knife.  Cole tries to explain to Starr about his actions, but Starr refuses to listen.  Miles asks a guard where his wife is.  The guard replies that she is somewhere far away from him.  Blair yells for Todd in the woods, but doesn’t get an answer.  She wonders if they are searching in the right place.  Starr orders Cole out of this house and out of her life.  Cole refuses to leave.  Adriana fills Rex in on the details about Tate and his treatment of her.  Layla begins to wonder if Tate is like his father.  Adriana reveals to Rex that Tate has a medallion from the hate group, “OPP.”  Layla begins to wonder how Tate could not have known about his father.  Tate quietly listens to Layla and Vincent’s conversation.  Miles promises to make Todd pay for what he did to Marty all those years ago.  Cole throws it up to Starr that Todd raped Marty and he was supposed to let him away with it.  John and Blair meet up with a hiker in the woods that gives them details about the backpack.  John finds footprints.  Blair gets a call from Todd.  Blair, frantically, asks him where he is.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Eve apologizes to Vincent for what he had to go through.  Vincent doesn't want to hear it.  He believes she threw him out like a piece of garbage.  Eve has the chance to tell Whitney that Vincent is her half brother, but she doesn't.  Vincent says she'll pay for being a pathetic excuse for a mother.  Norma and Edna make a deal with the boys in the basement to kill Miguel in return for them not having to go back down there.  The demon says they'll kill Miguel and then he'll see.  Endora comes to the rescue again, however, and puts a bubble around Miguel and Kay's love bed.  Norma and Edna's bounce right off and they end up hitting each other.  The house starts to shake as the boys are obviously disappointed that Norma and Edna didn't keep their end of the deal.  Jared leaves and agrees to give Theresa a divorce.  He warns Gwen and Rebecca not to mess with their karma by telling Ethan Theresa's secret.  Gwen is not worried about it and can't wait to make Theresa lose everything.  Theresa wants to set a wedding date right away.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victor goes back on his offer to loan Nikki the money to purchase NVP. Later he changes his mind. Logan (who happens to be claustrophobic) and Brad get stuck in an elevator together. He rubs her feet to distract her. Carson sees Amber and mentions her website to her again. Amber, Kevin and Daniel come up with a plan to get into Carson’s hotel room to find out what he is up to. They find files on themselves filled with all kinds of info, including photos of Amber and Plum in Los Angeles. Nick moves back in with Phyllis. He decides he will sleep on the couch. Phyllis tries to join him as Nick protests.

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