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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal, Babe, and Spike are on their way to New York City.  Kendall suddenly swerves off the road.  Babe asks her if anything is wrong.  Kendall lies and tells her there was just a rabbit in the road that she swerved to miss.  Greenlee gets on the phone and wonders what is going on.  Kendall assures them that everything is fine.  Ryan goes over tax schedules with Zach while they're stuck in traffic.  All that is on Zach’s mind is what is taking so long.  Kendall tells Babe that it is all her fault because she ordered that jalapeno pizza last night.  Amanda waits at the boathouse for J.R.  J.R. kisses her when he sees her.  Amanda demands her money.  All that is on J.R.’s mind is to make love to Amanda.  Adam comes out onto the patio and sits down on the couch.  He is deep in thought as he thinks back to Colby when she was a small child.  Colby is busy at work, cleaning windows, when Tad comes up behind her.  Colby lets Tad know that Adam hurt someone that she cared about very much.  Zach orders the cab to move.  Kendall continues to have pains until she realizes that something is wrong with the baby.  They pull off to the side of the road.  Kendall instructs Greenlee to drive her car with Spike while she and Babe take Greenlee’s car and Babe and go to Pine Valley Hospital.  Kendall tries to call Zach, but the cell phone goes dead.  Zach and Ryan jump out of the taxi and start to run to the heliport.  J.R. lets Amanda know that he resigned from the board of Chandler Enterprises and that he is broke.  Greenlee gets in the car with Spike and follows Kendall and Babe.  She begins to talk to Spike.  Adam lets Tad know that J.R. signed over his Chandler stock to him.  Greenlee remembers a conversation that she had with Kendall in which Kendall told her not to walk out on her son.  Ryan and Zach pay a pilot to take them to Pine Valley.  The contractions are coming faster and worse.  Greenlee realizes that there is only one way to make this right.  She mumbles to Spike that he is hers now, turns the car around, and takes off.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke wakes Hope as she is re-tucking her in at Ridge’s. She assures her that Hope is not going anywhere, she will stay there nice and cozy but she is lucky and Mommy will spend a lot of time with her. It’s obvious Nick holds Taylor partially responsible. What she said didn’t help the kids. She even counters that she knew he’d be there for Brooke when she falls. He heads out for The Marlin and tells her not to wait up. If she gets sleepy, go to bed! In the throes of passion, Phoebe tells Rick that she ……can’t. Rick doesn’t understand it. First she loves him, but she can’t have sex or make love and that is the next step when two people love each other. He’s trying to understand, but he can’t this. If they keep the walls up and don’t connect, then their love might just die. Brooke continues to berate Ridge about his “help”. Stephanie says her goodbye’s to Brooke. It’s long overdue, but maybe it’s time for her to face her issues. That sexual power is fading away and she didn’t see it coming. She’s made some really foolish choices. And if Stephanie didn’t have two very young impressionable children, her grandchildren, she wouldn’t care a flying fig. There is a priority, Stephanie’s is family and Brooke’s is sex. Brooke won’t apologize for that. Stephanie states she will make sure the kids grow up with the right morals.

Phoebe tells Rick that when she makes love the first time, she wants to have no regrets, she wants the man to respect her and more importantly for her to respect herself. She doesn’t want him to give up on them, but if he does, she will find some way to deal with it. On the boat, Rick thinks back to the moments with the kids and the lighter. Brooke comes aboard and apologizes, she didn’t expect to find him there. She laments she doesn’t understand what happened or how she can go on. She ends up crying and him taking her into his arms and saying he is sorry. She’s not alone, he’ll be there for her. They stand looking at each other and instantly so right their lips lightly touch, only she quickly jerks back. It shocks him too and he suddenly backs off, knowing he has crossed the line, and leaves the boat.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jeremy offers Max a large wad of cash to keep being partners and Max turns it down at first. Stephanie blabs that Max was warning her against Jeremy so Jeremy pressures Max into taking the money. Jett interrupts Chelsea and Nick’s romantic picnic to get Chelsea to join them on an impromptu flight and Nick is angry that Chelsea was so quick to go. Jett asks Max to spy on Jeremy. Marlena and John have a hard time convincing Tony to return to Salem with them until Anna shows up. Anna holds Tony at gunpoint when she fears he is really Andre but John and Tony are able to subdue Anna and convince her that he is the real Tony. Seeing Anna convinces Tony to return home with them but the mood changes when Marlena lets it slip that Anna is currently living with Roman. Sami and Lucas enjoy a romantic evening alone. Nick gets the real amnio test results and rushes over to tell Sami and Lucas but instead alerts them to the fact that a beeping vase of flowers was left outside their door.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick worries that pretending to be Eli will drive his father to drink. Carly offers to change the deal with Jerry; he will bring home Jax in exchange for her declaration that he's a great guy, etcetera, rather than freeing Jason. If he can do both, she'll be even louder in her praise. He prefers the original deal. Sonny brings Jason up to speed on the latest news as pertains to the women in his life and his son, then tells him Diane might be able to get him freed. Lulu is sure that love will never work for her. Sam prepares to move out of Jason's. With Lucky's blessing, Liz visits Jason and takes him pictures of Jake. Kate gets plastered and visits Sonny. Sam expresses regret to Lucky for being so vitriolic in front of his family; he asks if Jason loves Liz. Alexis does her best to distract Jerry while Carly snoops.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Ava is very happy that Olivia's plan for her to play the damsel in distress with Coop has brought them closer together. Ava and Olivia both worry when the detective from the DA's office has a lead on the mugger. Coop tells Jeffrey he thinks that the mugger was trying to send a message. Reva is thrilled when the doctor tells her she is cancer free at her 9 month check up. Gus beats up Dylan when he sees him kissing Harley. Rafe tells Daisy he loves her but he has to look out for his mom. Later Rafe gets angry because he thinks Natalia hired Rafe to work security at the Spaulding Mansion and he meets Daisy at the park. Remy catches them and tells Rafe Daisy got Natalia fired from her job at Company. Coop encourages Ashlee to go out on a date with Stewart even though that isn't really what he wants her to do. Gus almost walks out on Harley after he discovers that Dylan kissed her last week and she didn't tell him about it. Harley asks Dylan not to press charges against Gus and he agrees but he wants something from her in return.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Adriana still holds the symbol of “One Perfect People” in her hand when there is a knock on the door and it is Tate.  When Tate comes in, she holds up the symbol of “One Perfect People.”  She asks him where he got it.  He questions her as to where she had found it.  She told him in his backpack.  Viki questions Sarah if she knows where Todd is.  Viki demands to know if Todd is still alive.  Clint begins to ask Cristian and Rex if they saw Todd.  Sarah tells them that Todd was still alive when she saw him last.  Todd is on the phone with Dorian and tells her that he wants to talk to Blair.  Dorian lets him know that Blair isn’t there.  Blair and Starr walk into the police station just in time to hear Cole say that he had known for a while that Todd was alive.  Blair demands to know where Todd is.  Viki starts to call the police, but Rex and Cristian stop her.  Sarah fills Viki and Clint in on all the details about Todd and who had held him.  Cristian tells Viki that Sarah called Blair.  Todd asks Dorian to help him.  Hunter walks up and knocks Todd unconscious.  Dorian resolves that she has to tell Blair.  Cole swears to Starr that he doesn’t know where Todd is.  Cole reveals that he saw Miles holding Todd hostage.  Blair lunges at Miles, but John stops her.  Tate lies and tells Adriana that the medallion was his father’s.  Viki and Clint force Sarah to stay with them or go back to London with her father.  Miles tries to tell the police that Cole was making all this up.  Miles gets a call from Hunter telling him that he found Todd and asking what he wanted him to do with him.  Dorian comes into the police station and tells them that Todd is alive that she just talked to him on the phone.  Adriana remembers something that Rex told her about someone who was a racist.  Blair wants to know what Todd said to her.  Marty urges Miles to tell them where Todd is.  Blair lets Miles know that they have found out where Todd is.  Adriana orders Tate to get rid of the medallion, but Tate refuses.  Sarah decides that she wants to stay with Cristian.  Starr wonders why Cole lied to her.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Finally Vincent revealed to Eve that he is her son. He goes to see Whitney and she doesn't want him around. She has no idea why he really came over. Chad wanted to see Miles but Whitney wont let him. Gwen signs the divorce papers. She tells Ethan that he can be with Theresa. Jared over hears the secret and says he will divorce Theresa since she wants to be with Ethan. Endora saves Miguel. Kay and Fox argue about their future. Kay will be with Miguel and Fox will be alone. Fox still wants to be with her. The house starts to shake when Miguel is saved.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Carson tells Cane and Amber that Plum is dead. Jill accepts Ji Min’s proposal. She tells Cane but asks him not to tell Katherine. She tells him that Amber knew she was searching for her birth son. He realizes she lied to him and thinks back to all the other lies he has caught her in. Gloria plans William’s funeral. Kevin grows even more obsessed with seeing Jana pay. Michael gets the charges against Daniel dropped. Sharon sees Logan at the gym and they gossip about Phyllis. Later Logan asks Sharon if she can stay at her house while she decides what she wants to do with her life. Sharon agrees. Nick tells Sharon about his parent’s problems. She advises him to stay out of it. Phyllis offers to help with Cassie’s Challenge but Sharon doesn’t want that. She tries to get Nick to let her help but he tells her that he and Sharon can handle it. Phyllis goes to Jack and tells him that Nick is using this benefit to get closer to Sharon. Phyllis and Sharon argue over Nick. Jack check and finds out that Nick lied about the dates he booked for the fundraiser being the only ones available. He goes to Sharon and says they should have the fundraiser at their house so all the proceeds can go to the fundraiser and he can be there. Sharon loves the idea, Nick isn’t thrilled.

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