Thursday 7/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall, Babe, Spike, and Greenlee are on their way to New York City to launch their new cosmetics line, Fusion Green/Day and Night.  Babe notices the tension that Spike must be feeling and she encourages Kendall and Greenlee (who is in another car behind them) to start singing.  J.R. lets Adam know that he resigned from the board of Chandler Enterprises, and he turns over all his stock that he has in Chandler Enterprises.  Erica and Jack meet for their final broadcast before their divorce, supposedly, becomes final.  Ava comes to the Comeback bar to ask Krystal for her old job back.  After the cameraman and Pam leave for the television station, Erica pretends that she left, but she comes back for a secret meeting with Jack.  Krystal lets Tad know that she, Colby, and Jenny are moving in with him and Tad is surprised at this information.  Kendall and Greenlee have a conversation (via telephone) in which they realize they are well on their way to getting back to the way they were.  Jack and Erica make a pact that they will not let their children come between them.  Jack and Erica arrive home and let Sean and Lily know that they are back together. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Allison is hurt when Aaron rejects her offer to be friends.  She then meets her friend, the drug dealer, at Yo's and considers taking drugs again.  Dusty tries to persuade Aaron to be a friend to Allison now when she needs a friend the most so she won't destroy herself.  Aaron is still very hurt and angry at both Dusty and Allison and refuses to listen to Dusty.  J.J. overhears Jack making plans to go shopping for Katie's engagement ring and begs Carly to stop Jack from making a mistake.  A mysterious woman claiming to be friends with J.J.ís mother Julia meets J.J. in the park and asks him if he is Julia's son.  Carly goes to Old Town to try and stop Jack from proposing to Katie and watches as Jack and Vienna look at the ring he bought Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor repeats it, in her present state of mind – no, Brooke was unstable and not ready to take care of children. Brooke was emotionally upset the day she confided in her, and she feels would have said most anything. Brooke is recalled to the stand. She admits she said things to Taylor when she was upset, but she is perfectly capable of taking care of her children. Mrs. Bascomb manages to shoot holes in her testimony. Nick stands up and interrupts and says it was his lighter so he takes full responsibility for the accident. He was married to Brooke at one time and she is a fit mother. The judge takes a brief recess and then he will declare his ruling. Taylor tells Stephanie that she hates being in the middle of this and wouldn’t have come except for being summoned. C.J. announces the winner of the sing-in as a tie. Rick doesn’t seem so worried about Phoebe running off with Constantine, but advises her to get rid of those clothes and makeup and the whole rock star attitude and they can concentrate on each other. Constantine tells Felicia that his interest in Phoebe is professional so she puts the moves on him with another Forrester – herself as she plants a liplock on him.

The judge rules there is no evidence Ms. Logan has loose morals and she can’t be held responsible for other’s carelessness. However, at the present time she can not give the children the kind of attention they deserve, so he is setting aside the divorce decree’s wishes and granting full custody to the father, Ridge Forrester. Brooke jumps up and objects and Ridge states the children should not be separated and he is willing to take Hope as well. So decreed by the judge. At the beach house, Phoebe declares they should celebrate. Her idea and Rick’s are two different things until she says it’s okay, she wants to. Left alone momentarily, Nick tells Brooke he is so sorry. Then he blasts Grandma until Ridge says Nick’s stupidity almost killed two of the kids and he will never forget that. Taylor comes back and also says she is sorry. She never expected the judge to rule that way. Brooke rails that she never expected her words to come back and haunt her, that she told them to Taylor in confidence. She stabbed her in the back. She’ll miss their childhood, times she can’t get back, so get the hell out of her sight. She just hopes with Taylor being pregnant, she never sees the time her child will be ‘ripped’ from her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope gets Sami to admit that she still cares about EJ but agrees to keep their conversation quiet. EJ brokers a deal to be civil with Lucas. Bo questions Stefano about the vendetta but Stefano declares that he chooses not to end it. Anna invites herself on John’s plane for the trip to find Tony. Marlena and John find Tony right away and fill him on the past 20 years. Tony recalls that Stefano holds a literal key that is the answer to ending the vendetta but refuses to return to Salem with them. Dr. Rolf delivers a vase of flowers to Sami that contains a beeping device.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny warns Spinelli not to mess with his or Jason's accounts during his hacking time. Sam is aghast that Jason would turn her in to continue to protect Liz's secret. She tries to make him see her point of view, that Elizabeth's selfishness has convinced Jason of a lie that he's too dangerous to be near his son. Sam can't believe she ever thought she loved Jason. Logan pushes Lulu to admit she wants him, but she denies it. An old friend of Cooper's from Iraq, Cody, comes to town and tells him that he's still suffering from flashbacks and nightmares thanks to what Logan did. Kate tries to raise Sonny's social profile getting him a seat on an art museum board. He's not thrilled by the notion, or willing to be remade into a perfect date for Kate. Sam does not spill Jake's parentage, but does warn Lucky that his wife loves Jason. Liz is able to reassure him. Sam then tells Amelia she can no longer use Jason as a means to control her star. Amelia can use the knowledge that Sam witnessed a kidnapping and remained silent, however, and tells Sam so.

GL Recap Written by Dani

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marty confesses all to Bo and John.  She tells them that she is the one who killed Spencer Truman.  John and Bo donít really believe her.  Rex and Cristian force Sarah to come to Llanfair to confront Viki and Clint.  At first, Sarah lies as to where she had been, but then she confesses all about Todd, and how Hunter held him hostage.  Dorian takes all the credit for persuading David to get tested to see if he was a complete match for Jessica.  Blair tells Dorian about the web site that she designed in order to find Todd.  Britney tells Starr that what she is about to tell her could ruin her life or her Motherís.  Todd comes too, and begins to look around.  Marty also tells Bo and John that Miles had been holding Todd Manning.  Starr doesnít believe Britney that Cole lied to her about Toddís whereabouts.  Blair hears the screaming and wonders what they are screaming about.  Blair cannot seem to get a straight answer from Starr or Britney.  Dorian comes out and reveals that Marty has been arrested for the murder of Spencer Truman.  Blair drives Starr to the police station.  Blair and Starr arrive at the police station just in time to hear Cole say that he knew that Miles had been holding Todd hostage.  Todd finds a cell phone and calls Dorian.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Gwen tells Theresa that she knows the secret. Theresa pretends to not have one so Gwen and Rebecca tell her what they know. Ethan wants to know but Theresa stalls them from telling. Gwen is ready to spill the beans. Eve and Julian are on the pier and Pilar walks by. Pilar is devastated about Luis' execution. The blackmailer comes up to Eve after everyone leaves. Fancy is with Luis talking. She wants to be with him until the time comes. Kay and Fox are fighting about what he has done. Spike is outside the house ready to kill Miguel. Miguel is working under the car. Tabby sees this in her bowl. She wants to save Miguel but is stopped by Norma and Edna. They warn her that if she helps than the boys in the basement will retaliate.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki complain to family and friends about each other. Victor tells Nikki she has to fire David. She refuses and tells Victor that she is leaving him. She goes to tell David. Victor vows to bring Nikki down. Jana tries to contact Michael. Meanwhile Kevin goes to see Heather and warns her that Jana is faking and to be careful. She suggests he get therapy. Kevin is obsessed with Jana and people are starting to worry about him. Jana tricks Michael into seeing her and asks him to defend her. Of course he refuses. He goes to Heather and offers his services to make sure Jana goes to jail. Cane continues to investigate his marriage to Amber. Amber tells Carson that Plum was her boyfriend, not her cousin. Later he goes and tells Cane what she said. Cane confronts her, she tells him she didn’t want him to think badly of her and says she is sorry. He forgives her. Carson meets the weird girl from the morgue, who tells him she does know who Plum is, she saw him in the morgue.

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