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AMC Recap Written by Mary

As the girls of Fusion get ready to leave for New York, Greenlee wants to change the script, but the other girls absolutely refuse.  Kendall gets a phone call from Zach letting her know that he and Ryan are going to be late.  Greenlee begins to panic when Ava doesn’t show up to go with them to New York.  Lily tries her best to comfort Ava.  Jonathan shows up at the door and wants to see Ava.  J.R. and Josh squabble over the things that J.R. is showing him from Chandler Enterprises.  Josh accuses J.R. of holding out on him.  Colby comes into the Chandler mansion.  Adam immediately comes out to join her and wants to know where she had been.  Krystal appears up in the doorway, carrying a suitcase.  Adam wants to know if she is moving back in.  Krystal asks him, “What do you think?”  Jonathan wants to see Ava, but Lily tells him that Ava is upset.  Jonathan tries to talk to Ava, but Ava will not listen.  Rachel comes by with Spike in tow.  Rachel tells Kendall that her Mother had a stroke and is in the hospital.  Kendall urges her to go to the hospital to be with her mother and Rachel leaves Spike with Kendall.  Kendall suggests taking Spike to New York with them, but Greenlee is dead set against it.  Krystal tells Adam that she is moving Colby out.  Krystal lets Adam know that Colby knows that he was involved in Ava’s setting up Sean with the drugs.  J.R. lets Tad know that after some chop shop deals, Chandler Enterprises will be no more.  Amanda warns Jonathan about Ava and getting involved with her.  Ava shows up at Fusion with her hair dyed brown.  Kendall fires Ava from being the Fusion model.  Krystal lets Adam know that she, Colby and Jenny are moving in with Tad.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke keeps blabbering to the judge that she can’t sit here and listen to this. She is a thousand times better mother than Stephanie will ever be. Brooke takes the stand and gives her side. The judge then wants to hear from Ridge. Right off he says he does not want the kids taken away from Brooke, but he was very upset to hear they were left alone that night and the fire the following day. He urges Brooke to just take the time to get her life back together. Storm pretty well rips Ridge’s testimony apart by grilling him about his arrest in Shane’s case. Stephanie testifies that she did not initiate the call to CPS and any vendetta is not the issue. The issue is whether Brooke is a fit mother. And she proceeds to fill him in on the family history of Brooke and her husbands/men in her life and children who will suffer as a result. Taylor shows up and immediately takes the stand. Brooke thanks her beforehand for doing all she can do keep her family together.

Rick gloats to Constantine that he might as well leave, the competition is his and Phoebe’s. Constantine likewise tells Rick he owns this and it will be twice as nice since they met at Insomnia. C. J. introduces Rick and Phoebe first and they croon to appreciative applause. Looking considerably different and singing a hipper tune, Phoebe and Constantine do their stuff. The applause seems about even. Taylor doesn’t want to testify and doesn’t feel she can shed any light on this, since she is not here on a professional capacity. Even Brooke says it is okay and urges her to give her opinion. Taylor remembers the recent conversation with Brooke. The judge asks Taylor if she would trust Brooke Logan with her baby? Sadly, she admits she wouldn’t.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami brings the next letters between Santo and Colleen and reads them aloud to Marlena and Hope. Roman brings Bart to the terrace and he and John tear off Bart’s shirt to reveal the map tattooed on his back. John offers up his jet so he and Marlena can travel to the island to find Tony. Roman shows Sami the picture of Santo showing how much he looks like EJ. Bo laughs at EJ’s request to leave Stefano out of this battle.

Philip brings the recorded phone messages of a baby crying to Bo but Bo won’t do anything about it since there have been no threats. Belle questions Shawn about skipping the job interview and what he did in Cleveland instead and Shawn lies about killing time in the airport. Philip tells Belle that Shawn cancelled his flight to Cleveland. Shawn suggests he and Belle fly to Las Vegas courtesy of Max offering them seats on their next Touch the Sky flight but takes offense when Belle wants to leave Claire with Philip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Attempting to cure Liz of her phobia about the park, Lucky takes her and the boys there. Sam confesses to Jason that she watched Maureen steal Jake because she had lost faith in him. He is not happy. However, she smoothly turns things around on him, declaring that she can't live with the way his lies ruined their relationship. They are over and she's going to tell Lucky the truth. Jason tells her he will turn her in for abetting the kidnapping. Carly keeps up the pressure on Jerry to clear Jason and bring Jax home; he refuses to bring Jax home until Jason's fate is resolved. Then, Alexis adds her plea to bring Jax home and suggests to Carly that they unite to get him back. Edward gets Tracy out of Shadybrooke for the day and calls in Skye when he is worried about Lulu. Tracy and Scott team up. After finding her with Logan, the pair intervenes to break them up and forbid further association. Scott denies he is Logan's father. Tracy takes Lulu home and the disciplinary process begins. Then, they send Tracy back to the funny farm, with her warning one and all she is needed to supervise her stepchild. Lulu sneaks back to Logan's. Ric is angry with Logan's failure, but offers him a way to stay in Sonny's good graces. Amelia sees Liz in the park and quietly tells her that Jason and Sam are almost done; if she wants to pursue a relationship with the father of her child, go for it.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Josh tries to give advice to his friends in Springfield when he must take over for Reverend Rutledge when the Reverend's sister goes into labor. Josh is happy at first when it seems like his friends are happy with his advice but when everyone in Springfield takes his advice and everything goes wrong he reconsiders becoming a minister. Cassie then tells him that his friends didn't want him to give them advice they just wanted him to listen he does that the next time his friends come to talk to him and everyone is happy. Josh decides he can be a good minister.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash sits by Jessica’s bedside and they discuss Bree.  Nash lets her know that he talked to the doctor, and she could go home soon.  Jessica lets him know that she doesn’t want to go home.  Dorian tries to comfort Clint that Jessica will be just fine.  Dorian massages his shoulders.  Paige brings Bo some chocolate cream puffs.  Bo wonders what the catch is.  Paige apologizes for not being around the last couple of weeks.  Lindsay visits Bo and asks him how he is doing with the problem that he was telling her about.  Natalie tells John about Jessica’s wedding to Nash.  Miles is frantic when he can’t find Todd.  Cole tells Marty to stop lying to him because he knows that she killed Spencer Truman.  Paige gets a call from the hospital and has to leave.  Lindsay also brought him cream puffs.  Natalie notices that John is keeping something back about Miles and she wants to know what it is.  Starr and Langston arrive home.  Langston confesses to Starr that she likes Markko.  Starr lets Langston know what happened at Rodi’s.  Marty wants to know what gave him the idea that she killed Spencer.  Cole lets Marty know that he doesn’t blame her for killing Spencer.  Cole remembers what Miles said to him.  Miles still looks for Todd in the bushes.  Miles calls Hunter and tells him that he needs to see him.  Jessica feels that she needs to stay in the hospital a little longer.  Jessica is afraid that her body will not accept this liver.  Clint is still angry over the ten million dollars that David swindled him out of.  Clint refuses to go back on his promise to David and tell Viki about the money.  One of Britney’s friends advises Britney to tell Starr about Cole’s deception.  Marty goes to the police station to tell everything she knows.  Cole sees what she is about to do and calls Miles.  Marty confesses to Cole that she killed Spencer.  Miles meets with Hunter about Todd’s disappearance.  Britney pays a visit on Starr to tell her all about Cole and his deception.  Cole lets Marty know that Miles has been holding Todd Manning hostage.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Miguel surprises Kay by taking her to a B and B.  They marry themselves by trading vows and taking off Fox's ring.  They then make love and make plans for their future.  Fox drinks  his sorrows at a dive bar where Spike runs into him.  Fox lies to Sam Bennett about seeing Spike.  Fox asks Spike to kill Miguel for him.  Julian is disappointed that his son runs off without meeting him first. Eve doesn't tell him the truth about their son being the blackmailer.  Theresa is revived from her rat poisoning by Gwen who shakes and slaps her.  Gwen doesn't want her dying without her being able to get her revenge by telling Ethan the truth that he is Little Ethan's father.  Jared hears a dazed Theresa tell Ethan she loves him.  He skulks away and tells Fancy to tell everyone he's gone to the office.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Nikki buys back NVP. Victor finds out that Katherine owns Jabot. He and Nikki argue about why she kept it from him. Nikki offers David a job at NVP, which he accepts. Gloria is upset about William’s death. She starts talking about how she has lost two good men and wants to make out her will. She gets a visit from Paul and Maggie, and later Heather, who brings her William’s things from his office. One of the letters is from William’s lawyer. In the court case involving the company he inherited from his uncle, they decided in his favor. Gloria has inherited the company, worth fifty million dollars! Jack talks to Karen about Clear Springs. Later he tells Katherine that Victor knows that she bought Jabot. She tells him she already knows that, and warns him that Victor is not an enemy he should take lightly. Victor confronts Ji Min over the sale of Jabot. Heather meets with Maggie and Paul. She mentions the Jabot case and how William couldn’t find any leads. Paul later tells Maggie that he wants to keep the details of William’s secret DNA test between them.

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