Tuesday 7/17/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/17/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

After Pam leaves Erica in the park, Erica makes a phone call to Jack.  She then meets up with Krystal and Jenny and they exchange some insulting remarks.  Di makes a call to Ava to see where she is.  Kendall and the girls of Fusion prepare for their trip to the Big Apple.  Greenlee is upset that Ava is missing.  Ava wakes up and finds herself on top of a pool table.  Erica suggests giving Krystal some pointers on how to get Adam back.  Sean arrives home and sees Lily sitting on the sofa, doing research on people having sex.  Colby comes into work at the Comeback Bar and finds Ava lying on top of the pool table.  Ava lets Colby know that she and Sean are only “friends.”  Kendall lets Greenlee hold Spike.  Erica comes in and demands to know what Greenlee is doing with Spike.  Ava lets Colby know that she set Sean up.  Ava turns around and sees Sean standing behind her.  Ava goes over to see Lily and begins to rant and rave on how Lily is the one whom everyone loves and Ava is the one that everyone hates.  Ava decides to change her Lily image by putting on some red lipstick.  This completely freaks Lily out at the sight of something red.  Lily suggest a different way that Ava can be different from Lily and so Ava dyes her hair brown at Lily’s suggestion.  Di and Jonathan are frantic that they cannot find Ava.  Krystal lets Babe know that Tad wants them to move in together and to be a family for Jenny. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack proposes to Katie and after a long discussion, she accepts with a more formal romantic proposal to come later.  Henry is unhappy about Katie marrying Jack but he hides his feelings and hugs Katie and wishes her the best.  Will is worried about Gwen because she has been getting dizzy.  The Ryan Munson family has a memorial service for Paul, and Meg and Craig are the first to arrive and Barbara isn't happy to see them.  Parker persuades Jack and Carly to go along with him to Paul's memorial service so they can act like a real family for one day.  Carly is positive that Jack still loves her and she won't give up on him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Storm that she is ready, she wants to get this court hearing over and bring the children home. He wants no tears or outbursts, let him do his job. Bridget and Rick add their support. They will stay with Hope and R.J. until Brooke picks them up. Ridge has breakfast with the kids and Hope wonders how long they will be staying with him? Or if mommy will be staying there as well while the house is being repaired? Taylor tells Stephanie that she can not do what she wants her to. Nick reinforces that they need to speak on Brooke’s behalf and Taylor can tell the court that Brooke is not crazy or uncontrollable. Brooke tries to convince Taylor that she can’t go up against Stephanie and the CPS, she really needs Taylor’s help.

Phoebe calls and asks if Rick wants to forfeit the duet contest? He answers no, he just doesn’t know how long the court proceedings will last and when he can get away. Eric, Stephanie and Ridge confront Nick and Brooke in the hallway and both sides get their little digs in. Taylor is contemplating whether she wants to get involved or not when she receives a summons to appear in court. Brooke disregards Storm’s advice and stands in court and gives her view that this is a vendetta by Stephanie. She is not an unfit mother; she has raised two responsible adult children, so please do not let this woman take her small children from her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

After some prodding, Max admits to Jeremy that he told Jett about the clothes. Jeremy confronts Jett and Jett claims to believe Jeremy’s claim that it’s only clothes they are transporting. Max shares his suspicions of Jeremy and Ilsa with Jett. Stephanie taunts Jeremy about not professing his love for her until Jeremy holds Stephanie underwater in the hot tub. Max overhears Jeremy telling Stephanie that he’s the best she’ll ever get. Jett is furious with Chelsea for snooping. Jett calls Danielle to tell her about Chelsea and talks of still being able to ‘use’ Chelsea. Stephanie convinces Chelsea to pursue Jett and Jett apologizes for getting angry. Chelsea leans in for a kiss but Jett pulls away.

Roman and Bo have EJ arrange a meeting with Tony and Tony has Bart lurk in the shadows prepared to shoot EJ. Instead, Bo arrives in EJ’s place and is able to disarm Bart. Bo confronts Tony until Tony admits that he is really Andre. Andre threatens to jump off the roof but unintentionally falls over the edge. Bo holds on to Andre but won’t pull him up until Andre gives up where Tony is. Andre declares ‘Bart’s back’ just as Bart returns to try and help pull Andre up. Instead, Andre falls to the ground and is in critical condition. Roman agrees to let EJ talk to Sami in exchange for his help. Sami remains stoic until EJ claims he simply wanted to talk about being allowed visitation for the twins. Bo returns with the news of Andre’s fall and EJ helps Bo and Roman realize that Andre’s answer of ‘Bart’s back’ could be his way of saying where the map to find Tony is located.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny's business concerns and common background causes the headmaster at an exclusive school to say that Christina might not be the best student for his academy. Kate's intervention charms him into changing his mind. Nikolas offers Sam help getting free of Amelia, and Amelia suggests that either she or Sam should tell Nikolas what hold she really has over Sam. Sam gets permission to visit Jason, cutting short the conversation and keeping the secret safe. Nikolas leaves and when Amelia continues to bait Sam, she suggests that the truth about Jake should come out. Amelia points out that Sam will lose; Lucky will break up with Liz, freeing her for Jason. So, Sam tells her how little she mattered to her father. Anna continues to check on Robin's life and plan how to deal with the Noah/Eli switch. Eli is resisting the surgery. Anna applies guilt and pressure, convincing him to go through with it, on the condition she can make Noah into a good imitation of him. With Lulu missing (while she tends Logan), the Quartermaines are nervous. Maxie pressures Logan to seduce Lulu. Carly keeps up the pressure on Jerry to save Jason. Nikolas shows up at the hotel and accuses Jerry of trying to have him killed. He also tells Carly he saw Jax in Russia, running interference for his brother.

GL Recap Written by Dani

[will be late]

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex goes to visit Adriana, but it’s Layla, who answers the door.  Adriana comforts Tate at the funeral home.  David talks to John in his hospital room and wishes that he could help John.  Blair suggests to Marty that she go up against Miles and help her find Todd.  Natalie joins them and notices the hostility between them.  Todd calls for help.  Two police officers are nearby and decide to check it out.  The police cannot find Todd.  Blair is surprised that David gave Jessica a piece of his liver.  Britney still vows revenge on Starr and Cole.  Miles leaves his happy family dinner to take care of some business.  Adriana leaves Tate at the funeral home to take care of the arrangements for his father.  Tate imagines the things that would happen if he arranged for Adriana to be killed.  Adriana is home and on the counter in front of her is Tate’s backpack.  She contemplates going through his backpack.  Her curiosity gets the best of her and she searches through his backpack.  Inside she finds the emblem of “One Perfect People.”  Outside, Tate is on the phone with one of the members of “One Perfect People.”  When Tate gets off the phone, he turns around and sees Rex standing there.  Miles goes in search of Todd, but cannot find him.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Theresa's throat begins to close up. She thinks she is okay but Fancy knows better. Sheridan remembers what she did. Fancy calls Ethan. Ethan is still with Gwen and Rebecca. He says they better not hurt Theresa. They haven't told him her secret yet. Eve calls Julian about their son. He is excited but she tries to warn him. Their son is in the bathroom crying.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

(Yesterday I posted that William had another stroke, but that wasn’t correct.) Gloria comes back form her trip when Michael calls her to let her know William is back in the hospital after he had trouble breathing at home. They conduct tests and Gloria blames herself when the doctor tells them this setback could have been caused by stress. She tells William that she is going to confess. Maggie comes to the hospital. William writes a note and instead of turning Gloria in, he writes that he loves her. Gloria tries to confess but is interrupted. The doctor tells them that William has pneumonia but he can go home. Gloria takes him home and while she is in the other room, William passes away. Gloria is devastated and begs him not to leave her. Neil isn’t happy when Karen makes changes to a project that Dru had set up. Later he apologizes to her. Amber, Kevin and Daniel talk about Carson and wonder why he is in town looking for Plum. Kevin and Amber convince Daniel not to tell Lily about the money. Meanwhile Carson talks to Neil who tells him that Plum was staying at Kevin’s house. When he goes to Kevin’s house they don’t answer the door but they are sure he’ll be back. Nikki wants to buy NVP. Victor tells her he bought it so he could work with her but she thinks it’s just because he wants to control her. Nikki goes to see David and tries to convince him to stay in town. Victor changes his mind about her offer.

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