Monday 7/16/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/16/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall once again calls for a bonding session between the women of Fusion.  This time the bonding session is held in Kendall’s home in which they view Ava’s photo shoot footage.  Zach and Ryan go to New York for a business meeting about Ryan’s venture capital business.  Ryan is distracted by the huge dark cloud that is hanging over them and the dark cloud is named Greenlee.  Ava tells Jonathan all about the photo shoot in which she dyed her hair to look like Lily.  Ava runs upstairs.  Jonathan follows her upstairs and they end up making love.  J.R. comes to visit Krystal at the Comeback Bar.  Erica and Jack have yet another secret meeting in the same hotel room.  Krystal lets J.R. know that she noticed him at the christening and how much love he had in his eyes for Little Adam.  Ryan urges Zach to move on with his life.  Josh comes to visit, but Kendall soon gets rid of him because the meeting is for women only.  Zach and Ryan call Kendall and Annie.  Jack comes up with the number of the mystery donor and starts to call him.  Greenlee looks on as Kendall and the other Fusion women play with Spike.  Jonathan comes to the Comeback Bar to look for Ava.  Ava sits alone on the beach, reliving her time with Jonathan.  Sean comes up and mistakes her for Lilly.  Ava comes clean and lets Sean know that she is Ava. She explains to him that she is a “cheesy knock-off of Lily and will never be what anyone wants.”  Derek comes to visit Krystal at the bar.  Krystal lets Derek know that Tad wants her to move in with him.  Ava starts to cry and Sean takes her in his arms to comfort her as Colby comes up and sees Sean with Ava and runs off.  Krystal lets Derek know how much she enjoyed their times together.  Colby takes a sharp object and crosses out her and Sean’s name which he had carved into one of the pillars at the Comeback Bar.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke won’t calm down; she won’t let Ridge steal her children. She insists on taking her kids home though Ridge tells her CPS put them in his custody. She wants him to stand up for her and not be his mother’s puppet. Nick makes the same arguments and rails with Dorothy and Stephanie. Ridge tells Ashley that if Brooke bursts into court the way she just did, she will only end up hurting herself. Nick is there for Brooke when she returns home and goes into his arms. He states he will take the entire blame for leaving the lighter there for the kids to find in first place. And he will make anyone understand this is just a vendetta for Stephanie and Brooke did no wrong. Taylor is shocked when Stephanie tells her about Brooke’s kids. Even she would not advocate that. Emphatically Taylor says she does not want to be involved with this though Stephanie is urging her to be at the hearing.

Ms. Bascomb calls Brooke and gives her details of the hearing tomorrow. Ridge doesn’t care to discuss this with his mother, but she offers her support. Nick tells Taylor he expects her to go tomorrow, but speak on Brooke’s behalf and get those kids back where they belong.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea and Stephanie research Danielle online and they find that Danielle is currently married. Stephanie advises Chelsea against telling Jett what they found but Chelsea tells Jett the truth anyway. Jeremy brings one trunk, knowing it contained only the designer knockoffs and not what they are really transporting, for Max to examine. Jett questions Max about the side business with Jeremy and Max tells him what he believes to be true. Jeremy confronts Max about telling Jett about their side business.

Marlena, John, Kayla, Roman, Bo, and Hope gather at the pub to discuss the possibility that Tony could be Andre. Anna brings them the envelopes from Tony’s old love letters so they can get Tony’s DNA sample. Tony tells Stefano that he killed EJ. Steve joins them and, after informing them that John was able to save EJ and that the Bradys suspect Tony is really Andre, secretly swipes a hair from Tony’s jacket for testing against the envelope sample.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Lucky demands to know why Liz visited Jason, she defends herself and insists that Jason is only her friend. After more argument, they agree to disagree and make up. Lulu looks after Logan. Kate is upset and angry over the fact that Amelia might reveal her past as Connie. Sonny is able to tell her that he blackmailed Amelia into silence. Carly catches Jerry and Sam in a clench which she breaks up, the proceeds to tell Sam how over she and Jason are. Amelia accidentally gets into Nikolas' car; he gives her a ride and she tells him all about Sam's past. Anna transforms Noah into Eli, superficially, though he still can't perform. Their children feel very abashed. Sam tries to apologize to Spinelli and get him to get her in to see Jason. He's not willing. Carly promises Jerry that she'll be his best friend if he will get Jason out.

GL Recap Written by Dani

[will be late]

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr and Cole share a kiss on a bench in the park.  Britney comes up and tells them that they had better enjoy that while they can.  Blair practices a number at the Capricorn Club.  Rex comes in to the bar and joins Sarah.  Rex tells Sarah that if anything happens to Todd then she could be arrested as an accessory to murder.  Paige lets Viki, Clint, and Nash know that Jessica and David are out of surgery, and they are doing fine.  During her musical number, Blair becomes upset and leaves the stage.  John watches her from afar.  Todd walks through the woods, holding his side.  David comes to, as well as, Jessica.  They hold hands.  Jessica calls David her “hero.”  Clint is still upset with David over the bargain that he had to make with him in order to save Jessica’s life.  Miles wants to take his family out to dinner and he insists that Cole break his plans with Starr.  John tries to comfort Blair over Todd.  Sarah comes up and offers her help, but Blair takes it the wrong way.  Michael calls Rex and tells him that they need to meet and talk.  Marcie tells Michael that they need to talk.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Julian regrets what a terrible father he has been with his other kids and wants to make up for it with Endora and his son with Eve.  Tabitha agrees to help him find out who it is, but when she sees it's the blackmailer, she decides, in a rare moment of compassion, not to tell Julian the truth.  Eve tries to bond with the blackmailer who she has just found out is her son.  The blackmailer is happy to finally have a mother to love him.  However, when he realizes that it was all an act to get him to confess, he becomes outraged and threatens to kill her.  Sheridan becomes possessed by the demon elf's minions and poisons Theresa's tea.  Theresa sees a different side of Sheridan as she tells her the truth about being a hypocrite and selfish for asking Sheridan to move on from Luis.  Gwen can't wait to tell Ethan the big secret that Theresa's been hiding from him.  Before he can tell her, though, Ethan asks Gwen to promise him that she won't do anything to come between him and Theresa.  Gwen is furious that he would ask her that after all that Theresa has done to her.  She says Ethan should be promising her that Theresa won't hurt her.  Ethan just wants everybody to just get along and be happy for each other.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Gloria goes on a trip, leaving Michael with William. Michael talks to him about the kind of life his family has had. William seems to feel sorry for Gloria and Michael thinks that he has gotten through to him, until he finds a note that William has hidden, saying that they are holding him captive! Michael screams at him, and William has another stroke. Abby is happy when she overhears Brad talking to Victoria about the baby. Brad tells Victoria and JT about Adrian and wants Victoria to stay away from him but she refuses. Nick learns about the program they set up after Cassie’s death. He wants to continue it and purposely sets up an event on days that Jack will be out of town so he can be alone with Sharon. Neil is the only one who knows he did it on purpose. Lily confronts Daniel about his arrest. She talks to her dad who encourages her to divorce him. Daniel goes home to look for Lily to talk. Devon is there and they argue. Devon punches Daniel and says he should have done that a long time ago.

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