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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ava has her first photo shoot for "Day and Night.”  Greenlee notices that Ava is quite inexperienced.  Amanda comes under Greenlee's scrutiny when she reports for her first day on the job.  Sean goes to see Colby at The Comeback Bar.  Tad is thrilled that Krystal had such a perfect christening for Jenny.  Adam suggests to Erica that they give marriage another shot.  Greenlee is very evasive to Annie about her relationship with Josh.  Erica forces Adam to confess that he still loves Krystal.  Tad comes up with a plan so that he can be a part of Jenny's life every day.  Babe lets Amanda know that she no longer cares about J.R.'s love life.  Krystal agrees to think about moving in with Tad.  Zach urges Kendall to take it easy and not put a strain on herself since she is pregnant.  Kendall insists on being in the thick of things at Fusion.  Kendall and the other Fusion women prepare to go to the Big Apple.  Colby is happy when she sees Sean carve their initials into one of the patio supports.  Erica suggests to Adam that he forgive Krystal and for them to reconcile.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke begs Ms. Bascomb to please let her see the kids. Stephanie also tells her to calm down. She is acting like the first time she had a breakdown, so calm down. Brooke doesn’t want their phony explanations. She knows Stephanie is just trying to get back at her. She’s manipulating things as she always does, using Ms. Bascomb and their friendship to get her and her family. Ms. Bascomb explains that she was not summoned here to help her ex-mother-in-law, but for the children who were left alone. Brooke rails that Ridge would never go along with this – NEVER! Ms. Bascomb says there will be a hearing tomorrow that really sets Brooke off. Nick gets a phone call about the fire. Ridge brings the kids back to his house with Ashley there to greet them. She tells Ridge he is doing the right thing; just concentrate on the children. He thanks her for being there….and realizing more and more how much…….

Nick barges into Brooke’s place and is aghast too that the kids have been taken. Ridge checks on the kids tucked in bed. Brooke storms in and demands from Ashley that she see the kids and she and Ridge together will fight this Child Protective woman. She then runs into Ridge’s arm and tells him the same thing. He has to help keep the kids from Stephanie. Stephanie tells Nick to go home, these aren’t his kids. And it was HIS lighter that started the fire. He wants to know if the children are with their mother? Stephanie wouldn’t actually try to take them away from Brooke, would she? It has her name written all over this. Stephanie offers that Brooke needs professional help and he shrieks that she is seeing Taylor and getting it. He wants Stephanie to admit it, this is not about the children but about her hatred for Brooke. Brooke doesn’t quite understand, but Ridge gently explains that she is not taking the kids home tonight, they are already in bed and staying where they are. She thinks it is a conspiracy and wonders why Ridge can’t see it. He says she just needs a break but she disagrees. Then it hits her, he is on their side. But she is NOT going to let him do it. She snaps when he says it is not up to him, he has custody until a hearing. She calls him a son of a bitch, something she would expect of Stephanie but never of him!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie asks Chelsea for advice on Jeremy but accuses Chelsea of being jealous when Chelsea is honest about her hatred for Jeremy. Jett lets it slip to Chelsea that he doesn’t trust Jeremy either. Chelsea asks for Stephanie’s advice on Jett and Danielle. Max finds Jeremy alone with a girl who can’t stop crying. Jeremy admits he brought the girl home for a one-night stand. Max asks for Chelsea’s help in getting Stephanie away from Jeremy. Max demands to see what is in the trunks they are transporting.

Sami learns that EJ is the one who ratted out Tony. Lucas is angry that Sami isn’t as furious with EJ anymore as he is but Kayla helps him see things from Sami’s point of view. Tony rigs a shotgun to shoot a tied up EJ once the cops burst through the door. Steve suspects Tony would booby-trap the door and climbs in through the window instead. John hears noise inside the room and bursts down the door anyway causing Steve to leap in front of EJ to divert the shotgun. Roman asks EJ to participate in a trap to get Tony but both Roman and Marlena are against EJ’s request to join Sami in the safe house in return for helping the police.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly reacts badly to Sonny trying to tell her what to do, specifically, staying away from Jerry. Elizabeth goes to visit Jason, using Lucky's police credentials, and lets him know the latest news on how well his son is doing. Sam tells Alexis that Jason has ruined their relationship. Lulu is upset when she sees that Logan has been shot and won't go to the hospital, but she calls Maxie and Coop, who come help her fix him. Anna literally drops in on Robin and Patrick, via skylight. She wants to take Robin to the now cancelled Eli Love concert, failing that, meeting her former crush would be good. Amelia uncovers Kate's past as Connie Falconeri, but Sonny threatens to ruin her if she reveals it. Kate tells Carly she's decided to stay in town. Diane advises Jason to tell Liz that he loves her so he can concentrate on his case fully. Lucky is angry that Liz visited Jason using his ID - L. Spencer. Sam warns Jerry to stay away from her mother.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Rafe and Daisy's relationship comes between Gus and Harley as she decides Daisy should live with her and Rafe should move out of thee house. Natalia tries to leave town but Gus stops her saying that she and Rafe are just as important to him as Harley. Cyrus tries to steal Alexandra's pearl necklace to pay the immigration agent's blackmail but Alexandra catches him with his hand in the safe. Alan tells Harley Rafe should live with him at the mansion so that she can save her marriage to Gus. Rafe breaks up with Daisy in order to please his mother.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Lindsay urges Marcie to tell Michael that she is unable to have any children.  Jessica and Nash are married in a private ceremony in the hospital, but then she suffers a major setback.  Markko, after talking to Cole, begins to wonder if Cole wants Todd found.  Viki and Clint do their best to comfort Nash as Jessica is once again taken into surgery.  Natalie notices the hostility that Marty feels toward her new husband.  Bo is angry when he finds out what Asa had done behind his back in promising David ten million dollars.  Layla lets Vincent know how grateful she is that he is trying to change his ways.  Marcie tells Michael that she is unable to conceive any children.  Britney plots to get revenge on Cole.  Viki lets Nash know that his love for Jessica is what will help her to come through the surgery.  Bo, reluctantly, decides not to arrest Asa for his antics.  Michael tries to console Marcie after he hears the heartbreaking news that she is unable to conceive children.  Todd regains consciousness and tries his best to stand up. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Gwen and Rebecca toast each other back at the mansion. They are happy to finally have something on Theresa. Ethan and Theresa are still on the pier talking. Sheridan comes and Ethan leaves to see Gwen. Sheridan and Theresa talk about Luis. Theresa wants her to leave him alone. They go get coffee and Sheridan puts pills in Theresa's. Eve is still with her son who is laying the guilt on. He reveals that he was the one who killed Ray. Julian and Tabby reminisce about Timmy and when they slept together. Julian is coming to terms about Endora.  A very slow day nothing new.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Maggie tells Kevin they won’t be pressing charges against him. When asked about the money, Kevin tells Michael he tricked Jana into thinking it was more money than it actually was. Kevin thinks back to good times with Jana and says in her own twisted way, she loved him. He sees her at the hospital and she tells him she has a brain tumor. Brad is upset when he finds out that Colleen got involved with Kevin’s scheme. Adrian comes to see her and they argue about her family secrets. She tells him some things are just private. He calls her immature and leaves. She goes to see Lily who gets angry at her for not telling her that Daniel was with Kevin too. She goes to her father to tell him that she is going to see her mother and to get away from Adrian. She tells him how Adrian is investigating their family for his book. Brad tries to bribe Adrian into not writing the book but he refuses.

The guy asking around about Plum asks a bunch of different people if they have seen him. When he asks Cane and later Amber, they both deny knowing who he is. He calls Amber by name, which surprises her, but she says he must know her from Extreme Catwalk. Cane tells her about talking to the guy. She tells him she’d like to go to Clear Springs with him but he is against it. Cane talks to Adrian about how he doesn’t know much about Amber. Daniel goes to see his therapist again and hides it from Lily. Daniel decides he needs to tell Lily everything. Amber begs him not to involve her.

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