Thursday 7/12/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/12/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal, Colby, and the Martins gather for the christening of Jenny.  Barbara sneaks into Ericaís room with a planter of ivy and inside is a digital camera.  Jack and Erica arrive a few minutes later.  Kendall questions Amanda as to why she quit Fusion.  Kendall comes to the realization that Amanda must have come into some money.  Kendall also questions if she had been in on the kidnapping and how much J.R. paid her to keep her from going to the Feds.  Krystal lets J.R. know that she knows all about the kidnapping scheme and how much it cost Adam.  J.R. looks over at Babe, playing in the sand with Little Adam.  Del and Aidan play a little one-on-one basketball.  Del lets Aidan know that Jonathan kept Ava revved up all night.  During the christening of Jenny, Krystal spies Adam watching the ceremony.  After the ceremony, Krystal confronts Adam as to why he is here, but the cat seems to have gotten Adamís tongue.  Krystal tells Adam to call her when he gets ready to talk.  After Jack and Erica leave the room, Barbara sneaks back in, and removes the ivy with the camera.  Barbara calls a tabloid reporter and is on the phone when Sean comes up behind her.  He takes the phone from her hand, and tells the man that Barbara doesnít know what she is talking about.  Sean and Barbara argue.  Sean then sees the digital camera with Jack and Ericaís picture.  He realizes that they are getting back together.  He takes the disc out of the camera. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig tells Margo he loves Meg and why he tried to save Paul because he wanted to be a man worthy of her love.  Meg can't handle Meg's sympathy for her so she moves in with Craig so she can get some peace and quiet.  Brad's plan to break up Jack and Katie seems to be working when Katie is hurt that Jack didn't propose to her and Brad listens to her and comforts her.  Sage hurts herself and calls Jack to go to Carly's house and sing her the boo boo song.  Carly invites Jack to dinner to make up for ruining his date with Katie.  Jack accepts Carly's invitation to eat leftovers with her.  Brad calls Carly while she is putting dinner on the table for Jack and she congratulates him because his plan worked like a charm.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is pretty much shell-shocked but tells the children to stay put, she will get them out. The fire is blazing more as Brooke grabs a blanket, but Ridge walks in the front door and sees the disaster and goes into motion with getting fire extinguisher and puts the fire out. Mrs. Bascomb and Stephanie are discussing Brooke, her past loose behavior with Deacon and her breakdowns in the past, how irresponsible she is leaving the kids with Nick who almost let Hope drown once before. Nick laments to Taylor that he can't find his lighter; he must have left it over at Brooke's and he wants to find it before the kids do. Stephanie gets word of the 911 call to Brooke’s house and she and Ms. Bascomb show up. Ridge thinks they are going to the extremes but is informed in the best interest of the children, they will be taken from Brooke for the moment until she can seek help and be more responsible.

Thorne sobs and wallows in self pity with drink and pills on the one year anniversary of his beloved Darla’s death. This is all after hugging his daughter, Alexandria, bye and sending her off to spend the night with Felicia and her boy, Dominick. Things get contentious between Brooke and Stephanie and then Brooke and Ms. Bascomb as Brooke goes berserk and demands to know what they have done with the kids; where did they take them? They are all she has and she needs them and they need her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman admits to EJ that he knows Tony has been following him. EJ refuses Roman’s request to testify against Tony so Roman refuses to believe EJ has good intentions. Anna realizes that the man kissing her back is not the same Tony she remembers and reports her suspicions to Roman. Tony breaks into Roman’s car to steal his GPS but EJ tries to stop him at gunpoint. Bart sneaks up behind EJ and knocks him out. Marlena visits Sami and fills her in on Shawn Sr.’s abrupt trip. Sami wants to go to Ireland but Marlena warns that giving the stem cells over to Stefano would mean death for her babies. Marlena suggests that Sami be there to reason with Stefano when the two families meet. Marlena gets a warning call from Roman and quickly moves Sami and Lucas to Bo’s house temporarily. Tony and Bart drag EJ to the old safe house but Tony accuses EJ of warning Sami when they find the place empty.

Hope and Bo visit the old church in Ireland but Shawn Sr. isn’t happy to see them. Shawn Sr. declares that he’s responsible for Colleen’s death but rushes for home when Hope and Bo press for an explanation.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny's shipment is seized, two of his men arrested, and Logan escapes, though he was shot by Cooper. Meanwhile, at the club, Maxie needles Lulu about being stood up and warns her off Logan. Stan and Lainie's date falls to pieces because he refuses to believe she enjoyed herself and is judgmental about her wealth. Ric offers Sonny some advice; retire and the law will give him amnesty. He also reveals that the DA's main evidence is the digital recording or Lorenzo saying "Morgan." Sonny's accountant, Bernie, is very impressed with Diane. The two men warn each other off of her. As a result of Carly and Jerry's fight over a water hose, Alexis gets drenched. After she leaves, they continue to verbally spar, provoking Spinelli to come to Carly's defense, rather ineffectually. She has to defend him instead, which results in his unloading his lack of confidence to Georgie and deciding to learn to shoot. She offers to help. Robin and Patrick banished to Saturday E.R. night shift duty as a consequence of saving an indigent patient's life. Carly warns Sonny that Alexis has a crush on Jerry; Sonny is more perturbed that Jerry has been around Carly and the kids. Jerry has to rescue Alexis when her car breaks down.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Josh sees that Jeffery and Reva are having some sort of relationship. Dinah continues to have struggles with everyday things. Cyrus is once again tormented by Terry, the Immigration agent. Mallet decides to resign from the crime commission. Marina learns that Cyrus hasnít been working any late nights for Alexandra. Olivia apologizes to Jeffery for overreacting. Alexandra confronts Olivia about contacting Alan behind her back. Jeffery figures out that Olivia is working with Alan to make more problems for Reva. Josh tells Reva to keep quiet about the paternity of Bethís baby.

GH: Nightshift Recap Written by Anney

As the night begins Patrick and Robin are running late due to the shower they decided to have. As they are getting ready for an arrival, they rush outside with Epiphany and the student nurses. When the ambulance pulls in wildly out of control they are as stunned as the innocent bystanders including Jason are. When they go to help the woman in the back a man lights a cigarette and laughing gas causes an explosion. Jason is able to help the woman while it seems as though Patrick might be seriously hurt. Later after things have calmed down, Patrick appears to be fine after all. Jason takes the blame for Spinelli shooting himself in the foot. Robin takes care of a pregnant HIV patient of Kellyís. They share a moment and it appears as though Robin may be thinking of babies again. An elderly woman who has been waiting for a very long time collapses and may be bleeding out. And the man who lit the cigarette appears to be addicted to pills and steals some. When the night is over all is well except that a woman who was thought to be dead may be someone we know. She appears to be a small woman with dark hair, and the last name Barrett. Jason is arrested for shooting Spinelli. And to finish the night off Coop and Maxie are caught doing the deed with handcuffs, by Mac.

GH: Nightshift Recap Written by Suzanne

Patrick brings Spinelli to the ER at GH because he shot himself in the foot. An ambulance pulls up that has a laughing-gas can leak. Jason tries to rescue the patient inside just as it explodes, injuring Patrick. Patrick and Robin have a spat over his flirting and all their usual stuff. We meet all of the nurses on the night-shift, presided over by Epiphany. Robin meets a young pregnant woman with HIV named Stacy and considers having a baby herself. An Iraq war vet, who acts edgy, wants drugs. Lainey is called in, but he steals the drugs and leaves. An old lady that crochets, with a history of visiting the ER for no reason, is ignored, until she collapses, bleeding. Jason chats with the lady before she collapses and seems touched by her kindness. He tells Detective Cruz that he shot Spinelli, so that Spinelli would not go to jail. The woman that was inside the ambulance is thought to be dead, but she later is found alive in the morgue student nurse Regina. All that is known about her is that her last name is "Barrett".  Maxie and Cooper sneak into the supply closet to have sex, with handcuffs, but Ms. Sneed finds them, and then Mac, so they have to empty bedpans as punishment.

Spinelli gets a crush on student nurse Jolene. Patrick flirts with student nurse Leyla, whom we are told is popular with all the doctors. Janitor Toussaint seems to be very wise.  Patrick hears mysterious singing while he is recuperating.  He is checked out and is fine, but he goes home after fighting with Robin, rather than risk patients.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex finds himself in bed with Sarah.  Tate and Adriana come to visit Bo in his office.  Bo informs Tate that he has some questions for him about his fatherís death.  Blair comes into work and finds Cristian already there.  Miles comes out into the living room while Marty looks at the newspaper.  Miles reminds her that marriage is compromise.  Miles also tells her that he is thinking about suing the police department for harassment.  A nurse takes a blood sample from Davidís finger.  Dorian reminds him that this is the first selfless thing he has ever done.  Dorian threatens David that if he takes this money that she will never let him have a minuteís peace.  Paige comes into Jessicaís room and lets her know that there is going to be a slight delay in doing her surgery so she wants Jessica to stay calm.  Viki lets Paige know that Jessica and Nash are going to be married that very day.  Blair shows Cristian some flyers that she is going to put up to try to find Todd.  Paige thinks that Jessica and Nash getting married is wonderful news.  Paige lets Jessica know that they need to get her into surgery.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Eve found out that the BM is her son. She said that she would help him start the healing process if he turned himself in. Of course he doesn't want to. He showed her something that happened to him and Eve was shocked. Julian now knows Tabby's secret. Julian was held hostage by the bad witches. Tabby had to save him because Endora wanted her to. Julian isn't very pleased but seems to be accepting of it. Theresa still wont tell Ethan her secret. Ethan begs her and says nothing would separate them. He leaves to see Gwen to get a divorce and tells Theresa to get a divorce from Jared. Gwen and Rebecca found out a secret about a woman in the town. They finally find info on Theresa. Gwen puts the info together and comes up with Theresa's secret. The two of them are toasting each other. The question is when will they tell.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Everyone tries to get Kevin to let the police handle Jana. He still wants to kill her. Colleen tells him that he has worked so hard to change and Jana isn’t worth throwing his life away over. Finally he hands the gun over. Michael and Daniel leave and Colleen stays so she can back up Kevin’s story. Jana says she will tell the police the truth, that Kevin tries to kill her. They tell her that it’s her word against theirs, and she is crazy. When the cops arrive Jana tries to tell them what happened but they don’t believe her. She mentions the money but Kevin denies everything. While at the hospital, Jana is brought in because she has another seizure. Maggie asks Kevin about Jana’s story again.

Phyllis is excited that Nick is moving back home. Nick and Phyllis get along well but he is still a little uneasy and tells her that he doesn’t think they should share a bed just yet. Logan has to make a decision about what she wants to do now. Nick tells her that she should go back to medicine. Later she meets Cane at Indigo. Cane gets a copy of his marriage certificate and realizes the signature on it isn’t his. He mentions it to Amber who says it must be because he was so drunk when he signed it. She gets a call from Daniel telling her that there is a guy at Indigo asking about Plum. Phyllis is upset when Michael interrupts her time with Nick to tell her that her case is back on. Paul meets the new DA, who he introduces as the daughter of his former wife. He later confesses to Maggie that she is actually his daughter, but she doesn’t know it.

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