Wednesday 7/11/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/11/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall, excitedly, comes into work to tell the others about her new idea for Fusion Green, but finds only Di and Babe there.  Annie and Ryan wake up in bed together.  Annie knows now that they will be fine.  Josh sleeps on the beach while Greenlee watches him.  Ava wakes up and finds Jonathan gone and she thinks that Jonathan left her just like all the others.  Jonathan comes in, carrying a tray with breakfast that he prepared for her to eat in bed.  Stuart pays Zach a visit and asks him to sell him back Adamís house.  Zach is reluctant to give him an answer.  A deliveryman delivers a baby bed (which is not put together) and Stuart suggests that he will help him put it together in exchange for Zach listening to him.  Zach agrees to think about what Stuart has said.  Annie and Ryan eat breakfast together at the Yacht Club when they see Greenlee and Josh come in.  Annie and Ryan are quite shocked to see Greenlee wearing the same clothes that she had on the day before.  Annie and Ryan wonder if Greenlee could at last be moving on.  Greenlee and Annie arrive at work within minutes of each other.  Kendall pitches her new idea to them about Ava being the face of Fusion Green.  Greenlee is against the idea at first, but then gives in.  When Kendall suggests that they all go to New York to pitch their new idea for Fusion Green, Greenlee is all for it.  Annie offers Greenlee a bottle of water which Greenlee accepts.  Di calls Ava and tells her to come to Fusion.  Kendall and the other Fusion women ask Ava to be the new face of Fusion Green and Ava accepts.  Di lets Ava know that Lily knows about her and Jonathan kissing.  Lily stops by Wildwind and finds Jonathan in Avaís room.  Jonathan lets Lily know that he had slept with Ava.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Aaron quits the job he hasn’t even started and is planning to leave town, all of which is overheard by Holden. A distraught Allison runs into Susan’s arms. Dusty tries to reach out to Emily, but she is quick to rebuff him. Jack and Katie discuss Brad and Carly’s plan to break them up, as Jack assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Brad has hatched a new plan for Jack and Katie when the other plan goes belly up. Carly reluctantly gets onboard. Allison tells Susan that she and Aaron fought. Susan isn’t worried, but Allison starts to explain that she should be. Aaron tells Holden that he and Allison broke up and he can’t stay in town, but Holden begs him to reach out to his family and reconsider. Emily is furious with Dusty for his betrayal. Dusty begs her to reconsider and give him a second chance; she should understand wanting one of those considering what she has been through. Emily knows what she has done in the past, but she can’t do it and leaves Dusty. Carly goes to see Jack; she apologizes for spending time with Brad, but that is behind her now. She is nice about Katie and wants to take Sage off his hands so he can spend a beautiful summer night with Katie. Jack is suspicious. Brad and Katie are playing one another; Brad gets a ‘call’ from a jeweler and makes sure it is implied Jack is buying a ring. Aaron decides to stay around town, and gets his job back. Dusty confronts Aaron and asks him to give Allison a second chance, but he won’t and he doesn’t want anything to do with Dusty again. Susan learns what happened between Allison and Dusty, and she actually takes it in stride. Emily has it out with Allison; she wonders if she slept with Dusty to get back at her? Allison promises it was a mistake and begs Emily to forgive her and Dusty because they need her. Emily can understand somewhat that she was vulnerable, but can’t get past their betrayal; she can’t be around either one or them now. Katie calls the number on Brad’s cell phone, gets a jeweler and figures it actually isn’t a set up. Brad and Carly make sure that Jack and Katie end up planning to spend the evening together, thinking they are putting them on a collision course because Katie thinks Jack is going to propose and Jack is not at all thinking on those lines.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie questions Nick and he advises her to leave Brooke be. She wishes he would stop trying to ride in on his white horse to save the damsel that she thought he had sense to dump. Ashley and Ridge smoke up the steam room playing kissy-face but decide to wait for the perfect time although her body scent is driving him wild. Brooke bashes herself and lays all of her problems at Taylor’s feet. Calmly Taylor listens and suspects she may have a love addiction. Self-awareness is the first step to conquering and advises her not to count on any man to bail her out. Count on no one but herself. Brooke vows to help herself. She needs to get better for the children and be the mother she wants to be. Stephanie tells Nick that she is genuinely concerned about the kids under Brooke’s watch. She calls Ms. Bascomb to her office and hopes they can get some counseling for Brooke and she’d like Dorothy to get involved.

Nick continues to play with the kids until he just has to go home. He sees the difference in Brooke and advises her not to let Stephanie bring her down. He thanks Taylor for what she did for a much calmer Brooke. She admonishes him for getting ready to light up a cigar, take it to the roof and hopefully give up the nasty habit since they are going to have a baby. It might be sooner than she thinks, he can’t find his lighter. The kids have found it. Mommy is in kitchen fixing turkey sandwiches and fruit salad to eat on the terrace. Though they aren’t supposed to be playing with fire, Hope lights the candle for the picnic. When the locked door won’t budge, she drops the candle setting the living room on fire. They call for help and Brooke comes to the rescue.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea is offended that Nick told Billie about Kate’s blackmail first instead of her. Nick questions why Chelsea doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore and accuses her of wanting to be with Jett instead. Tony plans on following Roman in hopes that he’ll lead him to Sami. Tony threatens EJ when he objects. Anna catches Tony spying and flirts with him. Caroline calls Roman, Bo, and Hope over to show them Shawn Sr.’s note. Bo convinces Roman to meet with EJ about ending the feud and EJ claims the only way to do so would be to kill Tony. Bo and Hope head to Ireland to chase after Shawn Sr. While visiting the old church in Ireland, Shawn Sr. remembers meeting Stefano when they were both young boys.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Against Ford's orders, Robin and Patrick operate on an uninsured patient; there will be reprisals. After a brief, loud fight, Carly allows Sonny to re-hire Max. Lulu goes out with Logan, but he leaves to handle a shipment of Sonny's, unaware that Cooper and the cops have it staked out and Sonny has given Coop permission to do what he has to, including shooting or arresting any of Sonny's men, to avoid blowing his cover. A firefight breaks out. Jerry, on Carly's urging, asks Alexis out, inciting a fight between her and Ric. Georgie confides to Skye that she's going to study at the Sorbonne. Stan and Lainie go out, and she enjoys herself.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Gus and Harley's blended family is in the spotlight today as everyone pitches in to find Rafe and Daisy who have run away to be together. Gus and Remy team up to look for the teens and we discover that Remy owes money to a bad guy because he lost money on a poker game. We also discover that Gus is jealous of Remy and Natalia's relationship. Dylan and Harley team up to search and a drunk Dylan kisses Harley and he also tells her he still loves her. Alan and Natalia team up and get to know each other and we discover that Alan likes Natalia better then Harley for Gus. Rafe and Daisy run away to Alan's lake house and Rafe has a severe sugar low and faints so Daisy calls Natalia and they take Rafe to the hospital. Rafe and Daisy's parents realize that the teens really care for each other and have no idea how to handle the situation.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex and Sarah come to the Angel Square Diner, and immediately meet up with Adriana.  Bo lets Talia know that Kirk wants to see him.  Bo is about to leave when he gets a phone call from the warden of Statesville Prison, letting him know that Kirk has been killed.  John and other police officers stop Miles.  They insist on searching the trunk, but Miles resists.  John insists on searching the trunk.  When they open the trunk, they find only a duffel bag.  Paige lets David know that he is a match for Jessica.  Nash and Jessica make plans to be married that day even though she is in the hospital.  Viki and Clint come into Jessicaís room and give her the good news about David being a liver donor for her.  Jessica is thrilled.  Nash and Jessica let Clint and Viki know that they are getting married.  Clint and Viki donít think that that is too good an idea.  Miles is taken to the station for further questioning.  Bo comes to the diner to let Tate know that his father has been murdered.  Adriana stands by Tate during his grieving period over his father.  Viki thanks Dorian for talking David into being tested to be a liver donor for Jessica.  Clint visits David in the emergency room and thanks him, once again, for what he is doing for Jessica.  David demands that Clint give him the ten million dollars that Asa had promised him or he was walking out of the hospital and he wonít give Jessica his liver.  Clint relents and agrees to Davidís demands.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

The bad witches come to take Endora from the good witch school.  They end up fighting it out with Esmeralda and Tabitha.  Julian, who followed Tabitha to the school, is shocked by what he sees through the school window.  Eve finds out that the blackmailer is her son.  A possessed Gwen tries to strangle Theresa.  Ethan and Rebecca come to the rescue and Theresa is fine.  A proud Rebecca confronts Gwen, but she doesn't remember anything about attacking Theresa.  Gwen and Rebecca find J.T.'s USB stick with all of the town's secrets on it.  It was hiding in Theresa's office.  Ethan begs Theresa to tell him her secret so they can be rid of the blackmailer's hold on them.  She can't tell him.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Jana wakes up and is surprised that Kevin knocked her out. Jana has a seizure and when she wakes up, she thinks that she and Kevin are married with two kids. Kevin is angry when Michael and Daniel show up. They let Colleen out and they all beg Kevin to let the police take care of Jana. Neil helps Karen out on her first day of work, which make him think of Dru. Noah has spent the night at Phyllis’ but he is still angry with everyone. Nick comes over to talk to him and realizes Noah is angry over him. He agrees to move back in with Phyllis for Noah’s sake, and for himself – he needs to get back to his life. Noah surprises everyone when he says he wants to live with them too. Sharon has a talk with Logan and feels bad for all she has been through. Nikki and Victor continue to argue. She tells him she wants to buy back NVP but he doesn’t want her to.

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