Tuesday 7/10/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/10/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Josh and Greenlee play a one-on-one game of basketball.  Jonathan and Ava canít seem to get enough of each other as they kiss.  Zach surprises Kendall by going shopping for little baby shirts which they will decorate themselves.  Colby encourages Adam to stay in the bar until everyone else is gone so that he and Krystal will have some time alone together.  Lily comes in and watches Ava and Jonathan kissing.  With tears in her eyes, Lily runs out of the house and into Di.  She confides in Di about seeing Ava and Jonathan together.  Ava pulls away from Jonathan and tells him that she cannot do this to Lily.  Ava runs upstairs.  Jonathan follows her.  They end up making love.  He promises to be there when she goes to bed each night and when she wakes up in the morning.  Colby confides in Krystal about J.R.ís kidnapping.  Adam reprimands Colby for telling family secrets.  Adam leaves the bar, but Krystal follows him then she calls Derek.  Derek comes to the bar to see Krystal.  Adam comes back and watches through the window as Derek and Krystal dance. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

A heartbroken Emily sees the DVD of Dusty and Alison having sex and is unable to forgive Dusty for his betrayal.  Alison is upset with Aaron because he purposely ruined Emily's happiness with Dusty by making sure she saw the DVD.  Alison tells Aaron their relationship is over because they are not the same people anymore.  Holden is upset with Lily because she didn't call and tell him about Jade's arrest.  Lily feels like she let Holden down again and that he can't forgive her for the mistakes she made while addicted to pills.  Will saves Gwen from the train tracks just minutes before she is run over by a train.  Cleo is taken to jail by the police.  Gwen's show in Branson is a success including getting the chance to sing a song with Andy Williams.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie relates the details to Ridge and Eric about Brooke sleeping in her car. She doesn’t want Ridge going over and sending mixed signals to Brooke, so she will go and check on the kids. Nick visits Brooke and the kids too. She reveals that she and the dressmaker can never be. Ridge still thinks she is in love with Nick, and he’s not wrong. Abby makes a ceramic cup for Ridge and he gives her a thank you hug. Eric wants Stephanie to stay out of it, not interfere, but she insists she is not going to let what happened to Bridget and Rick happen to the little ones. Brooke turns to Taylor and wants her to be her therapist. She literally begs her to be her friend if not doctor and confesses she is in a mess and every decision she makes seems to be the wrong one. Nick plays pretend pirates with Hope and R.J. and in so doing he uses a cigarette lighter to burn a map. Stephanie interrupts and adds her own “Hello matey”.

Ridge and Ashley decide to share the steam room. He wastes no time getting creative while she admits she is in deep consultation with her muse. Brooke cries she doesn’t deserve her children, she is falling apart, not a good mother. She feels weak and selfish. She ruins people’s lives so no wonder neither Nick or Ridge want her back in their lives. She has to change. Nick won’t let Stephanie kick Brooke while she is down and he refuses to leave and let her take over.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Lucas et al continue the story of Santo and Colleen, as it is acted out, as they read the translated letters aloud. In the letters, they learn that Colleen had been avoiding Santo when he returns per her written request. The story continues to reveal that Shawn Sr. and his father were also there and even suspected Santo to be dangerous. Shawn Sr. spends the evening alone in the Pub talking to Colleen’s picture and asking her to forgive him. Shawn Sr. sneaks out leaving only a note behind for Caroline.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Liz returns to work, she is icy to Lainey, despite multiple apologies. Sam unloads her frustrations with Jason when she discusses things with Maxie. Carly poses as Jason's wife, Brenda, to get in to see him. Ric assigns Cooper to be his liaison with the PCPD, and his first assignment might be to bust Logan as he handles a shipment for Sonny. Lulu gets a job working for Mike and turns down a date with Logan. Robin lectures Lucky on his lack of gratitude displayed when he arrested Jason, and Liz does not defend him, to Lucky's dismay. Sam is ready to quit her job, until Amelia lays out how she will expose her if she does. Carly thinks Jerry might be able to help free Jason, so Jason alerts Sonny to this. Noah is ready to stand in for Eli, but Eli just wants out of the hospital immediately or sooner. Patrick needs to be reassured that none of Robin's defense of Jason is related to romance. Jason remembers better times, when he held his son.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Coop and Ashlee watch a move together which causes Ava to be jealous. Olivia sets up a date with Jeffery, only to be disappointed when she finds another woman in his room. Doris has trumped up numerous charges against Reva. Olivia and Ava have a heart to heart. Dinah comes home from the hospital and has some difficulties. Dinah turns to Matt for help, unable to go to Mallet. Jeffery and Reva work on her case and a bit more. Billy assures Olivia that Reva and Jeffery are not a couple. Ashlee and Ava both vow to have Coop for themselves. An Immigration officer threatens to blackmail Cyrus.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Clint arrives at the hospital and is filled in by Paige as to Jessicaís condition.  Cristian and Adriana visit Carlotta at the diner, and they catch up on each otherís lives.  Rex and Sarah arrive back in Llanview and Rexís apartment.  Rex is sorry that he had ever called ďheads.Ē  John continues to question Cole and Marty about Miles.  John puts out an all points bulletin on Miles.  Cole lets it slip that Todd is still alive.  Nash goes in to sit by Jessicaís bedside.  Tate visits his father in prison, but the only thing that he is sorry for is that he couldnít follow through with his plans.  Kirk is puzzled by his words.  Carlotta questions Adriana about her friendship with Tate.  David arrives at the hospital to lend Viki some moral support.  Kirk questions Tate as to what his plans are for Adriana.  John and Cole search the storage room once again.  John goes to question Sarah about Hunter and Toddís whereabouts.  Paige discovers that David is a complete match for Jessica.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Chad talks to Whitney and asks for forgiveness. He also talks to Theresa and Ethan. Ethan calls Sam because the blackmailer told him he would confess. Of course it was a trick. Eve goes to meet her son. The blackmailer is there. Sheridan and Gwen go to see Father Lonigan. The demon is outside and gets to Gwen. Gwen finds Theresa and wants to kill her. Tabby disguises herself as a cat to spy on Endora. The bad witches are outside and want Endora.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is frantic when she discovers Noah has run away. Everyone is frantic looking for him. Phyllis finds him in the stables. She talks to him and convinces him to come home. His parents are glad to see him but angry that he took a ride from a stranger to get to the stables. When they tell him he will have to be punished, he says he wants to go live with Phyllis. Ji Min proposes to Jill. Katherine overhears and tells Jill she wonít allow her to marry him and will have Ji Min brought up on charges for his dealings with Jack if they go any further. Kevin prepares to go and meet Jana. She surprises him by showing up where he is and is angry when she sees Colleen, thinking Kevin lied to her.  She holds them at gunpoint. Kevin locks Colleen in a closet and convinces Jana that he loves her and wants to be with her. When she lowers the gun, he grabs her and tells her she is so stupid. He knocks her out with chloroform and handcuffs her. Amber is on edge until she can get a chance to hide the money again. She thinks someone may have been watching her.  

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