Monday 7/9/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/9/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda meets J.R. in the ConFusion Bar and inquires of him if there have been any leads.  He tells her, “no.”  She asks him if had brought her $500,000 and again he lets her know that he hasn’t.  Jamie and Babe come in and see Amanda and J.R. together.  Adam visits Krystal’s Comeback Bar.  Lily joins Jonathan for dinner and tells him that Ava is on an interview for Fusion cosmetics.  Annie argues with Greenlee right in front of Kendall and Ryan.  Greenlee spouts out at Annie that she won’t be satisfied until Ryan forgets how much he loves her.  In the Comeback Bar, Adam tries to have a civil conversation with Krystal.  Greenlee rushes into the elevator and Annie follows her and then stops it between floors.  Thanks to Di, Ava has another picture session with the photographer.  Jonathan and Lily have dinner together, but Lily insists on splitting the bill.  Krystal lets Adam know that Derek Frye had been visiting the bar quite a bit.  The pictures from the photo shoot come out perfect and Di can’t wait to show them to Kendall.  When Kendall sees the photos, she is taken aback by them, but hands them back to Ava.  She tells Ava that she cannot use them.  Ava goes home and meets up with Jonathan outside the door.  Ava shows him the pictures and they kiss.  J.R. confesses to Babe that he was behind the kidnapping.  Babe realizes that J.R. will never change.  Greenlee admits that Ryan no longer loves her.  Annie finally agrees to let Greenlee out of the elevator.  Greenlee realizes that she must find a way to forget Ryan.  Greenlee has a cup of coffee in the bar when Josh asks if he can join her.  Annie finally admits that Ryan loves her and that Greenlee is not an issue between them. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty and Emily talk about sleeping together, but Emily wants to take it slowly for a change. Aaron beats up Lance and kicks him out of Allison’s house; Lance promises to make her sorry. Luke finds Maddie and Noah in bed, and after the initial shock, explains why he is there. Jade tries to convince Gwen why she is in town to no avail, until she shows her proof from Cleo’s journal. Cleo ties an unconscious Will up. Everyone splits up to find Will and Cleo; Maddie is with Gwen while Luke is with Noah. Aaron sees a movie of Allison and Dusty in bed thanks to Lance. Aaron is devastated by her betrayal, as Allison tries to explain. Cleo sees Jade leaving Gwen’s dressing room. After some talking and some affection with Dusty, Emily is talked right out of taking things slowly. Dusty has an idea and takes off. Noah thinks Luke likes Maddie and that was why he looked so upset when he walked in on them. Luke assures him that he has it wrong and then blurts out that he is gay. Maddie and Gwen split up when they realize where Cleo may be. Cleo finds Gwen; she demands that she tell her where Will is? Cleo plays innocent and claims that Will has a surprise for her. Cleo takes Gwen to some railroad tracks where she finds Jade lying on the tracks; Gwen is hit from behind and knocked out by Cleo. Cleo leaves Jade and Gwen tied up on the tracks. Dusty comes back with roses and tickets to Bermuda for he and Emily; Emily is thrilled. Allison begs Aaron to forgive her, but he can’t look at her and can’t get over that she kept this from him and betrayed her sister. Does Emily know? No! Allison begs him not to ruin Emily’s happiness. Jade and Gwen bicker and argue as they try to get free. Luke and Noah think Gwen is safe and sound in her dressing room. Maddie finds a tied up Will in the woods and helps free him. They have to go find Gwen. Cleo is back at the theater and realizes the only way to get away is to dress as Gwen. Gwen shushes Jade when she hears a vibration. They realize a train is barreling obviously straight towards them, as they panic trying to free themselves. Cleo is about to leave when the stage manager stops her and tells her that her fans are waiting for her. Cleo tries to stall, but it doesn’t work and has no option but to follow him at this point.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is sleeping at the wheel of the car on the side of the road. Hope calls 911 to report her missing since yesterday. Stephanie confides in Ashley that she is not happy with the way the kids are being raised. She is upset when Lt. Baker reveals that Hope called and told police that her mommy had not come home last night. Stephanie rushes to them and praises Hope on being a big girl and taking care of her little brother. A lady from Child Protective Services asks questions. Brooke rushes in wondering what happened? She informs them Donna was supposed to stay until she got home. With Brooke smelling of alcohol and a note in her purse, Stephanie accuses her - the kids might have spent the night alone, but looks like Brooke didn’t. Brooke defends her 'friend' as spilling a drink on her, but no one seems to be believing that. Stephanie would like the kids for the day as she doesn't want this to happen again, and she will do whatever to make sure it doesn't. To Ashley, she badmouth's some of Brooke's past behavior with having a child by her daughter's husband.

At Insomnia, Constantine checks out the sound system for his and Rick's challenge/contest. He fishes for information about the elusive other woman from Felicia. Brooke assures Hope they do not need to call Ridge or Nick. They will always be together, a family themselves.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jett has hired Danielle to pretend to be his fiancé even though she’s truly married to someone else. Chelsea and Nick argue over whether to tell Jett what Chelsea overheard. Nick asks to spend the night but when Chelsea refuses, Nick admits that Kate is blackmailing him. Jeremy’s harsh words about love and relationships make Stephanie privately cry.

Bo, Hope, Julie, Doug, John, Marlena, Sami, and Lucas all receive copies of the now translated first letters between Santo and Colleen. The story of their first meeting and the beginnings of mutual attraction are acted out as the letters are read aloud.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin urges Patrick to withdraw from Eli's case; the resemblance in attitude and looks between the singer and his father is just too strong and pushes Patrick's buttons. Sonny lambastes Sam for not only the kidnapping, but killing Amelia's dad, and for using Jason. She yells back and tells him she's done obeying him, after pointing out of few of his sins. He advises her to let Jason go, and she walks out. Carly and Liz clash about Jason. When Lucky arrives, husband and wife back each other up, but once she's gone, Liz returns to her previous position. Sam finds Carly waiting for her at home, echoing Sonny's stance. Tracy makes her case to Dillon, asking him to stay. Scott arrives, and Lulu agrees to listen to him about Laura to buy Tracy time. Dillon gives and impassioned statement about what films mean to him. This sways Edward, reminding him of how he was against Alan's medical dreams and his regrets at never supporting them. He throws his vote to Dillon, so Tracy relents and lets him go, but won't say good-bye. Then, Edward plans to call Shadybrook to come get her. Ric pressures Logan to spy on Sonny for him. Then, he turns to Cooper and makes him the police to district attorney's office liaison and tells him to pay attention to Jason's case especially. When Eli tries to check out against physician's advice, Patrick suggests that Noah take his place on stage. The idea is not received well.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Harley and Gus disagree on how best to handle a situation with Rafe. They also make a decision regarding Rafe’s relationship with Daisy. Josh decides to tell Rick the truth, but holds back when it comes to Alan. Rick is confused at what this new information means for him. After talking with Coop, Alan decides that perhaps Beth’s baby is where is belongs. Alan also places an odd phone call to Natalia. Daisy decides to move out of her mother’s house. Coop and Ashlee spend some time together. Surprisingly Coop has a bit too much of a good time, which leads to an awkward moment. Coop stands up to Alan for Ashlee. Ashlee tells her mother what she thinks of her parenting ways.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Natalie and Viki have a manicure at Foxy Roxie’s and share girl talk.  John lets David know that he has an eyewitness to the murder and it is David himself.  Blair and Marty argue once again about Todd.  Blair insists that Todd is in Marty’s apartment.  Cole and Miles go after one another with Todd lying at their feet.  Miles lets Cole know that Marty will go to prison if he says anything to anyone about seeing Todd in the storage room.  Nash carries Jessica into the emergency room.  When being questioned by Blair and Marty, Cole denies seeing anything or knowing anything.  Blair demands that Marty open the storage room.  To her horror, she finds it empty.  Miles has moved Todd’s body into the trunk of Marty’s car.  When Marty questions the doorman, she finds out that Miles has driven off in her car.  Viki gets a phone call from Nash that he brought Jessica into the emergency room.  They hurry to the hospital to find out that Jessica is in stable condition.  Paige tells them that Jessica is rejecting the liver.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Gwen and Sheridan both share their overwhelming feelings lately to kill Theresa.  Sheridan shares that the blackmailer offered to bring Pretty home if she would kill Theresa.  Having Pretty tell Luis what Fancy did would help Sheridan get him back.  Luis asks Fancy to move on after he is executed.  Pilar is disappointed that Theresa doesn't want the blackmailer to be found so that she can keep her secret about Little Ethan, even though the blackmailer is the only one who can free her brother.  Pilar begs Fancy not to tell Luis what happened between her and Pretty so he can keep seeing Fancy as an angel in his eyes during his last days.  The blackmailer wants to tell Ethan Theresa's secret, but only if he agrees to dump Theresa and be with him/her.  Ethan refuses.  The blackmailer comes at him with a knife but Ethan manages to get it away from him and offers to be friends.  He manages to get the blackmailer to see that he needs to change and that the first step to that is to turn himself in to Chief Bennett.  The blackmailer asks him to make the call.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Karen and Neil have coffee at Indigo. Later they agree to have dinner together. After she makes a suggestion regarding Newman Enterprises that impresses both Neil and Victor, she is offered Dru’s old job. Jana won’t agree to come see Kevin even after seeing the money. Kevin is disappointed and tells Colleen he wanted to get Jana for her sake. Daniel and Amber have to leave. They don’t trust Kevin with the money so they take it but leave the bag in case Jana contacts Kevin again. Colleen stays behind to keep an eye on Kevin. Jana contacts him and says she changed her mind and will come to him. Colleen is worried about him meeting Jana alone and refuses to leave. Things are still tense between Victor and Nikki as they wonder who brought down the jet. Devon is surprised to hear Lily has asked Daniel to move back home. Later he confronts Daniel after seeing that he was arrested in the newspaper. Cane asks for Katherine’s help to investigate Amber. She doesn’t want any part of it and wonders why he can’t ask her about her past. He thinks back to his wedding and how he and calls the chapel in Las Vegas, asking for a copy of their marriage certificate. Later when he meets with Amber, he sees some of the money in her car. She says it’s from her paycheck but he seems skeptical.

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