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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Classic mayhem erupts at the Chandler Mansion with everyone wanting a piece of the action of getting his or her hands on the mansion.  Zach decides to hold a raffle to determine who gets the Chandler mansion.  Josh informs J.R. that a guard will escort him to his office to clear out his desk.  Jack joins Greenlee for lunch on the roof.  Their conversation immediately goes to Ryan and how he isn’t right for Greenlee.  Ryan is at the Yacht Club, waiting for Annie to join him.  When she arrives, Ryan suggests they go for a walk on the beach, but she declines telling him that she has work to do.  Ava talks Lily into making Ava look like Lily.  Lily is reluctant at first, but then agrees.  Lily makes Ava look like her all except the hair.  Ava tells her that she can take care of that.  Ava arrives at the photo shoot (Kendall thinks that Ava is Lily).  The photographer begins to take her pictures.  All through the photo shoot, Kendall gives Lily pointers on how to act and look.  Erica walks up while Ryan and Annie are talking and she listens to their conversation for a while.  Annie walks out on him and Erica encourages Ryan to go after her.  Ryan has his reservations concerning what Erica is saying.  Ryan turns the tables on Erica and asks her if she and Jack are getting back together.  Erica, suddenly, leaves without giving him an answer.  Annie comes up onto the roof and interrupts Jack and Greenlee’s conversation.  Jack leaves.  Annie lets Greenlee know that Ryan loves her and that Ryan will never go back to Greenlee.  Jonathan lets Ryan know that he is interested in Ava.  Ryan is surprised and more than a little bit skeptical about this whole arrangement.  Ryan goes to Fusion looking for Annie and observes the at the photo shoot.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Noah and his father have an argument; his father feels Noah’s volunteer job is worthless. He wants to turn him into a hardworking ‘man’, so he will not be paying for him to go to college; he will be enlisting in the army. Maddie tries to call Casey, but is told he has blocked calls from her; she is devastated. Cleo continues to fall more head over heels for Will as they spend the day together. Luke and Jade arrive in Branson to try to warn Will and Gwen but don’t know where to find them. Dusty, Aaron, Emily, Allison and Susan share a family brunch. Dusty continues to have images of his night with Allison. Will and Gwen struggle to find time together, as Cleo secretly is thrilled. Lance comes looking for Allison at home. Dusty and Emily decide they are dating. A saddened Noah and distraught Maddie can relate to what is going on in each other’s lives; they decide to go have some fun. Luke and Jade see a flier and now know where to find everyone. Cleo kisses Will, who is shocked and angry. He soon realizes how unbalanced and delusional she is when she starts talking about how they are destined to be together and how she loves him and he loves her. It goes from bad to worse when he realizes Jade was telling the truth and Cleo was the one that drove him off the road. Lance demands Allison come back to Vegas because she owes him. He threatens to tell Aaron, but she happily tells him that she beat him to the punch. Lance gets physical. Holden is nervous that Allison is still lying to Aaron, but Aaron defends her. Noah and Maddie have a great time at a water park. Jade and Luke can’t find anyone at the theater so Luke goes to the motel while Jade waits there. Gwen finds her there and is immediately suspicious. Jade pleads with Gwen to believe and listen to her. Dusty and Emily want to take their relationship to the next level, as each admits they are ready. Noah and Maddie bond further over how each person in their lives are trying to control their future. Maddie and Noah kiss and soon wind up in bed. Will wants Cleo to go to the police, but Cleo is in fantasyland. Aaron finds Lance getting rough with Allison and punches him out. Luke finds Maddie and Noah in bed. Cleo begs Will to understand that what she does, she does for him; Will starts to walk away to go get the police. Cleo hits him from behind knocking him out.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge laments to his dad that he can’t go down that road again with Brooke, at least not now. Eric states that Brooke has been a big part of this family and this company for a very long time, don’t forget that. A stranger watches as Brooke orders sparkling water at Café Russe. He tries to buy her a drink, but she politely declines. He’s not too happy and while she is on the phone he slips a note into her purse and ends up spilling his Scotch on her. Rick waits for Ashley and is upset when she tells him she is going to tell Ridge. Their secret will come out and he needs to know since it involves his daughter too. She understands Rick will be concerned, but do the right thing and tell Phoebe. He doesn’t think she can handle it. Phoebe hears this and thinks it’s the publicity tours for the soap and Rick thinks it will be too much for her. She loves him for that. Carl interrupts a conversation between Bridget and C.J. at Insomnia. He can’t wait to spill about the little ‘matter’ they have been dealing with. Seems Dr. Mills is going to retire next month, not a year from now. Why? He doesn’t want to be in the middle of a scandal when baby Marone is born. Nick hears enough to drop by and join in. Scares Bridget to death when he mentions scrambled eggs for Taylor.

Stephanie reminds them that Ashley can more than fill Brooke’s shoes around Forrester’s, in more ways than one. Ridge admits he likes her, but he doesn’t know if she is his future. Ducking the situation one more time, Phoebe tells Rick that all is forgiven for this other woman. He has nothing to make up for, all is forgotten and forgiven. Stephanie sends a box to Brooke through a messenger. Donna calls Brooke to remind her she has a flight and for her to hurry home or she will be late for it. Stephanie tells Ashley she will forever be in her debt. Brooke has quit and has shown her son there is life after Brooke. Ridge and Ashley get closer when he kisses her and says he realized just how much he didn’t want her to go when she said she was going back to Genoa City. Nick is shocked to hear that Bridget’s mom is thinking about going back to the drama queen, Ridge. Bridget offers that her mother has been down and out before, but this time seems really different. Donna tells R.J. and Hope goodbye, their mommy is on the way, she’ll slip out the back way. The messenger pounds on the door, and the kids hide. Brooke sits in the driveway, but doesn’t want the kids to see her this way, she feels like she is falling apart.

Days was pre-empted due to tennis

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jerry thinks Sam should be more grateful to him for launching her career. Lulu claims that she is dating Logan so that Dillon will take his opportunity and leave her behind. Very sadly, he decides to do as she seems to wish. Everyone but Noah thinks he should not operate on Eli Love. Sonny learns that Sam witnessed the kidnapping. Carly threatens to expose Ric's kidnapping of her if he won't let Jason out of Pentonville. When he won't give in, she goes to Liz, the only other witness to the incident. Ric tries to get Logan to spy on Sonny; when Logan says no, Ric decides to dig up all the dirt on him. The dirt includes a dishonorable discharge. The Quartermaines, Lulu, and Skye say farewell to Dillon. Tracy busts out of the hospital to protest his leaving. Sonny confronts Sam with this latest betrayal. When Eli protests having brain surgery, Patrick informs him he'll die without it.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Gus, Harley, and Natalia struggle to deal with Rafe and Daisy's relationship but they all agree on one thing: Daisy should stay away from Rafe so he can concentrate on school. Rafe and Alan really bond over their mutual dislike of Harley. Rafe gets into a fight with Rick and breaks Rick's nose because he thinks Rick is going to punch Alan. Josh wonders if he should tell Alan the truth about Cassie tampering with the paternity tests.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

David persuades Viki to let him teach her tai chi until she reluctantly agrees.  In Chicago, Rex and Cristian try to persuade Sarah to accompany them back to Llanview.  Sarah only agrees if she can stay with one of them.  Hunter pays Blair a visit and warns her that Todd will pay with his very life if she doesn’t agree to his demands for money.  Vincent comforts Layla after she visits her comatose sister.  Cole comes into the storeroom and finds Todd unconscious on the floor.  Miles walks in and catches him.  On the way to the divorce hearing, Jessica and Nash stop by Viki’s and lets her know that she is ready to finalize her divorce from Antonio.  Talia is by Antonio's side as he faces the end of his marriage to Jessica.  Miles urges Cole to seek revenge on Todd for what he did to Cole’s mother.  John, once again, urges Marty to leave Miles.  Jessica owns up to the judge that she was the reason that her marriage to Antonio failed.  Miles threatens Cole that if he doesn’t do his bidding, he will send his mother to prison for the murder of Spencer Truman.  Jessica collapses at the end of the divorce hearing.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Kevin calls Amber and tells her he needs all the money. He calls Kevin and tells him to meet them at the Estate to dig up the money. Colleen overhears Daniel and is suspicious when he says it was just a friend and he is going to go look for Kevin. They argue but decide to dig up the money so Kevin can take it to Jana. Colleen has followed Daniel and shows up and asks them what they are doing. She sees the bag and tells them to tell her what is going on. They tell her but leave off the part about finding Plum’s body. Kevin begs her to keep the secret and she agrees. He shows Jana the money on webcam and asks her to come back so they can run away together. Maggie and Paul realize William can write and has something to say. Michael, Gloria and Lauren are nervous as they try to get him to write. Gloria is furious and says that William might have a relapse because of them pushing him and orders them to stop. Later they agree that Gloria is hiding something.

Nick goes to the office and tries to work but has trouble with everything being different than he remembers. Logan comes to check on him and he tells her that he wants to repay her for saving him, but she refuses. Nick confesses to Neil that he is still in love with Sharon. He tells him that it took a long time for Sharon to get over him and asks him not to undo that. Nick sees Sharon later and asks her to come back to work at Newman. Victor, Nikki, Jack and Sharon go over emails and letters with Neil, Karen and David to try and find a clue as to who would have sabotaged the jet. Later Karen tells Victor that she feels that Nikki would have won the election with his support. Jack wants Sharon to keep a low profile until they find out what happened with the jet.

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