Thursday 7/5/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/5/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Adam is still furious with J.R. for staging his own kidnapping.  Kendall visits Lily and asks her to be the next face of Fusion Green.  Lily isn’t too overwhelmed by the idea and has her doubts.  At the Yacht Club, Erica and Jack prepare for another interview concerning their upcoming divorce.  Jack speaks a few words with Sean, who is doing his community service at the Yacht Club.  Barbara comes in, and Sean immediately asks Jack not to let his mother know that he is here.  The interview begins with Jack and Erica which Barbara watches very closely.  Ava lets Jonathan know that the women of Fusion want Lily to be the face of “Fusion Green.”

Lily promises Kendall that she will at least think about it.  Kendall visits Zach at the casino and finds him with a lot of money.  She wonders where it all came from.  She whispers something in Zach’s ear.  Zach and Kendall arrive at the Chandler mansion to start deciding on how to remodel it after she and Zach move in.  Adam reminds Zach that he gave them a month to make other arrangements.  Adam whispers to Colby to show Kendall around and watch her very closely.  Barbara watches very closely as the interview between Erica and Jack continues after a lunch break during which Erica and Jack made love.  She notices Erica’s foot on Jack’s leg.  Ava comes to visit Lily.  Lily lets her know that Kendall wants her to be next face of Fusion Green.  Ava mentions that maybe they can help each other. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will, Gwen, Noah, and Cleo arrive in Branson and Cleo thinks Will loves her just because he takes her to Silver Dollar city for the day to give Gwen time to work and do interviews.  Cleo gets ready to tell Will something which is very important.  Noah's dad comes to visit him to have a talk.  Maddie misses Casey and tries to call him at the prison.  Lily gets Jade out on bail and she and Luke find the pieces of Cleo's diary pages and begin taping the pages back together.  Luke agrees to go to Branson with Jade to warn Will and Gwen about Cleo.  He admits to Jade that it will be awkward because he is falling for Noah, another straight guy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the studio, Constantine works on his music but talks to Ridge on phone who encourages him to find out who this mystery woman’s voice is. Rick doesn’t like the fact that Constantine did record it, but Phoebe tries to convince him all is okay. Ridge sneaks upon Ashley and bestows a kiss her, which Stephanie spies and never has she been so happy to see personnel policy broken. She even encourages them to take the day off and go to that favorite hotel of theirs? Brooke seconds that, they can all go and test the soaps they need to test today. She’ll leave if they are just going to humiliate her. Ashley doesn’t feel Stephanie needs to make an enemy of Brooke for her. Phoebe and Rick record their challenge song while Constantine and crew smile knowingly. He’s got ‘it’s a dud’ written all over his face.

It’s a bad time but Ashley tells Rick on the phone she needs a conversation with him before she has it with Ridge. He comes running and they argue again how detrimental this news would be to both Phoebe and Ridge. Even if she feels this leads nowhere with Ridge, it would definitely ruin his relationship with Phoebe and even Ridge’s and the rest of the family’s opinion of him. Brooke tells Ridge perhaps it was a mistake coming back here to work. And she didn’t come just for the job, but for him too. She thought they could work it out. He doesn’t know where this will lead with Ashley, but he doesn’t trust what it will be to be loved by Brooke. He wants a wide-awake life, one without her. Just because Nick is not available doesn’t mean she needs this life with Ridge.

Days was pre-empted due to tennis

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Noah saves Robin and Patrick from being reported by Ms. Sneed for displaying affection. Sonny's move to buy her house, which she wants to sell, dismays Kate. Sam asks Alexis to get her in to see Jason, though her request is unlikely to be granted since she is not Jason's wife or the mother of his children. Ned urges Dillon to not give in to pressure and to come with him to follow his dreams. Tracy refuses to allow Alan to guilt her into releasing Dillon from his promise to stay in town for her. Jerry's attempts to bond with the boys angers Carly. She also refuses to allow him to inveigle her in a scam. Amelia reminds Sam how binding her contract is when she displays a bad attitude about work. Tracy tries to convince Georgi and Lulu to help her keep Dillon in Port Charles. Instead, they urge him to go while Ned works on his grandfather and mother to give permission. Sonny freaks over Jerry spending time with the boys, especially on the boat ride. The new nurse trainees find that they do not like being given the worst jobs in the hospital. Continued clashes between himself and Noah have Patrick ready to demand that one or the other of them leave. Then, Eli Love, who could be Noah's twin, is brought in unconscious and Patrick panics, thinking it's his dad.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Lillian asks Buzz out on a date. Olivia asks Buzz to be part of her new business deal. Cassie and Lizzie have a heart to heart talk. Lizzie finds out from everyone but her mother about the new Mrs. Bauer. Rick’s car is vandalized. Reva offers to help destroy evidence for Cassie and it falls into the wrong hands. Olivia decides to confront Reva about Jeffery. Rick and Beth make the wedding official. Josh finds out the secret that Cassie has been keeping from him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair is eating an enjoyable breakfast with Jack and Starr.  Blair inquires if Starr is going to spend the day with Cole.  Starr informs her that she thought that she might and then asks Blair if it is all right.  Blair gives her permission.  Marcie is in the park with Tommy.  Lindsay walks up and lets Marcie know that she can tell how much Marcie loves Tommy.  Cristian complains to Sarah about the coffee.  Rex comes out of the bathroom and is complaining about not having any hot water.  Sarah lets Rex and Cristian know that it has been twenty-four hours and Hunter was not coming back.  Miles comes into the living room and lets Marty know that he is going for a run.  Marty tells him to make it a long run then she will be gone when he comes back.  Miles tells Marty that he is going to figure out a way to make her love him.  Cole comes into the apartment and asks Marty where Miles is.  Cole asks her if she and Miles are married, why they don’t ever do anything together.  John dreams that Miles walks into a room and puts his hands on Marty’s shoulders.  When Marty resists his advances, he lets her know that he knows that she killed Spencer Truman.  Miles is with Todd when the image of Spencer appears.  Spencer tells Miles that he did a great job so far, but they had a lot more to do.  John still ponders his dream about Marty.  Michael pokes his head in the door.  Miles tells Spencer that he cannot do this anymore.  Spencer urges Miles to kill Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Maggie goes over the evidence from the plane crash with Victor and Nikki. She tells them it looks like the plane was brought down on purpose. David reminds Nikki that she was supposed to be on the plane that day, not Nick. Nikki and Victor get paranoid and Victor suggests that it could have something to do with them suggesting Jack was in good with the mafia. They call Jack and he and Sharon realize that Jack was supposed to be on the plane too, so he could have been the target. Jack and Sharon go to Victor’s office and they argue over who the intended target was.

Everyone is desperate to find Kevin after he sneaks out to meet with Jana. He hides out with his laptop and contacts Jana. Colleen and Daniel try to get him to talk to them before they do anything but aren’t successful. He ignores their IMs but writes one in the wrong window. They are worried when they realize he is going to meet Jana alone. He sends out an email that says he is going to the Czech Republic. Maggie and Paul act on the assumption that Kevin is trying to board a plane. Meanwhile Michael quietly tells Gloria that Kevin would never let everyone know his plans and is just trying to throw them off the trail, and they have to find him before he goes to Jana and kills her. He tells Jana that he has a lot of money and they could leave there and live on it. Meanwhile, William writes a note with the word murderer on it, which Maggie picks up and sees.

Nick is up and walking around on crutches and goes to see Phyllis. She tells him they loved to play video games together and he challenges her to a game. He beats her for the first time at their favorite game and spends time with Summer. They listen to the voicemail Phyllis left where Summer said Daddy. He hears a message from Brad and Phyllis is forced to tell him about how she blackmailed Brad. He says he understands why she did this but he can’t understand why Sharon slept with Brad. Nick goes to the office to meet Sharon and tells her how upset he is that she slept with Brad.

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