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AMC Recap Written by Mary

“Day of Independence”

Kendall summons all the other women of Fusion to the office for a day of self-exploration.  The women of Fusion, namely, Greenlee, Annie, Kendall, Di, Babe, and Amanda explore their innermost feelings and dreams about their childhood.  An argument erupts between Annie and Greenlee which results in Kendall calling for a “makeup challenge” between the two.  Their make-up results in the new campaign for Fusion products.  Ava reveals some of her past with Colby, who doesn’t believe her.  All the women enjoy the fireworks display which commemorates the Fourth of July celebration.  Kendall urges that they all trust each other in order to make Fusion a success. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily tells Dusty that she is going to make things right with her mom – thanks to him. Aaron comes looking for Allison to work things out. Vienna has an over eager way of giving massages, which leaves Henry not aching for more. Katie worries to Jack about what Carly has up her sleeve next; Jack reminds her that they make a great team. Brad wants to continue trying to make Jack and Katie jealous and takes his own steps towards this end by kissing Carly as Lily walks up. An agitated Carly later agrees they can continue their plan, but begs him to follow her lead. Emily and Susan make up, as Susan teases Emily about her relationship with Dusty. Emily can’t help but smile over it. Aaron and Allison have a heart o heart and see their way through this obstacle that was in Allison’s life. Aaron admits that he still loves her, and Allison finally returns the sentiment. Vienna wants the bellboy to take off his clothes. A jealous Henry walks in on her practicing the art of massage. Vienna explains that it is for their business only. Katie tells Carly that she is onto her games and that she should give it up because Jack has moved on with her. Jack tells Brad he knows that he is jealous of him and Katie. Emily and Dusty become a couple. Aaron wants Allison to tell him if there are anymore secrets. Brad gets annoyed watching Katie and Jack and their displays of affection. Lily reminds Carly that Katie shouldn’t be underestimated; she and Jack have gotten close. Carly admits that she still loves Jack and he loves her deep down. She will just have to outwit Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester family is waiting around the pool for Ashley and her daughter, Abby. Ridge brings in the margaritas and they ask about Ridge’s two-dates-in-one-night with Ashley. Rick catches her on the phone before she gets to the pool. She reinforces what she said last night – they need to tell Ridge and Phoebe about their involvement. She promises not to say anything until they talk further. Uninvited, Brooke shows up at the shindig too. Ridge had e-mailed her it would be awkward, but she had not bothered to retrieve it. She is super hurt that another woman and child is playing with their child. SHE should be there enjoying the day, not Ashley. Stephanie is beside herself with glee that Ridge invited Ashley and she came. Stephanie thinks Brooke should not stay where she is not wanted; it’s embarrassing. Both Eric and Ashley insist Ridge can handle it, and it will be alright.

Brooke asks what does Ridge want her to do? He thinks they need space and as long as she still has some feelings for Nick, there is no future for them. As far as Ashley, that is yet to be seen where their relationship is going. Phoebe does not go to the party, staying with Rick at the beach house. She lets slip about the sexy voice e-mail that Constantine had but destroyed. Brooke can’t quite go away, she looks down from the terrace at the fireworks and the happy family enjoying the day. Ashley confides to Felicia that Brooke is not going down without a fight. As Ridge kisses Ashley, Brooke sheds her tear.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla has to convince Shawn Sr. to attend the Brady/Horton barbecue. Steve offers Jeremy an apology and invites him out to dinner with the family per his plan with Adrienne. Jett admits to Nick that he suspects Danielle is cheating on him. Chelsea wants to tell Jett about Danielle’s phone conversation but Nick doesn’t want her to get involved. Max brings expensive baby clothes for Ciara but Bo makes him take them back when Max admits what he and Jeremy are doing to get extra money. Marlena and John spot Philip and Belle on the beach and worry that they are getting too close. Philip offers Belle the use of his country club claiming it would be more for Claire. Philip gets an anonymous call where the only sound is a baby crying. Belle questions Shawn about the job interview but he won’t give her any details. Bo’s coworker arrives and snaps a family photo.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ned returns, bringing with him an opportunity for Dillon to fulfill his dreams, working as Ned's assistant on a film. Tracy tries to convince Lainey she's not bonkers, but answering Alan's remarks dilutes her case. Edward tries, and fails, to get Lainey to sign a paper as to Tracy's incompetence so he can take over ELQ. Three new nurses join General Hospital. Maxie makes romantic plans with Coop and clashes with Logan. Carly flips when Jerry makes plans to take her and the boys on a boat ride for the Fourth. He continues to insist that he is trying to make peace with her. Epiphany tries to set up Stan and Lainey.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Fireworks fly at the Bauer BBQ which is moved to Company because of a gas main break at the Bauer house. Gus and Harley can't stand the fighting between Daisy and Rafe anymore. Harley confronts Rafe about stealing money from her secret stash. Rafe gets angry and walks out and Daisy consoles him and later Harley catches them kissing. Daisy later admits to Harley that she and Rafe are in love and that she stole her secret stash. Beth and Alan's plan backfires when Beth realizes she wants to marry Rick and not Alan so Josh performs an unofficial wedding ceremony for them. Cassie feels like the bad times are over when she sees Alan suffering because Beth left him to marry Rick. Rafe feels out of place in his family and the only one he feels comfortable with is Alan as they bond while watching the fireworks display.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

David sits on the patio, soaking in the rays of the sun.  Viki brings him out a glass of orange juice.  He wonders if she put any champagne in it.  Viki lets him know that no, she hadn’t.  Dorian brings out a vase of roses and sets them on a table.  She remembers the conversation that she and Clint had the night before.  Clint comes to visit and apologizes for his actions of the previous night.  Clint lets it slip to Dorian that he has fallen in love with her.  Roxie, Lindsay, Michael, Marcie, and Tommy spend the fourth together.  Roxie makes the assumption that by the sounds coming from their bedroom that they will have a child in about nine months.  Miles is scared when Cole suggests going to the storeroom to get his bathing suit.  Miles wants to give him money to buy another suit, but Cole refuses the money.  Nash and Jessica wake up in each other’s arms.  Jessica suggests that they get ready for a barbeque.  Jessica calls Marty to invite her and Miles to a 4th of July barbeque.  Talia bandages Antonio’s side where he had surgery.  They both reveal to the other their scars from previous times. 

Clint and Dorian visit Viki and David and overhear David telling Viki how sexy she is.  Marcie and Michael discuss the possibility of having more children.  Viki lets Dorian know that David snores when he sleeps.  Starr lets Cole know that Blair found evidence that Todd is still alive.  Everyone watches the fireworks for the 4th of July. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Whitney tells Chad that there is no chance of them getting back together.  They both promise to keep the other one from having custody of the kids.  Pilar and Theresa discuss how secrets ruin a relationship.  Theresa hopes that the blackmailer is not found so that her secret won't come out.  The blackmailer tells Ethan how much he loves him.  Ethan tells him they'll never be together because he loves Theresa.  The blackmailer tells him he won't after he finds out her secret.  The blackmailer has a fantasy about doing the tango with Ethan.  Kay finds out that Fox isn't really dying.  She still doesn't know if Miguel ran over him with his car, though.  With the help of the demon elf, she learns the truth from her glass of water, that Julian and Fox staged the whole thing.  She also sees that they hired impersonators for Charity and Miguel.    Fox blames his parents for ruining his life and causing him to lose the woman he loves.  Kay and Miguel are happy to be a couple finally. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Cane is still angry with Amber. He makes her promise to stay away from Daniel. Later when Daniel calls her and leaves a message and she calls him back anyway. Meanwhile Cane goes to see Lauren. He says he wants to make a video for Amber but he is really looking for a way to contact some of her old friends to find out more about her. She tells him some stories about LA. When she leaves the room for a moment, he makes a note about Brooke, Amber’s old boss in LA. Cane calls Brooke, who says she is also Amber’s ex mother-in-law. She tells him that Amber is dishonest. Daniel goes to see his therapist and tells her about his arrest. He tries to blame Amber for his problems but his therapist tells him that no one forced him to do anything. He is totally against her suggestion to bring Lily into her office so they can talk about his addiction. He meets with Amber and they both agree they want their share of the money but she is worried about Cane finding out. Colleen tells Lily what happened with Adrian. She gets angry when Lily says Adrian was right. She tries to explain to her that she is doing it because she is afraid of Jana showing up again and has nightmares about what she did to her. Lily understands but is worried about her. She tells Colleen she and Daniel are back together but she still doesn’t trust him. Later she tells Daniel that she would like to start seeing his therapist together. He lies and says that things are going really well and it isn’t needed.

Jana calls Kevin and tells him she wants to see him. She says she might be able to come. Later, Kevin asks Gloria to get him his gun from his apartment. She refuses and Michael is angry with both of them. He and Kevin talk about how he should make better choices in his life. Gloria goes home and talks to Gloria about what Kevin asked of her. Michael finds out and takes the gun himself. He warns Kevin that he won’t let him do something stupid. When Jana calls him later, he tells her that the hospital is under surveillance so she should wait and he will come to her. Michael realizes Kevin has left the hospital and has the gun.

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