Tuesday 7/3/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/3/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ava sits on the couch as Aidan comes into the living room, wearing only his shorts.  She comments that he is looking mighty fine.  Annie comes downstairs, looking for Emmaís backpack.  When Ryan tries to talk to her, she is as cold to him as ever.  There is a knock on the door and it is Kendall, bringing them a breakfast of muffins.  J.R. and Babe spend some quality time with Little Adam on the terrace as Adam comes out to join them.  J.R. explains to Adam that he was behind the kidnapping plot.   Derek comes into the Comeback Bar and starts up a conversation with Krystal.  They make plans for the 4th of July picnic in the park.  Colby overhears their plans and advises Krystal against it.  Colby has a run-in with some girls from school who make catty remarks about her job and Krystal outside of The Comeback bar.  Di comes downstairs and finds Ava coming on to Aidan.  Kendall blames Greenlee for this friction that is between Annie and Ryan.  Kendall tells Ryan that it is time to take action.  Ava lets Jonathan know that she is working now and asks for help with cocktail recipes.  Jonathan is thrilled to help her.  Aidan lets Amanda know that he knows all about the kidnapping plot. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly's game to make Jack jealous with Brad seems to be getting results although Jack tells Katie that he is just worried that Carly dating Brad could have a bad influence on the kids.  Dusty and Emily finally admit their true feelings for each other and promise to forget the past in order to have a future together.  Alison tells Aaron the truth about her drug use and porn movies and Allison is hurt by his stunned reaction.  Alison gives Aaron back the flowers he gave her and tells him he meant to give them to someone else.  Barbara arrives in British Columbia and vows not to leave until Paul is found.  Barbara does persuade Meg to go back to Oakdale.  Meg tells Craig to take her home and then get out of her life forever.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Poolside, Phoebe talks to Rick on the phone and invites him over for a swim. He wonders if his favorite person is there, and Phoebe states he isn't but even if he were, it’s okay that they are seeing each other now. Rick says that was before he found out he was a louse. Phoebe assures him it’s okay, he is not seeing that other person now. If she has moved on, so can Ridge. Ridge happens by and he tells her he had a date with Ashley. Phoebe is happy as Ashley is amazing, classy and honest like he deserves. He wishes that for her too and Rick ain’t it. The guy isn’t being true to her, though she argues they were broken up at the time. She has moved on, she needs him to do the same. Rick checks with Constantine to make sure they are still on for him to lay down his tracks in two days. It’s not going to be karaoke, he wants it to be fair and have the same advantage Constantine did. Constantine replies there will be no trickery; he will win fair and square and then Rick can go back to his little chickie on the side. He is sure Phoebe will dump him for good and Rick’s secret woman is out there somewhere and he can turn to her again. Brooke shows up at Ashley’s and Brooke would like her to say that Brooke has clear sailing with the father of her son, but Ashley will not give her that assurance, so it’s every woman for herself. When Ridge hears about the challenge between Rick and Constantine, he doesn’t want this to stand in Phoebe’s way to have a new career if that is what she wants.

Rick and Phoebe smooch by the pool while he memorizes her in that bathing suit. He will make love to her in song, any way he can until they do for real. She tries to get the other woman out of her head, but admits it is hard. She gets Rick to promise she is gone and she will never meet her. Ridge visits Constantine in his studio and thanks him for suggesting this duo contest, then is surprised to hear about this sexy voicemail and who the other woman could be. He thinks if Phoebe could hear the message or knew who the woman was it would be a little more real to her and she’d drop punk Rick. They realize they are on the same page and want the same thing. Ashley calls Rick and wants to talk about their ‘situation’, the secrecy of it. She advises they tell Ridge and Phoebe since they surely will find out anyway, Rick is against it. Ridge comes back to Ashley’s and he too brings up the other woman in Rick’s life. He laments Rick claims it is over, but he doesn’t trust him. This woman is out there somewhere and he intends to find out who it is.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie, Jeremy, Chelsea, and Nick gather at Adrienne’s newly bought Cheatin’ Heart for a company gathering where Jett introduces them to Danielle. Chelsea overhears Danielle on the phone with another guy talking about how she’d rather be with him than Jett. Jeremy turns up the flirting with Stephanie to irritate Steve until Steve finally demands that they talk one on one.

Bo runs into Philip at the pub and gets him to confess that Belle had Philip set up the job for Shawn. Bo tells Shawn the truth but convinces him to go for the interview anyway. Philip plans an outing for just him and Belle but Belle is furious to hear that Philip handed Claire over to Victor. Shawn gets a frantic call from Mimi but lies to Bo about what Mimi wanted. Belle makes Philip call Shawn to apologize and decides to go on the outing when Shawn claims to be fine with it. Shawn tells everyone he is headed to Cleveland for the interview but secretly changes his plane ticket to Indianapolis.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

A casual comment from Kate lets Sonny know Carly needs a rescue, so he has the hotel staff let her out of the boiler room. She denies Jerry's involvement in her "accidental" incident. Liz seethes when Lucky has Jason arrested after returning Jake to them. Cooper gets drunk and mouthy. After saying he wants Maxie, he admits to being Scott's kid. Amelia gives Sam the good news about Jake, notes her lack of joy, and asks why she never said anything about witnessing the kidnapping. Jason asks Diane to see about getting Maureen, the kidnapper, help, not jail. Thanks to Scott, Jason is scheduled to be transferred to Pentonville Prison. Robin gets tickets to the Eli Love, Noah's rock star doppleganger's, concert. Epiphany lambastes Noah for sneering at the whole music scene. Sonny promises to take care of Liz and Jake.

GL Recap Written by Dani

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Talia spends some quality time with Jamie, Antonio, and Carlotta.  Carlotta notices how good Talia is with Jamie.  Nash and Jessica spend some quality time together making plans for their future together.  Marty and Cole spend some quiet time together, reminiscing about the past.  Miles comes in and finds Marty and Cole eating breakfast.  Marty gets up to make Miles some breakfast leaving Cole and Miles together.  They actually talk without fighting.  Blair fills Starr in on the evidence that Sarah had given her about Todd.  Sarah asks Rex if he is going to turn her in to the police.  Sarah swears that she doesnít know where Todd is.  The camera shows Todd, still unconscious, lying on a cot.  Rex questions Sarah as to from what she is hiding.  Blair thinks that Miles knows more about Todd than he is letting on.  Cole asks Marty if she is sure that Miles didnít know anything about Toddís disappearance.  Miles sneaks into a storeroom to check on a still unconscious Todd.  Miles lets Todd know that he will not let anyone wreck his future with the woman of his dreams. 

Rex wonders why Sarah wonít even give her family a chance.  Sarah flirts with Cristian.  Jessica finds out that Marty married Miles, and she canít understand why.  They begin to make plans for a big family barbeque.  Jessica reveals that she misses Jamie.  There is a knock on the door and when Marty opens it, she finds Blair and Starr.  Blair and Marty are both in total agreement on setting up ground rules for Cole and Starr.  Miles comes back and sees Blair and Starr.  He demands to know what they are doing here.  Todd begins to come to. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Ivy tells everyone about Fox not being ill. Fox admits that he has been lying. Kay of course is devastated. Kay yells at Ivy for what she did to Grace. Julian says he will tell the Judge about Spike lying. Theresa thinks the blackmailer is trying to kill her. She runs out of the mansion. Pilar comes to her and Theresa freaks out. Pilar and her talk about the proposal and the blackmailer. Ethan is in Sheridan's cottage and the blackmailer is hiding from him. Ethan finds the blackmailer and fights with him/her. Ethan wins and gets the knife that the blackmailer had. Than the blackmailer gets the knife back. Than they fight again. The blackmailer says if he calls the police he/she will commit suicide by poison. The blackmailer kisses him. Whitney fights with Chad. She doesn't want him around. He wants her to let him be around.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nick comes home with Logan, Jack and Sharon which stirs up memories about Sharon and their children, making Jack uncomfortable in the process. Later he apologizes to Jack for having an affair with Phyllis. Sharon feels guilty and upset about what Nick is going through. Nick tells Logan that he still loves Sharon and he is going to win her back, no matter what. Cane is hurt when he finds out that Amber bailed Daniel out of jail and lied about it to him. Daniel sees Lily checking up on him on his computer, and says he understands why she still can’t trust him. Kevin tells Gloria she should help him to make up for all the schemes he has helped her out with. When Jana calls Colleen, she tells Jana that his condition is very serious. Adrian is angry that she is getting involved in all of this and calls the police to tell them about it. Maggie and Paul accuse Kevin of setting up the accident. Colleen is angry when she finds out what Adrian did. Kevin meets with a reporter. Later Kevin tells her that Adrian is right and he shouldn’t be getting her to help him. Jana is suspicious and calls Gloria, who confirms Kevin was injured. Later Jana sees the photo of Kevin’s accident online.

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