Monday 7/2/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/2/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

The women of Fusion are busy at work.  Kendall asks Annie where she has been all day.  When Annie doesn’t answer, Kendall wants to know what is wrong.  About this time, Greenlee walks into the room and Annie leaves.  Kendall invites Greenlee to dinner, and she accepts.  J.R. plays with Little Adam and asks him if he would like to stay at Daddy’s house all the time.  Tad comes in and confronts J.R. about the kidnapping and why hadn’t he told him.  An associate meets with Zach and tells him that a customer wants to win back his money.  Zach looks and he sees Adam.  Jack and Erica have reunited.  Pam comes in and catches them kissing.  She blasts them for what they are doing.  Pam tells Jack to get his lips off Erica immediately.  Adam tells Zach that he wants to win back his empire.  Zach accepts the challenge.  Pam lets Erica know what will happen to their ratings if news of this breaks now that she and Jack are back together.  Ryan and Annie argue, as usual, over Greenlee.  Emma hears them arguing and comes downstairs and asks them why they are fighting.  Greenlee lets Kendall know that she is no longer part of Ryan’s life.  After Pam explains the situation to them, Erica and Jack agree to Pam‘s plan.  Ryan lets Annie know that Greenlee is out of their lives.  Kendall tries to do some matchmaking between Josh and Greenlee.  Adam sees through Zach and accuses him of setting him (Adam) up and that he was the one who kidnapped J.R.  Adam once again loses everything to Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad arrives to pick up Carly to take her to the WOAK party, and she is dressed to the nines. Jack buys Katie a ‘wish’ bracelet. Jade pleads with Will and Gwen to believe her that Cleo is out to get them, but Cleo plays on their sympathy. Carly claims her appearance is not about Jack but for her career. Dallas has enough evidence to hold Jade especially after her website doesn’t show up where Jade claims it would be, to prove she posted an ad to hire Cleo. Noah learns of Jade’s history with everyone, but thinks that Jade may be telling somewhat of the truth. Jade tells Luke that Cleo is framing her. Cleo feigns a migraine so she can be left alone where she tears up her journal. Jack and Katie make their relationship official, just as Brad and Carly arrive arm and arm. Gwen is concerned about Jade’s comments about Cleo and thinks that it is a big leap for Jade from anger to premeditated violence. Luke is stunned when Jade explains how she hired Cleo. She begs him to believe her, back her up and find the journal. Cleo talks to her journal as if it were a person and even goes as far as kissing it before she rips it up and tossing it in trash bags. She tries to throw them away, but Will and Gwen come home. Katie is irritated that Brad brought Carly, as Jack warns Carly about how she shouldn’t date Brad. Kate and Carly toss subtle barbs. In the end though, Jack tells Carly she can date whomever she wants because they are divorced after all. Carly tells Brad they should do this again. Noah and Maddie bond some more. Noah invites Maddie to visit him at school in Chicago, which leads her to admit to having bad memories there. Dallas arrests Jade. Gwen thinks she was crazy to doubt Cleo. Cleo throws out the trash with the ripped up pieces of her journal, while Luke secretly watches her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Despite his protests, Brooke continues to fawn over Ridge and beg him to stay the night, she knows he enjoyed her kisses. That little boy down the hall deserves to have both of his parents. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have things like they used to be? She admits she made a huge mistake in only thinking earlier about Rick and running back to Nick. He wishes he could get past that, but he can’t, and he walks out. Phoebe rushes to Constantine’s and apologizes for being late, but tells him that Rick is not the reason and he will not be standing in her way. All is forgiven between them. Ashley reinforces to Stephanie that it is stupid for her to get in the middle of Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie says she will worry about her grandson, just Ashley concentrate on Ridge. Ashley still declares she is going back to Genoa City. Ridge shows up so Stephanie makes herself scarce. He informs Ashley he is better than okay leaving Brooke’s, as this is where he wants to be.

Rick watches intently as Phoebe and Constantine record their first hit and Phoebe hugs Constantine. Rick tells him he knows a bad idea when he sees it, this has disaster written all over it, him trying to change Phoebe. He even throws a challenge at Constantine. Let him and Phoebe record a duet and test it before Insomnia. If they prefer their version, Rick will back off, but if they prefer hers and Rick’s, then she quits and comes back solely to Forrester’s. The three agree; may the best man win. Just shifting gears, Stephanie goes right on it and into Brooke’s bedroom, spying her seductive red nightie. Stephanie realizes she wanted to sweet talk Ridge into staying the night, and wastes no time in gloating to her that Ridge just showed up at Ashley’s. Ridge explains he couldn’t spend the night with Brooke as he knew he would lose Ashley, and he doesn’t even have her yet. He jokes that if she does move back to GC, he might have to chase her and become a Cheesehead. Face it, Stephanie says, Ridge wants to be free of Brooke and she only used her little boy to try to seduce him back. But, he’s done with her and moved on with Ashley. Brooke can concentrate on her children now, and declares that Brooke will now be alone. As she tucks herself into bed cuddling his photo, Ridge and Ashley are getting acquainted with kisses.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman admits to Hope and Bo that he left Anna without saying a word after spending the night together and they lecture him for it. Anna comes by and does the same though she ends up taking Roman back to her hotel room. Hope gloats to Bo about losing their bet. EJ and Tony argue so much it causes Stefano to collapse. Stefano tells EJ that he’ll try and broker a better deal with Sami but EJ eavesdrops as Stefano tells Tony to bring Sami to him because he refuses to beg for anything.

Belle refuses to move in with Bo and Hope in favor of finding a place all their own. Shawn gets the call from Cleveland with a job offer and Belle and Philip play dumb about expecting the call. Sami has a tough time giving in to Lucas’ desire to make love because of their lack of privacy. Lucas has the idea of turning up the TV so they won’t be heard but the cops burst in when Sami accidentally changes the channel to a violent movie.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jerry tells Carly that they are going to work some things out while they wait for the maintenance guy to show up and let them out of the boiler room, and to "just get over" the hostage taking incident. He has a flashback about his time in captivity and being tortured. Sam questions Alexis about her accountability if she did not report a crime; she witnessed Jake's kidnapping. Jason and Amelia go after Jake. They find him; Maureen gives him up without a fight, and they learn that Sam knew where he was all along. Kate visits Sonny for closure and he tells her who Jerry really is. Jason takes Jake straight to Elizabeth. Noah learns he has a "twin" who was and is big in 80's music.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Dinah wakes up! The joyous news spreads uniting and reuniting love. Matt breaks the news to Vanessa and goes with her to the hospital to see Dinah. They tell Dinah how much they love her and how happy they are she is back with them. Marina and Cyrus are in various states of undress and close to having sex when Frank bangs on the door. Cyrus and Frank argue over Marina but Frank gives the news of Dinah waking up and all arguing and love making plans come to an end. Marina goes to the hospital. Cyrus catches up with Frank and tells him he is straight now and will never hurt Marina because he cares for her. Cyrus joins Marina at the hospital. Marina is happy but still wound up from the what was going to be, then confrontation with her father and then the good news about Dinah. Dinah is having trouble recalling certain things like Ross’ death and how she came to be in the hospital.

Ava tells Coop that he needs to back off and let the quest to free Ashlee go. Coop gets irritated for her and leaves to visit Daisy. At Harley’s house Coop asks if Daisy stays in touch with anyone she became friends with in juvie, Daisy assumes he is talking about Rafe but when Coop pushes in reference to “anyone else?” Daisy is amused. She tells her uncle that she is so glad that he asked about Ashlee because she is so in love with you. Daisy and Rafe sneak a kiss and flirtatious looks every chance they get but continue to be interrupted.

Ashlee waits for word on her release. She dreams of being romantically welcomed home by Coop. Alan comes to visit and tells her as of today she is free. Ashlee is happy to be free it doesn’t even bother her that no one has come to pick her up. Alan offers her a ride. Ashlee is upbeat and tells Alan that if his life sucks he can change it. Ashlee points out all that is good in Alan’s life rather than what is not so perfect.

Alan drops in to ask Gus to be his best-man. Before locating Gus in the back yard with the boys Alan tells Daisy of Ashlee’s release. Daisy is happy for her friend. Alan tries to make conversation with Rafe about how he is settling in and getting along with the family. Rafe and Daisy go into their “pretend hatred” act for Alan but he doesn’t buy it as the others have. When Alan has cleared the room Rafe invites Daisy over to the couch where they silently and smiling at one another hold hands. Alan watches from a crack in the door.

Ashlee is anxious to share her god news with Coop but decides against it when she sees Ava massaging his neck. Ashlee sits down sadly on the bench outside of Company until Moxie runs by and is happy to see her former master. Ashlee takes Moxie for a walk. Coop pulls away and looks up asking Ava “Did you hear the dog run by?”

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nora sits alone on the sofa when Clint comes in.  He lets Nora know that Dorian got involved in the situation of Viki and David living together.  Viki questions David about his wanting her and him to sleep together.  Marty refuses to stay the night with John.  Sarah calls Hunter to ask the whereabouts of Todd.  Hunter takes Todd’s body to Miles.  Miles notices that Todd isn’t moving.  Blair demands to know where Hunter took Todd’s body.  Marty refuses to move out on Miles.  Hunter demands his money from Miles.  Viki absolutely refuses to sleep with David.  Rex lets Sarah know that unless she helps them find Todd, then she can be charged as an accessory to murder.  Dorian blasts Nora for her past love life.  Clint orders Dorian out of his father’s house.  Dorian wants to tell Clint what was going on in Viki’s bedroom.  John begs Marty not to go home to Miles.  Cristian urges Sarah to tell them what she knows about Todd and Hunter.  Blair gets on the phone and calls Captain Morris.  Miles orders Hunter to get Todd out of his apartment. 

Clint and Dorian argue over the Viki and David situation.  Viki commends David for trying to con her once again.  A detective comes by Sarah’s apartment to investigate Todd’s disappearance.  Sarah defends Hunter to the detective.  Hunter lets Miles know that Todd will soon be waking up from the drugs that he gave him.  David turns on the TV set and gets Viki interested in a Cary Grant movie.  Marty tells John that she is trying to protect him from Miles.  Marty leaves to go to Cole’s high school play.  Marty comes into the apartment and asks Miles what he has done.  Miles disposes of Todd’s body.  The camera shows Todd, still unconscious, lying in the body bag. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Julian threatens to call the police to get Miguel sent back to prison since Kay broke their agreement and was intimate with Miguel.  Kay does a little magic so he can't use the phone.  Ivy lets it slip that Fox has been faking his terminal illness.  Sheridan is torn but she decides she can't kill Theresa and make a deal with the blackmailer, even though it may make it so that she can be with Luis.  She threatens to call the police on the blackmailer, but he threatens to drink poison and kill himself and then he won't be able to confess and set Luis free.  Ethan begs Theresa to tell him what the secret is so the blackmailer won't have control over them anymore.  Theresa refuses and tries to get him to not go looking for the blackmailer so he doesn't find out the secret from him.  Sam puts out an APB on Spike who is considered armed and dangerous.  Jared asks Sam to find the blackmailer so that he and Theresa can be together.  Sam assures him that he wants him just as bad as Jared does.  Gwen tells Rebecca she has a new man in her life who loves only her.  She has no desire to have Ethan back in her life.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Kevin is brought to the hospital. Amber bails Daniel out. He lies to Lily when she calls him. She tells him that she took some of the money and gives it to him for his bail and lawyer fees. Lily asks him to move back home. Nikki and Phyllis clash over who Nick should go home with when the time comes. He tells Phyllis he doesn’t want to go home with her. Victor and Nikki want him to come home with them. Victor tells Sharon her place is with her husband, not with Nick. Logan agrees to take care of him at Sharon’s old house.

William writes Gloria a note that says “confess”. Colleen calls them to tell them about Kevin and they rush to the hospital. When Adrian shows up, she lies to him and tells him that she was just driving by and saw the accident. Adrian is suspicious about what Colleen was doing in the area at that time. They are told that with Kevin’s injuries, he could develop pancreatitis and it could even be fatal. Kevin asks Colleen to send the photo she took at the accident site to the newspaper to make sure that Jana sees it. Kevin tells Gloria he had the accident on purpose to lure Jana out of hiding. Colleen tells Lily about their plan, which Adrian overhears. Paul and Maggie go to see William, who seems desperate to communicate with them. Lauren keeps them from getting William to try and write. After they leave, he writes “you know” to Lauren. Victor and Nikki are told the plane crashed because it caught on fire and it may have been sabotage.

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