Friday 6/29/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/29/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee arrives at Fusion to let the other women know about her new product line which includes an organic product line for children.  Annie is not at all happy that she has to work with Greenlee.  Adam is on the phone with an associate trying to find the ransom money.  Zach arrives to take over the mansion.  Adam tries desperately to get Zach to extend the deadline.  J.R. reminds Amanda that she cannot reveal to Aidan why she is seeking Seamus.  Jackson plays a trick on Erica to make her reveal to him that her hospitalization is just a joke.  This trick results in Erica revealing her true feelings for Jackson.  They kiss and it leads to passion for the two.  Ryan meets Greenlee for breakfast and lets her know that they can no longer even be friends.  Greenlee accuses him of turning on her and she leaves in a huff.  Annie arrives and notices the two cups of coffee and a muffin and concludes that Ryan met with Greenlee.  Annie walks out on Ryan.  The deadline arrives and the ransom hasnít been recovered.  Zach takes possession of the Chandler mansion.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie spars with Brooke. She just hopes that Brooke’s hold over Ridge comes to an end and he will find fulfillment in someone as nice as Ashley Abbott. Brooke reminds her this is HER fantasy, not Ridge’s and she still refuses to let Stephanie have little R.J. If Ridge wants to see him after his date with Ashley, he must come pick him up himself. Rick and Bridget chow down on some ice cream and she tells him there is no way Taylor could have been implanted with Brooke’s eggs, all is fine there. He laments how much a change Constantine is making over Phoebe. She has forgiven him for the whole other-woman thing, but this is driving him nuts. Ridge is hoping Ashley finds him irresistible and she won’t be leaving L.A. He pooh-poohs the idea of Brooke wanting him back and it actually happening. He enjoys the dinner, the company and implores Ashley to please stay in L.A. and help him explore the possibilities. The jury is still out on that one, but gives her plenty to think about.

Rick thinks that music, hey that’s it. Perhaps he can work his magic again with Phoebe and his singing. Eric accuses Stephanie of being unfair when it comes to Brooke. Ridge joins in only to find that Brooke wouldn’t let Stephanie bring R.J. home, so he goes to retrieve him. Stephanie takes one more opportunity to drop in on Ashley to push her darling boy toward her. She only wants Ridge to tuck R.J. in, not Brooke tuck Ridge in. Exasperated, Ashley says that is exactly the reason she didn’t want to get in the middle of this. Brooke and Ridge keep going back and forth and if Ridge ends up spending the night with Brooke, that is all the information she needs. Meanwhile Ridge shows up to pick up R.J. and Brooke puts it all on the line that she wants him to stay the night and sleep in their bed and be a family again. Give in to her, stay the night, forever.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn shares his fears that heís losing Belle and Claire to Philip so Hope and Bo offer to let the trio come live with them. Belle asks Philip to help get Shawn a job and Philip secures an interview with a Cleveland based division of Titan. Shawn tells Philip that he wants his family to move out but Philip wants to leave the decision up to Belle.

Roman moves Sami and Lucas into a cheap motel room for their safe house. Nick follows Kateís orders and makes up a false lab report showing EJ to be the twinsí father. After hearing from Marlena that Sami and Lucas didnít take the news well, Nick decides to run the test for real. Lucas vows to stick around and treat these babies like he would treat Will. EJ, upon learning from Kate that he is the father, tries to get Roman to reveal Samiís whereabouts but Roman wonít tell. Roman reveals to Bo and Hope that after a huge fight, he ended up sleeping with Anna.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Lucky and Liz want to make an appeal to find Jake on Sam's show, she threatens to walk if Amelia allows it. Carly undergoes severe temptation at the sight of Jason shirtless as they wait for rescue from the boiler room. Sonny makes it clear to Jerry that he is not to go near Sonny's family; Jerry tries to assure him that he means no harm. Sonny advises Jason that they may have to handle Kate if Jerry turns up dead. Kate wants Carly to save Jerry from Sonny. Logan knows Scott is his father and wants no part of Lulu and Tracy's plan. Tracy tells her to make him change his mind. Robin confronts Patrick about his insecurities about Noah. Amelia calls the mother who pulled out of appearing on Everyday Heroes after losing her baby to a fire, and she hears a baby cry in the background. She relays this information to Jason when he questions her about if she was in the park when Jake was taken. Kate makes plans to sell her house and get away from Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet tries to save Dinah when she goes into cardiac arrest until a doctor gets  there. Reva gets an envelope delivered with dinner. Inside is a picture of Sarah. Jonathan is trying to contact her. a Doctor shocks Dinah back. Reva gets a call from Collin and takes off leaving Jeffrey to wonder what's up. He knows a bellhop gave her an envelope. Jeffrey later figures out it is to see Sarah and doesn't want Reva to go at first then changes his mind. He will go with her. Mel interrupts Jeffrey and Reva, Jeffrey tells Reva to go ahead without him he'll catch up. Marina finds Dinah's will and knows her wishes. Mallet is outraged. Reva runs into Lizzie, who has been following Reva. Again they talk about what could have been if Jonathan and Sarah "lived". Reva drops the envelope with Sarah's picture and Lizzie picks it up. Jeffrey meets up with Reva and startles her. Lizzie also catches up with them. Reva wants to open the door. Lizzie can't wait  and goes. Cyrus visits with Mallet, Marina and Dinah. He talks about the old times he had with Dinah. Cyrus tries his best to comfort Mallet in his words. When Reva opens the door the only person there is Collin. He is Reva's Friend. Reva lies to Lizzie about why Collin is there. They use Shayne as an excuse. Jeffrey sees Reva wants  to be alone with Collin and suggests to Lizzie they should go. Collin later tells Reva that Jonathan was there, but when he heard Lizzie's voice he took off. Reva wants Collin to contact Jonathan for another chance visit. Collin says they can't risk the chance and he also can't risk telling Reva where Jonathan is going.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian visits Viki at Llanfair and is totally caught off guard when she sees Viki and David in a very compromising situation.  Miles is on the phone with Bo and informs him that he has vital info in the Spencer Truman murder case.  John takes the phone away from Miles and lets Bo know that he will handle the situation.  Blair and Cristian arrive in Chicago to find that Todd is gone.  Blair is surprised to learn that the girl, who had phoned her, was none other than Sarah Roberts.  A woman news reporter arrives at Adrianaís door to do a story on Tate Harmon, but Tate arrives and takes over the situation.  Miles tells John that he will ruin his life and career if he keeps on interfering in his marriage to Marty.  Viki decides to go along with Davidís plan in order to rub salt in Dorianís wounds.  Blair questions Sarah as to what she knows about Todd and where Hunter could have taken him.  Dorian arrives home to find Clint gone.  Marty completely refuses to tell John exactly what else Miles has on her.  Tate reveals his true feelings to Adriana.  Adriana lets him know that she is still in a million pieces over Rex.  Hunter comes to visit Miles and brings him a ďhot load.Ē  (Toddís body)  David suggests that Viki sleep with him.  John suggests that Marty spend the night at his place.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Fighting fighting fighting

Jared and Ethan finally stop and Ethan makes sure that Theresa is okay. She wakes up. Ethan wants to tell Jared about the engagement but Theresa wont let him. Gwen and Rebecca are watching them. Fox finally stops attacking Miguel after he hits Julian. Julian tells Miguel about Kay's deal. Julian said if Kay doesn't stay with Fox than he will have Spike say that he was paid to save Miguel. Miles is missing and Whitney calls Sam to help her. Chad was watching him. Whitney got furious. Tabitha remembers her school days with Esmeralda. It was portrayed as a musical. Tabby confesses that she trusts Esmeralda more than anyone so she is the one who can protect Endora.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Colleen calls Jana to say Kevin is very sick to lure her back to Genoa City, however she has gotten rid of her phone and email. She calls him again from another phone. Kevin is obsessed with finding her and putting her in jail. He and Colleen come up with a plan to make it look like he was in a car accident, but he ends up in an accident for real. Amber tells people that Jill loaned her the money for her demo. At work, she and Lily reconcile. Daniel goes to a strip club while out of town. He gets arrested for underage drinking. He calls Amber to come bail him out before Lily finds out, but later realizes there is no way he can hide this from her. Phyllis continues to catch Nick up on what he doesn’t remember. He tells Victor that Phyllis makes him uncomfortable. He is still having a hard time with Cassie’s death. He thinks he was a jerk and doesn’t want to remember the man he became. Logan comes to visit him. Nikki meets with David to wrap up some election issues. She tells David there is nothing between them. He begs her to consider leaving Victor for him.

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