Thursday 6/28/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/28/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. is on the phone demanding a list of the offshore accounts.  Adam tells J.R. that before they can pull this off that he (J.R.) has to come clean.  J.R. looks at him questioningly.  Amanda visits Zach and informs him that if he will work with her, then they can recover all of the ransom money.  Ryan, Greenlee, and Spike enjoy some quality time together by the pool as Annie watches them.  Ryan looks up and sees Annie standing in the doorway.  He tries to talk to Annie, but she walks off.  Annie tells Ryan that Greenlee invited her to get out of Fusion.  Jamie and Babe come into the Comeback Bar and let Krystal know that she felt good about her GED.  Krystal fixes her a drink and gives her a graduation cap.  Colby comes into the Comeback Bar and asks Krystal for a job.  They hear a scream and Ava comes out of the kitchen with tomato ketchup all over her.  Colby demands to know what she is doing here.  Adam gives J.R. a present of a new watch to replace the one that he smashed.  Zach tells Amanda that he didn’t have anything to do with the ransom money.  Kendall comes in and listens to their conversation.  Kendall questions him about his taking over Chandler Enterprises.  The board of Chandler Enterprises meets to discuss strategy.  Jamie gives Babe a present of a high school class ring.  Babe hugs him and tells him that she loves him for this. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Meg continues to hold out hope that Paul is coming back.  Brad hopes he can escort Katie to a WOAK party, but Jack shows up to accompany her.  Carly meets with her first client.  Noah tells Gwen about the fight between Will, Jade, and Cleo.  Gwen has trouble reaching Will, who has been involved in a car accident unbeknownst to her.  A mystery woman walks up to Will’s car but leaves soon after.  Dusty shows up to help Will.  Brad’s injuries interrupt Jack and Katie as Katie rushes to help him.  Holden shows up in Canada saying Meg should come home with him, but Meg won’t leave without Paul.  Craig and Holden have it out, but Meg defends Craig.  Dusty calls Gwen and tells her what happened to Will.  Carly’s client won’t go into business with her based on the police charges lodged against her.  Allison and Aaron bond over ice cream.  Katie is upset when she hears Jack spent the afternoon at a cookout at Carly’s.  She worries about their relationship, so Jack thinks it is time to make their relationship official by going public.  Brad asks Carly to the same party that Katie and Jack are attending.  Holden explains it is a recovery mission now for Paul instead of rescue, but Meg refuses to give up.  Craig tries hard to hide his hurt feelings when Meg won’t come near him, as she mourns for Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie practically invites Ashley to seduce Ridge, get Brooke out of the picture. Ashley is flattered, but doesn’t think she can do this and wants no part of being in the middle of something. She left Genoa City with her family’s infighting, so why would she want to come here and get in the middle of Stephanie’s? In fact, she’s even thinking with the perfume project off and running, she might even go back to Genoa City. Ridge turns two pretty models down for going out for the night, he needs to spend more time with his son. Felicia again champions for his cause by spilling that Ashley is crazy about him and he should pursue her, not Brooke. Brooke confides in Bridget that she thinks she and Ridge can be a family again. Bridget states that if Brooke sees herself with Ridge, she has no reason to object to that. Brooke thinks nothing can break that bond, of mother, father and child.

Felicia and Stephanie are ecstatic that Ridge calls and Ashley agreed to dinner at her place no less, she will take care of the dinner. Stephanie goes by to pick up R.J. for Ridge from Brooke and shames her for using the child to seduce Ridge again. Her son knows when he is being offered scraps. Ridge is stunned when Ashley reveals to him that her work here is done and she is going home. He states that he doesn’t want her to. She may be the best thing that has happened to him in a long time, but he hasn’t had time to find out. He kisses her and asks her to please don’t go.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate brings Mr. Lewis, from the hospital’s board of directors, in to talk to Nick about his good job performance. Privately, Kate warns Nick to stick to her request and not tell anyone about it. Nick disregards Kate’s warning and calls Chelsea but Chelsea is too wrapped up in Las Vegas festivities to hear what Nick has to say. Max plans to pull out of the deal but Jeremy buys his continued loyalty with profits and concert tickets. Chelsea gets the cold shoulder once arriving at the hotel suite full of other pilots and flight attendants but wins friends with Jeremy’s help.

Steve helps get Hope out of Stefano’s grasp by claiming that he and Hope are having a secret affair. Julie offers to take the photographed letters to the university for translating. Anna returns to the Brady home still woozy and has Roman take her back to her hotel. Steve claims to Stefano and Tony that he only pretended to be having an affair with Hope so the Bradys would think he was on their side and tells them about Hope taking pictures of the letters. Tony wants to take action but Stefano decides they should step back and let the Bradys ruin their own family when the truth is revealed.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam is not happy when she sees that Jason has made bail and lights into both him and Spinelli. Amelia tries to figure out what to do when a guest backs out of Everyday Heroes. She has to shift gears when Kate shows up, asking that she take her affair with Sonny public so that no one will suspect Kate of having one with him. Amelia refuses, for the same reasons Kate does not want to be associated with Sonny. Jerry tells Carly he wanted Jax out of the way so that he could convince Carly to like him and get to know him better so she'll keep him alive. Scott tries to pressure Sonny into helping him find Luke and Laura. Tracy's PI discovers that Scott has a son he abandoned. She, therefore, plans to use that to gain her freedom and possibly get the heat off Luke, by blackmailing Scott. Jason gets away from his spat with Sam by going to Carly, who calls him because of Jerry's reappearance. At the Metro Court, Jerry meets and charms Kate. Robin and Patrick clash over work issues. Lulu suspects Logan is Scott's son and asks him about it, point blank. Tracy, meanwhile, makes her first blackmail attempt. Sam drops all pretense of getting along with Amelia. Jason and Carly are locked in the hotel boiler room. Sonny warns Jerry that if he comes near his family again, he will wind up dead. Kate overhears.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Vanessa and Matt visit Dinah. Mallet tries  to get a cup of coffee and nearly spills it when Marina stops by to tell him to go home that he's in no condition to be  with Dinah right now. Before he leaves they hear Vanessa yelling at Matt in Dinah's room and goes to find out what it is. They see that Matt and Vanessa are arguing about Dinah and what happened to her. Mallet stops it. Coop brushes off one of his student's advances. Olivia and Ava talk about Jeffrey and Olivia mention he's helping Reva with something. Jeffrey confronts Reva about her call with Jonathan. Jeffrey guesses that it has to do with Sarah and a bone marrow transplant. And she needs it from Lizzie.  That is why Reva and Lizzie were together. She wanted Lizzie to get comfortable with Reva enough to ask her  to be tested. Right now Sarah is anemic. Ava and Coop talk about Ashlee and Alan and the situation that has put Ashlee in juvie. Megan puts liquor in Ashlee's duffle bag to try and frame her. Vanessa and Matt continue their fight with Mallet in the middle of it. Mallet and Marina visits Dinah. Dinah stirs if only for a second. Marina then suggest Mallet go home and take a shower. Ava and Coop continue their talk about Ashlee and Alan. Coop says he's not going to cross the line between teacher and student. Jeffrey and Reva continue to talk about Lizzie, Sarah and Jonathan. Jonathan suggests Jonathan and Sarah come back to Springfield. Reva says the only way he'll do that is if Alan were dead or locked up with the key thrown away. Mallet thanks Marina for being there for him. Hannigan looks through Ashlee's bag and sees nothing out of  the ordinary and lets her off  the hook. Hannigan then checks Megan's bag and  there is a thermos of liquor.  Mel notices that her and Jeffrey's office is broken into. Nothing much taken, only the current files. Jeffrey tells Mel to get an office downtown and a paralegal to go with her and tell people there's been a fire. Olivia question Reva about what she is doing with Jeffrey. The questioning turns into a fight. Megan gets into trouble when Hannigan looks into her bag and pulls out a thermos and tastes what is in it, liquor. Ashlee did a switch. Coop is impressed to see Ashlee handling it so nicely. Coop says he's going to try and get her out of juvie legally. Matt tries to reason with Vanessa. Mallet and Marina enjoy a laugh before returning to Dinah's room. While caressing Dinah's head her heart monitor starts beeping.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Viki starts to bed when she hears a noise and thinks that it is Natalie.  She calls out to Natalie, but doesn’t get an answer.  David is walking downstairs in the hall wrapping a bathrobe around himself.  Dorian begins to blast Viki, in front of Clint, for opening her home to David.  Clint wonders why she is so up in arms about this.  Blair and Cristian are on an airplane getting ready to head for Chicago.  Blair looks up and sees Rex, who has just seated himself across the aisle from Blair.  The girl wipes Todd’s head with a damp cloth.  The girl tells him that Blair is on her way and everything will be all right.  Her brother comes in and asks her how Blair came to be arriving for Todd.  John continues his conversation with Miles.  John informs Miles that he knows all about him and this ends tonight.  He also tells Miles that he will be rotting in jail for a long, long time.  Bo plays with Tommy and sings “Old McDonald” to him.  Lindsay tells Bo that he has a magic touch.  Bo decides to stick around for a while.  Langston comes to visit Starr and brings her a bunch of flowers.  Starr looks at a picture of Blair and Todd.  Blair lets Rex know about the girl who called about Todd.  The girl suggests getting Todd to the hospital.  Natalie comes in and tells John to lay off of Miles.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Tabby goes to good witch school to protect Endora. She surprises the good witches. Kay does a spell on Fox to save his life. The evil elf releases a demon to Fox now Fox is evil. Kay freezes Miguel than they start to make love but Fox walks in. Whitney goes to see Theresa but wakes Jared up. She finds Teresa with Ethan downstairs and they tell Whitney about their engagement. Jared comes down and attacks Ethan. Theresa tries to stop the attack but Jared picks her up and throws her across the room. She is unconscious.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nikki is surprised to see Victor. She tells him what happened with Nick. When she starts to talk about other things, he tells her he isn’t interested in hearing anything that doesn’t have to do with Nick. Victor goes in to see Nick. Nick tells him he doesn’t really remember what happened. Victor hugs him and tells him that he loves him. He goes back out to the waiting room with Nikki. He tells her he didn’t find Victor Jr. She wants to know why he never called her back. He says he was unreachable in Sri Lanka. She says he didn’t want to call her back. He brings up the election and she says she doesn’t regret it. He says she has other things to regret, like her affair with David.

Phyllis gathers things that she thinks will reminds Nick of his life. She is shocked and surprised and to hear that Sharon and Jack haven’t told Noah yet. She offers to be there when he is told but Sharon refuses. Noah gets back from camp. Sharon tells him that they found Nick. He thinks they mean that his body was found but Sharon tells him that he was right, his dad was alive all this time. He is so excited and wants to get to the hospital right away. Sharon explains about the memory loss. Noah says that his dad must be so sad hearing that Cassie died. Noah gets to the hospital and gets to see Nick. He asks him questions about his memory. They play some games together. Noah doesn’t want to leave but the nurse makes then go. Nick talks him into it. After he leaves, Nick tells Sharon that his head knows she is married to Jack, but his heart is having a hard time playing catch-up. He asks her to come back after she brings Noah home. She brings Noah to the coffee shop to pick up something for Nick. She sees Brad and they catch up with everything that’s been going on. Phyllis goes to see Nick and shows him the things she brought that she hopes will trigger his memory. She tells him about their relationship. He said he believes what she is saying but he doesn’t feel anything for her. Phyllis leaves and Victor goes in. Nikki and Victoria are very cold to her and seem to be happy that Nick doesn’t remember Summer and hope he doesn’t remember her. She goes to see Jack and tells him how hard it is on her that Nick doesn’t remember that he loves her. Sharon comes back to see Nick. She tells him that Noah says they are a family of superheroes. He says if he was a superhero, he would have been able to save Cassie and cries for her. Sharon hugs him and comforts him.

Amber is upset that she can’t get the money to produce her demo and contemplates taking it from the money they have buried in the backyard. She gets a call from her friend Ally who knows someone who can do the demo for $1000.00. She’s angry when he tells her that he sent his uncle the bonus money from work. He offers to sell his motorcycle to get the money. Kevin is amazed that he would do that and says the “honesty” they share is inspiring. Cane offer to sell the bike to someone he works with. They talk about how Kevin is still looking for Jana. Cane reminds him that Jana may not even be his real name. He tells them that he used to track people down who skipped out on debts back in Australia, which worries Amber. Cane gets a call that the guy who was going to buy the bike totaled it while he was out for a test drive. He leaves and Amber leaves a short while later. She digs up the money and takes some.

Brad tells Victoria he knows she is pregnant and wants to know if he’s the father. She tells him she doesn’t know. He says they need to find out. She goes to see JT who comforts her. She goes to the hospital to see Nick and her parents. She tells them she is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is between JT and Brad.

Jack sees Victor. Jack asks him if he has seen the video of Nikki with David. Victor tells him he may have won for now, but it won’t last. David comes up to them and Jack leaves. Victor warns him that he had better leave. David chastises him for leaving when Nikki needed him. Victor punches him! Nikki gets him some ice and tells him he should leave. Victor tells him he should take that advice. Nikki and Victor argue.

Brad mocks Phyllis because Nick doesn’t remember her. She says he will get his memory back and remember he loves her, but he will always think Brad is scum. He goes to see JT and Victoria and tells them that the test to determine paternity before the baby is born is dangerous. He says they will wait until the baby is born, and after that, he is going for full custody.

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