Wednesday 6/27/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/27/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Livia visits Jack and lets him know that his divorce from Erica will soon be final, but he has little time left to win Erica back.  At Fusion, Annie shares with Kendall that Greenlee is trying to get her out of Fusion.  Kendall assures her that her job is safe.  Ryan is at the Yacht Club bar when Greenlee sneaks up behind him, puts her hands over his eyes, and asks if he is following her.  When Del asks Amanda where she has been the last few days, J.R. swoops in and pulls her away.  Pam visits Erica in the hospital and finds out that she is faking her illness.  Tad comes to visit with a bunch of flowers.  He puts in a desperate call to Jack to tell him that Erica is in the hospital.  Ryan informs Greenlee that although he will always care for her, Annie and his children come first in his life. 

Hurriedly, Colby comes into the house and tells Sean that she is being followed.  Erica asks for Josh’s help in helping her in her plan to get Jack back.  J.R. lets Amanda know that he thinks that Zach is behind the Chandlers being swindled out of their money.  Later, Amanda hands in her two week notice to Kendall.  Jack comes to visit Erica and after talking to her a few minutes, Jack realizes that Erica is faking her illness.  J.R. lets Tad know that he is not changing his name. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade threatens Will when he wants to call the police. She just wants him to look for Cleo’s journal. Cleo plays on Will’s emotions. Allison tells Emily that Aaron left town after she told him that they have no future. They can’t have a future after what she has done. However, Aaron is busy trying to get a job bartending at the Lakeview. Aaron and Dusty meet up happily. Lucinda tries to convince the police Craig intentionally pushed Paul over the cliff, but everyone is shocked when Meg finally verifies his story. Aaron asks Dusty to help him get a job. Dusty wants Aaron and Allison to get back together. Jade tries everything to get Will to believe that Cleo intends them harm to no avail. Will wants to get a retraining order against Jade. Meg can’t believe that Paul is even dead. Craig offers to go look for Paul again so she can rest. Allison finds out that Dusty is helping Aaron stay in town and is angry. Emily and Dusty share some time together again. Craig tells Meg they found a locket; Meg breaks down when she realizes it is hers. She admits to Craig the story behind it. Craig promises to not let her down and find Paul at any cost. Holden finally reaches Meg. Cleo promises herself that she will take care of Jade. Meg is furious that Lucinda is asking about the contract when Paul is still missing; she thinks that is all she cares about. People mean nothing to her, so she responds in kind by ripping up the contract, which Craig witnesses. Aaron convinces Allison to take a motorcycle ride with him. Emily appears to be fighting her continuing attraction to Dusty, which she thinks is not reciprocated, so she rushes off when they are done with their work. Will is driving when he notices headlights close behind him; his car is struck from behind causing him to run off the road.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Mother knows it’s a mistake to let Brooke back in the building, just like a bad penny she keep popping up, but Thorne and Eric warmly welcome Brooke back into the business. Phoebe doesn’t think Rick is being fair, he won’t try hard enough to reschedule her appearances so she can do both – for the perfume and singing for Constantine. She reaffirms to her dad in front of Rick that they are committed and nothing has changed. She just hopes he knows how important this singing career is to her. The other woman was a brief time when they split up and is now in the past. Back to square one, Carl and Bridget don’t know whose eggs were used that night in the IVF. She feels she has to go tell Taylor until she is interrupted by Chief of Staff, Dr. Mills. He reprimands Carl and doesn’t want anyone stirring up trouble when there isn’t any. Then he turns his attention to Bridget and says he wishes she had come to him and not some member of the custodial staff, as he knows what really happened in the lab that night. Felicia quizzes Ashley about the look she saw between her and Rick. Ashley tells her there was once something between them, but it was over a long time ago. Felicia champions for her brother, Ridge.

Dr. Mills gives Bridget a time scan and it would have been virtually impossible for her mother’s eggs to have been implanted in Taylor. Everything is as it should be. Rick tells Phoebe that he loves her, he supports her and while he may hate it, her being with Constantine so much, he won’t stand in her way. She makes him promise that even if they are far apart, he will remain faithful. Alone with Brooke, Stephanie reminds her that she may have wormed her way back into the company, but she will not allow her to worm her way back into Ridge’s life. Brooke comes on to Ridge, but he is non-committal. Stephanie goes to see Ashley with this tiny crisis on her hands and needs Ashley’s solution. Maybe there is a woman out there who can help him get off this crazy merry-go-round and help herself at the same time. Any chance Ashley wants to help Ridge save himself from Brooke’s clutches?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie advises Chelsea to dump Nick. Jett apologizes to Chelsea for badmouthing Nick and suggests they all go out on a double date. Max advises Stephanie to dump Jeremy but Jeremy overhears Stephanie having to defend him. Max decides he wants his money back while Jeremy enlists Stephanie to help him keep Max involved. Nick tells Billie about Kate’s blackmail but when confronted, Kate denies having ever threatened Nick. Privately, Kate threatens to make Nick pay for tattling to Billie.

Stefano leaves Tony to dine with Anna alone. Hope dons a wire to communicate with Bo as she sneaks around the mansion looking for Santo’s letters. Steve reveals to Bo that he drugged the wine so everyone will be passed out while Hope searches the mansion. Tony questions Anna about meeting with the Bradys but doesn’t believe her claim of a social visit. Anna assumes Tony was the one who drugged her but soon Tony and Bart pass out on top of Anna on the couch. Stefano comes looking for Tony and finds Hope, having only moments before returned the letters to their hiding place, standing over the unconscious trio.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis goes to Sam with what Amelia told her, so Sam gives her side of the story, explaining her level of desperation that lead her into serial marriage cons. Carly reassures her boys that she and Jax may disagree about some things, but are not getting divorced. Lulu visits Tracy at Shadybrook and gets to witness her talking to the furniture (Alan). She goes away for a while, during which time Scott offers Tracy a deal that she rejects. When Lulu returns, she tries to convince Tracy that Luke does love her. Jason makes bail and goes to work trying to find out if Sam or Amelia kidnapped his son, after he calms Carly down. When she goes home, Jerry is waiting for her. Sam confronts Amelia with the fact that she knows that Amelia has been working against her. Amelia does not try to deny it, but does say that they're bound together for at least the length of Sam's contract.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is in jail. Lizzie goes to see her only to bee stopped  by  Alan. Alan then visits Reva. Reva tells him he can't keep her in jail. Jeffery comes to Reva's rescue. Lizzie gets upset with Alan for locking Reva up. Reva has flashbacks of what went on when she was with Lizzie. Josh visits Reva. Reva tells her story of the events of Her and Lizzie's time together. Flashbacks start of Reva and Lizzie together. Alan visits Reva again when she admits being with Lizzie but that it wasn't a kidnapping. Cassie visits Reva saying she is here to help her. Reva tells Cassie to go. Reva then has another flashback of the time with Lizzie. Jeffery question Lizzie about what happened with Reva. Out of jail, Reva calls Wanda (the Lewis' secretary and family friend, she wants Wanda to send the Lewis jet to Springfield. When Reva gets on the jet she phones Jonathan. She tells him she is on the way. From her side of the conversation, Jonathan says it's too late. Reva panics. She doesn't understand. Jeffrey and Lizzie are still talking about that time    when he notices the same tattoo on her ankle as Reva's. Lizzie tells Jeffrey it still hurts. Jeffrey suggests she get it looked at. She leaves him in a huff and he goes after her. Reva's mood changes when she gets good news from Jonathan. Seems it has to do with little Sarah. Reva tells the pilot plans have changed. She doesn't need the Lewis jet after all. Jeffrey checks Lizzie's tattoo again. He finds Reva and puts his hand over her mouth so she doesn't yell. He tells her he wants answers and no lies. Jeffrey has guessed that Jonathan and Little Sarah are alive....

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Tate visits his Dad in jail and lets him know that he was stupid to take the blame for a crime that he didn’t commit.  Roxy introduces herself to Miles.  After talking to him a few minutes, she finds out that he married Marty.  Matthew, Bo, and Nora come to Lindsay’s art gallery to help her celebrate Jen’s birthday.  Kirk urges Tate to stop his hateful and violent rampage.  Tate refuses to listen to his father and assures him that One Pure People must win over all races.  Kirk threatens to report Tate to the police unless he stops this rampage.  Natalie meets up with Vincent and asks him out on a date.  Vincent refuses the date and tells her that he wants Layla, so they vow to be” just friends.”  Questioned by John, Marty continues to remember things that happened the night that Spencer was murdered.  Layla is afraid that Adriana will be Tate’s next victim, and even warns Adriana against Tate.  Tate comes to visit to let Adriana know that he visited his father in prison.  Adriana hugs Tate. 

After talking to Marty, John concludes that Marty was knocked out by the real killer.  Nora goes to the jail to visit Kirk and confront him about burning down her home.  Bo comes back to visit Lindsay and then helps her to deal with a fretful Tommy. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

The demon elf sends his minions off to wreak havoc on the citizens of Harmony.  A possessed Sheridan says she'll kill Theresa.  A possessed Jared wants to kill Ethan.  Possessed Gwen can't wait to kill Theresa for hurting Ethan.  Jessica is saved and brought back to life, which reduces the power of the minions and they have to unpossess the three bodies.  Sheridan changes her mind and says she won't kill Theresa.  This brings on the wrath of the blackmailer who starts to choke her.  Sheridan lifts up his/her disguise and realizes who it is.  She threatens to call Sam with its identity so Luis will be free.  The blackmailer reminds her that Luis will only be free to be with Fancy.  If she keeps his identity, then the blackmailer will still help her find Pretty who will tear Luis and Fancy apart.

Gwen and Rebecca decide to find J.T.'s USB stick so they can find the secret that Theresa is hiding and use it against her.

Spike is taken to jail and arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.  The demon elf decides that Spike has evil enough to spare to bring his minions back to full power.  They get their power back from Spike and go out to wreak more havoc on Harmony.  Sam comes back to check on his prisoner and finds that the door to the cell has been knocked off and Officer Benson, who was supposed to watch Spike, is wrapped up in prison bars and hanging from the back of the bed.

After they are rid of the demons, Gwen and Jared watch as Ethan proposes to Theresa and she accepts.  They are both livid.  Gwen and Jared are then repossessed after the demons get more power from Spike and are determined to kill Ethan and Theresa. 

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Victoria and Brad bicker over their divorce and are interrupted by JT, who tells Victoria that Nick is alive!
Phyllis tries to tell Nick that they are married and they have a daughter. He is upset and doesn’t believe her. Sharon watches from outside and tells Jack and Nikki that he still doesn’t remember his marriage to Phyllis. Phyllis shows Nick photos but he doesn’t remember anything. He asks her to stop, he can’t remember anything. Victoria arrives and is told about Nick’s memory loss. She goes into see him. Phyllis leaves them alone. He tells Victoria that he doesn’t remember being married to Phyllis and jokingly asks if she is still his sister. She catches him up on what he has forgotten. He is shocked to hear that she married Brad. He tells her he feels frustrated about his memory loss. He’s happy when she tells him she is pregnant. Phyllis is anxious to know why Nick doesn’t remember her or Summer. The doctor tells her that bringing Summer to see him could trigger his memory. She goes home to get her and brings her to visit Nick. She tells him the story of how Summer got her name. She tells him stories about her. Nick says she is cute but he doesn’t remember her. He believes she is his daughter but he doesn’t understand why he is with Phyllis. He doesn’t understand how he could have fallen in love with her. He tells her she isn’t his type. Nikki comes in so Phyllis leaves. He tells Nikki he doesn’t mean to upset Phyllis but he doesn’t know how he ended up with her. Nikki says he isn’t the only one with who wonders that.
Brad gets a call about Abby. He has to go pick her up because she is feeling sick. Abby tells him that she thinks that Victoria hates her and she is the reason they are divorcing. He calls Victoria who promises to come by later and talk to her about it later. She goes to see her and assures her it isn’t her fault. She tells her that she still wants to spend time with her and offers to have her over so they can do arts and crafts together. After she leaves Brad finds an obstetrician’s appointment card with Victoria’s name on it.
Jack and Sharon head to the office. They tell Ben about Nick’s memory loss. Jack says he wants both himself and Sharon to be involved in the hiring process of Jack’s staff. Sharon is preoccupied with thoughts of Nick. Jack tells her she should go back to the hospital. She goes back to the hospital and she, along with Victoria, Nikki and Phyllis, talk to Logan about Nick. Sharon asks Phyllis if it’s okay with her if she goes in to talk to Nick. Phyllis says it’s okay, that isn’t her Nick in there. Logan tells Nikki, Phyllis and Victoria that depending on the extent of the damage, Nick’s memory loss could be permanent. Sharon goes in to see Nick. He asks when she will bring Noah to see him. She says she is waiting for the right time. She is worried about how Nick’s memory loss will affect him. He says he can’t believe that Cassie is gone and worries about how Noah must have taken that. He tells Sharon that she is a good wife and mother. He asks her if she is happy with Jack. She says she is. He is disappointed but says he is happy for her. Phyllis goes home with Summer and sings to her and cries. Back at the hospital, Sharon tells Jack how hard this is to accept and that she must tell Noah. He asks her if any of it makes her feel nostalgic and she says it doesn’t. Nick goes in for his MRI. When Nikki turns around, Victor is standing there.
Kevin tells Lily that he has been in contact with Jana. He has a still photo from a webcam photo of her and they examine it to see if they can recognize anything that might help them figure out where she is. He sends it to Colleen who tells him that she recognizes one of the photos. She tells him the history of it (Adrian had some research for it ). Adrian comes in and overhears her on the phone and isn’t happy. He tells her not to use his research for her personal stuff and is angry that she is helping Kevin. She has coffee with Lily, who tells her that helping Kevin is a bad idea. Colleen tells her that this is something she feels like she has to do, as much for herself as for Kevin. She goes to see Kevin and they examine the photo for clues. JT overhears them and warns her to stop. She brushes him off.

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