Tuesday 6/26/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/26/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Annie are frolicking in the sand when Greenlee walks up behind them.  Adam meets with an F.B.I. agent to find the missing money.  J.R. is on the phone with Amanda giving her instructions on what to say if she is questioned about the kidnapping as Adam walks up behind him.  Zach talks to his contact on the phone and Seamus tells him that he is happy where he is and will stay there.  Greenlee tells Ryan and Annie about the new fragrance that she and Kendall came up with for Fusion.  Adam visits Krystal at the Comeback Bar and pretends as though he is looking for Stewart.  Amanda asks Aidan for help in finding Adamís ransom money.  J.R. confronts Zach about the warning that Zach gave him right before J.R. was supposedly kidnapped.  J.R. demands to know who Zachís informant is.  Ava comes into the Comeback Bar and introduces herself to Krystal.  Ava asks Krystal for a job so that Lilly will be proud of her.  While carefully considering Avaís question, she looks beyond Ava, and sees Lily, who just seated herself at a table on the outside.  Greenlee comes into work and is, once again, on the grouchy side.  Babe wonders what happened since last night.  Within minutes, Annie comes into work and they know what upset Greenlee so badly. 

Ryan comes into the yacht club and confronts Zach as to why he isnít at work.  Jack and Sean appear up at Lilyís table.  Ava comes out to let Lily know that this is where she is working now.  She takes their orders.  Jack lets Ava know the results of Seanís charges all the while, looking at Ava.  Lily wonders why they are looking at Ava.  A man approaches Lilyís table and tries to touch her.  Lily starts saying, ďDonít touch.  Donít touch.Ē  Ava comes to her rescue.  Ava teaches Lily that some touching can be good.  An F.B.I. agent comes to see Amanda to question her about the kidnapping.  Amanda goes to see J.R. to let him know that an F.B.I. agent came to see her.  Annie and Greenlee have a run-in at work and Annie lets her know that she is there to stay. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Carly come close to sharing a kiss, but are interrupted. Maddie tells Will that she and Casey broke up. Will, Maddie and Noah worry about how Cleo will handle being Gwen’s assistant. Cleo finds Jade with her journal. Craig and Paul struggle and Paul falls off the cliff, as Meg watches in horror. When Craig finds out the police are on the way, he tosses the gun into the lake. Jade threatens to expose Cleo if she doesn’t get on a bus and leave town. Cleo and Jade are fighting over the journal when Will shows up. Lily tells Carly they have their first client. JJ tells Jack he saw him and Carly about to kiss. Faith sides with JJ over Parker. When Carly asks Jack to stay for drinks, Jack gently explains that they are giving the wrong impression to their kids and thinks he should leave. Craig has some explaining to do to the cops. Lucinda wants her and Meg to make sure they tell the police that Craig pushed Paul; Meg is only focused on finding Paul though. Craig deletes his text message to Paul on Meg’s phone. Jade tries to get Will to listen to her, but he takes Cleo’s side. Jade can’t find the journal Cleo stashed under the couch. Holden asks Jack for the name of a PI to help him locate Meg. The police want to question Meg about what she saw, but she is in no condition once they tell her that Paul has still not been found; Lucinda pipes in that she saw Craig push Paul. Jade threatens to kill Will when he tells her that he is going to call the cops. Carly tells Lily that she has to get Jack back because she realizes she still loves him and he is her ‘home’.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget just wants to close her eyes and not wake up for about twelve hours. She was so worried about what Carl was going to show her. Now it seems cleared up and she feels better. With Nick’s mouth agape, Taylor gives him a show-stopper tease in the bedroom since Brooke won’t be doing the Bedroom Line. After a hot love session, Bridget calls and says she was only thinking about Taylor and seeing how she was? Phoebe works on the tracks in the studio with Constantine. He’s more than pleased, but her look needs expressing more for the visual. She agrees to the make-over. Rick and Ashley have a meeting about fragrances and he insists Phoebe should be here too, but Constantine has her priorities all screwed up. Ashley tells him to get out; Phoebe needs him, so go to the studio and help her. Felicia sees a close connection between them. Carl wonders how he could have been so wrong. Bridget's mother’s eggs could have been used in the IV after all.

Transformed into a semi-Goth Goddess, Rick is shocked when he walks into the studio and sees Phoebe. He tells her she does not have to dress like this to be a success. She doesn’t want to lose him, but she begs him not to ask her to give this up. And despite his pleadings for her to come with him, he leaves alone. Constantine is there to urge her to just let Rick go. Carl tries to call Bridget, but she ignores the phone. He bangs on her door until she answers and tells her the disturbing news. The Petri dishes are the same, with same labeling so Taylor could be carrying her mother’s baby. Nick rubs Taylor’s tummy, basking in the glow of the coming blissful parenthood.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate offers to pay Nick to alter Sami’s DNA test so it shows EJ to be the father but Nick refuses. Kate threatens to tell Nick’s boss about his stealing the hairbrush if he doesn’t comply. Marlena gets Nick to promise to call her first should the test reveal EJ to be the father. Sami is the only one not happy about having twins and fears that the babies could have two different fathers. Sami gets Lucas to admit that he’d have trouble forging an emotional bond with a baby that wasn’t his.

Stefano confronts EJ about lying to him but EJ claims he truly believed what he reported. EJ asks for a chance to prove his loyalty so Stefano has him deliver the trunks to Jeremy’s plane. Neither Stefano nor Tony will give EJ answers about the contents of the trunks. Stephanie arrives to work early disregarding Jeremy’s desire for her to be absent during the exchange and Max steps up when Jeremy berates her for disobeying him. Max threatens to back out of the deal until Jeremy promises to treat Stephanie better. Max walks in on EJ talking with Jeremy but Jeremy doesn’t listen to Max’s warning about doing business with the DiMeras.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly and Jax escape from the bar, then after an argument, tears, and promises to return, he takes off after his brother. Kate is startled and drops a valuable diamond necklace through a grate, and Sonny's efforts to help her retrieve it only make matters worse. The hotel staff believe the two are having an affair. Maxie's condolences about Jake turns into another argument between her and Lulu. Sam tells Jason that she was a con and that she killed Amelia's father, then demands the truth from him about why he never tried to pursue custody of his son. He continues to suspect her. Liz dreams of a life with Jason and her boys.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan wants Beth to talk to Rick about the baby. Megan is on Ashlee's case. Rafe takes Daisy aside to talk. Rafe and Daisy agree that Harley and Gus shouldn't know that  they already know each other. Ashlee tells Megan she is not afraid of her. Then Megan leaves and a bit later Coop arrives. Ashlee is  glad to see him. He sees a scratch on her arm. She says it's nothing. Coop doesn't believe her. They have a fight about it. Beth meets with Rick, who is not happy. He wants full custody of the baby. They later talk about the Bauer BBQ coming up. Harley has a chat with Daisy about being open and honest with her.  Later Daisy and Rafe meet up and kiss. Harley and Buzz about Rafe and Daisy. Harley says all she needs is for Daisy to hang out with Rafe's friends. Natalia over hears Harley and Buzz talking. Harley then has to explain what she meant exactly. Alan and Doris meet up. Alan thinks Doris wants Alan to help her get  Ashlee out of Juvie. Doris says no. Doris wants to run for Mayor and wants to marry Alan for the money. What they don't realize is Coop is listening in on their conversation. He is not please. Doris visits Ashlee to say she is running for mayor and that will help Ashlee. Coop runs into Alan and tells him he heard the  conversation between Alan and Doris. Coop tells Alan he cares for Ashlee. Unaware of Daisy and Rafe knowing each other, Natalia, Gus, Harley and Dylan are talking. Harley thinks that with Rafe living there that Daisy and he will be closer. Dylan says he doesn't think so, he says it looks like they don't even like each other. Beth and Rick talk about the good ole days of high school. Alan is on the phone inquiring about Ashlee. Dylan is on the phone with Billy. Billy thinks Dylan and Harley are "Getting Along". Daisy and Rafe spy on Harley and Gus then go up stairs together. Harley looks uneasy about Rafe being there.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Carlotta and Jamie visit Antonio in the hospital and Jamie brings him a picture that she had drawn.  Jessica looks at the divorce papers.  Rex comes to visit Bo at the police station and tells him that he is leaving town for a while.  Adriana walks up to Tateís table and tells him that he looks like the guilty one.  John questions Marty if she is all right.  Marty asks John what he will do if she remembers that she is the guilty one.  A ruckus erupts outside of Boís office between an African-American officer and Kirk Harmon.  Tate asks Adriana if she believes that he is the arsonist.  Tate hands in his resignation, but Adriana refuses it.  Jessica assures Nash that she will sign the divorce papers.  Natalie visits Jessica and Nash with a plate of homemade cookies in hand.  Natalie notices the divorce papers.  Nash lets Vincent know that he is in love with Jessica Buchanan.  Rex lets Bo know that he has a lead on Todd.  Lindsay comes to visit Bo with a present in hand.  Marty begins to relive the night that Spencer Truman was killed.  She remembers seeing two people.  Talia visits Antonio and listens to what he tells Jamie.  Rex comes in, and pulls Adriana away from Tate so he can talk to her.  Marty remembers she saw Rex and Paige.  Marty also remembers that she had tried to call John.  Paige walks into Boís office and sees him with Lindsay in his arms. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Kay, Tabby, and the evil Elf are in the woods. Kay wants to know where Jess is but the elf wont tell her. The elf releases his minions. Jess' spirit rises and is a ghost. She says it's ok that she is dead. Spike is arrested and Sam questions him. Miguel, Paloma, Noah and Simone come in and has a shovel that they found. They get a call about disturbance in the woods and they all leave. The elf finally tells Kay where Jess is and Noah and Sam dig. They find Jess but is she alive? The blackmailer is still with Sheridan. Sheridan declines the offer but than accepts due to the elf's minions. Gwen admits to Ethan that she sent Jared to the Russell house. Theresa makes love to Jared and Ethan overhears them. Theresa goes downstairs and finds Ethan. Gwen sees them and decides that she has to kill Theresa. Jared wakes up and decides to kill Ethan.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

It’s the day after the election and Jack is eager to get to work. He wants to start work on Clear Springs. Ben advises him against it and feels it will make him look bad to go ahead with the project. He receives a bottle of champagne from Phyllis and lies to Sharon about where it came from. He calls Phyllis and offers her a job with the Clear Springs project. Sharon isn’t happy when she finds out but refuses to tell Jack to rescind the offer so she doesn’t look like the bad guy. Jack assures her that if it gets too uncomfortable he will fire her.

At Nikki’s office, Karen and David are still arguing over David costing her the election. Nikki is worried about having to answer to Victor when he gets home.

Maggie is frustrated about not being able to figure out what is going on with the Jabot case. Paul offers to help. They see Michael and tell him that the acting DA has decided to fast track Phyllis’ case. He goes to her house and tells her. She tells him to make sure the paperwork to have Michael and Lauren take custody of Summer should she go to jail is in place. They are all emotional as they sign the papers.

Gloria tells William that if he wants to recover, he should focus on happy things instead of negative things like her being guilty. She shows Michael the paper where William wrote murderer. She is worried about him doing it again and having someone see it. Michael advises her to not let William out of her sight. When the physical therapist is with him later, Gloria sends her home. When Maggie and Paul show up to talk to William but Gloria says he is sleeping and refuses to let them in. Maggie and Paul think that Gloria seems to be acting strangely.

Nick and Logan worry that he may not make it out alive. He dictates a note to her for his family. A park ranger arrives! They call a MedEvac to get Nick to the hospital ASAP. The park ranger recognizes his name and says he is presumed dead. Nick says he can’t wait to get back to his wife and children. On the way, Logan calls Nikki to tell her that she is at the hospital with Nick. Nikki hangs up on her thinking it is a crank call. She calls back and David takes the call, still thinking it’s a joke. Finally Nikki talks to her and realizes it might be true. She and David rush to the hospital. She arrives at the hospital and can’t believe that it’s him! Sharon and Jack arrive. Nick tells her he’s been waiting to see her and asks for a welcome home kiss. He kisses her passionately. She is caught off guard and tells him it’s inappropriate. He asks why it’s inappropriate to kiss his wife? Meanwhile, Phyllis checks her voicemail and is annoyed that Nikki has called her multiple times. Michael tells her to listen to one of the messages. She does and hears that Nick is alive! She’s in shock and heads over there to see him. Lauren tells Summer that her daddy is home. At the hospital, Sharon tells Nick that they are divorced. He doesn’t believe her and says he would remember it. He is agitated and says he wants to see his children. He asks for Cassie. He gets even more upset when they have to tell him that Cassie is dead. Sharon decides that bringing Noah to the hospital right now isn’t a good idea. Logan suggests that this all could be temporary and they should hope for the best. David offers to stay in town with Nikki. Phyllis arrives at the hospital and goes in to see Nick. She tries to kiss him and he pushes her away. He tells her to get away from him and says he wants his wife, Sharon. He tells Sharon to get Phyllis out of there.

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