Monday 6/25/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/25/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Greenlee let Di and Babe share the new Fusion Green fragrance they just created.  Di and Babe are enthusiastic with the scent.  Adam is thrilled that his son, J.R., is home and safe.  Adam wants to call the FBI to try to find the missing money, but J.R. is completely against this idea.  Erica asks Tad to sleep with her.  At first, Tad pretends that he is thrilled with the idea, but then Erica realizes that his excitement is sarcasm.  Tad encourages Erica to go to Jack and let him know that she loves him.  Erica refuses to be the first one to give in.  Erica starts to leave, but has an accident with one of the busboys, which lands her on her back.  Kendall explains to Zach how happy she is that she and Greenlee are getting along so well.  Zach is unconvinced of Greenlee’s sincerity and offers to take care of the situation.  Kendall begs him to let her handle it.  Zach promises to back off of Greenlee, but if Greenlee comes after Kendall or Spike again, then he will step in and take care of the situation.  Adam hurls insulting remarks at Amanda.  Amanda becomes so furious that she threatens to blow the lid off J.R.’s scheme.  After J.R. promises to give her a share of the money, Amanda agrees to lie to the FBI.

Babe thanks Greenlee for helping her to get her priorities straight and to make something of her life.  Dr. Joe checks Erica out and finds that she is okay except for a bump on her head.  He offers to call Jack or anyone that Erica feels should be notified that she will be staying overnight for observation.  Erica says that she is fine and will be going home.  When the nurse comes in to take her out to the car, however, Erica devises a plan and pretends that she is dizzy.  She tells the nurse she thinks that she should stay in the hospital overnight as a precautionary measure and gets into bed.  Tad tries to talk her out of this scheme, but Erica refuses.  Tad leaves her room in a huff.  Zach calls Adam to inquire if he has found his money yet.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Carly asks Jack to stay for the barbeque, but he doesn’t think it is a good idea. Cleo is excited to accompany Gwen to Branson, but her delight is put on hold when Maddie shows up upset. Lucinda finds an unconscious Meg. Paul and Craig have a confrontation at the cliffs and Craig shoots him…but it is only a graze. Craig wants Paul to disappear and subtly threatens Meg’s life if he doesn’t. Meg can learn to love him if Paul is gone, Craig is sure. Maddie tells Gwen that Casey finally wrote from jail and told her that when he got out he wasn’t coming back to Oakdale and for her not to wait for him anymore. Jack is worried that they will send the wrong message, but Carly soon convinces him it is for the best. Carly gives Jack a heartfelt apology and he returns it in kind. Gwen thinks Maddie needs to give Casey time, but in the meantime, she invites her to Branson. Cleo secretly overhears and doesn’t want Maddie to accept the invite. When Maddie finally does, an upset Cleo rushes out unnoticed. Meg tries to piece together what happened in the past day. Lucinda worries about where the contract is. Meg is very concerned for Paul especially when she sees Craig sent Paul a text message pretending to be her. Parker remains mad at JJ, but they cover in front of Jack and Carly. Later, JJ tries to apologize but Parker doesn’t accept it. Craig taunts Paul claiming he and Meg made love so she could save his life. Meg collapses. Jack and Carly play referees when Parker and JJ start to fight. Carly gets the brunt of it when she is mistakenly punched. Jade secretly watches as an emotional Cleo writes in her journal. Maddie and Gwen tell Noah she is going to Branson. When Maddie seems out of it about the trip, Noah thinks she simply misses Casey until Maddie explains how he broke up with her. Paul and Craig fight and Craig comes close to falling over the edge, but Paul is the one that is soon hanging on by his hands. Cleo promises to get back at Will and Gwen for making her love them and then shutting her out. Cleo is cold when Gwen calls her to tell her Maddie’s joining them and to ask her to join them for dinner. Soon, she realizes she is not getting left out and runs excitedly to join them for dinner. Jade reads Cleo’s journal and realizes what she is up to. Jack helps take care or Carly’s injury, as they joke about this. They share a close moment and seem on the verge of kissing. Craig toys with letting Paul fall, but he has a change of heart. He tries to help him up, as Paul decides he wants to take him down no matter what. Meg and Lucinda arrive and notice Craig hanging over the side but Paul nowhere to be seen.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick gets it out of Brooke. If she can’t have him, she is going back to the dressmaker. She claims only to Forrester Originals. Children need both of their parents, if possible, so if there are any feelings…….she asks him to just please tear up the contract. She thanks him when he complies and gives him a hug. Taylor walks in at that moment; has she interrupted something? She’s surprised when she learns they are not going to be working together after all. She laments she is not unhappy that Brooke won’t be running around the hallway in her underwear. Ridge is concerned; Constantine just called Rick a two-timer. He advises him to ask Phoebe about this. Carl assures Bridget the labels are a match; Taylor is NOT carrying her mother’s baby, the eggs came from the donor. Bridget is ecstatic, if her mother found out Taylor was carrying her baby, it would be crazytown. She buries him in hugs and a kiss on the cheek with her gratitude. Defensive, Rick tells Constantine this is a FAMILY get-together, he’s not needed. Phoebe intercedes and gets Rick to lay off; Constantine is helping her and she appreciates it.

Ridge tells the family that he has convinced Brooke to come back to FO. This is not good news to Stephanie. After all Brooke has put him through, why would he bring her back into the family? Brooke walks in and tells them that Nick tore up the contract. Stephanie comments that she will not allow this. She is convinced Brooke has her sights on Ridge again, and not just professionally. Brooke asks her just to accept this. Stephanie thinks she knows Brooke too well and it’s just a matter of time. Ridge tells her Brooke is coming to work tomorrow and Stephanie can welcome her or stay away. Stephanie is happy to forget Brooke; how about talking about a new woman – Ashley Abbott? She intrigued him there for a while. Bridget returns to the party and tells Rick all is okay, he should act like it too. But Phoebe puts him off when she tells him she needs to skip out early to go do some work with Constantine at his studio. Ashley spies this and questions Rick about it. She is happy he and Phoebe are back on track. He tells her Phoebe forgave him, but she doesn’t know about Ashley or Mexico. Carl accepts and signs for another shipment in the lab, only to discover another department got a new printer and it corresponds with the one in the lab – oh no, he made a horrible mistake.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea doesn’t feel a connection after sleeping with Nick so she turns down his advances for an encore. Chelsea calls Stephanie over to ask for advice but denies it when Stephanie suggests Chelsea would rather be with Jett.

Marlena suggests using her connections at the hospital to doctor the amniocentesis results to show Lucas is the father but Sami refuses. Kate eavesdrops as Lucas talks with Billie about not being able to raise the child if EJ is the father. Billie tells Kate about Nick stealing the hairbrush so Kate rushes off to ask Nick to switch the results to show EJ is the father. Sami’s ultrasound reveals that she’s having twins.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly shows up and bluffs that she's Jerry's wife to rescue her "brother-in-law," Jax, from a bartender who is about to lock him in a closet to wait for Jerry. However, the bad guys figure out that something is up and decide to make Jerry bargain for Jax and Carly's safety. Spinelli refuses to help Jason escape, for Jason's own good. Elizabeth turns to Jason after Lucky and she have another fight about Jason. Sam calls someone and pours out her heart, saying she needs to tell Jason the whole truth and that she knows who Amelia is. She then goes to Jason and tells him she knows he's Jake's father and has known it. Sonny and Amelia's romantic encounter is interrupted by a trick Kate plays that sets off an alarm. Alexis confronts Amelia about some touchy issues in Sam's contract and Amelia lets her know that her daughter is a con-woman/murderess.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Gus tries to talk to Natalia about how he wishes he were there for her. Ashlee and Daisy have a talk about guys. Harley talks to Rafe about the needle incident. Marina is searching for Mallet and can not find him and asks Cyrus. Mallet  is in a room with Griggs, who is tied up. Griggs taunts Mallet to the point in where Mallet starts to strangle him but hits  him and leaves only to return. Mallet puts a gun on Griggs. Marina and Cyrus bust in and Marina tells Mallet to back off. Cyrus tries to reason with Mallet also saying this won't help Dinah. Mallet does back off and leaves the room only to have Marina follow him after Cyrus assures her he'll look after Griggs. While Marina and Mallet are talking Cyrus tells Griggs to go and gives him some money. Natalia and Remy kiss.. Daisy and her parents have a reunion, until Ashlee buts in. Daisy tells Ashlee she is being released. Ashlee says she is happy for her. Mallet goes to visit Dinah and holds her hand. He talks to her. She doesn't respond. Ashlee and Daisy continue their goodbye until Harley come in to just talk while Daisy's released papers are being processed. Natalia and Remy now are talking about her life. He seems to understand her. Natalia gets a call from Gus. Gus invites her to Daisy's welcome home. Natalia offers to pick something up on the way.  Daisy is now home welcomed by Gus. Gus calls Rafe down when Daisy seems him she is stunned it is the same guy from juvie.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

David comes into the Angel Square Hotel and finds Roxie asleep on the desk.  He tries to waken her in several different ways, but none of them works.  He reaches across the counter to get a set of keys out of her desk drawer.  She catches him by the arm.  Natalie settles into her new job at Buchanan Enterprises but is quite upset that she doesn’t have anything to do.  John continues to grill Marty as to what she remembers about the night that Spencer Truman was murdered.  Marty still refuses to tell John anything.  She remembers the threat that Miles made on John’s life. 

Viki lets Clint know that Jessica checked herself out of the hospital and went home with Nash.  Miles visits Natalie to congratulate her on her new job.  Miles asks for Asa’s help in helping him fund a clinic for disfigured children.  Natalie lets him know that Asa will have him investigated thoroughly before he will become involved.  Blair receives a call from a girl who claims to be looking directly at Todd.  Blair finds out that Todd is in Chicago and plans a trip to the Windy City.  Cristian insists on going with her.  Viki offers to let David stay with her in order to get back at Dorian. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Tabitha tries to find Jessica before Kay makes a deal with the demon elf.  Unfortunately, she's too late.  Kay gives him a drop of her blood which is going to allow him to wreak havoc on Harmony.  Jessica is running out of light and air.  She hears her mother, Grace, coming to take her home.  Fancy and Luis get some time alone in the prison showers.  The officer who allowed it put a video camera in there and Sheridan watches and seethes.  She will do whatever it takes to get Luis back.  The blackmailer comes to grant her wish, but in return, he/she wants her to kill Theresa.  Gwen returns home to see her mother.  Rebecca is all excited to help her get Ethan back, but Gwen doesn't want that.  She's only there to finalize her divorce and see her little girl, Jane.  Gwen alludes to having another man in her life.  When Gwen sees Jared, she tells him that he needs to see his wife and comfort her.  She just happens to be with Ethan and Jared catches them together.  They fight and Ethan tries to get Theresa to tell him who she really loves, but she remembers the warning from the blackmailer and remains quiet.  Ethan doesn't know how much more he can take.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nikki, Jack and their supporters anxiously watch the election results. It appears that Nikki may have won but Jack holding out hope. Katherine tells her that kiss with David may have cost her the election; however reports show that the public are not happy with the tactics Jack used in the election. Jack’s camp, however see that people are just as disgusted with Nikki. With every new source, the numbers change. In the end, JACK WINS! His camp is ecstatic while Nikki’s camp consoles her. She calls Jack to congratulate him but is anything but gracious. She wants to lambaste Jack in her concession speech which Karen and Victoria advise against and David of course supports. When she gives her speech she decides to take the high road and congratulates him. Jack gives a great speech from his victory party at the GCA Club and thanks everyone. While Sharon and Jack celebrate, Phyllis goes home to her empty house. Meanwhile, Nikki gets ready to go home. When David offers her a ride home, Karen gets angry and tells him that it is his fault that Nikki lost the election.

Nick insists on leaving and Logan is still hesitant. She sets up some distress signals in case a plane should fly by. Nick is desperate to get home to his family. When Logan is feeding him, he realizes that she hasn’t been eating and is worried that she may end up being too weak to hike out of there even if he gets better. She reveals to him that she doesn’t practice medicine anymore. She also tells him that her husband and two sons were killed when their car was hit by a drunk driver. She was trapped in the car and couldn’t help them. She thinks that they died because of her. When she checks his wound again she notices that infection has started to set in. She says that plans have changed and they need to get to a hospital now. She says they will leave when the sun comes up but Nick insists they leave immediately. They hear a plane overhead but by the time Logan runs outside, it is gone.

Kevin writes Jana and tells her that he hasn’t forgiven her completely but he does miss her, to try and lure her out of hiding. Jana calls Colleen who is furious at her for even calling. She asks how Kevin is doing and asks for Colleen’s help with him. She gives Colleen her phone number. She goes to see Kevin to tell him what happened. Kevin tells her that he has been trying to lure her out of hiding, however Colleen thinks it is way too dangerous and is too scared to get involved. Kevin tells her this is something he absolutely has to do. Colleen says she will think about helping him. She leaves and Kevin calls Jana and tells her that he is angry, but he still misses her.

Adrian tells Victoria that he and Colleen are on opposite sides when it comes to the election, but they have been through worse. He goes to see Colleen who tells him what happened with Jana and that she and Kevin have a plan. He is totally against her getting involved in this. She tells him she won’t be able to rest until Jana is brought to justice. He begs her to reconsider. He goes to Kevin and tells him not to involve in this plan. Meanwhile, Jana calls Colleen again and thanks her for telling Kevin that she called. Colleen tells her that Kevin is just as sick as she is, that’s why he can’t get over her.

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