Friday 6/22/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/22/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack is kissing Erica as one of Larry Longan’s anchormen walks in and catches them kissing.  The anchorman wants to know if this means that the divorce is over.  Jamie quizzes Babe for her G.E.D. which is the next day.  Tad is getting along quite well with his new acquaintance until she mentions going back to her place.  Tad, very quickly, declines the invitation.  As Zach arrives at the Chandler mansion, Adam is frantic with worry that they have lost track of the money.  Amanda is worried that they will never get out of there and that the kidnappers have forgotten about them.  Ava is having a bad dream when Jonathan comes into her room.  She is surprised to see him.  Amanda concludes that the only thing that J.R. wants out of this whole deal is to get back at his father and regain his love.  Jack becomes very upset with the anchormen and he slugs him.  Krystal calls Tad a “coward” for not going back to the woman’s apartment with her.  Jamie takes Babe to a secluded place so that she can relax.  Adam receives word that the money had been picked up.  J.R. denies that he wants his father back and says that he is only doing this for revenge.  Adam receives another phone call and is advised where to find his son.  Jack orders the cameraman and anchormen out of Erica’s office.  Jack blames Erica for this whole mess.  Jonathan starts to leave Ava’s room, but Ava stops him so that she can thank him.  Di and Lily visit Ava. 

Jack and Erica argue over Milla.  Jack places three conditions on him and Erica getting back together.  Adam finally finds J.R. and Amanda.  J.R. questions Zach as to why he is doing this.  J.R. urges Adam to make a call and find the money.  Jamie takes Babe to the park and she tells him that this reminds her of when they first met.  Di realizes that Ava likes Jonathan.  Jack asks Erica to come home tonight.  Jack goes home and goes to bed.  He expects Erica to come home.  Erica meets Tad at the yacht club and asks him to spend the night with her. 

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Allison is surprised to see Aaron who explains his return to Oakdale to make amends with her. They discuss how both were led astray and where they went wrong in their relationship in Seattle. Aaron asks Allison to give him a second chance. Allison gets upset that he thinks he can simply ask after all they went through and get her back. Emily and Dusty speak on a personal level and professionally after meeting with a photographer they both hope to employee for the Intruder full time. Meg and Craig argue lying everything and truths on the table. Craig pretends to play the part of the understanding jilted lover but drugs Meg’s tea. After Meg passes out Craig sends Paul a text message asking him to meet at Shadow Cliff. Paul rushes to see his love and is surprised when Craig appears and pulls a gun on him. Gwen has good news to report she has finished her CD and gives the first copy to Cleo. Cleo is so touched and rambles on getting on Will’s nerves. Noah stops by to discuss Gwen playing a benefit concert in Branson, Missouri. Gwen, Will and Cleo get excited about the gig but Noah warns things will be hectic so she may want to plan on bringing an assistant. Gwen asks Cleo to be her assistant. Later Cleo writes in her diary that she believes Gwen will be so busy she will be left to keep Will company while in Branson.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester clan gather poolside and Eric gives a toast to Ridge who is home where he belongs and to his other son for helping him get there. Ridge finishes by saying these were things he used to take for granted, but no more. Phoebe tells Rick that she will never forget what he did for her dad, and she loves him so much. Constantine calls and gets an invite to the shindig. Nick is upset upon learning that Brooke is not going to be there on her first day back at work, instead she is at this Forrester party. He also knows how vulnerable she is to Forrester. Brooke and Ridge look in on R.J. and Ridge laments how close he almost came to losing it all. He just wants it to all get back to normal. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but is curious how he feels about Ashley Abbott. Stephanie and Eric notice how quiet Bridget is. She confides in Rick that Carl is looking into some proof at the lab. Rick advises her not to wait for Carl; tell their mom, tell Taylor and quit torturing herself. Ridge relays to Brooke that he gave Phoebe and Rick his blessings. She’s going down that deja vu road too and reminds him how much loving her has cost him. Carl tells Bridget to drop whatever she is doing and get to the lab. He can’t tell her by phone and this she will want to see for herself. Once there, he is happy to produce a lid to the Petri dish to the eggs used in Taylor’s IV. Constantine is happy to see Phoebe smiling again, Ridge is pleased to meet him, but Rick is his surly, sullen self upon seeing him there. Phoebe asks them to please get along for her sake. Constantine lets slip to Ridge that he thinks Rick is a two-timer.

Brooke shows up and Nick assumes she is there to work and she bursts his bubble when she tells him she is resigning. She also assures him she is not running back to Ridge. This is about her son and giving him the kind of life she wants him to have. She has accepted his life with Taylor, and they both need to accept this. Carl explains ad nauseam that two Petri dishes were used that night and until now there was no way to know which one was used, but now the label can tell them everything they need to know. He prints out the label and Bridget hangs on every word. Who’s eggs were used?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie’s reunion with Abe is postponed because Abe is having a bad reaction to the latest corneal transplant. Lexie sees it a sign to leave town but Celeste convinces her to stick around and see Abe even though he’ll be sedated. Celeste reunites Lexie with Theo.

Stefano tries to get EJ to broker a united front with Tony but Tony will hear none of it. Everyone is offended by Ana’s demand for payment. Sami offers to go with Ana but Lucas threatens ending their marriage if Sami continues to risk her life. Hope volunteers to go and refuses to listen to Bo’s objections. Steve offers to go in with Ana but no one trusts him yet. Ana calls Tony and makes a plan to meet to hand over Colleen’s letters. Steve tells Tony and Stefano about the Brady family’s plan. Stefano sends EJ to the Pub to find out Ana’s real intentions but EJ reports back that Ana is only here for a social visit.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax manages to calm down Carly and restore her euphoric state, but it is shattered when Jerry calls needing help. He leaves, promising to return soon as possible. Kate demands that Sonny start dating some classy woman so that no one will link the two of them. He's willing to have a restraining order taken against any press that might do so, but not let her decide when and who he dates. Sam covers up her slip about Jake "not being Lucky's son," rather feebly, but well enough. Lulu tries to console Elizabeth. A baby is dropped off as a found child, but it's not Jake, despite the burst of hope everyone has. Carly decides to go after Jax.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is packing for a trip. She picks up the picture of Jonathan and says I am coming. Alan finds out from his PI that Reva never came home. Lizzie and Alan rehash the night he found her with Reva.  Lizzie is rubbing her wrist. Alan wants to know why. She says it's nothing. Alan asks her for  breakfast and she says no. Alan is then on the phone with someone. Olivia and Jeffrey have a talk about her Spaulding contract. Josh and Cassie talk again about Tammy. Marina and Mallet are talking about Dinah and her condition. Surgery is over and a Doctor comes out. She is still alive. Marina tells Mallet not to blame himself for what happened as they look at her through Dinah's hospital room window. Mallet doesn't want to talk much. Marina asks Mallet for his gun and badge. He hands them over. He later leaves carrying another gun and loads it and leaves the hospital. Marina tells Josh and Cassie about the shooting of Dinah. Alan meets with Doris. He asks about Ashlee, but not in a kind way. Then he turns the other cheek and and says he wants to be friends and help them. He gives her a gift. Doris asks Alan who she has to slaughter. Olivia and Jeffrey go at it again. Reva leaves for the airport, when Lizzie calls her. While still at the hospital Cassie tells Josh this isn't fair. That Dinah is a good person. Doris is loving her gift from Alan when he asks for a favor. Doris says it's going to cost him. Cyrus and Mallet have a big fight. Mallet blames Cyrus for Dinah's shooting. Reva lets Lizzie talk. Lizzie says she wants to go with Reva. Reva says no. Reva says remember the last time they hung out what happened. Reva says she needs time alone. Lizzie gets miffed and leaves. Reva then takes off for the airport. Josh stops a fist fight between Olivia and Jeffery and tells them about Dinah. Josh then goes to visit Dinah.  She is still unconscious. Josh talks to her about the people in town that love her. Mallet and Cyrus are still arguing about what happened when Marina stops the fight. She walks Mallet back to the hospital. Reva gets on the plane expecting to be the only one. The captain says there is another one coming aboard.  It's Alan. Jeffery and Olivia continue their argument only to kiss afterwards. Cassie and Lizzie meet up only to have Cassie get angry again at her. Then Cassie hugs a crying Lizzie. Alan asks Reva why she is leaving town so quickly. Reva tells him to see family. Alan calls the pilot to say they are ready. Cassie visits Dinah as Mallet goes to see Cyrus, who has Griggs tied up. While Jeffery and Olivia fight he gets a call, it's Reva, she needs a lawyer. She is being arrested. The charge, is for drugging Lizzie.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash takes Jessica home from the hospital and carries her into the house.  Cristian visits Blair.  Cristian fills Blair in as to what happened at Kirk Harmon’s arraignment hearing.  Blair tells him that she has probably lost her daughter because she is in love with the wrong boy.  Starr slams the locker door shut as Cole walks up.  Starr fills him in as to what happened after he and his Mom left.  Marty and Miles meet up at the hospital.  John visits Marty’s psychiatrist friend.  John tells the psychiatrist that he needs the info that Marty gave her about the murder of Spencer Truman.  Cristian and Blair have a conversation about Cole and Starr.  Todd begins to wake up and calls for Blair.  The woman checks Todd’s cell phone to see if it has Blair’s telephone number.  Nash and Jessica spend some time alone together with their daughter, Bree.  Starr suggests running off, but Cole vetoes the idea.  Miles meets up with Jeff at the hospital.  Marty watches how good Miles is with children.  John insists on having the tape that the psychiatrist used during her session with Marty.  Blair is afraid that if Starr starts dating Cole that Starr will begin seeing Todd through Marty’s eyes.  Cristian tries to talk Blair into letting Starr date Cole.  The girl looks at Todd’s cell phone and wonders what Blair would do if she knew that Todd was alive.  John meets with the judge to get an order to make Dr. Young to hand over the tape from her session with Marty. 

Jessica is thrilled to see that Bree is walking.  Marty tells Miles that she will never love him.  Marty receives a call from John saying he needs to see her in his office right away.  Jessica is served with divorce papers.  Blair receives a call from the woman who has Todd. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

It’s Election Day and the polls are open! Nikki’s crew preps her for any questions that may be thrown at her about Victor. Early exit polls indicate Jack has a slight lead. Later, Nikki is in the lead. Gloria worries when William starts to regain some muscle control. She wants them to move in with Michael and Lauren when he is released from the hospital. They are reluctant to let this happen. Gloria meets with William’s doctor who tells her it is hard to say when or even if William will recover. Gloria brings William home to Michael and Lauren’s house to recover. She realizes she forgot one of the pamphlets she needs and goes back to get it. She sees a piece of paper that William tried to write on earlier and sees that the word looks like murderer. Amber buys Cane a motorcycle out of some of the money they took from Garrett. Katherine isn’t impressed with the gift and offers to buy him a new car. Amber gets a call about a chance to audition for a music producer in LA if she can get a new demo produced. Kevin warns her not to touch any more money. Amber asks Katherine to loan her the money for the demo. Katherine won’t do it and tells her she should learn to manage her finances a little better. She goes back to Kevin but he warns her to stop spending so lavishly or people will get suspicious. Paul and Maggie talk about the election. They are glad the Jabot case has been solved even though they don’t know who the DNA match was. She goes to see William and tells him that she can’t figure out who the DNA match belongs to. Kevin gets another email from Jana and writes a nasty reply. He erases it and tells her that he misses her and wishes they could be together. He asks Amber for her advice on what he can say to lure her back to Genoa City. Gloria also advises him. Cane shows the bike off to Kevin. He gets a call from Jana. He tries his best to keep her on the phone so Maggie can trace the call. She hangs up before they can trace it. Karen locks her keys in her car and Neil helps her. She asks him to have a drink with her the next day.

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