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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica finds out from Pam that Jack has a date that night.  Erica calls Tad to set up a date with him for that same night.  Jack and his date are enjoying a night out at the “Comeback Bar.”  Jack is surprised when Erica walks in with Tad.  Pam and her photographer are there to film the entire evening.  Erica flirts with Tad and asks him to teach her how to play pool.  This infuriates Jack.  Tad becomes more than a little flirtatious with Erica even kissing her at times.  Kendall and Greenlee gather all the ingredients to come up with a new fragrance that is uniquely Fusion Green.  After trial and errors, they finally come up with the perfect new scent.  Jonathan helps to get Ava settled into Wildwind.  Annie and Ryan enjoy a fun-filled honeymoon. 

After watching Tad’s flirtatious actions toward Erica, Jack has finally had enough.  He gets up and orders Erica to come with him.  When they get back to her office, he demands to know how she really feels.  She orders him out of her office and her life.  Jack leaves.  Erica begins to cry.  Jack comes back in takes Erica in his arms and kisses her. 

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Aaron visits with his father and Lily at the farm. He is filled regret and remorse over his failed relationship with Allison. Allison and Dusty return to Oakdale dusty evades Allison and Emily when discussion about what happened in Las Vegas. Both women gush over him and about what a wonderful person he is and how trustworthy he has become in their lives. Allison and Emily speak briefly then Allison goes to Al’s to ask for her job back. After finding out she can start tomorrow Allison runs into Aaron outside of Al’s.

Meg evades Craig’s advances for sex and for their relationship to be real. Craig is wise to her true feelings for him and her intent to leave just as soon as he signs Worldwide over to her. Craig leads her on not tipping his hand that he knows about her and Paul at the church. Paul hires a PI to locate Meg while working himself to find her, pretending to be Holden. Lucinda arrives to help but Paul figures out Lucinda isn’t interested in saving Meg only finding the signed contract. Paul calms and accepts any help Lucinda can provide. Meg and Craig about Craig’s mind games and Meg’s evasiveness. Craig’s issue is with Paul and he makes it clear. Craig want to confront Paul and make him answer for Meg and Lucinda’s scheme. To save Paul from Craig’s wrath Meg diverts Craig’s attention by offering herself sexually to Craig in exchange for him to leave Paul alone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Tartaro finds it a little too convenient that Rick suddenly remembers he DID shoot Grant Chambers after all said he didn’t. The judge allows leeway and wants to hear his evidence. Tartaro concurs that Rick would do almost anything to help the father of his girlfriend and good close friend of his mother. He differs, he despises the man, always has, ask anyone. He only took responsibility for Grant’s shooting for his mother, not Rick himself. Christine asks for a bench trial and Ridge takes the stand. Christine asks for a direct not guilty verdict based on the testimony. Murder charges are dropped, so only obstruction of justice remains. He is free to go.

Sullen, Rick stands before Ridge as he thanks him for saving him by remembering. Rick confesses that he didn’t remember a damn thing. He said it for his daughter’s sake. To the day he dies, he will deny he shot Chambers. So is Ridge going to give them a chance? Yes, but with a condition. Do not ever let her down or him catch Rick with someone else. Eric hopes Stephanie has learned her lesson; he will take matters from here to make sure there is a gag order and it not get out about Rick. Phoebe is ecstatic they have approval from her dad. She never loved him more than when he stood up in the courtroom and saved her dad. Brooke visits Ridge in jail and reminds him that she has not forgotten what a kind, decent man he was and is. The family all rally around at the house, but Stephanie concentrates just on Brooke. She will not let that happen again with her and Ridge. Eric tells her to leave it alone. Brooke and Ridge hug, he forgives him. She is sorry it took this to point out the way. He is also sorry that he hit her son in Sydney, and that will never happen again.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Celeste refuses to allow Lexie to attend the DiMera family meeting and makes no attempt to show her hatred for the family while attending the meeting herself. Stefano claims that a fellow Brady killed Colleen. Stefano suggests ending the feud but Tony is against it. Stefano shows EJ how much he looks like Santo.

Sami and Lucas bring Ana to the Brady family gathering at the Pub where Ana shares the love letters Colleen wrote to Santo. John and Bo ask Ana to use her familiarity with the DiMera family to retrieve the letters they possess that Santo wrote to Colleen. Marlena shows Sami the picture of Colleen and Lucas demands that Sami move to a safe house tonight. The Brady family confronts Shawn Sr. and he claims a DiMera killed Colleen.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tells Diane the truth about Jason's family emergency that has him demanding to be let out of jail so he can deal with it. Spinelli begs Sonny to help him clear Sam of suspicion. Lucky seems to be positive that Liz caused the baby's disappearance. Edward has Tracy carted off to Shady Brook. Dillon protests, gets nowhere, then visits his mother. Sam, still drunk, calls on Liz and says at least she still has Cam and can have another baby. Jax whisks Carly to Montreal for a romantic date and reveals plans for a new hotel. Kate warns Sonny that she and Sonny cannot be gossiped about or romantically linked. Lucky says something about "his son" and is told "he's not." Ric is intrigued by Amelia's interest in Jason's case.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Dinah lies on the dock bleeding profusely from her head. Mallet screams into the night for her to be okay as he waits for the EMT. EMT arrive and transport her to the hospital. One of the EMT technicians gives Mallet the bullet that passed through her head. This gives Mallet hope. He waits but the news isn’t good. Dinah must undergo a risky surgery but it is the only thing that will save her life. Mallet gives consent. Franks tries to pry information about the shooter from Mallet but he will not divulge what he knows.

Cassie meets with wives from the church for a meet and greet. In the beginning she is accepted but when Beth confronts Cassie for continuously placing herself in the middle of her business concerning the baby. Cassie gets upset grabbing Beth by the wrists and tells her with hate that Beth doesn’t deserve a baby. Beth continues to taunt Cassie, the argument turns into a physical fight that Jeffery breaks up.

Rick visits Josh for advice after Beth made him feel bad about himself for fighting her in court for full custody of the baby. Josh advises Rick to make an ally out of Beth not an enemy. Rick decides to try and make peace and reason with Beth. The opportunity is perfect for such conversation when Rick returns to his room to find Beth waiting for him. They speak civilly, Rick admits he doesn’t think she is a bad person or bad mother. Rick is paged to the ER and must go. After Rick leaves Beth retrieves a video camera from a shelf .

Jeffery dogs Reva curious as to what she is up to and what really happened during the “missing” weekend. Reva has quick answers and reveals nothing but Jeffery is putting clues together. Reva calls Jonathan and asks about Sarah, Reva seems to release some tension when the news appears to be good. Reva promises if she can avoid Alan’s spying eyes she will be there tomorrow.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr admires her crown in the mirror.  Blair looks through the banisters and sees the crown on her head.  Blair is thrilled that Starr has been named Prom Queen.  Starr is reluctant to let Blair know that she and Cole are back together.  Cole lets Marty know that he and Starr are back together.  Rex visits Adriana and sees that Tate is there with her.  Rex asks her if they had slept together.  Jessica wakes up and finds that Nash is lying over on her bed and is asleep.  He wakes up and kisses her good morning.  Viki comes in and has Bree with her.  Jessica takes Bree and goes to visit Antonio.  John is annoyed that he has David as a roommate.   

Marty and Cole go to visit Blair and Starr.  Blair is furious when she finds out that Starr and Cole are seeing each other.  Blair decides to stand by Todd’s wishes and not let Starr date Cole.  After Marty and Cole leave, Starr comes back downstairs.  Blair and Starr argue.  Starr lets Blair know that Cole was going to help them find out any information that Miles might know about Todd’s disappearance.  Starr lets Blair know that she will never let Blair forbid her from seeing Cole.  Kirk Harmon is brought into court for his arraignment.  When he is asked how he pleads, he will not plead either “not guilty,” or “guilty.”  Everyone is surprised.  The court adjourns to have time to decide the sentencing of Kirk Harmon.  Adriana promises to stand by Tate through all this.  Tate speaks to his father before he is taken away.  Kirk whispers in Tate’s ear that he will never let anyone know that Tate was the one who had set the fires or had caused the bomb blasts. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Ben suggests Phyllis stay away from the debate. Sharon agrees but she goes insists. Ben gets a call saying that Jack is now 2 points ahead in the polls due to the video. The press has a field day with the footage of Nikki kissing David. David has resigned but is still around as a “volunteer”. They argue about whether Nikki should drop out of the election. She doesn’t want to because the polls are opening in 24 hours. They also argue about whether David should be at the debate. Nikki wants him there so he goes. Katherine comes to offer her support. Nikki holds her own at the debate and brings up the fact that Jack bought more properties in Clear Springs at the last minute and he doesn’t get a chance to say anything before they go off the air. He has to settle for talking to the press that are present. After the debate, Nikki tries to call Victor again but has to leave a message. David comes to see her. Victor sees the footage of Nikki kissing David. JT wants Victoria to be careful because of her previous miscarriage. At the debate, she faints. He takes her to get something to eat. Cane and Amber spend the day making love all around the Chancellor mansion. He finds some of the money but she comes up with a story to cover. Cane gets a DVD in the mail that Amber thinks Garrett could have sent before he died. She tries her best to hide the DVD but when she finally gets a chance, he catches her. It’s just an exercise video though. Amber can’t get her mind off of the money after Cane sets up lunch for them right near the spot where they buried the money.

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