Wednesday 6/20/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/20/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee visits Simoneís grave and is soon joined by Kendall.  They share some small talk about Simone.  Greenlee lets Kendall read the letter that she received from Simone.  The ghost of Simone appears and reads what she wrote in the letter to them.  Kendall entices Greenlee to follow her.  They end up back at Kendallís old apartment.  They begin to relive memories of the good times that they had together with Simone.  J.R. and Amanda soon begin to suspect that the kidnappers turned on them and they are kidnapped for real.  Krystal is, busily, getting ready for the grand opening of her new bar.  She is frantic that she hasnít received her liquor license.  Adam is on the phone with the kidnapper outside the bar.  The kidnapper tells him to go inside and to wait for further instructions.  Adam goes inside the bar and sits down on one of the stools at the bar.  Krystal demands to know what he is doing here.  Jamie looks through a brown envelope that he just received.  Babe visits him and finds out from him that he and Julia have broken up.  Di and Jonathan find Ava yelling in the boathouse in the park.  Di immediately wants to know what she is doing here.  Ava is reluctant to tell them, but Jonathan tells Di that Ava is doing it to protect Lilly. 

A man comes into the bar holding a clipboard.  Adam mistakes him for his contact and begins to make accusing remarks to him.  Krystal comes out of the back to see what is going on.  The man hands her a paper and lets her know that the bar passed the building inspection.  Krystal realizes that Adam had something to do with this and thanks him.  Jamie and Babe come into the bar and Jamie hands Krystal the envelope and when she opens it, she finds that it is the liquor license.  Krystal is thrilled.  She pours drinks for everyone including Adam.  Adam turns around and sees a brown envelope lying on the table.  He demands that no one leave until he finds out who left it there.  Krystal watches Adam while he talks on his cell phone outside the bar.  Everyone leaves the bar so Krystal can get everything ready for the party that night.  Jamie and Babe decide to have a quizzing session to get Babe prepared for her G.E.D. which is the next day.  Di talks Ava into moving into Wildwind and Ava agrees.  Tad takes Jenny and visits Dixieís grave. 

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Jack and Carly take Parker back to her house, as he admits to missing the place. Katie is nervous when she doesn’t hear from Jack, but then receives an offer from Kim. Luke has a moment with Noah, but then gets angry with himself for falling for the wrong guy again. Paul and Lucinda learn Craig has taken Meg away. Meg and Craig arrive at their destination, as Meg worries how they left. Craig plays dumb and pretends to be the doting groom. Meg tries to make a call, but Craig stops her. Carly walks Parker down memory lane, and he is affected. When Jack shows up to see her, Katie realizes Brad twisted things again for them. Katie tells Jack she needs to leave town. Jade has lost her necklace and comes to ask Luke about it, but notices he is down. Luke admits to his feelings, but then comes up with a way to channel them. After Maddie and Noah see Elwood, she explains where Casey is. Noah compliments Maddie and tells her that Casey is lucky to have someone like her. Parker apologizes to Carly and opens up to her. Paul has a vision of falling rocks. Lucinda arrives with help. Craig toys with Meg especially when they are on the outside balcony near a steep drop off. He talks about trust and how she would never hurt him supposedly. Craig gives her a gift – a white negligee. Meg balks at sleeping together claiming she is exhausted. Luke writes a story for Maddie, Noah and his project based on his feelings unknown to them. Jack comes back to find Parker asleep with his head in Carly’s lap and when Parker hugs them before he leaves the room, Jack is stunned. He apologizes to Carly and admits that his anger was getting in the way. She is a great mom and their kids love and need her. Carly is affected by his words, as they share a close moment before Katie arrives. Paul is on the phone arranging to fly to Vancouver that night; he promises Meg that he is coming for her.

Jack and Carly return to the house in Milltown with Parker. Parker asks to spend the night after realizing how much he missed his home and that Carly was against sending him to camp all along. Carly tries to connect with Parker by playing him a CD he used to listen to as a young child. Parker becomes emotional and goes outside but does not run away. Rather than talking to him and trying to reason Carly offers to just sit with him. Parker begins to open up about his problems. Carly listens and promises never to leave them again. Jack returns with some personal effects for Parker and is shocked at the progress Carly has made in just an hour or two. Jack compliments Carly as a mother but the mood is squashed when Katie bounces through the door.

Before returning to Carlyís with Parkerís things Jack meets Katie at Alís that is feeling left out and needs to be assured. Jack reassures her but Katie knows she and Jack will never be Jack and Carly. Jack does agree to spend the night with her after dropping off Parkerís things.

Luke realizes he is falling for Noah who is in turn falling for Maddie. Upset that he is falling for a straight guy, again, Luke decides to let out his frustration by writing a story for the summer intern program. Noah and Maddie gush over how great the outline is.

Craig whisks Meg of to a secluded cabin that sits on some rocky cliffs. Meg is nervous and makes no secret that she isnít happy with Craigís control over everything and his vague threats. Meg escapes wedding night sex but is uneasy as Craig lays beside her watching her sleep. Paul is in Oakdale going crazy believing that Craig is up to no good After a vision of someone falling from a cliff Paul is determined to find Meg. Lucinda helps out by buying off an air traffic controller to give them information about Craigís flight plan. The air traffic controller doesnít know anything for sure because their plans were changed in mid-air but he assumes their destination was somewhere around Vancouver, Canada. Paul sets out for Vancouver to save his love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the courthouse, Taylor feels Ms. Blair pulled off a miracle by asking for a continuance, if the judge will allow it. Phoebe begs Rick to try and remember, did he, could he have shot Grant Chambers? He would do anything to take away this pain from her, but he can not remember, so he doesn’t think he did it. The family huddles in the courtroom but all Ridge wanders is where is Rick? Christine’s motion is denied, the trial will begin. Ridge’s prior conviction is brought up and Stephanie stands up and denies it. Tartaro is beside herself that they would go to these tactics to get Ridge off. Christine suggests calling Dr. Taylor Hayes to confirm the false confession years ago. The judge will not consider her testimony as evidence in this case.

Brooke begs Rick to try to remember, if not for Ridge, then for Phoebe. Don’t let that girl lose her father. Rick practices over and over saying out loud, “I shot Grant Chambers.” In a most dramatic moment he walks into court and stops proceedings by saying he doesn’t know who shot Shane McGrath, but he does know who shot Grant Chambers. It wasn’t Ridge, he did!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nick demands that Jett stay away from Chelsea. Jett tries to make peace but Nick continues to bait Jett into fighting. Max begins to doubt his decision to back Jeremy’s latest venture when Chelsea starts badmouthing Jeremy. Max helps Chelsea rationalize how Nick could feel threatened. Chelsea stops Nick and Jett from fighting and she and Nick head home. Jett hints to Stephanie that Jeremy is cheating on her. Jeremy hides out of sight with his other girlfriend when Chelsea and Nick arrive but later brings Stephanie a gift claiming he was out buying that for her all this time. Stephanie advises Jett to drop his fiancé for Chelsea. Nick sweet talks Chelsea into making love.

Sami allows the guard to accompany her and Lucas to the alley so he will let them leave the apartment. They hide out of sight when a shrouded woman arrives to drop off a package. Lucas and the guard catch the woman as Sami discovers love letters in the package. Sami recognizes the woman’s voice and pulls off the shroud. Roman brings Tony and Stefano to Doug’s Place for questioning. Stefano denies any involvement but later privately confronts Tony about going behind his back. Stefano demands a family meeting.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky's feeble attempt at apologizing to Elizabeth only makes things worse, and when Emily intervenes, he manages to insult her, too. Carly suspects that Jax and Jerry are in contact. Whatever he's doing is not that, and Alexis knows what it is, but both are being enigmatic. Tracy's behavior continues to make her family think she's bonkers, to the point of calling in Lainie. Sam gets drunk and when Carly tries to cut her off, Sam claims Jax married her to one up Sonny and when Jax ditches Carly, she'll marry Jason. Jax is about to leave on a trip and wants Carly to go along, who knows where. Evidence seems to point to Sam as the kidnapper.

GL Recap Written by Dani


Today’s episode picks up where yesterday’s left off….. Dinah returns to the table to learn Matt and Mallet are gone. Dinah immediately assumes the worst and leaves to find Mallet. Before leaving company Dinah told Vanessa to stay put no matter what.

At the docks Mallet explains everything to Matt who lunges for Mallet’s gun that he is holding on Matt. The gun goes off and Matt falls to the ground. Later Mallet is upset and avoids contact with Dinah, he hears footsteps in his suite. In walks Matt soaking wet. They question each other to make sure no one was watching then Matt heads off to meet with Vanessa who had been called by Mallet. They believe they tricked Griggs. Now, knowing Matt and Vanessa are in the clear Mallet goes in search of Dinah who had been informed about what was going on by Vanessa. Dinah and Mallet celebrate being free and safe. Mallet has one last job to do, he must deliver proof of Matt’s murder to Griggs. Griggs had Mallet and Vanessa followed and knows that Matt is not dead so now Mallet must pay.

Willing to sacrifice himself to save Dinah Mallet meets Mel to get his will in order before meeting with Griggs. Dinah is left sleeping while Mallet meets with Mel but is awakened by a message from Matt letting them know that he and Vanessa had been spotted. Dinah decides Mallet has done enough for her and decides she will head off any danger intended for Mallet. Dinah calls Griggs and tells him to meet her at the docks.

Griggs meets Dinah who offers up her services rather than Mallet’s because she has more of a stomach for it than he does. Just before they seal the deal with a hug Dinah pulls a knife from her purse and is ready to stab Griggs to death, Mallet rushes in and stops her. Griggs and Mallet draw down on each other. Mallet tells Dinah to walk away. She does but runs back when she fears for Mallet. Dinah throws herself between Griggs’ gun and Mallet. A gun goes off and Dinah falls to the ground.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Dinah talks to Vanessa. Vanessa tells Dinah that their guys went out to a jewelers.  Mallet still has the gun on Matt. Dinah then rushes out. She gets to the jeweler shop and they have left.  Dinah calls Mallet to stop him. Matt tells Mallet he doesn't have to go through with it. That he and Vanessa can leave town. As they struggle the gun goes off. Matt goes down bloody. Dinah runs into Billy and asks if he has seen Vanessa. Billy says no, but is sure she's alright with Matt around. Mallet is alone when he hears a step. It is Matt!!  Seems all was for show in case someone was watching them. Mallet tells Matt to Leave town with Vanessa again for real this time. Dinah runs into Mallet and she couldn't be happier that all went well. That this show was for Griggs. Mallet tells Dinah he has to do one more thing, show Griggs the proof. Mallet meets Griggs and tells him to leave him and Dinah alone. Griggs says he had Matt and Vanessa followed so he knows the truth. And that Mallet has made the biggest mistake of his life. Later Mallet meets up with Dinah. He tells her he will tell her all  tomorrow. They have a romantic moment together. They  reminisce about when they met. Mallet gives her the gift. She loves it. Later they are in bed. Dinah is asleep and Mallet wakes, gets up and gets his gun. He then leaves. Mallet runs into Mel and asks her for an appointment to get  his affairs in order.  Back at Dinah and Mallet's place the phone rings, Dinah wakes and gets it. It is Matt. He tells her they are being followed and to tell Mallet. Griggs then calls  Dinah to  talk about the station. It is a ruse to get Dinah at the dock. Mallet tells Mel he needs his affairs in order tonight. Mel says she doesn't like the sound of that he's scarring her. Mallet later goes home to find Dinah gone. He  listens to the answering machine and hears Matt's voice. He checks is other gun and realizes it's missing and an note. He runs out. Dinah is at the  docks Griggs appears. They talk about the station at first then Dinah changes the  subject to ask what Griggs really wants. Dinah tells Griggs her whole life story. She also tells him she killed Matt. They embrace and kiss. Dinah pulls a knife on Griggs' back. Mallet comes in hopefully in time to stop  her. Griggs gets free of Dinah and then pulls a gun on Mallet and Dinah. Then Mallet pulls a gun on Griggs. It's a draw. Mallet puts his gun down. Dinah notices Griggs still has his gun on them. That gun goes off shooting Dinah.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Starr and Cole meet up with each other outside the school.  They run into each otherís arms and kiss.  Starr lets him know that she loves him and never stopped loving him.  Langston and Markko are elected King and Queen of the prom.  Marty comes home and finds out that Cole hasnít come home yet.  Miles lets her know that David has been released from prison.  There is a knock on the door and it is John.  Cole suggests that he and Starr go inside.  Talia and Bo question Kirk about his having explosives in his possession.  Adriana comes into the police station and starts to comfort Tate.  Starr and Cole are elected king and queen of the prom.  Kirk insists that the police have no proof that he had anything to do with the fires.  Tate acts as though his father isnít involved in all this.  Adriana asks Tate if his father could have been involved in this.  Bo shows Kirk pictures of the buildings that he burnt to the ground.  Bo promises to make him pay.  Miles wants to know what John is doing there.  John asks to talk to Marty privately.  Starr lets Langston know that she and Cole are back together.  Bo insists to Kirk that he confess.  Kirk refuses.  Miles gets a call.  Miles kisses Marty before he leaves the room.  John offers to help Marty but he needs to know the truth.  Cole and Starr start to leave the prom, but Britney stops them.

Tate insists that he is nothing like his father.  John insists on knowing what is going on, but Marty refuses to tell him anything .Britney lashes out at Cole and Starr for her unhappiness.  Miles insists on knowing what John wanted.  Cole gives Starr back her cell phone.  Kirk is arrested and taken to a holding cell.  Tate wants to help his father, but Kirk refuses his help.  Adriana offers for Tate to stay at her place.  John has a visit from David who doesnít have a place to sleep.  The prom breaks up and everyone begins to leave.  Langston and Markko kiss.  Cole and Starr dance to the music in the car. 

Passions Recap Written by

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Nikki is devastated when the footage of Nikki kissing David is released to the public. Jack of course claims he knows nothing about it when he is asked about it by the press. Katherine isn’t too sympathetic to their situation and suggests that Victor could even be behind it. They dismiss that though and think it had to be Jack. David offers to resign. Katherine accuses him of still being on Jack’s payroll, which he flatly denies. Nikki accepts his letter of resignation. She calls Jack who denies having anything to do with it. Jack, Sharon and Ben figure out how they can spin this to make him look even better. Brad comes to see them and laughs about the clip being released. He tells Sharon about the divorce hearing. She thanks him for selling the properties to Jack. She tells him she knows Jack is the man for her and she hopes he finds someone too. Jack, Sharon, Ben and Brad go out for a drink to celebrate. They place bets on how long it will take Nikki to drop out of the race. Daniel is pressured by Amber and Kevin to go with them when they go to bury the money. He tells Kevin he will have to call him with an emergency to get him out of there. Even though he and Lily are having a good time he leaves when Kevin calls, using the excuse that a pipe burst at the coffee house and he needs his help. Amber and Cane go to look at the body in the morgue and are met by an overly enthusiastic morgue worker. Kevin and Daniel are angry when she isn’t there to meet them to bury the money. She asks Cane to go get her a drink and calls Daniel. Cane comes back and catches her on the phone with him. He and Kevin manage to cover. While they have him on the phone Amber goes to look at the body and tells him it wasn’t Garrett (even though it was). She comes up with an excuse and goes to meet Daniel and Kevin. They argue over the money. They almost get caught by a security guard but manage to get the job done and go home. Brad and Victoria meet with their lawyers regarding their divorce. Victoria says all she really wants is the Clear Springs properties. When they are alone she threatens to let the police know about the two men he killed in Ohio. He doesn’t back down and shows her the clip of Nikki and David. She confronts her mother over it but immediately apologizes after Nikki tells her she did it because she was lonely. Katherine advises Nikki that she should drop out. Nikki prepares for a press conference. She owns up to the clip and spins it. She says she won’t be dropping out of the race.

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