Tuesday 6/19/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/19/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack continues to question Ava as to her involvement in Seanís arrest for drug possession.  Ava continues to deny her involvement.  The drug dealer continues to go after Lily, and all she can remark to him is, ďDonít touch.Ē  ďDonít touch.Ē  Jonathan comes up in the nick of time and gets the drug dealer to depart.  After the drug dealer leaves, Jonathan lets Lily know that he, also, cannot keep the things from their wedding.  They decide to put the box in the water and let it float downstream.  Adam asks Zach if he will give him the money for J.R.ís ransom.  Zach wants to know what he wants the money for.  At first, Adam will not tell him, but then he gives in and tells Zach that J.R. has been kidnapped and he needs the money for the kidnappers.  Zach puts some tough terms on him giving Adam the money.  Adam canít believe the terms that Zach is placing before him.  J.R. continues to explain to Amanda that he is behind the kidnapping.  Amanda slaps him across the face.  Amanda threatens to go to the police with this unless she gets part of the action.  J.R. and Amanda work out a deal that will result in Amanda being wealthy and then make love to seal the deal. 

Stuart visits Krystal at the Comeback Bar.  He enlists her help in finding out what is troubling Adam.  At first, she refuses, but then she gives in and decides to help.  She goes to Adamís mansion on the pretense of looking for Little Adamís fire truck.  She begins to question Adam as to what is troubling him, but Adam refuses to tell her anything.  She pleads with Adam to talk to her he starts to open up to her, but Stuart comes into the living room.  Adam clams up and starts once again to throw his insults at Krystal and tells her to leave his home.  Lily and Jonathan come home and Lily lets it out of the bag that she was confronted by a drug dealer.  Ava lets it slip that she met with the drug dealer.  After Lily goes upstairs, Ava owns up to Jack that she had met with a drug dealer, but she hadnít framed Sean.  Jack asks Ava to leave.  Ava agrees, but she wants to make up a fantastic story to tell Lily.  Adam puts a trace on the money so that he will know where it is at all times.  Ava once again hits the streets.  Adam gets another call from the kidnappers.  J.R. tries to make a call from his cell phone, but he soon realizes that he and Amanda may have a problem.  Zach meets with his business associate, who happens to be J.R.ís Vice President, and Zach lets Seamus know that the Chandlerís are about to lose everything they have. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Jack frantically search for Parker. Faith has an idea of where Parker may be. Parker prepares to spend the night alone in Chicago. Katie faces a food disaster when she stays behind to look after the kids when Jack and Carly go to Chicago. Vienna thinks she and Henry should get a career. Paul attempts to stop Meg and Craig’s wedding because of his visions, but Lucinda stops him. Brad is happy to see Katie at the Farm, but can’t help push her buttons about Jack and Carly’s relationship. Craig and Meg marry while Paul secretly watches. Paul sneaks a visit with Meg after the ceremony, as an unsuspecting Craig finds them together, but chooses to remain hidden. He hears them make plans to run away. Vienna decides she and Henry should open a Spa and she will be a masseuse. Jack and Carly find Parker at the Museum and tell him about JJ’s confession; they promise not to send him away. Katie and Brad have fun while babysitting. Craig tells Meg there is a change of plans when she suggests heading to the reception. Brad answers the phone when Jack calls with an update and takes the opportunity to twist things when he talks with Katie, who leaves nervous that Jack is still with Carly. Jack and Carly take Parker home. Everyone, especially Paul, is concerned when Meg and Craig fail to show up at their own reception. Paul is convinced Craig has figured out the plan and has taken Meg away to punish her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carl knows the lab techs don’t want him talking to Bridget, so he suggests meeting at the Café Russe. She offers the parking lot, but he persist so she agrees in one hour at Café Russe. Phoebe talks to her dad in jail and he confesses to his part in the Grant Chambers' murder…..but that it was really Rick. She has doubts, but she understands why he would do it for Brooke so she wouldn’t lose her son. And it was an amazing thing Ridge did for Rick, so maybe he can return the favor now. Rick feels ambushed when they all assemble, Brooke, Stephanie, Taylor and Ms. Blair. He rants that he held a gun recently, but he still had no memory of any incident. He is sure Stephanie would pay him handsomely to say so. Maybe this is just their wishful thinking. Brooke reminds him that she was there and can say he shot Grant. He leaves by saying that maybe it’s best if Ridge just stays in jail. Ms. Blair says they need to buy some time to find a note or to prove that Shane was suicidal. Stephanie remembers Shane’s phone they found, perhaps it will have something on it that will help them. All they find is a good-bye note to Phoebe, not exactly a suicide note, he could have just been leaving town. Carl shows up in his prom night tux, smelling like disinfectant and moth balls, which he rather likes. He wants to get on with other things, but Bridget insists that he just tell her what he knows about Taylor Marone’s pregnancy. He skirts the issue and she is perturbed that he has nothing concrete, he just promises that he might be able to find out.

Rick visits Ridge again in jail and Ridge reiterates again that it was Rick that shot Grant. Rick states that he is talking to Taylor, but it is Ridge that is going to have to make him remember. Bridget feels like Carl got her here under false pretenses. He thinks he can be valuable as a guy who hangs around and cleans up. He’s not dumb but others feel free to talk around him. Anything for the information, she agrees to dance with him. Rick finally tells Ridge that he wishes he could help. Let’s say all of this is true, but please don’t rest his defense case on Rick as he can not get on that stand and confess to something he doesn't remember.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea tries to sneak past Nick to join her new coworkers at the beach but he wakes up and accuses her of sneaking out to meet Jett. Chelsea can’t answer Nick’s questions about her feelings for him so he declares their relationship to be over. Nick follows Chelsea as she heads to the beach and overhears Jett badmouthing him to Stephanie. Jeremy convinces Max to invest more money into the company so they can use the plane to transport fashion knock-offs.

Sami and Lucas discover that the ticking sound is from an alarm clock. Lucas smashes the clock against the wall and finds a disk inside. On the disk, Sami receives a message from a garbled voice instructing her to meet them in an alley to receive information regarding the origin of the feud. Lucas agrees to accompany Sami to the alley when she agrees to get the amniocentesis done. The guard refuses to let them leave the apartment.

Hope and Bo share the picture of Colleen they found. John and Bo decide to call a family meeting at the Pub in hopes of getting the truth but Shawn Sr. wants no part of it. Hope convinces Bo to let her talk to Stefano face to face.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Amelia urges Sam to admit to knowing about Jake and provide emotional support, but Sam refuses. Elizabeth seems to be the primary suspect as Lainie has been called onto the case and diagnosed her as possibly having post partum depression. Kate and Sonny's semi-tender moment is cut short by Spinelli showing up to loudly beg for Sonny's help in finding Jake. Maxie thinks now would be the perfect time for Logan to hit on Lulu so he can achieve their goal. He finds that idea in poor taste, but does try to comfort Lulu. Jason tries to comfort Liz. Carly is sure Jerry is behind the kidnapping. Jason suspects Sam.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Gus and Harley are touched when they learn that Rafe is a Cubs fan just like Gus. Gus and Harley try to tell Rafe about her family and Gus’ biological connection to Alan. Rafe listens and asks questions until Harley presents him with a cake she made just for him. Rafe storms out refusing anything to do with the cake. Zach has found a syringe in Rafe’s duffle bag. Harley confronts Rafe, angry and accusing him of “scoring” Rafe runs outside. Gus goes after his new son and tells him of the drug addiction that Gus has recovered from. Rafe listens and is inquisitive but tells Gus he isn’t on drugs, he is diabetic. Gus feels horrible and asks Rafe to please forgive him and Harley and to please stay. Rafe decides to stay when they walk back in the house and Rafe sees a photo of Daisy.

Daisy and Dylan have a friendly and open conversation about daisy and the boy that she likes. After seeing true improvement all the way around in his daughter, Dylan tells her he is going to do what he can to try and have her released.

Cyrus talks to Buzz about Jenna, a legend among jewel thieves and the love of Buzz’s life. They have a friendly conversation as Cyrus listens in awe as Buzz elaborates about how wonderful Jenna was as a thief, wife, and mother. Cyrus admits he will miss his old life some but would like to find what Buzz found in Jenna. Frank interrupts determined to pin something sinister on Cyrus but Buzz is quick to defend Cyrus and remind Frank he owns Company and will serve and talk to whomever he chooses. Marina and Buzz talk about the possibility of her and Cyrus becoming a couple. She is frightened he will not leave his old life behind. Buzz tells her she will never know unless she gives him a try.

Mallet is threatened by Griggs and given a deadline. Matt must be assassinated today. Dinah discovers what Mallet has decided to do to protect her. Dinah believes there is another way to get Matt out of the hot water he has found himself in. Mallet pretends to agree but knows he must kill Matt or Dinah will be the next victim of Griggs. Vanessa and Matt are celebrating getting back together and Matt has a new legitimate business deal. It isn’t money Griggs wants, Mallet and Matt for that matter have no other choice. Mallet asks Matt to walk with him. At the docks Mallet pulls his gun on Matt and explains money isn’t an option anymore, Griggs wants to make an example of Matt.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Gus and Rafe watch a baseball game on Father's Day. Frank and Marina also share a Father's Day. While talking with Buzz, Cyrus notices a picture of Jenna.  He tells Buzz she is a legend among thieves. Mallet has another flashback of George. Then is interrupted by a call from him. Again George threatens Mallet. A bit later Dinah barges in the room startling Mallet. He shrugs it off. Though Dinah knows something's up. Buzz tells Cyrus how he met Jenna Bradshaw. Frank admits to Marina that he's been following her or has someone else do it. He continues to say he is still worried. Frank then gets a call. He tells the caller, a police officer to stay put at Company and he will be there. Daisy writes Rafe. Gus tells Rafe about his two father and how different they are. Harley finds the needle that was on the table. Zach tells her he found it in Rafe's duffle bag. Buzz tells Cyrus about the Beauty Pageant that Jenna tried to have. Cyrus is impressed. Buzz questions Cyrus about his working for Alexandra. Alex just coming  into Company overhears them talking. Frank is not to far behind Alex coming into Company, he is not happy to see Cyrus there. Harley tells Gus about the needle found by Zach. Rafe sees this and gets angry and storms out of the house. Harley and Gus have a big fight over this. While Dinah and Mallet are outside talking a car comes barreling toward them barely missing Dinah. She recovers quickly. While outside fixing a bike, Rafe tells Gus. no more lectures, he will tell him about the needle.  Alex defends Cyrus. Buzz does the same. Before entering Company, Mallet gets a cellphone call from George. Dylan visits Daisy. He apologies for not being around. Daisy says she wants out and Dylan says he will try his best. They also talk about Rafe. Rafe and Gus continue to talk. They continue to talk about Gus's former addiction. Gus tells Rafe what made him stop, it was Harley. Rafe still says he is not doing drugs, but says him mother, Natalia knows about the needle. Gus is confused at first. But is easier on him. Rafe says he will stay. Mallet, Dinah, Matt, and Vanessa celebrate Matt's getting out of debt. Dylan says he will try to see about getting Daisy out of juvie. Vanessa tells Dinah about a piece of jewelry that Mallet and Matt went to pick up. Mallet pulls a gun on Matt.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Cole leaves the prom to go search for Starr.  Once in the car, he calls Starr and leaves her a message.  Everyone enjoys the prom but Britney, who had just been jilted by Cole.  Marty comes into the bar and orders a drink, but when she sees Blair come in, Marty orders a Scotch.  A man picks Starr up off the ground and takes her to the hospital.  David joins Marty and Blair at the Palace Hotel bar.  Bo stops Cole for cutting him off.  Viki confronts Clint asking if he knew that David had been released from Statesville.  Starr comes in to the hospital and the first person that she sees is Viki.  Bo begins to ask Cole if he has been drinking.  Cole fills Bo in that Starr never showed up at the prom.  Starr fills Viki in as to what happened to her that night.  Starr tells her that she saw her father.  The chauffeur shows up and explains to Starr, as well as, Viki what happened.  Viki insists that Starr see a doctor.  Bo gets a call from the police department.  Viki gets Starr all cleaned up for the prom and encourages her to find Cole and let him know how she feels.  Viki even drives her to the prom.  Clint wonders why Asa wanted Spencer dead.  Blair tells Marty that she hopes whomever killed Spencer got away with it. 

Marcie encourages Langston to ask Markko to dance.  Langston refuses to do as she asks.  Britney and her friends are caught trying to stuff the ballot box at the dance.  Langston and Markko are selected as King and Queen of the prom.  Starr arrives at the prom but finds that Cole isnít there.  Cole arrives at the hospital to find out that Starr went to the prom.  Starr is outside the school when Cole arrives.  They run to each other and kiss. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Kay is trying to cast spells again and Tabby helps her out. Theresa believes that she is making love with Ethan but it's really Jared. Theresa gets a call from T.C. He needs Theresa to come over and take care of Whitney. She goes right away leaving Jared in bed. She goes and talks to Whitney. Theresa tells her about Julian knowing about Little Ethan's paternity. Jared and Ethan have another argument. Sheridan and Fancy find the doctor dead. They call Sam. Simone calls Kay to see if she has seen Jessica. Spike has now buried her alive and is ready to leave.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and David agree that they shouldn’t have shared that kiss. Karen is still suspicious that something is going on with them. Sharon shows Phyllis the footage of Nikki kissing David. Phyllis wants to watch the whole thing so Sharon rewinds the tape. She goes back too far and hears Jack admit he owned Jabot and confronts him on it. He apologizes and she forgives him. They tell Jack and Ben about the tape. Ben is the only one who thinks they shouldn’t use it. He thinks it would cause them the election. Jack decides to upload it anyway. Nikki and Victoria are not happy when Brad calls JT Victoria’s boyfriend in front of the reporter. He tells JT that Victoria comes with a lot of baggage. She tells JT to dig up whatever he can on Brad. He finds out that Brad sold the Clear Springs properties to Jack. Later she tells Brad her revenge will be sweet and vows to JT that she will fight back. Nikki threatens Brad. He tells her she only cares about her campaign and she’ll be sorry if she goes after him. Cane tells Amber about the bonus he got and said he wanted to spend it on their honeymoon. He tells her about the joke he wanted to play on her and tells her that he knows she lied about the free tickets to Vegas. She covers by telling him she paid for the tickets by pawning a ring, which he believes. When he tells Katherine about it, she isn’t surprised that Amber lied to him. Later, Kevin, Amber and Daniel find out that Garrett’s body was found. They agree to meet up later to deal with the money. Cane reads in the paper that a body was found matching Garrett’s description. Amber is upset when he suggests they go to the morgue to make sure. Jack gets some publicity by meeting with members of the Milwaukee Brewers. Phyllis comes in and fawns all over them. Brad comes to him later and tells him that he will support him in the election and help any way he can. He tells him how he talked to the reporter and the news of the divorce will be out soon. Daniel tells Lily that there have been fraudulent charges on their credit cards and they need to go over the bills together. They share fond memories while going over the charges. Lily admits that she misses him. He gets a call and he is able to attend a week long seminar thanks to Neil putting in a good word for him. Lily asks him to stay so she can cook him dinner and invites him to stay the night. He calls Kevin to tell him he can’t meet up with them.

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