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The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/18/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee holds little Spike in her arms as big tears stream down her cheeks.  She becomes upset, gives the baby back to Kendall, and runs out.  J.R. foils an attempt by Amanda to escape their captors.  Annie, upset by Ryanís actions toward Greenlee, calls off the honeymoon.  Sean talks to Ava about the night that the drugs appeared in his coat pocket but Ava denies framing him for drug possession.  Ryan tries to talk to Annie about Greenlee, but Annie will not listen.  Jonathan visits Lily and she gives him back a box of things that reminded her of their wedding day.  She lets Jonathan know that she does not want to be reminded of that day.  Di lets Jamie and Julia that she hadnít heard from Amanda in a few days. 

Jack visits Sean at the house.  Sean lets Jack know that he believes that Ava was the one who put the drugs into his jacket pocket because he had thrown her over for Colby.  J.R. lets Amanda know that he was behind this kidnapping.  Amanda slaps him hard across the face.  Julia and Jamie break up.  Annie finally agrees to go on the honeymoon.  A man approaches Lily at the boathouse and mistakes her for Ava.  When Lily insists that she does not know him nor owe him money, he tells her that he will just have to take it. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Meg contemplates the enormity of marrying Craig.  Lily wonders why Paul is not more upset that Meg is marrying Craig, until she learns what they have up their sleeve.  Craig signs the papers giving Meg ownership of Worldwide, while Lucinda watches.  Craig defends Megís loyalty and feelings for him. Carly pleads with Jack to reconsider sending Parker away, to no avail.  Faith tells JJ he needs to tell the truth.  Parker is resigned to the fact he is going away.  Carly watches JJ and Parker interact and figures it out.  Meg is relieved to see Craig has signed the papers, but is bothered when he chooses to hold onto them until after the ceremony.  Lily is upset with her mother for sacrificing Meg.  Paul has an unsettling vision and realizes Craig must have the rings.  Jack wonders if Carly isnít right about Parker?  JJ and Carly have a heart to heart, and he admits the truth.  Meg chooses to go through with the ceremony.  Paul learns Craig bought his rings.  JJ admits the truth to a stunned Jack.  Jack apologizes to Carly.  Paul races to the church.  JJ tells Carly, Jack and Katie that Parker ran away for good this time. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the phone, Carl, the lab technician, tells Bridget that nothing in the lab gets past him. He knows what happened that night with the Marone eggs. She rushes down to the lab to find two assistants leaning on poor Carl that he shouldn’t be bothering Bridget. They run a tight ship around there, no mistake was made – period! Phoebe keeps at Rick until he finally has no choice but to tell her, there is someone else. But, it is not an affair, and it’s over. He begs that he still loves Phoebe and hopes she will forgive him. Deeply hurt, she laments that she doesn’t want it to be over either. Taylor emphasizes again that she is not standing in the way of Brooke if she wants to return to Forrester Creations. Brooke helps Taylor through some morning sickness moments.

Brooke isn’t sure that working along side Nick every day and seeing Taylor pregnant is what she needs – just sheer torture. He conjectures they need to deal with it. They both have their memories and he will never forget her, he feels something every time she comes into the room. But this is one way to get past. Brooke says that song made her always believe there was hope for them. Crying, she signs the papers. Carl confides to Bridget there were two Petri dishes with Marone’s name on it, that should never have happened. That was the record’s department’s fault. Rick promises Phoebe it was a one time thing and it will never happen again. They have to focus on what happens now and their commitment to each other. Brooke tells Nick that she will always respect his relationship with the mother of his baby, but something deep in her heart is telling her they are not over. Bridget frantically begs Carl to tell her why he called her down here. Does he have anything to tell her? He says yes, he can tell her everything, like who is the mother of the baby inside Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ tries to get past the guard to see Sami but Lucas punches him instead. EJ sends a text message to Will’s cell phone to get Sami to come out. Sami convinces the guard to let her talk to EJ while still in his sight. EJ offers to turn evidence-implicating Tony over to the police in order to protect Sami. Lucas finds them talking but Sami is able to diffuse the situation. Sami finds a ticking bomb inside a bag of trash. John and Marlena rush over to help Bo and Hope. Bo diffuses the bomb and John climbs down to try and help. Moments later, a beeping sound warns the trio to duck for cover before an explosion goes off. They survive the explosion but Bo suffers a broken leg when he’s caught under debris.

Belle, Shawn, and Philip are reunited with Claire but Claire instinctively runs to Philip instead of Shawn. Evelyn tries to get away but is arrested by the cops. Shawn wants Philip to return home alone despite claiming he’s not hurt by Claire’s reaction.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Kate does not trust Sonny not to reveal her past identity in front of her publisher, and so rejects his offer to let her join him at lunch after a gardener's leaf blower ruins her catered meal. When Carly, Jax, and the boys show up, Michael and Morgan do all they can to make Jax feel part of things. However, just as things are going semi-well, Kate reconsiders her refusal and brings her guest over, much to Carly's displeasure. Emily urges Nikolas to remember the things that are important and not let Jerry and the quest for revenge poison his life. Spinelli freaks out and wants to talk to Jason about Jake's kidnapping, but all he does is make Lucky angry. Sam is brought in for questioning about the kidnapping, since she was seen at the park shortly before it happened. Amelia notes it is ironic Sam might be one of the last people to have seen the baby, not long after she wished him gone. Nikolas prepares to fly to Paris to search for Jerry, whom he is sure had his nephew kidnapped. After the party ends, Kate returns to visit Sonny, sure he's hurting from having to say good-bye to his boys.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva tells Jeffrey about Lizzie and how she got at the Beacon in the  condition she was in. Ashlee is in juvenile school and Coop is teaching English there. Ashlee fantasize about him a little until Lizzie shows up.  Ashlee just is crushed. Reva tells Jeffrey that Alan gave her a check that bounced and says it was for charity. Rafe goes home from juvenile hall. Gus gets a call that Rafe wants to come over for a visit and get to know everyone. Harley tells her boys about Rafe and who he is. Lizzie confides in Coop about Alan and his wrong doings toward her and others. Jeffrey later runs into Lizzie and they talk about the two missing days she had. Reva visits Daisy in Juvenile hall. But the visit is short do to the rules. As Reva leaves she gets a call on her cell. Ashlee and Megan begin to talk about Coop. Ashlee doesn't realize Megan is out to get her. Rafe's visit with Harley and Gus and the boys gets off to a rocky start. Natalia and Harley have harsh words out side. Natalia later tells Rafe he cannot come home with her. Ashlee gives Coop a friendly warning concerning Hannigan and her rules. While Jeffrey is talking to Lizzie in a public place about her blackout, he looks over her shoulder to see something he doesn't like..  It's Reva with some guy. Ashlee and Coop define their friendship on a good note. One of Harley's kids finds a needle looking in Rafe's duffle bag.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Bo helps Lindsay to vacate her gallery in order to lure out the racist who had been starting the fires.  David appears at Dorianís door and demands that she pay him his ten million dollars.  An argument erupts between the two and Dorian throws a bowl of dip which splashes all over the front of Starrís dress.  Starr becomes extremely upset.  Rex arrives at the studio during the sting operation.  Cole arrives to pick up Langston for the prom.  Starr opens the door and imagines that Cole had come to pick her up for the prom.  They kiss.  Everyone begins to arrive for the prom.  Langston and Markko hurl some insults toward each other at the prom.  Langston and Markko perform a song together.  Lindsay admits that she still cares for Bo.  Rex offers to go to the safe house with Lindsay to keep her company.  The racist gets the bomb ready to blow up the art studio.  The rain is coming down hard as Starr is on her way to the prom.  The car skids and Starr is thrown to the side. 

Bo and Talia impatiently wait for the racist to appear.  Talia finds it hard to believe that Bo was once engaged to Lindsay.  Marcie encourages Langston to ask Markko to dance.  The lightning flashes as Bo gets word that the racist is in the building.  Starr leaves the security of the limousine to hike the rest of the way to the prom in the pouring rain.  Britney asks Cole to dance.  Cole and Britney kiss.  Bo and Talia raise their guns to stop a man in the corridor with a black duffel bag.  Bo orders him to keep his hands raised as Bo hands Talia the duffel bag.  Cole pulls away from Britney.  Cole leaves to find Starr.  Dorian orders David out into the pouring rain.  Starr falls down in the mud and when she looks up, she sees a person standing over her. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Kay's spell to cure Fox and let her and Miguel be together goes totally wrong.  It shakes the whole house. Tabitha has to promise the bad boys in the basement that they can play all the games and listen to all the nursery rhymes they want with Endora before it all stops.  Instead of learning her lesson, Kay finds another spell she wants to try to remove the barrier between her and Miguel.  Well, it removes a barrier, his clothes.  Paloma, Noah and Simone realize that Spike has taken off with Jessica.  They're worried about what he might do to her since he knows they are on to him that he killed all those people.  Spike takes an unconscious Jessica out into the woods and puts her into a coffin.  Sheridan and Fancy realize they could find the blackmailer's identity by finding the doctor who treated him at the hospital.  The blackmailer gets to Dr. Harold Smith first and threatens to kill him because he knows too much about him.  The doctor tries to remind him about all of their therapy sessions and their breathing techniques.  The blackmailer has been enjoying all the evil he has been doing lately.  Sheridan and Fancy finally find the doctor's office and gasp at what they see.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber, Kevin and Daniel decide to split up the money they found in Garrett’s room. Michael and Gloria show up and Daniel and Amber quickly leave with the money. Daniel finds out that someone has also managed to get a hold of his credit cards and has maxed them out. Gloria wants to use Kevin’s apartment to take care of William when he gets out of the hospital because his apartment isn’t suitable. She realizes Kevin’s place isn’t suitable either. Kevin is amused when she tells him that William isn’t rich like she thought. Maggie and Paul show up to question Kevin about Jana. Michael and Gloria are relieved that it isn’t about the Jabot case and leave them alone to talk. He tells them how Jana contacted him again but he couldn’t trace her. Meanwhile, Gloria and Michael go over William’s financials. She suggests that he ask Katherine to buy the company so William will see how much she loves him. Nick’s fever gets worse. Logan continues to treat him and it eventually breaks. Nick is awake and asks Logan how he got there. He can’t remember. She tells him she found him while she was hiking in the woods a few weeks ago. He tries to leave because he says his family must be missing him so much. Logan tells him her car is miles away and he is too weak to make it. He thinks she should go and get help but she tells him that she can’t leave him for that long. He wonders how long it will be before he is strong enough to leave. He realizes that his family must think he is dead and tells her that he wants her to find a way to let them know he is alive. Sharon and Phyllis go to the office to retrieve the nanny-cam from Victor’s office. Nikki and David are meeting so they decide to wait until they leave. They snipe at each other while they wait. The sexual tension between Nikki and David is thick as they talk over campaign matters. Nikki leaves and comes back with flowers. She lays them on a table that blocks the nanny-cam, but moves them a few minutes later. David and Nikki kiss. Karen interrupts them before anything else can happen. They go and meet with Katherine. Sharon and Phyllis wait for Karen to leave and go to pick up the nanny-cam. Karen almost catches them but Phyllis fakes a back spasm, which backfires on her when Karen insists on helping her. Sharon meanwhile has the camera and watches the footage. She sees that they got them kissing on camera. Phyllis realizes that Summer has gotten her first tooth which makes her think of Nick. Brad tells Sharon that Victoria is sleeping with JT. Later he sees Victoria at the office. She is furious when he tells her that he went ahead with a business deal that she didn’t approve of. JT says he is going to investigate Brad. A reporter approaches Brad and Victoria about their divorce. Brad refuses to comment but insinuates that Victoria also had an affair. Cane meets with Katherine, who gives him a big bonus. She brings up Amber and asks if Cane is sure he can trust her. She asks him what he plans on doing with the money. He says he wants to go on a trip with Amber. He says he is going to play a trick on her and pretend that he bought a time share in Vegas. When he goes to set up the joke, he realizes that Amber lied about winning the trip to Vegas.

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