Friday 6/15/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall confronts Greenlee with Spike’s sonogram which had fallen out of Greenlee’s purse.  Kendall questions her as to why she had kept the sonogram for so long.  Ryan, Annie, and Emma pack for a delayed family honeymoon.  Greenlee lets Kendall know that she wanted Spike long before he was born.  Erica visits Adam and asks him if he could be the one who promised to donate a million dollars to the Miranda Center upon the finalization of hers and Jack’s divorce.  Adam denies any interest in Erica’s marital split from Jack.  He runs her off just as Zach arrives for a meeting.  Adam asks Zach for a hundred million dollars, but will not tell him why he wants the money.  Zach promises that he will think about it.  Babe gives Greenlee some helpful advice. 

Erica springs a surprise on Jack by setting up interviews for him with prospective brides-to-be after their divorce is final.  Although most of them turn Jack off, one sparks his interest so much that he accepts a dinner invitation.  Erica is beside herself with jealousy.  Erica makes Pam get Jack on the phone and tells him to make himself available the rest of the day.  Greenlee arrives at Ryan and Annie’s to let them know that she is dropping the custody suit.  Everyone is surprised.  Zach questions Greenlee as to what she wants in return.  Kendall lets Zach know that Greenlee just wants them back.  Ryan gets Spike and starts to give him to Greenlee, but Kendall stops him.  Kendall takes Spike and puts him in Greenlee’s arms. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade and Cleo have it out. Aaron comes back to town. Allison realizes it wasn’t a dream – she and Dusty really had sex. JJ is racked with guilt about Parker getting in trouble because of the BB gun. Jack tells Carly that he spoke with the Director of the Camp where he plans to send Parker. Carly tries to appeal to Jack, but he doesn’t budge; Carly wonders if Parker is telling the truth. Cleo shows a different side to Jade. Faith opens up to Lily about her feelings for Parker and how seeing him with Morgan affected her. She also admits she binged … but did not purge. Emily and Aaron talk. Lance is found with kiddie porn and drugs. Dusty and Allison agree to keep their night together a secret. Will confronts Cleo about seeing her in Old Town with Jade. Cleo claims Jade was attacking her verbally. Will believes her and leaves to go defend her to Jade. JJ tries to tell Jack and Carly that he was the one that left the gun out, but he bails out in the end. Dusty and Emily talk, as he tells her all is well. Allison worries about going back to Oakdale and facing Emily. JJ admits to Faith he was the one that left the gun out. Jack and Carly tell Parker he is going to this camp. Carly wants to help Parker prove he did not leave the gun out. Will defends Cleo to Jade. Cleo writes more delusions of Will riding to her rescue and what that means; Cleo talks about stopping Jade – for good. Carly appeals to Jack to forget the camp, counselors, and therapists and to have the two of them only unite and get Parker through this together.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke calls Rick but he’s in no mood as he’s expecting Phoebe to call him back. His mom is worried about him, but he emphasizes again that he did NOT shoot Grant Chambers and he is not going to say he did just to get the charges reduced against Ridge. He and Bridget discuss the hospital situation and she has a whole new perspective now. She’s relieved when she finds out he did not tip his hand to Taylor yesterday. Nick stops by Brooke’s to discuss business – Brooke’s Bedroom Line and in walks Taylor. They fill him in on this Rick/Ridge thing. He wonders if she wants Forrester out of jail and her son in, or leave things the way they are now?

Phoebe seeks advice from Ashley, she thinks Rick is seeing another woman. Would Ashley know who it could be? Bridget guesses Rick secret, he’s been with Ashley although he claims he loves Phoebe and it is over between him and Ashley. Bridget advises him not to tell Phoebe then. Brooke feels like Rick is in good hands with Taylor and perhaps this will settle their distrust of each other. Skirting the obvious, Ashley tries to help Phoebe by pointing out Rick loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Rick is on the firing line when he finds Phoebe. Ashley scrawls a note that Phoebe knows there is another woman and leaves them with privacy. Taylor doesn’t feel threatened by Brooke working again with Nick; their marriage won’t go down the tubes because of it. Nerdy lab technician, Carl, calls Bridget and blurts out that he knows what really happened that day with the eggs implanted in Mrs. Marone.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Evelyn continues to deny having taken Claire even when the police arrive. Belle gets the idea to sing one of Claire’s favorite songs and hears a baby crying. Marlena and John ask Caroline about Colleen and after some prodding Caroline divulges that Colleen was Shawn Sr.’s sister who died very young. Stefano overhears them and offers a little more detail into how Colleen and Santo first met. Stefano warns that Sami holds the key to ending the feud but won’t reveal how.

Lexie explains that she attacked Bo when she thought he was coming to kill her. Hope climbs down into the hole and revives Bo. Bo and Hope search the area and find a photo of young Colleen that looks exactly like Sami. Hope finds a key to a music box but the box is revealed to be a bomb. Lexie asks that Abe not be contacted. Celeste and Lexie are reunited and Celeste insists on taking Lexie to the hospital. Celeste convinces Lexie that Abe doesn’t hate her so Lexie has Celeste help her surprise Abe when he comes to the hospital to have his eye surgery bandages taken off.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax and Carly plan a Father's Day celebration for the entire family, including Sonny. The two men are not very happy about sharing the day, but will put the boys first. Emily realizes that Nikolas does not just want to protect her from Jerry, but to get revenge. Logan tells Lulu that Scott ruined his family. Alexis urges Jax to find his brother before her nephew does. Jason tells both Sonny and Amelia he's not going to do anything about Jake right now. The judge denies Jason bail. Jake is taken from the park.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Remy helps Natalia move. Gus doesn't think the move is a good idea. Daisy and Ashlee argue. Jeffrey and Mel talk about Rick and Beth's baby. Mel reminds Jeffrey that the affair began long after she separated from Rick so it is not her concern. Jeffrey then visits Josh but wants to really see Cassie. Alan tries to help Lizzie remember the night she blacked out and got her tattoo. Lizzie is wants to know why Alan wants to help her. Alan tells Lizzie he doesn't think she is crazy, but still doesn't think she really dropped of the earth herself, that she had help. Lizzie does remember last talking with Reva then everything else is a blur. Until she woke up at The Beacon. Alan thinks Reva is behind this. Reva and Cassie talk about Beth's paternity tests. Josh and Jeffrey talk about the grudge Cassie has toward Alan and the upcoming nuptials. Natalia gets angry at Gus and tells him she is safe at The Beacon. Harley gets to know Rafe. Gus tells Natalia he wants them in his life. Jeffery gives Josh advice about Cassie. Cassie and Reva talk about being to hell and back. Alan wants Jeffrey's help with Lizzie. Jeffery calls Reva soon after he talks with Alan. Reva confesses to Jeffery about the statement Alan made against her. Mel gives Harley some friendly advice concerning Gus and the present situation. Mel reminds Harley that Rick's marriage to her dissolved long before he went to Beth. Remy gives Gus advice concerning Natalia and Harley. Rafe is wished luck by an unlikely person. Reva arrives at the Beacon to meet Alan, Jeffery and Lizzie. Reva tells them she didn't drug Lizzie. She actually tried to help her. When Jeffrey turns his back then returns, Reva has disappeared.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair is frantic that tonight is the prom and Starr doesn’t have a prom dress.  She enlists Dorian’s help in finding Starr the perfect prom dress.  Langston reads Markko the riot act concerning Starr and that he had better treat her right.  John tells David that he will soon be getting out, but David doesn’t believe him.  Cole tells Starr that he never wanted to go to the prom with anyone but her.  Blair lets Dorian know that she is sure that the phone call she received was from Todd.

Starr wishes that life was like a Broadway musical where everything turned out right in the end.  Blair sings Starr a very beautiful song.  Britney assures Cole that they will have fun at the prom.  Blair surprises Starr with a very special gift that Todd had given to her on her first Mother’s Day.  Marty surprises Cole with a gift that she had given to her husband when she was expecting Cole.  Dorian comes up with the perfect prom dress which is one of a kind creation.  Hunter gets questioned about the man that he is harboring.  John manages to get David a release from prison for a month in order to lure the real killer out of hiding.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Ben warns Sharon and Phyllis that Jack cannot be involved in another scandal. Sharon is reluctant to go ahead with hiding the camera in Victor’s office to catch Nikki with David. Phyllis tries to get up and falls again. She says that the fall must have popped her back into place and she is feeling better. She and Sharon leave together and go to the office to plant the camera. Sharon distracts Neil and Brad while Phyllis plants the camera by pretending to twist her ankle. Brad attends to her and tells her that JT and Victoria are sleeping together. Jack sees them there but they rush off before he can ask too many questions. Later they congratulate themselves on pulling it off. Brad meets with a divorce lawyer who advises him to investigate Victoria’s financials. Neil overhears part of the conversation. He gives Brad a hard time by shutting him out of any projects that involve Victoria. JT tells Victoria that he could be the father of her baby. She says she is almost positive it is Brad because they used protection. He tells her that he will be there for her during this pregnancy. Amber, Daniel and Kevin try to figure out how to get rid of Garrett/Plum’s body and what to do with the money. They argue amongst themselves and Kevin warns them that whatever they decide, they do it together. In the middle of moving the camera out of his apartment, Kevin gets a message from Jana and talks to her via webcam. They decide to drop the body off in the alley behind the hospital. Kevin thinks they are being followed so they pull over next to the Club. Neil sees them as he is coming out and questions Daniel who had told Lily he was working tonight. He gives them all a really hard time about what they are all doing there together. He tells them they should go inside since their spouses are in there. They do and leave Kevin alone to take care of the body. Cane and Lily aren’t happy to see them together and question them about it. Amber and Daniel try to cover their tracks but Cane and Lily are both still suspicious. Cane goes to the Club for a business meeting with Victoria, Adrian and Neil. He sees Lily and they argue. Cane blames their problems on Daniel while Lily says that Amber is to blame. She is surprised that he still doesn’t think it was Amber who sent the naked photo to Daniel on his phone. Lily calls Fenmore’s and shows him that Amber isn’t there. Cane tries to call her but gets no answer. JT interrupts the meeting to ask Victoria out on a date for tonight. Lily wonders what is up with them but Colleen tells her that she doesn’t care. Colleen and Adrian share a laugh about her ex-boyfriend now dating her soon to be ex-stepmother. Jack gets a visit from his father who tells him he thinks he has a chance of winning the election. With the recent events, Jack is thinking of dropping out of the election. He says he is doing things that he never intended to do when he started out, but says he won’t go down without a fight.

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