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AMC Recap Written by Mary

“Dream Land”

This episode of All My Children depicts some of the characters' dreams.  Some dreams can be good or some can be bad.  J.R. has a bad dream in which his father appears in the doorway and tells him that he will not pay the ransom.  Greenlee dreams that Zach, Kendall, Annie, and Ryan team up on her and push her off a building.  Erica dreams that a judge grants her and Jack a divorce and decrees they cannot ever see each other again.  Krystal holds her baby Jenny in her arms and begins to sing the song “Dream A Little Dream of Me.”  Tad is the commentator in explaining that there are different kinds of dreams with different meanings.  Annie has a good dream that she and Ryan have gotten married and are planning their future together and the children that they will have.  Greenlee has a dream that Kendall places Spike in her arms and she and Ryan plan a future together, but then Ryan and Spike disappear before her eyes.  Greenlee wakes up crying.  Kendall is awakened from a sound sleep because she thinks she hears someone crying.  Annie wakes up and sits straight up in bed.  She, too, thinks that she hears someone crying.  Adam dreams that he sees J.R. dead.  He wakes up in a cold sweat.  Julia dreams that she is having an ultrasound done to look at her baby, but the doctor tells her that there is no baby.  The doctor turns out to be none other than Jamie. 

Jonathan dreams that Lily comes up to him and gives him a big kiss.  Jonathan is surprised that Lily kissed him, but she tells him that Ava had taught her how to touch.  Krystal, Babe, and Colby take turns carrying around Jenny, who has colic.  Krystal dreams that Adam comes to visit her and tells her that he loves her and will always love her and his heart needs her .Colby dreams that she visits Sean in jail, and they do a very provocative dance.  Babe dreams that she has graduated from high school and Jamie is there to congratulate her.  They kiss.  Erica also dreams that she is on a game show and three eligible bachelors vie for her hand in marriage.  Erica is introduced to each of the bachelors, but before she can make a choice, Jack appears and tells them that Erica is already spoken for.  He kisses her. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gwen can’t find her earrings; Cleo takes them out of her purse. Gwen wonders what she is doing with them? Dusty calls the Police to tell them what happened, as Allison is suffering the after effects of stabbing Lance. Craig tells Margo the wedding has been moved up. After Emma demands answers from Meg, she admits as to why she is really marrying Craig. Emma is concerned for her safety. Meg goes to meet Paul at the church after he finds out. Cleo covers with a story, which Gwen seems suspect of. Cleo realizes someone doesn’t want her there. Allison can’t seem to wash the blood off of her – too bad there isn’t any on her. Paul wants Meg to leave Craig right after the ceremony; they will leave town then. Meg asks Craig about the Worldwide contract being signed before the wedding a few times to send up warning signals to Margo. Unknown to Craig, he has purchased the wedding rings Paul returned that had the bad luck attached to them. Cleo confronts Jade. Margo sees Meg flinch when Craig goes to kiss her, which strikes a nerve with her. Dusty ‘rescues’ Allison from the shower when she can’t clean the blood off, which isn’t really there. Dusty explains that it is delusions and paranoia. It is a side effect of detoxing. Dusty gets into bed with Allison to try to calm her down and get her to sleep. Paul wants Meg to forget about revenge on Craig and leave town with him tonight; Meg can’t walk away now so she gives Paul something of hers to hold onto; it is a sign that they are meant to be together. Jade promises Cleo that it won’t take long for Will and Gwen to know what Cleo is really about. Margo questions Meg’s dedication to Craig especially after the flinch that she saw. Craig is sure Meg is loyal to him and will grow to love him. While asleep, Dusty and Allison move closer to one another and respond to each other. Soon, they are kissing passionately.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick is in shock. Taylor wishes she had had more time to prepare him. This is classic Stephanie and he won’t listen to Taylor and bolts out. Constantine tells Phoebe he inspires him. She’s already a star in his eyes, but it’s going to take a lot more hard work. She asks about Rick, and Constantine tells her that she is letting some guy map out her own life. This boyfriend of hers is not as committed as she thinks he is. She’s called him dozens of times, and he’s still missing, unconcerned. Perhaps he is really telling her something. She will call him and prove Constantine wrong. Frantically, Brooke calls Taylor and leaves a message that now Rick knows everything, so please be careful with him in learning the real truth. Later she speaks with her directly and both are concerned with what might happen. It’s imperative that she find him. He suddenly shows up in her home laden with the gun Stephanie left there a couple of years ago, and Brooke remarks it was left locked in the safe. He quips that’s a good place for it, wouldn’t want it to fall into the hands of a ‘child’. She asks him to put the gun down. He twirls it around, in denial, he says he’s never held one before, never pointed it at anyone, he’s incapable of shooting anyone. He WOULD remember it. He didn’t shoot Grant, that’s the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard. Calling at a bad time, Phoebe gets a perturbed Rick and he hangs up on her. More fuel for Constantine to keep pointing out that Rick isn’t that into her.

Rick demands that the lies have got to stop. Ridge needs some sort of intervention. Brooke has to tell Rick it is not a lie. Ridge took the blame to protect him. That is the truth! Phoebe doesn’t understand why Constantine is making Rick out to be a jerk. He doesn’t think Rick is deserving of all this devotion and tells her about the PDA and plays her the message. She’s hurt, she’s confused – Rick is seeing someone else? Rick turns on his mother in rage as she tries to explain his anger and his rage, his motives way back then. He still thinks it is awfully convenient and this theory will help Ridge out now. There is NO proof. She says Ridge helped him out once, now he can help him out. He refuses, he can’t believe this brainwashing, her believing Ridge over her own son.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie refuses to believe Steve’s words of warning about Jeremy. Adrienne helps Steve hatch a plan to force Jeremy to show his true colors in front of Stephanie. The pageant organizer gives Belle, Philip, and Shawn the name and number of the woman claiming to be Jeffrey’s mom. Belle comes up with the idea of calling the woman claiming she has to come back to Chicago to collect a prize. Evelyn arrives to collect the money but becomes suspicious when Belle questions why she didn’t bring Jeffrey back with her. Belle confronts Evelyn about taking Claire but Evelyn denies it. Shawn searches the child’s backpack Evelyn brought with her and finds Claire’s shoes inside.

After hearing the voice call for help, Doug and Hope help Bo lower himself down towards the voice. The voice screams and Bo no longer answers Hope’s worried calls. Hope insists on pulling up the rope when the mystery voice starts to climb it and the mystery person attacks Hope once out of the hole. While Doug holds them back, Hope pulls off the mask to reveal the mystery person to be a disoriented Lexie. Hope gets Lexie to calm down enough to recognize her and Lexie declares that Bo is dead.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam learns that her eggs are not viable; therefore, surrogacy is not an option. Liz visits Jason and is worried he won't get a fair trial. After she goes to work, Jason replays Amelia's words in his mind. Lucky is upset to learn Liz visited Jason. Ric and the mayor are determined to convict Jason. Kate wakes up safely, apparently without a concussion. When Carly stops by to visit, Sonny covers over a mention of "Connie Falconeri." Then, Carly and Kate clash verbally. Once Kate leave, Sonny promises that he will not track down Jerry, yet. Jax continues to search for Jerry and investigate rumors of his possible death. Lady Jane does not believe Jerry can be saved and wants Jax to give up. Nikolas tells Alexis he wants her to prove Emily is innocent of anything Jerry could implicate her in, and implies that he plans to kill Jerry once Emily is safe from being charged with treason if he dies. He then hires people to spy on Jax and Lady Jane. Diane is frustrated with Jason's unhelpfulness in his own defense. Sonny visits Jason and Jason tells him that he is Jake's father, hence the source of his "secret pain, and that Sam knows about it. Sonny supports his desire to claim his son. Sam wishes that Jake did not exist.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Beth asks Alexandra for her car and driver. Alexandra quips another baby doctors appointment and asks if Rick or Alan will join her there. Beth says she wishes she could change things she would. Reva gets a call. On her end she tells the caller Lizzie is fine and she is dealing with her and has everything under control. Could this caller be son, Jonathan? Reva then gets a visit from Billy in where Jonathan's name comes up. Beth gets a scary call from a frightened and confused Lizzie. She is at the Beacon and doesn't know how she got there. Lizzie ends the call and starts walking around the room she is in. Jeffrey gets a call from a good "ole" friend named Hoover. Seems they worked together years ago. Jeffery introduces Hoover to Marina, who is genuinely pleased to meet him at first anyway. Cassie meets the Minister's Wife. It seems the Minister's Wife knows of Cassie's past, but doesn't hold it against her. The Minister's wife knows everyone deserves a clean slate in life. Beth talks to Jeffrey about Lizzie and her recent call. They go to Lizzie's Beacon room to find it trashed and her out of sorts. Lizzie doesn't know what happened. Reva cryptically tells Billy about Jonathan, but Billy isn't getting it. Josh, Cassie and the Rev and his wife meet to discuss wedding plans. They want an end of the Summer wedding. Beth talks to Lizzie about what she is looking at, and if this is a ploy to get out of going away with her. Marina meets with Cyrus. He tells her a tale of his life. Cassie relaxing alone after the Wedding Planning Meeting orders a vodka on the rocks at a outside eatery. Jeffrey and Reva talk about Father's Day. Jeffrey tells Reva his was ok. Reva congratulates him. Beth is still talking to Lizzie when she notices a butterfly tattoo on Lizzie's ankle. Lizzie says she doesn't remember. Last scene we see is Reva looking at her ankle and what is there? A butterfly tattoo.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Langston sits at a piano, completely mesmerized by what Starr and Markko are talking about.  Cole tries to talk to her, but she is not listening.  Markko asks Starr to go to the school prom with him.  Talia poses in front of an American flag in Lindsay’s art gallery.  Cristian takes a picture of her as Bo and Lindsay watch.  Lindsay lets Bo know that she wants to help him flush this guy out that has been burning the buildings.  John questions Marty as to why she married Miles when she didn’t love him.  John urges her to tell him so that he might be able to help.  Miles brings home flowers for Marty and is approached by Blair in the hall.  Blair tells him that she wants to talk to him and Marty both.  Todd is shown asleep on a cot.  Matthew and Nora visit the gallery.  John continues to question Marty about Spencer’s death, but Marty insists that she doesn’t remember anything.  Tate and his father argue with each other at the Angel Square Diner. 

Miles and Blair begin to flirt with each other and begin to dance.  When Miles begins to get too close, Blair pulls away.  Miles ends up asking Blair to leave.  Just as Blair is leaving, Marty comes home. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Amber insists that Kevin and Daniel help her find the digital storage device before they call the police. She makes them wait while she goes and talks to Cane, who is upset that Garrett didn’t show up for his interview. Cane insists on going back to Kevin’s house to talk to Garrett himself. Amber tells him that Garrett has already left town and she has to go help Kevin clean up the mess he left behind. Cane insists on helping so she makes a quick call to warn Daniel and Kevin. They hide the body under the bed before they get there. They finally manage to get rid of Cane. Kevin says that because of Amber, they are screwed. Cane will know they lied and he will get the blame because of his past. He gets text messages from Jana on his phone. She begs for forgiveness and says she loves him. They examine the money and realize it isn’t counterfeit. They say they have to make a decision, and whatever happens it stays between them.

Sharon is pleased when Phyllis agrees that she has to leave. Nikki tries to reach Victor again and can’t get him. She calls Hope and finds out that Victor has been in contact with her. She is upset and David comforts her. Nikki and Jack’s fight for the senate race heats up as they continue to sling mud at each other in the press. Jack decides to challenge Nikki to a debate and Nikki accepts. Phyllis worries that Nikki could bring up the fact that Jack owned Jabot. Jack sets up an interview with the press to counter Nikki’s accusations that he has mob ties. He brings up the fact that he fired David for his dirty tactics and now he is working for Nikki. Later, Paul tells Jack he wasn’t able to dig up any dirt on David. While he is out, Sharon and Phyllis find out that Nikki has also been attacking them personally and scheme about what negative things they can say about Nikki. They decide they will try and catch Nikki and David in a compromising position using the nanny-cam.

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