Wednesday 6/13/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall insists that no way is she letting Greenlee be part of her family or in Spike’s life.  Greenlee and Kendall team up to present a united front for their client in order to get him to sign back on.  Krystal and her crew begin making the necessary repairs to the “Comeback” bar.  Zach tells Erica that Greenlee is suing them for custody of Spike.  Annie warns Ryan that by his giving in to Greenlee’s excessive demands, he will ruin their marriage.  Colby explains to Stuart and Krystal the reason she thinks that Sean would never use drugs. 

Erica argues with Jack over his failure to keep his daughter in line.  Ryan promises Annie that he will never let anyone ruin their marriage.  Stuart tells Krystal that it is all right to still miss Adam, even after all the bad things that he did to her.  Ryan and Annie decide to take a delayed honeymoon and let Emma and Spike accompany them. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

As the WOAK interns talk about their new project, Noah seems to be flirting with Maddie, to the annoyance of Luke. Cleo continues to write her delusions about Will in her journal. Barbara shares her good news with Will and Gwen; she found a famous music producer that agreed to help Gwen finish her demo. After some convincing, Gwen is onboard. Craig barges into Paul’s room; Meg is able to hide before though – out on window ledge. Craig and Paul trade barbs, as a petrified Meg hides. Gwen asks Cleo to join her, as she goes to tell Maddie about the demo, which thrills Cleo. Finally, Paul is able to appease Craig that Meg isn’t with him and he leaves. Paul races to the window and helps coax her back inside after nearly falling. Barbara and Craig go at it next, as he is on a mission to find Meg, as Barbara covers. Meg sneaks out of Paul’s room and claims she was freshening up after going rounds with Barbara. Craig is suspect until she appeases him thoroughly with empty promises. Jade watches as Gwen and Maddie sing Cleo’s praises. Jade hits up Luke for information on what he knows about Cleo. Jade needs her to leave town before she ruins things for her. Barbara is worried for Paul and Meg’s safety once she hears their plan. Craig tells Meg that he wants her tonight, as Meg is forced to hold him off claiming they need to wait to the wedding. As Will and Gwen head off to celebrate, Cleo writes in her journal about Gwen’s journey taking her away and how Will and she will finally have a life together. Jade lets herself into Will and Gwen’s house, takes some earrings of Gwen’s, and hides them in Cleo’s bag. Craig decidedly tells Meg that he wants to move up the wedding to the very next day; Meg is speechless but is forced to go along with becoming Mrs. Craig Montgomery in the next 24 hours.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick is astonished; is this a very sick joke or has Ridge gone off the deep end? Ridge apologizes, no joke, but he wishes he hadn’t said it – Rick shot Grant Chambers! Rick thinks Ridge can’t sink any lower, blaming a little kid on shooting Grant. Phoebe goes back to the studio and tries to explain how Rick was being overly protective. Constantine doesn’t like the lousy way men treat their women, all in the name of love. How well does she really know Rick? Taylor tells Brooke she doesn’t want to lie to her, but getting Rick to come forward could have irreparable damage. Ms. Blair says without that evidence, Ridge could be convicted. Lt. Baker taunts Ridge that he had it all and threw it away. First killing Chambers years ago and now Shane. Rick is curious why Taylor would call him to her office, but he agrees to answer to anything, but don’t call him a murderer. Ridge just did that.

He rants that Ridge must be crazy. Taylor remarks that she didn’t know it was going to end up this way, but it is time they set the record straight. Constantine wants to play something for Phoebe, about Rick, but she doesn’t want to hear it if it’s negative. He plays a video that pours out his love for her. She’s touched and thinks it was beautiful. Ms. Blair wonders how this news will affect Rick, and their strategy. Rick states he hopes Taylor is not believing this garbage, he did NOT shoot Grant Chambers. His face shows concern and doubt though.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle and Philip arrive in Chicago after the pageant is over. They run into a pageant organizer who recognizes Claire from Belle’s picture. Shawn walks in on Philip consoling Belle and accuses them of getting too close. Shawn wants Philip to return to Salem so he and Belle can focus on finding Claire. The pageant organizer realizes that Claire was at today’s pageant but was entered as a little boy named Jeffrey Gray. Nick fights with Jett. Jett subdues Nick but is understanding of his anger. Jett gets Chelsea to admit that she still doesn’t trust Nick. Chelsea tries to tell Nick how she truly feels but Nick is too hung-over to talk.

Bo, Doug, Hope, and Julie check out Doug’s Place. Bo searches for the old dumbwaiter behind the boarded up walls. Finding the old dumbwaiter gone, Bo and Hope argue over who should climb down until they hear a strange voice calling up from inside the hole. Steve isn’t pleased to find Jeremy and Stephanie alone and each only covered with a towel. Stephanie stands up to Steve vowing to have a more active sex life than Kayla. Steve pulls Jeremy aside to question his intentions while Adrienne advises Stephanie to start acting more like the adult she claims to be.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

No one moves to help Tracy as she is arrested for kidnapping. Only Lulu protests. Robin continues to assert that she does not want a baby. On the other hand, Sam is dying to have one and tells Alexis of her plans to hire a surrogate. Amelia leads Jason through Sam's scheme to make him tell the truth about Jake. Lulu bails Tracy out of jail. When Scott confronts her about doing so and threatens to jail her and Lucky also, Logan punches him. As soon as he's alone, Edward calls a judge about Tracy. Jax is very understanding and paternal when Morgan's illness cancels his romantic plans for Carly. Both he and Carly answer "hang up" calls.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Springfield celebrates Father's Day by having all the fathers of the town help Gus get to Rafe's court hearing on time. Gus and the rest of the men get into a fight with a boat captain and land in jail but in the end Gus arrives in court just in time to give a heart felt plea to the judge and persuade her to give Rafe one year probation. All the men of Springfield celebrate Father's Day including Jeffrey who spends his first one with Ava and Olivia.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Bo fills Nora in on Tate Harmon and the things that he did in his past and how he came to Llanview before the fires started.  Adriana and Tate have breakfast at the Angel Square Diner.  Rex comes in and immediately assumes that they spent the night together.  Cole sneaks into his mother’s bedroom and finds Miles’ suitcase open on the bed and he immediately begins to go through it.  Miles comes in and catches him and questions him as to what he is doing.  Marcie and her musical group practice for the prom night musical.  Langston and Marco clash over his lines in the musical.  Bo enlists Lindsay’s help in luring the arsonist out of hiding. 

Viki meets with Mr. Harmon at the hospital.  He inquires as to how her family is.  Viki is confused as to why he is so concerned about her family since they don’t even know each other that well.  Miles threatens to take the tape to the police unless she starts warming up to him.  John assures Cole that things will turn out for the best in the end.  Marco invites Starr to the prom.  Viki is quite surprised at Marty’s announcement that she married Miles Laurence.

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Whitney catches Chad at the Blue Note dancing with two women.  He's really just trying to prove to Ethan that he's straight, but Whitney is even more hurt than ever by his actions.  Ivy is crushed because she thought that she and Julian really had a chance to reunite.  However, she found out that he had no intention of running off with her and being together because he now has more power at Crane Industries and he didn't tell her.  Noah proposes to Paloma.  She's not sure if they should be so happy right now because of the bad things happening in their family.  Noah thinks their happiness could help the family.  Before she can answer, she gets a call from the lab with the results on the fingerprints from the dead john case.  She finds out that the partial print looks like it matches Spike.  Simone and Jessica discuss their theory that maybe Spike killed the johns and drugged her so she wouldn't remember and would think she did it.  Spike comes barging in and she tells him she's going to tell her daddy that he did it.  He threatens to keep her quiet.  Sam comes to the hospital looking for Fancy because Luis thinks the blackmailer could be following her.  He runs into Sheridan who falsely claims she doesn't know where Fancy is.  Meanwhile, the blackmailer is strangling Fancy.  Sheridan sees this but doesn't try to stop it until Sam shows up.  Then she makes it look like she's coming to Fancy's rescue and chases the blackmailer away.  Sam calls to put the hospital on lockdown so the blackmailer can't get away.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

Daniel continues to lie to Lily about the banking situation. He begs her to come to therapy with him and she gives in. They seem to make a breakthrough. He offers to help Kevin find Jana if he will pay him. Amber doesn’t have any luck reaching Garrett when he misses his job interview. Kevin tells her that he is locked in his room and won’t answer the door. Amber goes over to Kevin’s apartment with him and tries to get Garrett to open the door. Daniel comes home and they get the door open and find Garrett dead on the floor. Amber freaks out and insists they wait until she finds a digital storage device that Garrett has that contains incriminating evidence against her. While searching the room they find a bag full of money. Maggie, who has been taking over some of William’s workload, visits him in the hospital. She has looked over his files and knows about the private DNA test but doesn’t know who the sample came from. He can’t move or speak still so she asks him questions and he answers by blinking. She doesn’t manage to find out anything. Later Gloria tells William she can’t let him send her to jail, she has to be there to take care of him. Sharon grows more suspicious of Phyllis and tells Jack that she saw her up and walking around. Jack says that he will get Phyllis a room at the Club with a nanny and a nurse but Sharon says it’s okay, Phyllis can stay. Phyllis falls asleep for a moment and Nick’s spirit visits her. She wakes up and tells Sharon she was dreaming of him. She talks about how much she misses Nick. Sharon blows up at her and tells her she isn’t the only one who misses Nick. She says she won’t feel bad for the woman who stole her husband away from her any longer. Jack overhears her and tells Phyllis that he is getting her that room at the Club. Nick has left the cabin and has collapsed in the woods. He gets a visit from Cassie’s ghost, who asks him to go with her. Logan finds him in the woods and brings him back to the cabin. She sees he has a fever and restrains him while she goes to look for a plant that could bring down his fever. She gives him the plant. He mumbles about Cassie, asking where she went and saying he will be home soon.

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