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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan tries to reason with Greenlee that what she is doing is wrong, but he cannot seem to reach her.  After not being able to reach Greenlee, he tries to reason with Kendall to let Greenlee be a part of Spikeís life, but Kendall refuses.  Jack brings Sean home from the police station and just as they arrive home, Erica and her film crew arrive.  Jack tells them in no uncertain terms that he has no comment.  Erica blocks the camera from taking any more pictures and orders them gone.  Inside the house, Erica tries to talk some sense into Sean as to what he is doing by taking the rap for drug possession.  Sean refuses to listen to her.  Ava comes to visit Lily and they discuss Lilyís marriage to Jonathan.  Sean excuses himself and goes upstairs where Lily and Ava are.  Ava is surprised to see that Sean is out of jail.  After not being able to reach Kendall, Ryan asks Greenlee to let him talk alone with Kendall a few moments.  Greenlee re-joins Babe, Di, and Annie.  Annie tries to talk Greenlee into not making this about her and having Spike in her life, but making a place for herself in Spikeís life. 

Ava gets a text message from an unknown caller.  When she goes outside, she finds that it is Jonathan.  Jonathan gives Ava some money.  She accuses Jonathan of having ulterior motives but, in the end, Ava takes the money and goes back inside the house.  Erica pretends as though she is Barbara, and the press interviews her about Sean's arrest.  Erica and Jack begin to laugh.  Jack tells Erica that he now knows why he fell in love with her.  Lily begins to try to reason out the clues to figure out who could have planted the drugs in Seanís jacket.  As Sean remembers he left his jacket alone with Ava, she comes into the room, and he turns to face her with a questioning look.  Kendall wants Ryan to let Greenlee know she will not ever be a part of their family. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Lily refuse to participate in Craig and Meg's wedding despite a heartfelt plea to Holden from Meg.  Margo persuades Katie to go to Craig's wedding as a favor to her.  Parker gets blamed for Faith tripping over the BB gun and it going off and hitting her in the arm.  Parker insists he isn't at fault for the accident because he put the gun away but nobody thinks he is telling the truth except Carly.  J.J. is guilt ridden but can't find the words to tell Jack the accident was his fault.  Jack feels like a failure as a father and decides to send Parker to a camp the therapist recommended for him.  Paul and Meg manage to sneak away and make love but Craig suspects something and gets Paul's room key from the front desk and sticks the key in the door.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick questions Bridget. Is the baby fine? What is going on? Brooke and Stephanie visit Ridge in jail. He insists he take his own medicine as he made his own decisions, not just Stephanie. His new attorney, Christine Blair, joins the mix. Just before Bridget is about to blab about the possible mix-up in eggs, Dr. Caron interrupts again and chastises Bridget about her possible motives of undermining this happy marriage and pregnancy. Rick tells Ridge that his father sent him. They aren’t exactly brothers, but they are something, so they better get along. He actually brings up Grant Chambers, how Ridge shot him. Was that being there for Rick then? Taylor realizes the position she has put Bridget in and feels like she is the one who has made the mistake for involving her. She suggests that she can get another doctor. Bridget doesn’t want that and would really like to see this through.

Dr. Caron summons Bridget and they meet with the Chief of Staff and a man from accounting. COS sings Bridget’s praises as a good doctor and would like to see her remain one here. He makes it clear, people can be confused, their memory fails but records do not lie. No mistake or mix-up of eggs occurred, end of story. Taylor, Christine, Stephanie and Brooke all discuss the pros and cons Rick will encounter if dredging up the memory of killing Chambers. Taylor is unwilling to do that. But Ridge does, he just blurts it out when Rick pushes him about why he killed Grant Chambers.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jeremy kisses Chelsea. Chelsea slaps Jeremy so he apologizes claiming he was only kidding. Jeremy convinces Chelsea to accompany him to a company party at Stephanie’s hotel suite but Chelsea misses Nick’s call when she forgets her cell phone. Stephanie has Chelsea help her model the skimpy uniforms she picked out for them to wear while working. Jett, allowing Chelsea to cover up with his shirt, and Chelsea decide to head back to the Brady home when Stephanie and Jeremy ignore them to make out. Jeremy, after making love with Stephanie, answers Steve and Adrienne’s doorbell ring dressed only in a towel. The DNA results prove that Shawn was not the father of Willow’s baby. Shawn still feels bad about his part in Willow’s demise and wants to pay for the funeral expenses. Shawn and Nick share their experiences with Willow over beers at the Pub and Nick starts feeling sorry for himself until he realizes Chelsea did return his call. Chelsea worries when Nick doesn’t take her return call and opens up to Jett about their rocky relationship. Shawn encourages Nick to go see Chelsea right away. Nick bursts in to find a teary eyed Chelsea covered up in Jett’s shirt while he comforts her.

Lucas breaks into the room as EJ tries to back Sami away from the approaching forklift. Falling boxes separate Sami and EJ but Lucas is able to stop the forklift before it reaches Sami. Lucas agrees to lift the crates off that are pinning EJ down. Lucas insists on knowing what Stefano demanded of them. EJ denies that he had anything to do with Stefano’s demands and insists that Tony was the only one behind the forklift attack. Lucas calls Roman and Bo down to the warehouse and they insist on hiding Sami away in a safe house. Lucas agrees to let Sami return home when Bo promises to assign a 24-hour guard for the apartment.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin reasserts that she does not want to be a mother in the immediate future. Amelia tells Jason all about Sam's conwoman past, but Jason insists on defending her. Amelia, therefore, plays her trump card and tells Jason that Sam knows about Jake. Sonny finally convinces Kate to stay until any concussion danger is past, and when Bernie stops by, he is less than thrilled to see his boss getting involved with a new woman. Tracy moves Lulu back into the manor, over all protests. Scott shows up demanding that Tracy tell him where Luke took Laura, but Tracy, with the backing of her family, she stonewalls him and Alice ejects Scott. Alan suspects and warns Tracy that Edward is up to something. Cops show up and arrest Tracy for kidnapping. Alexis shows up at the studio with a desire to be more supportive of her daughter.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Marina and Cyrus flirt and kiss during the find your light fundraiser and Frank sees them together and later asks Marina if anything interesting has happened and she lies to her father and responds no. Olivia is hurt when she hears Jeffrey and Ava talking at company and saying they just want to spend time alone without her. Olivia goes to the fundraiser and accepts Alexandra's offer of a partnership in the expansion project for the Beacon. Jeffrey stops a drunk Olivia from going home with a stranger and offers to take her home like he should have all those years ago. Griggs leads Mallet on a wild goose chase for Dinah and later Mallet is relieved when Dinah is home safe. Mallet and Dinah vow to work together to get Griggs without Killing Matt. Griggs calls Mallet and promises to leave Dinah alone if he kills Marr.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Nash watches through the window as Jessica visits with Antonio.  The nurse goes into Antonioís room with a brown envelope with his personal items inside.  She holds up Antonioís wedding band, and asks if Jessica would like to hold on to it.  Talia is on the computer and she looks up info on Tate Harmon.  Adriana sits alone at a table.  Tate comes in and asks if he can join her.  Adriana thanks Tate for everything that he did at the hospital.  Dorian lets Clint know that Asa hired David to kill Spencer Truman.  Clint doesnít believe her.  John visits David at the prison.  Miles lets Marty know that it is their wedding night and it is time for them to consummate their marriage.  Talia continues to look up info on Tateís medical records.  Rex continues to fill up Adrianaís mailbox with messages.  Adriana lets Tate know that she still loves Rex.  Talia approaches their table and wants Tate Harmonís autograph for a friend of hers.  Clint demands to know how long Dorian had known about this.  Marty refuses to have sex with Miles tonight or ever.  David threatens to have John brought up on police brutality charges if he continues with this.  Jessica lets Antonio know that she wants only happiness for him.  Antonio begins to wake up from his sleep and he mistakes Talia for Jessica.  Talia fills him in on the police investigation concerning Tate Harmon.  Clint picks up the phone and begins to call the police to turn in his father.  Dorian stops him. 

David asks John how Marty knew that he didnít kill Spencer unless she killed Spencer herself.  John goes to visit Marty.  Miles sees him outside the door.  Miles pulls off his shirt and opens the doors.  He tells John that he and Marty are busy, and he closes the doors in Johnís face.  Miles gets into bed and holds the covers back for Marty.  Marty gets into bed, but will not allow Miles to touch her.  John tries to call Marty, but she ignores his call.  Tate asks Adriana out on a real date, and she accepts. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Noah proposes to Paloma. She has her doubts and doesn't give him an answer because the phone rang. It was the lab with the results about Jessica. Ethan meets Chad at the club and Chad wants to prove that he isn't gay. He picks up a girl. Whitney and Theresa also go to the club and was not happy to see Chad there. Fancy and Sheridan break into Eve's office to run the DNA test. The blackmailer is outside the door ready to kill them. Sheridan leaves to get coffee. The blackmailer sneaks in to strangle Fancy. Luis stages a pretend fire so he can tell Sam about Fancy being in danger.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Karen is annoyed when David and Nikki continue to flirt. Jana contacts Kevin online. He is more determined than ever to find her. Victoria and Brad tell Abby about their divorce. She is extremely angry and says she hates them both. Brad tells Victoria about the deal he cut with the DA and that he won’t be selling the Clear Springs properties to Nikki. Victoria freezes their joint assets. She sees JT later and goes to his house with him. Brad goes to JT’s apartment and knows they are together. JT tells Victoria he knows she is pregnant. Jack tells Sharon, Ben and Phyllis about what he overheard. They plot about how they can use this against Nikki. They decide to dig up as much dirt as possible against David involving his personal life. Sharon tries to get close to Karen. Meanwhile, Phyllis is up and around every time she is alone and it is all being recorded on the nanny-cam. Phyllis finds the nanny-cam and makes sure that Jack finds it. Sharon admits she put it there and they watch it. Of course Phyllis has recorded over the tape with footage of her just laying on the couch. She puts on a real show saying that Sharon has every right to not trust her. Daniel tries to find someone to lend him the money to cover the money that was stolen from him. When he asks Amber, she asks him to help her to find Garrett a job. She gets secret cell phones so she and Daniel can talk to each other without their spouses knowing. Cane isn’t too happy when he catches them together again and tells them to stay away from each other. They use the phones to confirm Garrett’s fake references. Daniel later asks Phyllis for a loan. She overhears him giving the fake reference to Cane and tells him she thinks he is a liar and won’t give him anything. Later, Garrett is shown laying DEAD in Kevin’s apartment!

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