Monday 6/11/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/11/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Ryan are both furious that Greenlee would sue for custody of their child.  Zach promises to take care of the situation, but Kendall stops him.  Annie tries to talk to Ryan about Greenlee, but he will not listen to her.  Colby visits Sean at the police station and questions him about the drugs in his pocket when he came to the party.  Julia lets Jamie know that she is not pregnant.  J.R. remembers when he came to that he told the two that he wanted to stage a kidnapping.  Greenlee arrives at work and finds no one at work but Di.  Di lets Greenlee know that their West Coast distributors were dropping their entire line of Fusion products.  Babe comes to Wildwind for her tutoring session.  Amanda tries her best to make J.R. comfortable.  Colby comes home and lets Adam know that she had been to see Sean.  Adam is more than a little concerned that Colby would get herself involved with Sean.  One of the kidnappers calls Adam and tells him that he has J.R. but Adam doesnít believe him. 

Annie and Kendall come into work and confront Greenlee over her suing for custody of Spike.  Kendall asks Greenlee if there is any news on the music rights.  They tell her that they have no news.  Josh visits Zach and Kendall and finds Kendall had already left for work. Jack confronts Sean and gets him to admit that he was not involved with drugs and that he is taking the rap so that Colby doesnít get in to trouble.  Ryan sees Jack at the police station and lets him know what Greenlee is up to.  Zach fills Josh in on what Greenlee is up to.  Josh feels that he may be able to help.  The kidnappers call Adam once again and tell him to log onto a website.  When he does, he views the kidnappers attacking J.R. and he sees the bruises on his face.  Annie, Kendall, and Di tell Greenlee to call Babe and get her to help them get the music rights back for Fusion.  Greenlee calls Babe and beats around the bush as to what she really wants.  Babe sees trough Greenleeís tactics and knows that she wants Babe to fix the situation about the music rights.  Babe comes into work and is offered her job back with some extra fringe benefits.  A brown envelope is slipped under the door at Chandler Mansion. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will and Gwen enjoy alone time. Cleo introduces herself to Barbara with a plan for Gwen that she would like to run by her. Lance has a surprise for Allison, which she turns out not to like when she realizes he wants to shoot another movie that night; she can’t do it. Jack threatens to send Parker away to get an attitude adjustment. Carly forbids it. Jack and Carly disagree over how Parker is being handled. JJ is bitter with Parker over the trouble he is causing in their family. Lance lies to Allison in order to get her to do what he wants promising that after this, she will be legitimate thanks to the new Company he is working with. Allison seems to fall for it, but asks to have him keep drugs away from her. Soon after though, she learns Lance is lying when the actor in the ‘shoot’ that night, Rex, lets on that it is for a huge Internet Porn Company and freaks out. Dusty arrives pounding on the door, as they pull Allison into the bathroom hiding her. Barbara goes to Will and Gwen with a plan to get Gwen to finish her demo so some of the proceeds will go to a charity she is working with regarding police officers who were killed in the line of duty. After some prodding, Gwen considers it. Will learns the idea came from Cleo and is thankful. Cleo secretly watches this interaction and then plays it up. Dusty and Lance fight, but Rex knocks Dusty unconscious. Allison threatens them with a straight edge razor, and she ends up cutting Lance before he takes off threatening her. Parker locks the gun back up and leaves with a friend, even though he isn’t supposed to. JJ vows to make him pay. Jack meets with Tom about signing papers to make his relationship with Parker legal and binding, especially now since Carly and he aren’t seeing eye to eye at all. A furious Carly interrupts. She vows to fight this war if she has to in order to keep her children with her. She plays the biological card. Dusty awakens and is worried about Allison, as he holds her tightly. Will thanks Cleo for her interest in helping Gwen. Later, Cleo is delusional about Will’s newfound happiness with her, as she writes in her journal. JJ takes the BB gun back out, places it by the door and walks away. Faith rushes in to find Parker and trips over it, which causes it to go off and hit her. She falls to the ground in pain.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor laments that she’s the one who is pregnant and should be emotional, what’s Bridget’s excuse? Dr. Caron interrupts before Bridget can say more. She chastises her for even wanting to tell Taylor anything about the eggs until they have some proof there was some switch-up and strongly warns her not to say more. Constantine wants to throw Rick out of his house for his insufferable behavior. Rick practically drags Phoebe out. Constantine says she is welcome back, Rick isn’t. Phoebe tries to explain that nothing happened and doesn’t appreciate Rick’s attitude. Rick goes back for his PDA. Constantine has listened to messages from sexy-sounding Ashley. Rick reads Constantine the riot act, he loves Phoebe and he doesn’t want her hurt. Constantine assures him he doesn’t think he’s the one that will hurt her.

Brooke drops in on Ashley and they play cat and mouse games over their feelings for Ridge. Ashley suspects Brooke just wants her to be ‘friends’ with Ridge. Brooke also assures Ashley that Nick is no longer part of her future although they share a special bond. Bridget tells Taylor and Nick that the pregnancy and baby are doing fine. She hem and haws, stammers and stalls trying to say more but can’t get the words out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman discovers a written confession from Willow about starting the fire and blackmailing Nick in Willow’s safety deposit box. Nick asks to consummate their relationship once the investigation is over but Chelsea refuses to return to Willow’s old apartment. Chelsea is so touched that Nick would leave the apartment empty to please her, that she changes her mind. The coroner determines that Willow’s death was accidental so Nick is cleared of all charges. Chelsea returns home and unexpectedly finds Jeremy making himself at home. Jeremy tries to flirt with Chelsea by exposing himself but she pushes him away. Jeremy reveals that he’s now been invited to stay at the Brady home. Belle and Philip bring the news of a possible lead to Shawn. Shawn doesn’t want to go to Chicago with them because it would mean leaving without facing the situation with Willow. Bo gives Shawn the paternity results.

Sami offers to willfully give up the stem cells in exchange for peace but Stefano counters with a demand of Sami marrying EJ so the baby can be raised as a DiMera in exchange for the Brady family’s safety. Sami immediately refuses the offer and the lights go out. Sami and EJ find Stefano gone and a forklift being driven straight at them. Lucas tracks Sami down but Tony stops him from interrupting Sami and Stefano. Lucas tries to stand up to Tony but Bart holds Lucas at gunpoint. Lucas calls Tony’s bluff when he can tell the gun is a squirt gun but Bart ends up shooting Lucas with mace. Bart ties Lucas up so he can’t help Sami.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After Kate returns the ugly statue that Sonny had Carly buy to replace her centaur, Sonny tells her he will donate it to Port Charles, in her name. Luke agrees to Lulu's request to bring Laura to see her children before he takes her away. Alan does not think it's a good idea. Dr. Ford berates Patrick and Robin after catching them in a clench and notes that he will not allow things like that to go on, nor will he continue to allow uninsured patients to be treated. He also gets in a few digs at Alan's memory. Neither of the young doctors is at all happy with him. Epiphany tries to matchmake for Stan and Lainie. Lucky is baffled and almost angry at Spinelli's interest in Jake, suspecting that he's using "Lucky's son" to get close to Lulu. Patrick sees Robin holding a baby and her obvious adoration makes him tense up; her attempts to defend herself only make matters worse. Everyone involved maintains a lack of desire to turn into a parent. Kate manages to bang her head on the monstrosity of a statue, and Sonny insists she either go to the hospital or stay with him until they are sure she is all right. When Scott arrives to take Laura away, he finds Tracy in a blonde wig. Laura's children get to say goodbye, then Luke and Laura go on the run again. Nikolas is sure this is a bad idea.

GL Recap Written by Dani

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica is on the phone with Nash by her side when Clint comes to visit.  Jessica questions Clint as to how Antonio is.  Christian comes to visit Antonio.  Christian tells Antonio that he wants his brother back.  Niles fixes Matthew some hot chocolate as Nora comes in.  Starr looks at photos of herself and her family.  Blair offers to fix her some supper, but Starr refuses.  Starr tells Blair that she is tired of her dad being gone and everything else, but she was going to do something about it which perplexes Blair.  Miles, Marty, and Cole come home and Cole remembers his conversation with Starr.  Todd lies in the bed and thinks that he sees Spencer towering over him.  John questions Dorian as to what she knows about Spencer Trumanís murder.  Dorian lets him know that she knows who killed Spencer Truman.  Cole suggests that they play a game called twenty questions.  Miles wants to know how you play.  Cole asks him if he had been to Chicago.  Dorian fills John in on why David lied and confessed to Spencer Trumanís murder.  Miles tells Cole that he had never been to Chicago.  Cole tells Miles that he knows that he is a fraud and he is going to prove it.  Cole also asks Miles how much of this marriage had to do with Martyís association with Todd Manning.  Jessica insists on seeing Antonio.  Clint takes Jessica to see Antonio. 

Jessica lets Antonio that she doesnít want to lose him and that she is worried about him.  Todd imagines that Spencer talks to him and tells him that most cats have 9 lives but he has ten.  Miles suggests that they get a house.  Dorian tells John that the person that killed Spencer Truman was Marty Saybrooke.  John finds out that Marty went to see David.  John promises to look into her theory.  Dorian begs John to get David out of prison.  A young man comes into Toddís room and remarks that he isnít dead yet.  Cole calls Starr to tell her that he will call her again when he finds out anything else.  Cole insists on knowing why Marty married Marty.  John remembers conversations that he had with Marty.  John calls the prison and finds out that Marty Saybrooke visited David Vickers and he requests to see David tonight. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Noah and Paloma can't believe that Sam would say that Noah is no good for Paloma.  Finally Sam tells them that he knew Noah was hiding and wanted to have a little fun with them.  Sam gives Noah a gift from him and Grace.  Luis gets beat up more at the prison.  Fancy finds out that the there is no DNA match with the state and federal database and the sample from the blackmailer.  She decides to try the hospital since he's probably been there.  Luis begs her not to do this on her own because she could be killed if the blackmailer finds out.  She is willing to take the risk if it means setting him free so they can be together for the rest of their lives.  Whitney moves back home with her parents and Miles.  Chad begs her to give him another chance, but she says no way and gives him her rings.  Their marriage is over according to her.  Ethan assumes that Theresa told Julian her secret because it had to do with Little Ethan.  He knows she was buying his silence with Crane Industries power.  He wishes she could tell him but understands and will wait til she feels she can trust him.  Father Lonigan encourages Theresa to tell him, but she loves him too much to risk losing him.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Daniel discovers that someone in Oklahoma has gained access to his bank account and has stolen money from him. It turns out that he was fooled by a fake email from Strangers By Night. Later he doesn’t tell Lily about the trouble when she mentions that she has to write a check for her tuition. Nick wakes up in a cabin in the woods. He is being treated by a female doctor. She says his injuries are too severe for him to be moved and she can’t leave him alone for the amount of time it will take her to go get help. He says he has to go. When she leaves him alone to get water he leaves on his own. William wakes up in the hospital unable to speak or barely even move. The doctor tells the family that this is normal and may or may not improve. Gloria tells him she will stick with him and tells him he will get better. Later Gloria discovers that the company William inherited is worthless. Garrett brings Cane a resume. He discovers the references are bogus. Later Garrett meets Lily. She discovers that Amber lied about where she grew up. Actually, it was Garrett that lied, Amber was telling the truth. Kevin meets with Paul concerning Jana. Paul has not found much information and thinks they need to back off for now. Kevin is adamant that he won’t back off and he will find her. Sharon is suspicious of Phyllis and thinks she is either faking or exaggerating her injury. She catches her in a lie about the MRI. Phyllis says she has to wait for an appointment but Sharon calls and finds out there are lots of openings. She has flowers delivered to Phyllis while she is out to try and catch her up and about but it doesn’t work. She installs a nanny-cam in the living room.

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