Friday 6/8/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee goes through old photographs and reminisces about the good ole days with Ryan and Kendall and when Kendall was carrying her child.  Kendall goes through old photographs as she is packing for her move to her new home.  Annie looks at pictures of hers and Ryan’s wedding.  Sean and Colby are brought into the police station on possession of drug charges.  Julia lets Jaime know that if she is pregnant that she intends to have the child.  The kidnappers drag J.R. and Amanda into the basement of an old dilapidated building.  Ava arrives at Adam’s and demands more money or she will spill the beans to Colby as to how Adam hired her to rid Sean from her life.  Colby calls her dad and tells him that she is in big trouble. 

J.R. has himself beaten up by one of the kidnappers just to make a good show for Amanda.  When Jack and Adam arrive at the police station, Adam immediately begins to blame Sean for getting Colby into this mess.  Sean then takes all the blame for the drugs and tells the police to let Colby go.  Kendall has a pain in her stomach, but she is soon fine again.  After Greenlee decides to sue Ryan and Kendall for custody of Spike, they are served with the papers. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily is forced to admit to a stunned Susan what her extra curricular activities were a month back… thanks to Lance. Dusty finds out that Allison left town with Lance. Parker pretends to hang out with a female classmate to avoid Carly, as Faith watches, and drowns her feelings with food. Brad goads Jack about Carly when he sees Katie come into the room. Katie and Jack collectively tell off Brad, but in private, Katie voices her concern; Jack alleviates them. Lily welcomes Carly home happily and they compare stories. Carly admits to missing Simon terribly, but also being bothered by seeing Katie with Jack. Lily offers to back Carly in her new design venture. Cheri admits to Dusty that she let Lance in on how he ruined her business and how Emily and she are connected. Dusty quickly goes off in search of Emily. A distraught Susan then learns of Allison’s involvement with pornography. She is devastated and takes out her disappointment in Emily and Dusty. Jack and Katie are closer then ever – no thanks to Brad. Jack hears that Parker is acting out, and he comes home to find a frustrated Parker shooting off a BB gun and an argument ensues. Lily tells Holden of her plans with Carly; he is hesitant at first but supports her. Faith struggles with her emotions and seems to be heading back down the road to binging. Emily worries about Susan falling off the wagon so Dusty promises to go to Vegas and bring Allison back. Lance and Allison arrive back in Vegas, as she has supposedly washed her hands of Oakdale. Lance makes a secret call to someone about their plans for Allison. Jack threatens to send Parker somewhere if he doesn’t straighten up, just as Carly and JJ are coming home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The next morning and all Bridget can do is to keep beating upon herself for what might possibly have happened – Nick’s sperm might have fertilized Brooke’s eggs, and they all deserve to know. Phoebe is shocked to see that she spent the entire night on Constantine’s couch. Slyly he says she is the girl he has been looking for. Stephanie drops by Taylor’s to discuss more fully if she will counsel Rick and help him remember the Chamber’s shooting. She has one word of caution for Taylor - Brooke seems to be considering going back to work with Nick, don’t let her do that, keep her away from her precious husband. Brooke stops by the beach house and pointblank asks Bridget what is wrong, she doesn’t look so good? Rick eggs her on to go ahead and tell Brooke, she deserves to know.

Stephanie preaches about Brooke trying to steal Nick from Taylor. Brooke defends her reasons for wanting to go back and work with Nick; Bridget keeps quiet about the eggs. Phoebe goes into the sound booth and sings. Constantine is impressed, but reminds her that this may be more important to her than it is to Rick who is not there. Rick eventually shows up, long enough to see Constantine ‘helping’ Phoebe, and Rick barges into the studio and tells him to take his hands off Phoebe. She’s offended as Constantine is just giving her advice. Constantine defends himself by saying he is interested in Phoebe’s career and Rick goads that he is interested alright, but not in her voice. He can see what is happening here. Before Bridget can confess anything to Taylor, Taylor tells her how grateful she is. Ironic that Brooke’s daughter would be the one to help her get pregnant……a girl she had known since she was very little.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas threatens to leave Sami because he can’t trust her anymore. Sami tells Lucas about the ambulance ride and Lucas agrees to talk to Bo about Colleen instructing Sami to stay at the hospital and wait for him. EJ brings Sami a written note allegedly from Stefano requesting a meeting to discuss the deal but Sami doubts the note’s validity. EJ tricks Sami into wanting to leave with him. Lucas talks with Bo, Hope, Doug, and Julie about Sami’s ambulance ride and the mention of Colleen. They fill Lucas in on the Colleen mention in the letter and everyone but Hope agrees with Lucas’ desire to keep Sami out of the investigation.

Philip has Belle and Shawn meet him at the Pub where they meet with a fellow boater who saw Claire in the water that day. The boater recognizes Claire from Belle’s picture and is able to give them a tip about the “USAdorable” logo on the woman’s backpack that he saw leaving with Claire. Philip uses the Internet to discover that “USAdorable” is a baby beauty pageant organization and Belle and Philip decide to head to Chicago to check out the next beauty pageant. Bo and Hope tell Shawn about Willow’s death and Bo has requested their own DNA test to confirm that Shawn was the baby’s father. Doug and Julie bring Bo and Hope the keys to Doug’s Place.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam goes to see Jason, but questions whether or not he still needs/wants her since she had to hear about his arrest second hand. Tracy suggests that Luke enlist Spinelli in his quest to save Laura. Amelia gives Sonny the low down on Sam's history of swindling rich men, including Amelia's father, whom she killed, and the fact that Jax was probably a planned target. Jax attempts to mediate between Kate and Carly. Then, he consoles Alexis when comes in hyperventilating because she overheard Ric on the intercom at the PCPD reminding Jason about the time he saw Sam and Ric having sex in Alexis' home. Kate and Alexis hit it off immediately. Sonny visits Jason and tells him about Sam's past five marriages and the murder. Jason defends her. At Lulu's request, Spinelli finds where Laura is being kept. Carly buys a hideous statue to replace the one Sonny broke, but Kate hates it and has it delivered to Sonny's. Jason sets up a meeting with Amelia to discuss Sam. Scott visits Laura and tells her she'll be moved soon.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Gus and Rafe are stunned when Harley blurts out that they are father and son to keep Gus from shooting Rafe for holding a gun on the guard who has been hassling him.  Reva manages to do what Jonathan asked of her and later some of Jonathan's men come to take Lizzie away on a ship.  Rafe doesn't be live that Gus is his father and is taken to his room where he tells Daisy she is the only person he trusts inside juvenile hall and he was planning to escape when the guard caught him.  Gus admits to Natalia that if he had known he had a son all those years ago he wouldn't have left her and they could have gotten married.  Alan catches Beth trying to leave and she begs him to allow her to spend time alone with Lizzie.  Natalia is told by a guard that Rafe was transferred to jail and Gus walks into jail to try to help his very scared son.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Dorian visits David in prison.  As Jessica wakes up, Nash sits by her side.  Paige lets Cristian and Talia know that Antonio coded, and they managed to get him back, but he is in critical condition.  Cole and Starr discuss his mother marrying Miles.  When Marty walks into John’s office, Miles places his hands on her shoulders and gives her a kiss.  He wants to know how she found him.  Blair seconds the thought.  John wants to know why Marty married Miles.  Starr thinks that it is good news that Marty married Miles.  Blair demands to know from Miles why he sent Todd to Chicago.  Natalie brings Bree to visit Jessica.  David finds out that Antonio is Jessica’s liver donor.  David lets Dorian know that Marty Saybrooke killed Spencer Truman. 

Natalie goes to visit Cristian outside of Antonio’s room.  Talia goes in to talk to an unconscious Antonio.  Cole decides to do what he can to find out anything about Todd.  While Starr looks through a photo album of Blair and Todd, her mom assures her that Todd is alive.  Meanwhile, Todd is lying on a cot, asleep.  Cole walks in on Marty and Miles arguing.  Dorian visits John and announces that she knows who killed Spencer Truman. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Sam arrived at the police station and Paloma was looking at the evidence to see if Jessica is connected with the dead Johns. Noah hid under the desk. Sam told Paloma that she is like his daughter and she should stop seeing Noah. Noah got up and asked why. Sheridan and Ethan talk about the blackmailer and Luis. Fancy is at the mansion running a search about the blackmailer. Theresa confessed her sin/ secret to Father Lonigan. When she turned around Ethan was standing behind her. Tabitha talked about Endora becoming the evilest witch ever.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Nick is alive! He wakes up in a cabin with a strange woman. Brad agrees to the DA’s deal. He and Jack agree on the sale of the Clear Springs properties. Cane offers to help Garrett get a job. Lily and Daniel go to see a therapist together. They don’t really make any progress. Phyllis gets caught by Sharon holding Summer but covers. Sharon seems to believe her. Sharon hates having her there but puts up with it for Jack’s sake. William is brought to the hospital. He has had a stroke and is unconscious. Michael realizes that William is the only one who knows about the DNA test results.

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