Thursday 6/7/07 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan lets Greenlee know that he will not help her bring Zach down and put into prison.  Greenlee and Annie cannot believe their ears.  Sean gets ready for the prom when Ava comes into his bedroom.  She asks him what “little hottie” will be spending half the night with him.  He lets her know that it certainly won’t be her.  Colby comes downstairs to model her prom dress for her father when J.R. comes in.  Colby lets Adam know that she is going to the prom.  Adam immediately wants to know who is taking her.  Ryan lets Annie know that he will risk everything to keep Kendall’s family together even if it means destroying his own marriage.  Amanda lets Jamie know that she really needs to be by herself.  J.R. offers to take Colby to the prom.  Colby refuses to let J.R. take her to the prom.  Josh visits Greenlee at her apartment and she asks him to resurrect his father to testify for her as to what Zach did to her.  Ryan tries to soothe Annie’s ruffled feathers and she tells Ryan that he is in this as deep as everyone else.  Josh pours himself and Greenlee a drink and they sit and talk.  Julia comes home with a brown bag in her hand which she lays on a chair when Jamie yells for her.  Di comes in for a pair of tweezers and knocks the bag onto the floor.  Jamie picks it up and is surprised at what it contains.  With Julia standing there, Jamie pulls the article out of the bag and finds that it is a pregnancy test.  Adam has yet another spell with his heart.  Colby is talking with a couple of her friends when she sees Sean comes in.  He begs her for just two minutes of her time.  Jamie thinks that Di is trying to get pregnant, unbeknownst to him that Julia is the one who thinks that she is pregnant. 

J.R. calls Amanda and invites her out.  She, at first, has doubts about going out with J.R., but then she decides to go out with him.  As Colby and Sean continue to talk, he notices that Colby is getting cold.  He pulls off his jacket, and tries to put it around Colby’s shoulders.  She jerks away from him, but then puts the coat around her shoulders herself.  A man comes out onto the patio and approaches them and begins to ask Sean some questions.  The man searches Sean’s jacket and finds some drugs in a bag.  J.R. and Amanda arrive at their destination and get out of the car.  They are immediately attacked from behind by two men holding white handkerchiefs that are put over their mouths.  Aidan comes in and immediately begins to attack Ava.  Jonathan comes to her defense against Aidan.  Jamie lets Julia know that he is glad that he is not in Aidan’s shoes.  Julia tells Jamie that the pregnancy test is hers. 

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Kim has to speak with Katie about a complaint that she wasn’t acting professionally the previous night when she was giving her date a tour. Katie is hot that someone lodged a complaint but figures out quickly who complained. Brad!

Jack stops by the house to discuss visitation with Carly and finds the beer bottles, front door open, and Carly asleep on the couch. Jack lectures her. Jack catches Carly up on the happenings with the kids. Carly asks that jack keep Katie away from the kids until they get used to Carly being home. No way! Jack tells Carly. Carly tells Katie about asking Jack to keep her away from the kids and apologizes in advance but Katie wants no part of Carly’s game. Parker watches as he pretends to be hanging out with classmates. Parker and JJ get into a physical fight and Faith breaks it up. Faith rushes to her buddy’s side to talk him through his most recent issue. Faith assumes that because Parker likes her and she likes him they are going out. Parker lets her down easily.

Lance tells Allison about Emily’s former job as a high priced hooker. Emily stands by silent, in shock. Allison defends Emily but when Emily admits to the truth Allison blows up. Allison wants no part of Oakdale anymore and is going with lance back to Vegas. Emily tries to stop her but Allison runs out on Emily. Susan tries to get answers out of Allison who is in a panic to leave. Lance tells Susan to revert all questions back to Emily. Emily comes home to a tornado of questions from Susan about Allison.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Phoebe gives Constantine a bottle of new fragrance, “Phoebe”, for his girlfriend. He hedges but tells her he’s working on that. They try to work by laying some tracks down. Brooke hugs Nick a little too long. As she says she needs to leave, he springs a business proposition on her – reviving the Brooke Bedroom Line. She tells him his mother had already asked for her services. He wants to know her reply. Taylor walks in and supports him 100%. Brooke hopes the morning sickness will be over soon, and the baby will always be a blessing. Rick revives Bridget who fainted cold on the floor. She makes no sense, but eventually gets it out that Nick’s sperm might have fertilized their mom’s eggs, not the donor's. Phoebe calls at a very bad time and wants him to come sing with her. He has to abruptly turn her down. Constantine seizes the opportunity to point out Rick’s shortcoming when it comes to thinking about Phoebe first. He remarks he doesn’t think she realizes how exhausted she is. She should just stretch out and relax and take a little nap there at his studio. He’s only too happy to tuck her in.

Bridget fills Rick in on her involvement and how her mom’s eggs were donated after the fertility test and how a mix-up might have occurred. She grabs the phone to tell Taylor, but Rick convinces her to keep it to herself for now. Constantine strums his guitar and croons to a sleeping Phoebe, ‘waiting for a girl like you.’ Brooke comes back and opens the door wide enough to see a happy Nick and Taylor embracing and kissing and cooing over their impending baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle, Marlena, and John come to visit Sami but find her gone. Lucas joins them and uses Belle’s cell phone to call his own phone but Tony answers. Lucas and John head to the DiMera mansion to look for Sami. Marlena and Belle use the time to discuss Belle’s decision to move in with Philip and her feelings for both men. EJ explains that Sami is not Colleen and Sami offers her deal. Stefano refuses the deal but instructs them to ask Shawn Sr. for the only way to stop the feud. Tony’s lawyers force the EMTs to bring Stefano back to the mansion where Sami and EJ run into a furious Lucas. John confronts EJ and threatens to use his knife to take EJ’s kidney but lets EJ run away. Stefano warns Tony to keep the real reason for their vendetta a secret at all costs. Chelsea decides to tell Bo the truth and hand over the hairbrush. After Roman learns the truth from Bo, he decides to drop the criminal charges against Nick and rule Willow’s death an accident.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Ric does not believe Spinelli's insistence, which is sprinkled liberally with utter nonsense, that he knows nothing about Lorenzo's death; so he confiscates the computer the Jackal brought with him, unaware that it's a decoy and executes a warrant to get the rest of his equipment. However, Spinelli assures Jason that the machine will lock up at the first sign of hacking. Carly and Jax clash over their divided loyalties, then resolve to hold their first loyalty to each other. Kate's latest gripe with Sonny is that the boys harpooned one of her Koi. Luke is quick and sincere in reassuring Nikolas that he believes the younger man did his best and did all he could possibly do. Alexis vows that this is not the end. Sam, not knowing Jason is in jail, continues to plan for a surrogate mother to have a baby for her and Jason. Lucky is not at all happy to find Liz visiting Jason. Carly's temper flares when she sees Jax talking with his old friend, Kate. She does not come in time to hear Jax tell Kate how good her boys are. Logan is upset that Scott won custody of Laura, something that baffles Maxie. Luke plans to kidnap Laura and go on the run, but promises he will always come back to his wife. Amelia's first stop upon her return to Port Charles is Sonny's. While she is there, he finds her very thick file on Sam.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Reva pleads for Jonathan to fill her in on everything about him and Sarah. Jonathan has bad news and asks her to do something for him. Reva agrees. Reva goes to the hospital where she steals a file. Lizzie struggles with missing Jonathan and Sarah. She visits the docks after drinking quite a few Bloody Mary’s. Reva finds her and they talk. Reva places a drugged rag over her face causing Lizzie to pass out. Gus tries to warn Alan not to obsess over Beth’s baby but Alan doesn’t want to hear it. He goes to the hospital for a OB appointment with Beth. Rick is attending the appointment as well. Rick will not leave and defends his parental rights. Alan and Rick argue.

Rafe steals a piece of candy from a guard to give to daisy. She is flattered. The guard overhears them talking about what Rafe does and goes after Rafe. They fight and Rafe gets the guards gun. Gus walks in and draws down on the young inmate, his son. Harley yells for Gus to stop, “that is your son!” after talking to Natalia and having her suspicion confirmed. Harley is happy that Gus has a son, his own flesh and blood and wants to tell him right away. Natalia doesn’t want to because everything will change for everyone, including Harley. Harley doesn’t care. Natalia knows she must tell Gus now.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex sits alone in a booth, eating some peanuts when he notices Tate come in.  Rex hurriedly gets up to hide before the two men see him.  Talia brings in a police report for Bo to look at, which concerns the bomb explosion at the hospital.  Nash sits by himself by Jessica’s bedside.  Paige comes in to check on her condition.  Adriana reads an article in the newspaper to Antonio about the explosion.  Michael and Cristian come in and Michael explains to Antonio that Nash stitched him up after the explosion.  Antonio asks to speak to Nash.  Miles and Marty let Cole know that they got married.  Cole goes totally ballistic.  Blair tries to console Starr over Cole going to the prom with Britney and about Todd being missing.  Bo, John, and Talia decide to go after the ringleader in the bomb explosion at the hospital.  Tate and his father begin to argue.  Paige lets Nash know that he is a real “hero” in sewing Antonio up.  Blair encourages Starr to go to the prom.  Blair visits John to discuss Todd and his not being found.  Blair lets John that the best lead that they have is right here in town and it is Miles Laurence.  Tate and his father continue to argue.  Rex comes up just as Mr.  Harmon tells Tate that people are getting suspicious.  Cristian comes to see Jessica to let them know that Antonio wants to see Nash so Nash visits Antonio. 

Blair realizes that John knows something that he isn’t telling her.  John assures Blair that he is watching everything very closely.  Miles visits Blair and John in his office.  Marty lets Cole know that it is very complicated.  Cole doesn’t buy any of Marty’s explanation.  Marty tells Cole that the marriage had to be done and she did it for him.  Cole starts to leave, but Marty stops him.  Tate and Rex argue as usual, and Rex points out that Tate is a disappointment to Mr. Harmon.  Adriana stops by just as Rex is having his say to Tate.  Adriana wants to know when all this will stop.  Blair asks Miles why is he so cheerful.  Miles lets Blair and John know that he married the woman of his dreams.  Antonio begins to have seizures.  Cole visits Starr at Dorian’s house.  Cole lets Starr know that Marty married Miles.  Miles lets Blair and John know that he married Marty.  Marty listens to the conversation. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

William tells Gloria he knows that switched the DNA samples and that she is guilty in the tainted cream case. Gloria explains to him what happened and begs him to keep it a secret. He refuses, then has a stroke! Sharon and Brad’s affair becomes public knowledge after her grand jury testimony is published in the newspapers. Michael realizes that Phyllis is faking her injury. Sharon sees Phyllis holding Summer and also realizes she is faking. Phyllis realizes she could be convicted and go to jail. Jack gets angry when with her for not taking responsibility for her own actions. Victoria is furious when Nikki asks her to keep her upcoming divorce a secret until after the election. Jack overhears Karen and David discussing his attraction to Nikki. JT discovers Victoria is pregnant.

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