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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach lets Greenlee know that he is not going to prison for his involvement in the blackout.  Sean crawls through the window into Colby’s room only to be caught by Adam.  Ryan plays with little Spike when he has a visit from Livia.  Livia questions Ryan about what he knows about the blackout a year and a half ago and if he has any proof that Zach caused it.  Annie begins to see Greenlee’s side as she accuses Zach of causing the blackout that destroyed her fertilized eggs.  Zach offers to help Greenlee get anything that she needs to get over this.  Adam blasts Sean for his treatment of Colby.  Sean lets it spill that he had been sleeping in Colby’s room.  Colby comes in and orders Sean to shut up.  Annie asks Di what she knows about the blackout.  Babe meets a young man at B.J.'s who offers to tutor her to help her get her GED in exchange for accompanying him to the prom.  After listening to their conversation, Jamie interrupts and orders the eager geek out.  When Jamie volunteers to be her tutor, Babe initially refuses but then changes her mind and agrees.  Jonathan assumes Ava is with one of her clients and orders her away from him.  To humor him, Ava asks Jonathan to outbid the man as to how much she is worth. 

Adam blasts both Colby and Sean when he finds out that she let him sleep in her room.  Ryan is surprised that Greenlee wants to press charges against Zach.  Di tells Annie that Ryan knew about the blackout but instead of going to the police, he went to Kendall.  Ryan comes into Fusion and lets Greenlee know that he will not destroy his family over this.  Sean begs Colby to go to the prom with him, but she throws his rose in his face and walks out.  After making a secret deal with Adam to set up Sean, Ava buys pills from the drug dealer at B.J.'s.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Allison is serious about getting and staying clean and sober. She thanks Dusty for all his help, especially his help in getting Lance out of town .Emily overhears them talking about Lance and gets upset that they didn’t tell her. Emily is cold and tries to avoid any personal conversation with Dusty about their pretend break up. Dusty thinks it’s a little cute how personal Emily is taking it. Allison and Emily talk like girlfriends about life now, Aaron, and more importantly Emily and Dusty. Lance and Cherie plot against Dusty and Emily when they have a chance encounter at the Lakeview. Lance overhears Emily congratulating Allison on her progress while he waits for a limo. Lance confronts Emily and Allison and is ready to lower the boom on Emily after learning of her stint as a call girl.

Cleo tries to talk first to Gwen then to Will about Gwen’s demo that she found. Both are clandestine about why Gwen did not and will not finish her demo. Cleo doesn’t get answers except that she isn’t allowed to listen to or talk about the demo CD ever again. She writes in her diary that the has a plan that will make everybody happy. Meg grows unstable when being confronted about the mistake she is getting ready to make by marrying Craig. Craig begs Margo for her forgiveness and a second chance to prove himself as a good person. He also wants Margo to stand up for him at his wedding. Margo agrees. Craig is anxious to share with Meg the progress he has made on elaborate wedding plans. Meg gets upset wanting something simple but Craig wants to spoil his bride-to-be. Meg gives in to whatever Craig wants just so she doesn’t have to be dogged by him over something she really doesn’t care about.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget lambastes the lab technicians in trying to come up with some excuse of why there is any potential at all in the eggs being exchanged or wrongfully implanted into Taylor. She bemoans this is all her fault! She goes home and has constant flashbacks of the whole IV procedure. Rick tries to get her to talk to him, what’s wrong? She can’t convince him why she is upset and asks to be left alone. Taylor reminds Brooke there is no contest for Nick regardless if Brooke thinks he will never love Taylor as much as he did Brooke.

While Taylor is out of the room, Nick comes in and asks why Brooke is there? She states she’s there to discuss Ridge with Taylor and the important thing is that Ridge and Stephanie finally did the right thing and Nick is free, home where he should be. Nick says he owes Brooke one. She says her goodbyes and wants him to be happy……with Taylor. She will learn to live with her mistakes; some just hurt more than others. She assures him he is going to be a wonderful father, so savor it. She just wishes……they hug. Rick leaves just long enough to go get take-out and wants Bridget to just sit and rest until he returns. When he does, he finds her crumbled on the floor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The cops bring Nick into the station and Nick calls Chelsea to meet him there. Roman insists on putting the interrogation on tape when Nick admits that he and Willow struggled. Nick sends Chelsea out to the beach to retrieve the buried hairbrush with the intent of tossing it into the lake. Bo arrives at the beach to find Chelsea with hairbrush in hand.

Bo tries to get information about Colleen out of Shawn Sr. but Shawn Sr. refuses to talk about it. Hope has Doug contact his real estate agent to get the keys to Doug’s Place in hopes of searching the old tunnels for information. Sami slips out of her room while EJ distracts the guard. They head to the DiMera mansion where EJ uses his cell phone to call 911 pretending to be Stefano. The EMTs force Tony to allow them to see Stefano. Bart finds Sami and EJ lurking in the bushes and brings them to Tony. The EMTs decide they must take Stefano to the hospital and Sami and EJ slip out of the mansion and into the ambulance while Tony is arguing with the EMTs. Stefano mistakenly thinks Sami is Colleen having come back from the dead.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax discovers the broken window and the fact that Jerry is gone, but Lady Jane and Jason do not know what is up with him. Nikolas asks Scott to drop the custody suit, after all, he got his revenge when Lulu learned the truth. Patrick wants to know about Robin's history with Jason. She tells him the entire story. The mayor refuses to allow Ric to continue investigating Jerry Jax. Spinelli plots how to help Jason escape jail, but Jason tells him to cancel the plans. While this is going on, Ric interrupts the visit to tell Spinelli he will be charged as an accomplice if he doesn't tell Ric all he knows about Lorenzo. Maxie believes that when Scott wins, Logan will have the perfect opportunity to seduce Lulu. Lulu talks to Lucky about how to handle Luke and Laura's true history. Scott is appointed Laura's legal guardian.

GL Recap Written by Dani

“Unfinished Business”
Josh shows up on Reva’s door step telling her he needs to spend the night. Reva is onto Cassie’s little mind game putting them together just so she can walk down the aisle with a clear conscience. Reva slams the door in his face but does let him in. They talk about the past good and bad while eating, playing poker, and drinking. They acknowledge their love was an intense thing that will never be broken but Josh wants to be with Cassie. Reva overhears a phone call to Cassie a little after midnight and kicks Josh out in anger. Cassie waits at home regretting making Josh go to Reva’s. After leaving Reva’s house Josh wonders around town thinking and coming to grips with his past and his future. Josh comes home to Cassie happy to make love with her and marry her. Cassie pulls away unable to get past the vision of Reva and Josh making love at the prison.

Alan comes by and encourages Reva to fight for Josh as she always has . Reva reads old love letters from Josh at CO2. Josh writes about his love for her and faith in their future. Believing their love is over Reva tears up the letter leaving the pieces on the table. A gust of wind scatters the bits of paper. One single slip of the torn up letter land beside Cassie on a park bench with a single word on it “Faith." Cassie returns home and into the arms of Josh. She ready to marry him and make love to him. Reva has a nightmare about Josh and Cassie moving into Cross Creek. She is ready to fight for Josh. Donning a red dress Reva is ready to hit the town. The phone rings drawing her back. There is silence on the other end. All choked up Reva says to the person on the other end “Jonathan, baby is that you?”

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

The police still search for survivors in the aftermath of the bomb blast at the hospital.  Starr confronts Langston saying that Marco really gets to her.  Langston denies Starr’s accusation and wonders why Starr is doing this since she claims to be her best friend.  Cole sits beside Marty on the bed.  A nurse comes in and orders him out, as this is a restricted area.  After Cole and the nurse leave, Miles comes in and reminds Marty that he has given her plenty of time to make up her mind so now he wants to know whether she will marry him or lose her son.  Rex orders another drink as Roxie continues to badger him about his continuing investigation of Tate Harmon.  A man comes into the bar and Rex makes a face when he sees him.  Roxie asks Rex if he knows the man.  Rex informs her that he is Tate Harmon’s father.  Adriana tries to comfort Carlotta outside the hospital about the safety of Antonio and what Carlotta will tell Jamie if anything happens to Antonio.  In the distance, Adriana sees Tate (it looks as though he is coming out of the hospital) and wonders what he is doing here.  When he comes to join them, Adriana questions him about coming out of the hospital, but he denies it.  With Michael’s help and explicit instructions, Nash stitches up Antonio’s incision.  Jessica comes to and immediately wants to know where Nash is.  Viki and Natalie don’t know quite what to tell her.  

John and another officer manage to get into where Michael is and then down on the floor where Nash stitched up Antonio.  They quickly get Antonio out of the operating room and into recovery where he can get expert attention.  Cristian goes outside and lets Carlotta and Adriana know that Antonio is going to be just fine.  Word reaches Rex about the explosion at the hospital and he hurries out to check on the safety of Adriana.  When Rex arrives at the hospital, he sees Adriana in the arms of Tate Harmon.  When Mr. Harmon finds out that the operation was a success, he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a brochure on Llanview Hospital.  He wads up the brochure and throws it to the floor.  Nash hurries to Jessica’s side and Jessica is happy to see him.  He tells her that he will love her forever.  Viki, Clint, and Natalie look on. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

Kay uses her magical powers that she didn't fully realize she had to save Tabitha and Endora from the witches.  Jessica goes to the police station to tell her dad that she may have killed the johns, however, she changes her mind after seeing the crime scene photos and hearing her father's opinion of the killer.  Noah and Paloma promise to find the evidence needed to prove her innocence.  Jessica worries she'll lose her father's love if he finds out she had anything to do with it.  Luis' dream about his death is interrupted by a phone call from Sheridan saying she caught the blackmailer.  Sheridan is convinced they can now be together but Luis tries to set her straight.  Theresa and Julian tell Ethan and Fancy that they have come tot an agreement that Julian will gain more control over the company in exchange for him dropping the custody suit for Little Ethan.  What they really arranged is that Julian will take over the company but Theresa will stay on as CEO so she can have the money and power to save her brothers.  In return, Julian will not tell Ethan that he is really Little Ethan's father.  Ethan, Fancy, and Theresa are all excited to hear that Sheridan has caught the blackmailer.  Julian goes to flirt with Valerie now that they are both single.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty   **One Day Ahead

An article appears in the newspaper about Phyllis living with Jack and Sharon. Jack, Sharon and Phyllis give the press an interview to clear up any confusion. Nikki and David are happy and think Phyllis will sabotage Jack’s campaign with no help from them. David tells Nikki that he thinks she is amazing and they share a kiss. Lauren agrees to Nikki’s terms for opening Fenmore’s in Clear Springs. William comes to Brad with one last chance to take a deal. Victoria tells Brad that she wants him to sell his properties to Clear Springs and threatens to reveal how he bought up the properties in an improper way. Sharon catches Phyllis threatening Brad with the same thing. Brad ends up getting immunity for the impropriety with the properties and takes William’s deal to testify against Phyllis. He asks Jack if he wants to buy the properties. Gloria moves in with William. William gets the DNA results back.

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