Tuesday 6/5/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/5/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach assures Kendall that the problem of Greenlee will be taken care of by the end of the day.  Kendall becomes worried as to what he is up to.  Greenlee barges into Erica’s office and wants her to do a show on how Zach ruined millions of lives but Erica refuses.  Tad visits J.R. in his office at Chandler Enterprises.  J.R. lets Tad know that he is changing his name to Martin.  Tad is skeptical and wants to know why.  J.R. informs him that he is doing it to save his life.  Derek visits Fusion to talk to Greenlee, but he finds out that Greenlee hasn’t come into work yet.  Derek starts to leave, but Annie urges him to stay until Greenlee gets there.  Derek goes to the lounge area to wait for Greenlee.  Erica’s assistant sets up an interview for Jack to discuss his impending bachelorhood. 

Sean visits Erica at her office and lets her know what had been going on with him, Colby and Ava.  Sean is upset that Colby will not even talk to him.  Erica urges him to fight for Colby and not to give up.  Zach meets with a man at the yacht club, whom he is going to hire to take care of “some business.”  Greenlee finally arrives at the office and meets with Derek about Zach and his involvement in the blackout that cost her her child.  Derek lets her know that unless she has proof that Zach was involved there was nothing that he could do.  A shipment arrives at Fusion which may cost the women their company.  Tad assures J.R. that he always been considered a Martin.  Zach comes to warn J.R. about an impending crisis at Chandler Enterprises.  Erica arrives at the yacht club just in time for Jack’s interview.  As she listens in, she gets a look on her face that indicates that she is uncomfortable with this story and leaves. 

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Paul struggles with the idea that Meg would consider marrying the man they both hate, Craig. Meg pulls Paul aside and explains after Paul explodes in anger and hurt. After seeing how much getting back at Craig means to Meg, Paul agrees to go along with the plan. Craig tries to convince Holden and Lily that he loves Meg and wants to start fresh with the family. Holden doesn’t by Craig’s act and makes no secret of it. Holden and Lily storm off where they argue about what Meg and Lucinda are doing to Craig. Meg returns and agrees to marry Craig.

Katie and Jack cut their date short after things calm down at the farm. They can’t get each other off their minds so Jack goes to the station with take out for Katie. They have a good time baking a pie then have sex on the counter in the Oakdale Now set.

Carly and Brad go back and forth with getting along and pushing each other away. Carly leaves so Brad can have a good time but forgets her keys. Brad grabs a 6-pack and follows her home. Brad talks and listens as a friend not as the jerk her usually is. Brad tells Carly two important things that haunt her for the rest of the night. One, she needs to be herself with Parker before he will come around. And two, she needs to get out of that house or remodel, she needs to stop living under the shadow of Jack. As Brad’s true words echo through Carly’s memory she picks up Jack’s chair and tosses it out into the night.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget knows her mother’s eggs for research were in the lab at the same time as the donor eggs were for Taylor, so it doesn’t take a very big leap to think a mistake could have been made with the two Marone names and Brooke’s eggs were implanted into Taylor. Nick munches away but hates to leave Taylor home suffering with morning sickness. He sees Bridget at the hospital and she assures him this is all perfectly normal and every pregnancy is different. Inside she must be cringing for fear of what Dr. Caron might find out when investigating both the research and fertility labs. Nick gives his gratitude with a kiss. Brooke tells Ridge she has a plan to help set him free. He’s not sure this is the way to go, bringing out the past with Chambers and Rick. Stephanie barges right on in and tells Taylor they have to talk. Taylor reminds her quite forcefully she is no longer a part of her life, and Stephanie sure isn’t going to be part of her baby’s life. Stephanie tells her to be angry, but don’t rake Ridge over, he needs her support. Brooke walks in too and supports Stephanie’s cause that they get Rick to remember he shot Grant, thus letting Ridge off the hook. All realize the trauma that Rick will have to go through to dredge up his memory, but it can’t be as bad as what Ridge will if he goes to prison. But it has to come directly from Rick. Taylor makes no promises but agrees to help Rick try to remember.

Rick brings Ashley some Mexican Hat flowers for her fragrance and they both dance around what really happened in Mexico and discuss Rick’s home life with Brooke way back when, even telling her a little bit about Grant Chambers. He’s on his way to telling her he still loves Phoebe, but what he and Ashley had was special when she receives a phone call and must leave. He tells her she has to stop this, stop interrupting what is important and he what he wants to say, what they did. She is driving him crazy, and she knows it. Calmly, she assures him she is not doing a thing and walks out. Phoebe tells Ridge she and Rick are still taking it slowly. They discuss her developing singing career with Constantine and Ridge is in favor, just don't sign anything without him seeing it first. The lab technician confides to a nervous Bridget that he is 99% sure the fertilized eggs were from B. Marone.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas demands that EJ be arrested for sneaking into Sami’s room but Sami convinces Lucas to get the food tested first. Sami, since Lucas is against the idea, secretly plots with EJ to get Stefano to the hospital so they can talk to him about a truce. Willow demands cash in exchange for not turning in the hairbrush but Nick refuses. Nick demands the hairbrush but Willow refuses to hand it over. They struggle and Willow hits her head on a log. Nick buries the brush in the sand nearby. Willow is pronounced dead when help arrives and the cops treat Nick like a suspect.

Hope convinces Bo to work together in figuring out what started the DiMera/Brady feud. Doug and Julie stop by for a surprise visit and Julie is able to translate the letter. From the letter, the foursome learns that Stefano’s father Santo had an extramarital affair and it was the Brady family who stole his beloved Colleen. The letter instructs Stefano to come to Salem and torment the Brady family and it’s subsequent generations.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

To make Lulu happy, Spinelli agrees to forgive Logan and not ask Sonny and Jason to kill the "unworthy one," but warns her that compassion is wasted on him. Later, she talks to Coop about Logan, Maxie, and Spinelli. Maxie sees them and concocts a scheme with Logan. He will seduce and bed Lulu to keep her away from Coop, and after that, Maxie will sleep with Logan. Emily talks to Liz about her conflicted feelings regarding Lucky and Jason. Lady Jane apologizes to Jerry for forcing him to see his brother. She then asks that he leave and let Jax get on with his life, and to go to Hell. She then warns Jax to avoid his brother. Craig warns Carly that if she ever hurts Jax, he will hurt her badly. Sonny warns Ric of the potential PR nightmare if he arrests Kate, so she is freed. Liz and Lucky forgive each other. Thugs come after Craig and he barely escapes them.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Harley storms around town full of fire and brimstone ready and willing to fire Natalia who she believes to be a liar and out to steal Gus. Frank thinks she is over reacting and she calms a bit until she finds Natalia at the detention center talking to Daisy. Harley fires her on the spot. When Remy finds out what Harley has done he goes looking for her full of anger. Remy confronts Harley who is acting self-righteous and knowing all. Harley realizes Remy knows more than he is telling and wants to know. Remy tells Harley that Natalia has a son in town that she had right after high school. Harley puts it together with ease, Natalia’s son is Gus’. Natalia visits with Raff and asks him to behave so she can get him out. Raff and Daisy exchange flirtatious notes and looks. They are falling for each other.

Ashley is nervous about her first session with a counselor and Doris isn’t going to attend. Coop finds out and shows up as moral support. Ashley is so happy and grateful she kisses Coop after the counseling session. Before going to support Ashley Coop is scheduled to work with Ava but he cuts the meeting short to go help Ashley. Ava is jealous. Alex complains to Cyrus when she sees Ava and is upset Ava knows more about what is going on with Alan and the company than his own sister does. Cyrus slips off to introduce himself to Ava. He takes the opportunity to swipe her PDA. Cyrus proudly presents the PDA to Alex for her review. Alex is impressed and pleased. Marina jumps into the back of Alex’s car to interrogate Cyrus about Ava’s missing PDA. Cyrus denies taking it then admits he simply borrowed it. Marina is startled when Frank opens the door and orders her out of the car. Alex promises not to let the Cooper’s push Cyrus around then gives him an expensive watch as a gift.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John successfully dismantles the bomb with Bo and Talia looking on.  Talia starts to leave when she hears a strange little noise.  A white piece of paper slips out from inside the bomb.  John shows them the note that reads, “One down, one to go.”  Marty blasts Miles for his threatening John and her son and for his trying to blackmail her into marrying him.  Marty assures him that this was going to blow up in their faces.  Viki says a prayer for Jessica and Antonio.  Nash watches as they take Jessica out of the operating room.  Nash turns around to leave with Michael when the second bomb explodes.  Viki, Clint, Natalie, and the others watch in horror from the outside as the windows are blown out of the hospital.  Vikki mutters, “Jessica.”  Nash comes to only to find that Michael is unconscious.  Nash looks down and sees that Antonio is still in the operating room.  Starr and her co-star practice a scene in the play.  When the boy starts to kiss Starr, Langston calls a halt to the scene.  Cole and Britney discuss the prom as they work on the lighting.  Marty is unconscious on the floor.  Miles shields her body with his.  The police officers receive their instructions to go into the building.  Carlotta, Adriana, and Cristian are frantic over the safety of Jessica and Antonio.  John comes to Marty’s rescue, much to Miles’ disgust and he carries her into the emergency room.  Miles calls Cole to let him know his mother’s condition.  Cole asks Britney to the prom.  Upon hearing about his mother, Cole and Britney hurry out to go to the hospital.  The police begin to check for survivors in the rubble. 

Nash starts back up the ladder to help revive Michael when the ladder breaks and Nash falls to the floor.  Nash remains on the floor a few minutes.  Michael comes to and instructs Nash what to do for Antonio.  Nash notices that Antonio’s stomach is still wide open from the incision that they made to remove part of his liver.  Nash yells to Bo that they have a problem.  Michael instructs Nash to pour alcohol all over the wound.  Carlotta, Adriana, and Cristian find out that Antonio is still in the operating room.  Cristian hurries into the hospital to help. 

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Sheridan is at the church with Father Lonigan. The blackmailer is pointing a gun at them. They say that they can help them only if he/she lets Luis out of prison. Sheridan and the blackmailer argue and the blackmailer wants to leave but Sheridan wont let that happen. The blackmailer and Sheridan struggle and the gun goes off. The blackmailer is laying on the ground. Ethan and Fancy meet to discuss how to help Luis. fancy says that Ethan cant do anything. They leave for Crane Industries. Paloma and Sam are at the crime scene with the dead Johns. Paloma tries to reach Jessica but cant reach her. Sam goes back to the station. Noah and Jessica are talking about what she should do. They decide that they can go and see if Sam can help. Theresa and Julian are discussing who will win if they continue to fight about Little Ethan's paternity. Julian discovers that Fancy will be the only heir to the Crane fortune if he tells about Little Ethan's paternity. He has to decide if he will team up with Theresa or not.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Evan tries to get some jewelry from Gloria as payment for helping her out. While he is collecting, William comes over and arrests him for credit card fraud. He panics and tells William how Gloria used him to trick him into marrying her. Gloria worries that William will believe him but when she sees him later he tells her he doesn’t believe Evan. She doesn’t know he is still waiting on the DNA evidence. JT tries to convince Victoria to move in with him. She declines. Nikki and her crew hack into Jack’s website and post a video suggesting her wants to open casinos in Clear Springs to get him back for the phone calls he arranged that made it look like Nikki wanted to legalize prostitution. Things are tense when Sharon has to take care of Phyllis. Abby comes home to visit with Brad. Everyone is devastated when divers find wreckage from the Newman jet. His family admits that they were all holding out hope that Nick could be found alive until this happened. Victoria tries to get Brad to resign from the Newman board of directors.

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