Monday 6/4/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/4/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall and Greenlee continue to lash out at each other over things that happened in the past.  Greenlee wants Kendall to testify against Zach in court.  Kendall opens the door and orders her out, but Greenlee refuses to leave.  They decide to take their argument into the room with Ryan, Annie, and Zach.  Annie finds out what Zach did to Greenlee concerning the blackout.  A policeman arrives to help to get them out.  Greenlee leaves, but the others remain.  Kendall confronts Ryan as to why he didn’t say anything in this mess.  Ryan goes toward Zach, grabs him by the shirt, and pushes him up against the wall, but then changes his mind and lets him go.  Annie becomes upset about what Zach did to Greenlee and agrees with her that Zach should be in jail.  They all leave the house.  Kendall and Annie don’t look at each other.  J.R. and Adam continue to argue over J.R.'s decision to change his name to Martin.  Adam takes the watch off J.R.’s wrist and reads the inscription from father to son.  He drops it to the floor and steps on it.  Babe lets Krystal know that she is going to try to get her GED. 

Colby visits Krystal and Babe and lets them know what Sean did to her.  Colby goes home and finds Sean outside the door.  Sean tries to talk to her, but Colby refuses to talk to him and goes into the house.  Adam meets her in the foyer and Colby lets him know that Sean cares more about another woman than he does about her.  Adam and Colby hug.  Sean listens outside the door.

ATWT Recap Written by Dani

Carly and Katie continue to argue over Katie’s place in the lives of Carly’s children. Jack becomes upset when Parker declares how much he hates Carly and wants Carly to leave town. Jack tells Parker no matter what Carly loves him. Parker becomes unsettled noticing that Jack is defending Carly more than he should. At the farm voices and tempers are rising and flaring. Carly has waged an all out war if Katie tries to replace Carly in the eyes of the kids. Jack and Parker return home and Jack asks Carly to leave.

Henry and brad go to Yo’s drinking, to get Brad’s mind off losing Katie to Jack. Henry pulls Brad out of the gutter convincing him to take charge and lay claim to the next hot chick that walks through the door. It works Brad feels back on top. Carly enters Yo’s for a drink after being kicked off the farm by Jack. Both see the potential for their unity. Brad suggests that they go to a hotel and hook up just the way they once did when they were married.

Craig has meg, Lucinda, Holden and Lily to meet at the Lakeview for dinner to celebrate the hope that Meg accepts his proposal for marriage. Lucinda is very much in favor of the marriage and tries to stop Paul when he arrives to see meg. No matter what he is told or asked Holden is against the idea. Meg is undecided though she is being pushed by Lucinda, Lily, and Craig. Paul bursts in just as Craig is raising a glass of Champaign and officially asking Meg to marry him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is surprised to see his visitor is Brooke. He asks her to just let him have it as he deserves all she can give. She informs him that she doesn’t like what he did to Nick, but she knows he didn’t do it alone, his mother helped, and she is willing to do everything she can to help him beat the charges. Surely there is a way to prove this was not murder, but that he was just trying to keep Shane from shooting himself. He’s not sure he deserves this. He should have gone to the police earlier. Taylor counsels Thomas on the phone just to stay in Europe and focus on his studies. His dad will be okay and she will keep him posted. Nick shows Taylor some maternity clothes sketches he hopes to develop. Phoebe keeps apologizing to Rick. She shouldn’t have broken up with him for telling her his doubts about her dad. She vows they are together now, and nothing will break them up. Oops Rick, one gal too many. Bridget realizes a discrepancy in paperwork between the two Marone charts and her mom’s eggs going to fertility lab instead of the research lab, and on the same date.

Rick explains and apologizes to Ashley that he has made a promise to Phoebe and he intends to keep it. What happened in Mexico stays there. Ashley understands it was what it was, and she is okay with that. He can leave through that door at any time. He heads out, then turns around and rushes back and plants a passionate kiss on her. He intends it as a good-bye kiss, but she clings wishing it were more. Brooke gives Ridge a pep talk that he was selfless when he took the blame for Chamber’s death, protecting her son. Now she is going to do the same for him and clear him of these charges. Nick and Taylor bask in the bliss of impending motherhood and ‘their’ baby. But Bridget panics when she realizes hr mom’s eggs were in the lab at the same time as Taylor’s donor's eggs and both were marked Marone. Could she have implanted Taylor with her mother’s eggs?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jett brings Chelsea to the Pub where they run into Nick. Jett has Nick join them despite Chelsea’s disdain. Jett flirts with Chelsea though he reveals that he has a fiancé. Chelsea decides she’d like to join the company after all. Nick learns that Willow has maxed out his credit card and decides to cut her off. To get revenge, Willow ransacks Nick’s room searching for the hairbrush and calls to threaten taking the brush to the cops.

EJ demands that Tony call off the hit on Sami and Tony refuses. They trade taunts about each other’s love lives and roles in the family before Tony sends EJ running to Sami’s side with the hint of danger. Lucas and Sami argue about pursuing peace between the Brady and Dimera families. Dr. Rolf, disguised as hospital staff delivers poisoned food to Sami but EJ spots Rolf leaving and is able to stop Sami from eating the food after slipping past the guard.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Craig is angry when the DNA sample he gave is not in the police lab. Kate tries to have Sonny arrested for shooting down her centaur statue, but the cops don't believe anyone could shoot through a cable from the ground. They are willing to take Sonny in for questioning about Lorenzo's disappearance and possible death and arrest Kate for assaulting an officer after she strikes on of the cops. She throws around her clout to try to get them both released, even recanting her allegations about the statue shooting. Sonny is sure that her generosity will make Ric keep them both longer. Amazingly, Ric is willing to let Sonny go, but not Kate. Carly tells Jax about Jerry selling out the woman he loved to preserve his own life, and Jerry confirms that the story is true and he'd do it all again if he had to. After Carly goes to the PCPD to help Jason, Jerry tells Jax he's leaving and to write him off forever. Jax tracks him down and shows him that the DNA tests, which Jax altered, do not implicate Jerry Jax as being James Craig. But, he will hold onto the real results and if Jerry threatens anyone Jax cares about, he will take the results to the DA. After Lulu tells Spinelli she's given up on love and why, he offers her undying friendship. Then, Logan comes in reporting Jason's arrest and his plans to take Jason's place, inciting Spinelli to defend Jason, which results in Logan attacking Spinelli. Elizabeth is cold to Lucky for arresting Jason.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Mallet and his former employer slip down to the docks to talk. Mallet has a debt to pay and money is no substitution for what is wanted. Mallet is also warned that if the mysterious man from his past was to meet an untimely death his lawyer has all the appropriate documentation , names, and facts to bring down the newest member of the crime commission. Mallet has been warned and is left with his thoughts. Dinah finds Mallet and is turned down when she wants to get a little frisky on the docks. Mallet knows he is being watched. Dinah recognizes right away that Mallet has reverted back to his nervous preoccupied demeanor that he was in before confessing his secret. No, he tells her everything is fine. Dinah is ready to get back to their quiet evening at home eating BBQ that he had promised. Matt calls wanting to meet for dinner and Dinah passes but Mallet decides it would be better if they go have dinner with Matt.

After learning that Josh’s intention is to marry tonight she insists that he go spend a night with Reva. She doesn’t feel he has completely resolved his feeling for and about Reva and what happened at the prison. Josh is sure he doesn’t love Reva and wants to marry Cassie. Cassie will not take no for an answer. Billy arrives to be the best man but Cassie tells him it will have to wait. Billy and Josh find humor in cassia’s notion that Josh may still love Reva.

Harley snoops in Natalia’s car that is supposed to be broken down, again. Harley is suspicious after seeing Natalia with her wallet after lying about leaving it at the detention center. Harley finds old photos and old love letters of Nick and for Nick. Gus wants to help Natalia who still won’t open up to him. Harley isn’t pleased when she finds them talking at CO2. Gus has got to go to work and agrees to meet Harley at home. Harley jumps right to her point and asks Natalia, is she in town to try and take Gus.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John confronts Marty as to what she had wanted to tell him.  Miles comes by the hospital and finds Jessica isn’t in her room.  Natalie comes by, and Miles questions her as to where Jessica is.  Natalie explains the situation to him and says that she is afraid that she might lose her sister.  Nash hurries into Jessica’s hospital room.  Antonio starts to go in, but Paige and Michael stop him and tell him that he got there just in time.  Antonio comes into Jessica’s room, and Jessica asks him if he is sure that he wants to do this.  Talia is on the computer at the police station.  Another officer brings her a note from the white supremacist group which she reads.  A man sneaks into the hospital, wearing a white coat and carrying a black bag.  The man sets the timer for the bomb.  Paige comes in and tells them that they need to start prepping Jessica and Antonio for surgery.  Everyone leaves the room.  Natalie comes in and upon seeing Nash there, gives him a big hug.  The surgery begins. 

The police and SWAT team arrive at the hospital to search for the bomb.  After looking carefully, John finds the bomb and begins to dismantle it with Bo and Talia looking on.  Antonio begins to hemorrhage in surgery and the doctors work frantically to save him.  Something doesn’t seem quite right and when John has a closer look, he finds a note stuck in the bomb which reads, “One bomb down, one to go.” Jessica’s surgery is over and she is on her way to recovery.  The doctors continue to work on Antonio.  Miles meets up with Marty at the hospital, and begins to badger her once again about marrying him.  She informs him that she would rather be in prison that married to him.  The other bomb goes off at the hospital. 

Passions Recap Written by Jodi

The witch's committee declares Tabitha to be a good witch and find that she is unfit to raise Endora.  Tabitha is devastated when she realizes they've taken Endora away from her.  Sheridan tells Fancy that she won't fight in front of Luis, but that as soon as he's free, she's going to have him again.  Luis pictures how he'll die by lethal injection.  Father Lonigan shows compassion to the blackmailer, even as he/she has a gun pointed at him.  The blackmailer has Father Lonigan feel his/her face under the mask.  Sheridan walks in and scream when she sees the blackmailer.  He/she decides to shoot both of them, but says "ladies first".  Theresa thinks she has something that will stop Julian from telling Ethan the truth that he is Little Ethan's father.  Ethan wants to hear all about it, but gets a call from Fancy to meet her quick to help save Luis.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Victoria finds out she is pregnant, but doesn’t tell anyone but Neil, who she passes most of her responsibilities to work onto. Brad isn’t happy to hear this. JT asks Victoria to move in with him. Jack’s campaign crew find out that Nikki is ahead in the polls and set up anonymous calls to the voters that suggest the Nikki is for legalized prostitution. Nikki vows to fight back even dirtier. Karen warns David to stop flirting with Nikki. While at Jack’s house strategizing, Phyllis takes a fall. The doctor tells her that she has to stay there for a few days. Sharon later learns that Phyllis didn’t even have to come over for the meeting, she could have done it by phone. Phyllis is actually faking the injury. Cane meets Amber’s ex-boyfriend Plum, who introduces himself as her cousin Garrett. He winds up staying with Kevin for a few days. He tells Amber that he wants her back and threatens to tell Cane about the website. Kevin tells Daniel that maybe he should see a therapist.

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