Friday 6/1/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/1/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall, Zach, Spike, Annie, Ryan, Emma, and Greenlee remain huddled together since the thunderstorm has washed out the roads.  Krystal and her entourage remain huddled together at her new establishment.  Krystal and Derek share a kiss.  Adam walks in and sees them kissing.  Adam walks up to confront Derek for kissing Krystal.  Colby confronts Sean and Ava for kissing on her father’s boat.  Zach pulls his coat off and puts it around Greenlee’s shoulders.  Ryan finds that Greenlee’s car is totally submerged.  Greenlee tells them what happened to her when the water came flooding into her car.  Everyone attempts to be nicer to Greenlee.  Emma offers Greenlee her doll for company.  Zach gives Greenlee his place by the fire.  Zach and Annie get up and go outside so that Ryan and Kendall can have a talk with Greenlee.  Colby blasts Ava and Sean for being on her father’s yacht.  Ava, sarcastically, lets Colby know that Sean wants to be with her (Colby).  Ava gets sick and leaves the room, holding her mouth.  Colby and Sean argue.  Sean owns up to Colby that he had sex with Ava.  Tad confronts Adam as to why he is here.  A new karaoke machine arrives at Krystal’s establishment.  Krystal gets it going and starts to sing a song when plaster begins to fall off the ceiling. 

Kendall feels the baby move and instantly calls Zach to feel it.  Annie and Ryan gather around.  Upon seeing this, Greenlee begins to cry and leaves the room.  Greenlee completely breaks down and begins to cry hysterically.  Kendall comes out to comfort her.  Kendall offers Greenlee her help in making everything right again.  Once home, J.R. informs Adam that Tad is his father, and he is legally changing his name to Martin. 

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet back home, Ashley and Rick discuss the chaos at the Forrester office with everyone wanting a piece of Ridge. Rick doesn’t treasure having to deal with Phoebe either since she broke up with him. Ashley advises for him not to say “I told you so.” He doesn’t have to be right, just be there, she will need him even more so now. He vows he will be there for Phoebe, but Ridge’s involvement doesn’t take precedence over what happened in Mexico. He assures her this was not a fling, not a one-night stand, she is important to him, and she vows the same. She doesn’t think now is the time to talk about this though. She has sworn the pilot to secrecy so if Rick doesn’t tell, no one will know about Mexico. He agrees to that, but promises he will never forget their time there. Constantine is both sympathetic and supportive of Phoebe’s plight when she confesses she over-reacted with Rick. She convinces herself that Rick will understand and probably will want to forget the whole thing. She thinks he will take her back, and Constantine says he is an idiot if he doesn’t. He invites her to do to the studio with him and hang out, perhaps to work on some tracks. Before they can leave, Felicia drops in and sizes up the situation with Casanova. She’s actually looking for Rick and is surprised that he can’t be reached by phone and isn’t there with Phoebe because of Ridge. At that moment Rick calls and wants to meet them at the office. Brooke pops in on Nick, only to find Taylor in his office instead. She reveals it is a good thing Steffy and Thomas are in Europe, missing all of this hoopla. And she’s trying to reassure Phoebe that Ridge will be okay, he has the best lawyers and the support of his family. They speak of Stephanie and how she held Brooke hostage, and Brooke says she would have done anything to help Nick get out of jail. She is surprised to hear that Rick and Phoebe broke up and is hopeful they can get back together. Taylor hopes they don’t and basically ends up insulting Brooke that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and she is worried about Phoebe’s emotions tied to Rick’s sexual experience. Brooke stomps off but returns and wants Taylor to take that statement back. Taylor admits that it was inappropriate for her to have preconceived notions with her son’s sexual habits due to Brooke being so sexual uninhibited. And Taylor warns her there is nothing for Brooke to be concerned about. They are married and Nick is out of jail and they are having a baby. Nick is probably the happiest he has ever been. She is sorry if Nick’s joy is bringing Brooke pain. Maybe it’s hard for her to see Nick move on, and see Taylor so happy being pregnant. She doesn’t want any stress so advises Brooke perhaps it would be better if they don’t come around each other.

As Phoebe rushes off to the office, Felicia takes the opportunity to stay behind and put a friendly bug in Constantine’s ear. She sees him as an opportunist, albeit a cute one, and potential for him with his new label using the Forrester name. He invites her to come along to the studio too. Brooke tells Taylor she might have been at one time, but she no longer is after her husband. When she realized Taylor was pregnant with his child, she knew her life with Nick was over. Just relax and enjoy the pregnancy. If it were her, she’d be the happiest woman in the world. With Ashley looking on, Phoebe flies into Rick’s arms and apologizes that she was so wrong. She also apologizes to Ashley for not believing her and thinking she was out to hurt her dad. Rick tells Phoebe not to worry about it, he had been insensitive too. He maintains that he will be there for her and she makes him promise “forever”. They kiss as Ashley jealously peeks in on them.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie and Chelsea meet up with Jeremy and Jett but learn that their investor fell through on the charter business. Stephanie suggests asking Max for the money but Chelsea is against the idea. Jett flirts with Chelsea. Stephanie convinces Max to come meet with Jett and Jeremy to discuss investing. Max agrees to invest despite Chelsea’s warnings. Jeremy no longer wants Chelsea to be one of his flight attendants and she changes her mind about joining their business. Chelsea agrees to Jett’s request of going out for a burger only after Jett claims it isn’t a date. Jeremy asks Stephanie not to tell anyone about the charter business warning that ‘what happens on the airline stays on the airline.’

EJ finds Sami and gets into the car via the sunroof to cut Sami free. Lucas finds EJ giving Sami mouth to mouth and takes over until Sami comes to. EJ explains to Sami that his phone call was to let him know exactly where Sami was. Lucas is furious when EJ offers to protect Sami from Tony and accuses him of setting up Sami to need rescuing. Lucas punches EJ when EJ keeps claiming he needs to protect Sami. Bo and John question Tony about kidnapping Sami but Tony mocks their inquiries. John and Bo threaten to talk to Stefano but Tony halts their attempt by pointing out their lack of a warrant. John and Bo try and beat an explanation for Sami’s kidnapping out of EJ as Lucas accompanies Sami on her way to the hospital.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny has Jason shoot down a statue while Kate is in the process of having a helicopter fly it in. When he learns that it had great sentimental value, he asks Carly to find a new one. He also considers lifting the order banning her helicoptering. Jax asks Jerry to leave town. Stellar ratings make Amelia decide to not yank success away from Sam, but to be her "best friend." However, she is somewhat concerned that Craig being Jerry might imply that the entire affair was bogus. Then, she is not initially enthused when Sam announces she's planning on hiring a surrogate to have a baby for her and Jason. Carly is quick to assure her that it was very real. Sam explores options for getting a baby. Ric orders Lucky to arrest Jason because Lucky is one cop he feels Jason will not harm, due to his ties to Liz. When he goes to make the arrest, Jason is holding Jake. Craig threatens to kidnap Skye's baby and give her to other parents if she does not give him Lorenzo's "get out of jail free" information. Robin continues to confuse Patrick with her jealousy. Yet, when Scott probes them about Laura's medical status, they unite to deny him any information. Craig gets into the police lab and does something with the DNA being  tested.

GL Recap Written by Dani

After Cassie makes her feelings and thoughts about Josh and their relationship known, Josh breathes a sigh of relief and gets to work. Josh enlists Matt’s help to throw together a surprise wedding, Josh plans to marry Cassie now rather than later. Josh and Matt run around getting everything together and take time out for some guidance from the Rev. Rutledge. Reva is doing some running around town herself, but she is working against Cassie not for her. Armed with the idea that Cassie switched the paternity results of Beth’s baby, using the lab key card Reva found, Reva retraces what Cassie could have done. Reva is spotted by a lab tech who recognizes her for the cancer fund raising she has been doing. Reva asks about people coming into the lab and how often mistakes are made. The young tech thinks Reva is concerned about her cancer tests, so Reva plays along to get the information she needs. Josh returns home with a large bouquet of Calla Lilies and gets down on his knee to ask Cassie to marry him. Cassie tears up and accepts.

Dinah finds the briefcase containing the gun and confronts Mallet about it. Mallet admits everything , including how awful he feels for what he has done in his past although at the time he felt great. Dinah is compassionate accepting what Mallet did just as he accepted her knowing she killed Hart. Dinah is convinced they are not the same people they were then and now that the air is cleared they can love and be closer than ever. With all good between Mallet and Dinah the news isn’t good when Mallet steps out into the hall and is met by the mysterious man he once worked for.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Vikki and Clint remain at Jessica’s bedside. Nash and Antonio are on their way back to Llanview, but are met with some complications in that there are thunderstorms that will keep them from landing in Llanview. Miles tries to con Marty into marrying him, by using Cole against her that he would be an orphan if she turned herself in. John meets up with Marcie in one of the diners. Marcie begins to annoy him by saying that he is interested in Marty. Michael comes in for something to eat and they both team up on John to get him to ask Marty. In order to get them off his back, John agrees that he will think about asking her out .Antonio and Nash arrive at the hospital just as the priest is giving Jessica the last rites. Jessica’s eyes remain shut.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Sharon comes home and isn’t happy to see Phyllis there. Jack promises it won’t happen again. William is suspicious of Gloria and manages to get a few of her hairs to get tested. Lily still won’t talk to Daniel. When he tries to get her to talk to him by going over to their house, she tells him he is a pervert and needs help. Plum, Amber’s ex-boyfriend, tells her he wants her back and isn’t leaving town without her. Things get even more tense between Brad and Victoria when he tells her he wants her out of the house right away. Nikki learns about Brad and Victoria splitting up. Victoria isn’t feeling well and goes to the hospital, where she is told she is pregnant.

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