Thursday 5/31/07 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/31/07 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Greenlee comes into work and finds no one there but Di, she comments on the fact that they are the only two there.  Kendall busily takes pictures of Spike on his rocking horse while Zach holds him.  Jack visits Greenlee at Fusion and she assumes that he is there to find out if she is going through with her plan against her so-called friends.  Greenlee tells him that her friends aren’t going to know what hit them and asks Jack if he is going to help her and he declines.  Krystal, Babe, Tad, and others gather at her new “watering hole” for a celebration.  As Sean and Colby get out of the swimming pool, she assures her leery friend that they aren’t doing anything wrong.  Ava continues to spy on them.  Amanda and J.R. come downstairs together kissing as Adam comes into the room flinging insults at both of them. Del and Derek join the celebration at “The Comeback” looking for a good time.  Erica mentions to Julia that she seems awfully down.  Zach gives Kendall a surprise of a triple band ring with stones to represent Spike, the baby that she is carrying, and Zach.  Ava approaches Sean insisting that he take her on that yacht ride that he promised or she will tell Adam that he is sleeping in Colby’s room  The camera crew from “New Beginnings” arrives to take footage of the birthday party.  Kendall, Zach, and Spike join the party guests outside just as the thunder begins to roll.  Greenlee tells Di that she may not be on the guest list, but she is going to Spike’s birthday party.  She arrives at the birthday party with a giant teddy bear. 

Colby comes out in the pouring rain looking for Sean and finds his cell phone on the patio sofa.  When Jonathan questions Lily about Ava's whereabouts, she refuses to talk about her half-sister with someone who doesn't like her.  Lily asks Greenlee why no one wants her at the party today.  Zach orders Greenlee to leave.  As she leaves, she runs into Kendall with Spike and asks to hold him, but Kendall refuses.  At the Comeback, Derek tells Krystal that he always liked her then kisses her, as Adam walks in.  Amanda wishes Babe and Krystal the best in their new endeavor and asks to speak with Babe privately, but they get interrupted as J.R. joins the gang.  Crushed when she learns from Emma that Annie and Ryan are planning on having a baby, Greenlee leaves but soon returns because the road is washed out.  Colby sees Sean and Ava kissing.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul tells Barbara about his vision that he will hurt Meg on their wedding day she dismisses it and tells him to trade in his old wedding rings for new ones which he does and is comforted by the fact he doesn't get a vision when he holds those rings.  Craig informs Meg that he will give her Worldwide to do with as she pleases if she agrees to marry him.  Lucinda advises Meg to marry Craig and stay with him for six months and then divorce him.  Brad is worried that Katie will be heartbroken when Jack goes back to Carly but Katie is determined to handle whatever comes and stay with Jack.  Jack tells Carly that things have changed and she won't be able to use her old tricks in order to get him back in her life.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Right off the beach in Mexico, Rick wakes up in an empty bed. Phoebe checks with Bridget to see if she knows where Rick is. Preoccupied with reading the morning’s paper with Ridge’s confession, she tells Phoebe he went on a New York business trip. But she assures Phoebe that Rick cares for her way too much to let her go through all of this alone, so he will call again even if Phoebe says they are broken up. Nick too wakes alone, finding Taylor brooding about Ridge and actually letting Nick go to trial. He seems more willing to cut Ridge some slack and even boasts that now he will be able to accompany her to her first ultrasound. Constantine calls Phoebe and offers to come over and be her friend if she’d like to talk about this deal with her father. When he does, she confides that she broke up with Rick since he was not supportive, but she was wrong. Rick is perturbed until Ashley comes back having taken an early morning jog. He remarks what an incredible night they had, perhaps an encore of an incredible morning could follow. Actually he wants her to stay a few more days, at least one more night, but she knows they will miss them back home when they find out they never made it to New York. After a quick shower, she becomes a sexy siren and lures him with kisses all over his lips, face, shoulders, chest until they are back in bed. She doesn’t know where this is going, just take things as they come, with no expectations.

With Nick looking on, Bridget conducts the ultrasound with Taylor, telling her everything looks good and hands them the picture. Constantine is a good listener and Phoebe glides into his willing arms. As soon as Ashley and Rick see the morning headlines with Ridge, Rick frantically calls Phoebe. She’s relieved to hear from him and concerned that he hadn’t gotten her messages. She’s happy that he’s coming home; she really needs him now. Ashley and Rick lock eyes, they know what this means. Although it is too early to tell, Nick proclaims he is a sailor and he knows this picture is all Marone male. Taylor states one fact – she knows he is going to be one incredible father and she is looking forward to “our” baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn is against the offer and accuses Philip of having ulterior motives. Privately, Shawn admits to Belle that he doesn’t trust Philip so Belle tells Shawn about Philip’s talk with Willow. Shawn gives in to Belle’s desires to move in.

Sami shows Marlena and Hope the letter they found at Maison Blanche. Hope is able to translate enough of the letter to learn that the letter is from Santo to his son Stefano detailing a lost love. Hope spots the Brady name in the letter and they contact the university in hopes of finding someone to translate the rest of the letter. Sami insists on being the one to take the letter over to the university but on her way out the door, Bart secretly drugs her and takes her away. Sami wakes up to find she is taped to the driver’s seat in a car that is filling with carbon monoxide. Sami passes out again shortly after. Hope asks Shawn Sr. to reveal why the Brady family is feuding with the DiMera family but he doesn’t want to answer. Lucas asks to accompany Bo as he takes EJ into the station. EJ’s confidence is deterred when John walks in to greet him. EJ plays dumb when John details the shooting. EJ shifts the focus off himself by changing the subject to the risk of Sami’s life at Tony’s hands. EJ gets a phone call and bails from the station.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke tells Lulu about the night he raped Laura. She leaves and goes to Carly, who has finished listening to Jerry, and Carly tries to help her. However, Lulu decides love is just too risky. Sam tells Jason she wants to use a surrogate mother so they can have Jason's child, that their relationship might depend on it. Sonny gives Spinelli a drink and asks to be told "Jason's secret pain." Jason arrives in time to prevent any revelations and tells Sonny that the alleged pain is just he's upset about Sam's being upset over not being able to have a baby. Liz tells Lulu about her rape and how it was instrumental in Lucky learning the truth she just had dumped on her. Spinelli goes from Jason's to comfort Lulu. Sonny promises Carly he won't kill her brother-in-law, yet.

GL Recap Written by Dani

Josh and Reva are to late to catch Cassie at the hospital. She has already checked her self out. Reva finds Cassie at the docks where they argue over Josh. Cassie gets flustered and drops the key card to the hospital lab. Reva goes to Jeffery asking about how he helped Cassie. Jeffery tells Reva that they never went into the lab, they cornered the lab tech at Company and got the truth out of him. Reva knows Cassie broke into the lab and altered the test. Cassie is subjected to Alan’s gloating and lesson of “I told you so” She slaps him.

Alan is just as pleased and smug to see Josh and rub his nose in what Alan had predicted all along. Josh punches Alan knocking him to the ground. Alan is supposed to be at a hospital function in his honor rather than harassing his enemies around town. Rick steps in for Alan , taking it upon himself and tripling Alan’s donation. Lizzie is really pushing for Beth to form a relationship with Rick and raise their baby together, void of Alan. Beth wants to stay with Alan. Beth does want to ensure Rick has some kind of rights but sees a dark side of Alan when she brings the subject up. Alan is confidant something could happen before the baby is born.

Mel learns that Beth’s baby is Rick’s from Olivia after Mel insinuated Olivia wasn’t good enough for Jeffery. Jeffery sees that it was no mistake that Olivia let it slip and goes to help and comfort his friend Mel. Josh finally finds Cassie at the Beacon. She tells him that when she was under the water she saw their future and that made her want to fight. Cassie opens her closed palm and reveals her engagement ring, she tells him she never let go. Josh moves in close and kisses her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John tells the receptionist to get him Statesville back on the phone. Marty comes in and tells him that she has to talk to him. Miles comes back into his hotel room Marty tells John that this isn’t about something that Cole had done, but her. Miles listens to the tape that he had stolen out of the psychiatrist’s office that contained Marty’s conversation with her psychiatrist friend. Miles finds out that Marty had killed Spencer Truman. Christian sits up against the wall at Capricorn. Blair comes and tapping him on the backside, asks him if there is anything she can do to help. Christian fills her in on everything that had been going on. Antonio, Jaime, and Nash head back to Llanview for the transplant. Nash is frantic that he cannot get in touch with Clint. Michael explains to Clint and Vikki that the tests would take about an hour. The nurse notices that something is wrong with Jessica. Michael orders Vikki and Clint out. Michael tells them that they are losing Jessica. Michael finds out that Jessica had gastrointestinal bleeding. Michael comes out and tells them that Jessica’s kidneys are failing. John questions Marty as to what she had done. Marty lets him know that she doesn’t know quite how to begin .Bo comes out of his office and tells John that he thinks that they have gotten a lead in the hate crime case. Miles finds out that Marty had killed Spencer Truman. Bo fills John in on the situation with Tate and his link to Wyoming. Marty gets a call from Miles to meet him in his hotel room that they need to talk about Spencer Truman’s murder. John goes back to join Marty, but he finds her gone. The doctors can’t give Vikki and Clint much hope for Jessica’s recovery. Nash calls Clint and lets him know that he is on his way home with Antonio. Paige goes to see Bo and fills him in on Jessica’s condition. Nash asks to talk to Jessica. Jessica asks to talk to Antonio. John questions Cole as to where Marty is. Miles plays the tape for Marty in which she had confessed to the murder of Spencer Truman.

John questions Cole had something happened lately that had made Marty so unhappy lately. John lets Cole know that he and Marty are only friends. Cole lets John know that he is nothing like his father. Marty asks Miles where had he gotten the tape. Marty tries to explain to him that she had blocked it out. Miles asks her not to confess to the police that she had killed Spencer Truman. Miles tells Marty to not let anyone ever know what she had done. Miles also lets her know that he will never let anyone know what she had done because he loves her. Vikki and Clint sit vigil by Jessica’s bedside, hoping and praying, that Nash and Antonio will make it home in time to save Jessica’s life. The pilot gives Nash and Antonio that they are having thunderstorms and will have to delay their arrival into Llanview. Miles tells Marty that he will keep her secret forever in exchange for her undying gratitude and her hand in marriage.

Passions Recap Written by Shannon

Rebecca calls Gwen to tell her to come home. She says no and she found a new love. Rebecca than goes to the police station to go through JT's stuff to find the memory stick. Sam caught her. Paloma told Noah about Jessica's secret. Noah says they can prove that Spike is in on it. Spike digs the bodies of the dead Johns for the blackmailer. Spike finds out the blackmailer is the one who killed Grace. Julian and Theresa get into an argument. Theresa says that they can work something out. Ethan overhears and comes to her rescue. He demands to know the truth.

Y&R Recap Written By Kitty  **One Day Ahead

Lily still doesn’t want to talk to Daniel. It’s her birthday and her mind is on her marital troubles and missing her mom. She has a nice birthday party with her family and Adrian and Colleen. William gets the results of the DNA test and lets Gloria know that no matches were found. He and Gloria get married. At dinner after the ceremony, William sees Evan showing a waitress the trick he taught Gloria and look suspicious. Lily and Amber have a run-in at work. Lauren warns Amber that if she can’t keep her private life at home, she will have to fire her. Cane warns Daniel to stay away from Amber. Evan tells Gloria he wants payment for helping him. Michael manages to get the clip blocked from Extreme Catwalk, as long as Amber leaves the show. Phyllis is upset about the nightmare she had. Jack offers to let her stay with him. Amber’s ex-boyfriend comes to town after seeing her on Extreme Catwalk.

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